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Buying and Selling Websites and Online Businesses with Flippa at!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 54m)
    • 1. Let's learn about Flippa!

    • 2. Our class project is to share your journey on Flippa

    • 3. Google Sites Overview: Why choose Google Sites to host and create your website?

    • 4. WordPress Overview: Why choose WordPress to create your website?

    • 5. The one thing you need to do right on your website is setup a way to make money.

    • 6. Overview of what you have to do to get your website for sale on Flippa.

    • 7. Pricing? Set the price very low to start and let the bidders get excited.

    • 8. 80/20: Verified Google Analytics CRITICAL for Success.

    • 9. Sellers notes: how to write them successful to convert bids and close your sale.

    • 10. Financials: How to communicate the money you are making successfully.

    • 11. Directly reach out to your potential buyers with a clever sales message.

    • 12. Engage with every single buyer!

    • 13. Completing the sale successfully with trust and gratitude.

    • 14. Analyzing Your ROI. How much time did it take versus what you earned?

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About This Class

Do you have a website you want to buy or sell?  Have you been struggling to get your website listed on Flippa or get a good price for it?  Would you like to know which web hosting is the easiest to build a profitable website on and what exactly to do from there to get your website sold?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may get a LOT of value out of taking this course now!

You get a down to earth approach with me sharing honestly how I sold my profitable website on Flippa and a look at what other sellers are doing that works to generate thousands in sales consistently by building websites for people to buy.

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Let's learn about Flippa!: Are you ready? Learn about flipper dot com. Are you interested in seeing how websites and online businesses can be bought and sold? If so, you are on the right course, because in this class I will show you my experience on flipper dot com, selling my website band work dot com for $5550 to our client. I walk you through the basic process I used to build a website and then how I went through selling it on flip. I only sold this website because I didn't want to do it anymore. I wanted to start teaching. Class is full time online, and I wasn't interested in taking clients anymore. I promoted this bike, sharing it with previous clients who bid on the project on Flip A and then bought the website. Thus, if you'd like a walk through of how to get your website sold on flip. If you're thinking about using flip a tow by websites, then you may find it helpful to see some of the things you should look for. As I talk about sellers, make sure you emphasize and communicate this because these are important to buyers. Then rather your buyer a seller. You may find this course helpful. Thank you very much for getting started with this class. I'm excited to begin this journey with you. 2. Our class project is to share your journey on Flippa: thank you very much for starting this skill. Share class on, flip up to help me help you. Will you please use the class project to share either the websites? You're thinking about buying and selling or what you've already done on flip and your experience with that, because then you can help reach others taking the course. You can help me answer any questions you've got. And you can all have some feedback on what it is you're thinking about doing. I've often been able to give people feedback on businesses. They're thinking about buying or selling and say Wait, you probably don't want to do that. Or maybe you dio This course will help you develop your skills in terms of evaluating and online business. And therefore, when you share what you're thinking about, I can help you with your specific situation. Just go. The projects and resource is look for the project description and then hit the create a project button, share some screenshots and some links and ah historias stories especially helpful. How did you find this? Why are you thinking about buying in her? How did you make this business? Why are you thinking about selling it, and then we can give you the best help here. Thank you very much for getting started with the class. I'm excited to go forward with you and share one step at a time how to take even an idea building into a business and sell it on Flipper. 3. Google Sites Overview: Why choose Google Sites to host and create your website?: Google sites is really good for a few things. Google Sites is really easy to make. A simple website with and worldwide fast hosting on Google's network means that Google sites is an awesome platform for doing this strategy now. The one limitation is a lot of people don't know how to use Google sites, so it may be hard to convert a sale on Google sites when people don't know how to edit or manage it. However, the name Google in it might also help to make a better sale. All of that doesn't matter too much because ultimately you will be trying to sell this to someone that already likes your website. So if you know nothing about Web design, Google Sites is probably easier to do. Then WordPress and you can see the website just painfully ugly. I got a company that manages Google sites to help put it in another format and is just painfully ugly. But that doesn't matter, because the purpose of the website is to make money and this website worked really well to make money. Now, this is a copy off the website I sold that I have for backup on my other account. So let me show you where this website makes Money on this page is where a majority of the money came in again. A page. The look at is just sinfully ugly, like you who would actually buy from this. Well, the key is is very simple. It offers services for Facebook ads and then it was shared directly with people who needed those services. That's the business model here. So if you want to make a website, it doesn't have to look that great. All that has to do is clearly do one thing right and communicate what it does right? Setting up a service tends to be an easy thing to do because you can reach out to people directly. And people have a lot lower need for a beautiful website when you contact them and establish trust with them directly. I actually made my first sale with no website using Facebook marketing, and if you use my Facebook marketing course, you can see exactly how I did that. Google Sites is really good with this strategy because of how easy it is to make things like this. So I go back over here, I hit at it. Google sites. You can just make a table in it really easily. Like this table down here, you can see, is pretty easy to make. All you have to do is go insert a table somewhere and put your services in here. Put your little PayPal button or a little Google gadget. To get people to pay is really simple. So that's a value of Google sites. And if I had to do this again with my knowledge of WordPress, I would use WordPress. But if I had to start all over again with no knowledge of anything, I would definitely go straight to Google sites because it's so easy. It's really simple to set up on. All you need is a Gmail account. You can get a Gmail account, and then you go to sites dot google dot com. When you're logged in with your Gmail account, you hit, create and you goto work making a website. You can copy someone else's layout right away and then just edit the information in it so you can go to browse gallery, take a look around, take a look at like company website. Here, you can select that template and then literally, all you have to do is switch your name and put some images, and it's so much faster than getting started with WordPress. If you don't know how to do WordPress already, the reason is you get this free. You are L. And then all you have to do is go in and map this on Google site. So I go into map this on Google sites. I go over to manage website, and then all I have to do is put the Web address in here. I just add a Web address right in here. Map it to Google with my hosting provider, or Google will give you the option if you use Google Maps for business to integrate all of this in simply So Google APS for business is what I started out using Google App for Business gives you Gmail. It gives you your own Web domain, and it's really cheap. It's only $5 per user per month. You get a professional looking girl, you get the hosting, get online storage, Google drive all of the things that go with Google Services. It's just beautiful. Everything works perfectly, and it's really simple to start out with and you can see the website I made with Google sites. It's not beautiful or anything, but it does work. It does work. I sold this school sites website for $5500 after I made hundreds of thousands in revenue with it within a year on Lee offering to do something really simple. Facebook likes and Facebook ads rial simple value proposition. There are thousands of niches you could set up and do the exact same thing in. I don't recommend doing Facebook likes anymore. And if you want to do ad campaign set ups, that's a really easy one to get started with. If you can show some proof that you've done that well for other people, there's huge demand for that. There's all kinds of other services you can offer. Instagram marketing, Pinterest marketing anything that's really trendy. You conduce this website set up really easy with you literally Onley need a one 234 page website like this. You set up the website, you put the services straight on the front page. You put some case studies on there with it and Google sites makes all of this really, really really easy to do. All I have to do is hit. Edit. I opened this up. I can go down here. I put everything I want and I click. Save on and I'm clicking. Cancel. I want any changes. I click save and I go in. When I go to manage the website, I manage the site I Lincoln up to my website URL, Or you can just use the site stock google dot com for free, too. So how sweet is that? You can literally set up a website totally for free. I'm Google and then start doing business. Now you're ultimately going to need to map it to a Web address of your own. If you're going to sell it, you can start off totally for free with minimum hassle. Using Google websites, you can do everything basic you need to do to set up a quick website. Put some images on. It puts, um, services on it right a little bit about yourself. Use a tamp campaign set up that's already established that someone else already made. Make a beautiful website or make an ugly website like I did and then turn it in or profit so I hope this is a good overview of Google sites if you want to get started, but have no idea how to do any programming. Anything at all on WordPress Google sites is so much easier. I started out with WordPress and it was so frustrating that I moved over to Google sites and then after I sold this website, I went back, learned WordPress and now have a nicer looking website. But it takes a heck of a lot more effort to get started. If you want to get started, simply Google sites or you have to do is go to sites dot google dot com. 4. WordPress Overview: Why choose WordPress to create your website?: if you want to make a beautiful looking website and have full control over WordPress, is the way to go, and you can get started with that at wordpress dot com. Easily now you immediately see assumes you click the Create website button. You have to start putting in a lot of information. You end up needing to buy a premium plan in order to get a custom website address. You will have ads if you use a free plan. And if you want premium themes, you'll want to use wordpress dot com for business so you can see immediately. WordPress is frustrating the use before you've even signed up with it. However, it's a lot better to make a beautiful, fully functional website. You can see exactly what my current website is on here with WordPress, and this is what the WordPress dashboard looks like. Now compare that with Google sites, and you can see while this looks really scary, there's all kinds of things in here. It looks a lot more complicated. I started out with WordPress and let me tell you that was awful. Get started with having Onley made a site on angel fire away back in the day with a few pictures on it. WordPress was overwhelming and frustrating. I tried Google sites and it was a lot easier. But now, once I put the time in tow, learn more. WordPress is a lot better and I love it. Around 25% of all websites in the world are created and hosted through WordPress design. WordPress is easy to use because you don't need to know any code. But if you do know some code or want to dig deeper and make all kinds of cool, custom is ations. WordPress allows you to do that, you can see another power and WordPress is the gigantic amount of themes. This is one theme I have out of a ridiculous number of potential themes. I think it looks really nice and gives my website Ah, beautiful look with tons off opportunities to post new block posts. And I consistently get feedback that this website looks good and trustworthy. Whereas my band work website, even though it sold for 5500 on Flipper, consistently got feedback. That it looked awful was not trustworthy. So if you want a beautiful website, I definitely recommend wordpress dot com now the most absolutely potential area you have for frustration is picking the wrong hosting with wordpress dot com. Now when you set up on WordPress, you can get free hosting here. If you use this free plan, WordPress will show ads on your website. You can't use a custom website, but you can use a free blawg on it. If you pick one of these other WordPress options, then you get more features and you can put straight in with your own domain name, and WordPress will host it for you $18 a year with the dot com. WordPress will set that up for you. However, I recommend using another hosting provider. I used host Gator, and I will get into that in the next lecture. But if you want to choose WordPress, the hosting is really important, and so knowing that from the beginning can help you decide rather to use it or not. Now here's a basic overview of what you can do in WordPress, so this is one theme, So the individual options on the theme tend to be a lot different. But the really sweet thing on WordPress is the ability to add little plug ins like this. An S E O. Plug in Google sites is just paltry in this department. WordPress has these little plug ins, things like s CEO settings that help you see the heritage ical functions of your website and how you're doing in that. And that makes a huge difference when you want to do things like an AdSense website. I had AdSense on my original WORDPRESS website and the options to place AdSense throughout the website were really nice on WordPress. So if you want to make an adsense website, I definitely recommend using WordPress. I've seen a lot of good AdSense website set up on WordPress. That takes a lot more to get going. But the nice thing with AdSense is it's fairly autopilot when you get it working right. On the other hand, a service based business consistently takes time and effort. So if you're trying to make a website that has autopilot passive income and sell it on Flipper, wordpress is ideal for that. If you want a website that simple and easy to make and you don't know anything about WordPress, Google sites with services easier. So on WordPress, some of the basic features you need to know about. And this might help you decide whether you want to use it or get to know wordpress better. So this is the basic menu here, and I've got a menu editor plug in that allows me to get it together better. So with WordPress, then you have the settings tab, which allows you to go over your general website settings. You have your post tab and the posts. If you see on my website these air, all posts and then up here, these are pages, so posts are things that are considered to be part of your blawg pages are things that are considered to be kind of static that aren't in the blog's role. So, like my contact page, here is a page on WordPress. And then when you go back to my post, things like this, these air posts on my home page. But this page is actually a page that is set to be my home page. And then I have my blawg by category down here, and I make posts into the blawg so pages are static parts of the website and then posts are part of your blawg. But they just come in as an individual page also. But then they participate in all of WordPress is blogging features such as post categories and then post tags, So there's a lot of cool ways to sort posts and manage post. If you want to have a blogger on your website, it's a lot easier to do it nicely and smoothly on WordPress. WordPress has tons of different themes you can look through. And when you have these premium themes especially, there's some really cool themes you can pick and get your website set up. Nice. There's a lot more options than Google sites, especially so when you have your posts and pages understanding down, then little plug ins like this. So I installed a bunch of plug ins. One of my plug ins comes up right here, and it's for S CEO. So then my s CEO plug in goes through and tells me what I'm doing right in terms of S E O. And I have a bunch of settings. I can go in there and individually manage like my title and meditate Ags. There's all kinds of options for that, and it's really sweet. Then it puts a XML site map on the website. That then makes it easy for Google the index and then when you go through, every one of my posts has integrated s CEO options on it. So when you go in here and you scroll down to the bottom, then the post tells you exactly what you need to do, right? For S e O. And it just is on Page Seo basics. So in other words, it matches the keywords up with the title. If you're trying to make an adsense website and get automated traffic, you can obviously see the value of having an SDO plug in that does all the hard work for you. The terrible irony is that Google sites works horrible for a CEO. So when you go in here to appearances, then this is where you can pick your themes, and you can see I'm using a unfold child theme. The tough thing in WordPress is everything is actually harder than it looks when you dive into the details. So this looks pretty easy, right? You just pick a theme like I'm Google sites, you pick a theme and it's easy. Well, on wordpress, you actually need to use what's called a child theme because if you used a main theme and then you update it, then you remove all of your customers ations, which is a nightmare. So you actually have to copy your theme into a child theme and then use the child theme, which pulls the settings from the main theme. WordPress has beautiful themes, and you can see the basic themes they ever hear. This is a premium thing. My bought that worked well, this is my new favorite, but I can change a theme any time I want. Now it's a nightmare to change the theme on WordPress. Absolute nightmare. You have to go through and do all of these little details over because each theme has different options. So if you're willing to get hands on and get dirty and you want to learn WordPress, if you have a desire to put up a wall of frustrations of WordPress, I think it's worth it. But if you don't want to put up with that, you just want to focus on making money. You might want to consider something else. The WordPress great features in the widgets. The widgets are where you build things like sidebars. So when you go to my blawg posts here, you see, I've got a sidebar here and I've got intro video I've got Follow right, Cons. I gotta search button. I've got a thing, The schedule, an appointment. And if I want to, I can just actually use the theme options and take the whole sidebar off. There's so much customization and WordPress and there's so many good plug ins with WordPress. Here's one of my favorite that I used to schedule appointments. It's called V Sita Online scheduling, and I'll show you what that looks like. This is an example of why WordPress is awesome, because you can put little plug ins in like this really easily. And look, I have a scheduling calendar all set up on my website. How sweet is that Toe WordPress. The huge strength of WordPress is in the plug in department. When you noticed little problems like I noticed, my website wasn't loading fast. Google recommended this WordPress plug, and I've got that speeds up my page load. That helps me for S CEO, and it helps the user experience, and it's really easy to integrate things like email marketing into WordPress and to add other people on your WordPress account to help you manage your website like I do, I just make videos now and then. I have people I pay to go transcribe the video and put it in your post. So that is my actual creation. But I don't have to do the hard work of translating it into a post. The WordPress is just gigantically helpful in things like this. But if you want to maintain a WordPress website where you are getting traffic through something like AdSense and your monetizing that way, it's Ah, good idea to just start and learn WordPress from the beginning and then figure out a good system to do it with Google sites. You wouldn't want to do that. If you just want to set up a simple website for services and you're willing to learn WordPress, it might be worth it. If you can do some things like integrate little plug ins like this V c toe one where I can then literally have people, schedule appointments, any time with me and complete payment in there if you want to integrate things like email marketing, WordPress again makes all this much easier. So if you want to learn WordPress and you're willing to dive deep into learning WordPress, you're willing to spend probably a few weeks getting to know WordPress. Then the next thing you need to know about is hosting. So in the next lecture, I'll talk about getting WordPress hosting that's consistent and reliable. 5. The one thing you need to do right on your website is setup a way to make money.: if you want to get your website sold on flip. But there's one key thing you need to do and that's make money somehow. This is not a course about how to show you how to use a website to make money. I have other courses showing things you can do to make money online through a website from Facebook Marketing Twitter, Google Organic Traffic for search YouTube. I've got lots of other information on that. This course is to show you a system for building and setting up websites and then selling those websites on Flipper. I will continue to put more ideas in for selling websites, but there are so many different ways you can make money on a website that it's just mind blowing. The main way I know how to make money on a website is set up an offer services and that's what I did on my band work dot com website is really easy to set up an offer services because it's simple and you don't need a lot of traffic. You don't need any organic search traffic if you tell the right people so you can set up any kind of services that you can offer. You can write articles, you can set up ad campaigns. You can offer dating profile advice. There's almost any kind of service you can think of. So that's my main simple recommendation to set up a website to make money. And that's what worked for me is to offer services because the services to customers works really good in selling the website to, especially if you can do what I did and sell this website to an existing customer. So one of my customers ended up buying my website because when they did business with me and then so I was selling my website. They wanted it. So the ultimate thing you have to do is create something that makes money. So that's how I did it with a service based website. But if you can browse on Flipper, you can see there's websites doing all kinds of things to make money, and I picked out a couple of these really quick that I like now, not necessarily that I want to buy because as an example off what's working to make money for other people? This website traffic report dot com, takes a look at exact numbers of keywords and traffic, and it has a simple value proposition in terms of the traffic, it as a tool that thousands of people are using every month, and the AdSense revenue is pretty low on this. So if you wanted to make a website like this, you'd probably need to set up some monitored a sh ization above using just AdSense because there's no way you'd want to pay $10,000 for a website that's only making $400 in AdSense revenue per month unless you're willing to bet that for the next several years of revenues going to stay consistent so some people might be willing to pay that you can see this is done on WordPress and you could set up a site with some kind of similar value using the existing tools on the Internet to get a website like this valuable and then sold so you can see all it is is a website where you search for traffic, and it more than likely pulls tools in from other websites and then does a search. So it's a pretty simple idea, and it's built in WordPress. So that's one example of something you could do that. People are currently beating on for up to $10,000. Now here's another idea, and this one's really cleverly done, and it's done again with AdSense. So what they've done is found one specific tool, and then they have the tool available to download directly in Google ads. So then the website is loaded with Google ads, and it comes up for a very simple, exact search term. I cloud bypass something people are looking for exactly. So this is another example of a niche. Someone is set up to get organic search traffic that's come up with a new issue in the Apple operating system. So that's a sweet way to go about it is just to make something that's on a niche keyword. So if you want had sense, there's a whole lot of research you want to do to go into that, and you more than likely will have to make several different AdSense websites before you get one of them, right? But if you do get one of them right, you can have excellent potential to set up a website that's making money and list it on Flipper. The key thing that you have to do right, though, is the money, and it's easiest to establish money with an existing customer on a service website or with something that's verified financials, especially in the form of AdSense. Google AdSense can verify with Flipper. So if you can get some AdSense revenue, it's easy to verify that with Philippa. And then if you can get it up to around 500 a month, then it's feasible you could sell it for 5000 plus. And that's one business model that many people work with, including Jordan, who have collaborated on another course with who's worked online over three years. And he started out buying websites like this and then maintaining them. So if you want to be the person who sells websites like this, then this is exactly what buyers are looking for. And if you can set it up with AdSense, it's an easy way. But ultimately, the one critical thing you need to do on your website is demonstrate revenue. No one wants to buy rub site that doesn't demonstrate revenue. And if you're trying to sell websites on Flip AAA that don't demonstrate revenue, you're going to be relegated to the low cost websites. For example, if you search for something like Facebook, you'll probably find a lot of Facebook websites that air decently set up copied from templates. But all they do is kind. Offer a cut and paste, and if you'll notice, the common theme on most of these websites is no revenue. If you want to stand out on flip part, you've got to make some kind of money and then be able to demonstrate that in the search box. So the whole point of this course is to get you set up with the idea of building a website that makes money. Somehow, the bulk of your work is figuring out exactly what makes money. But knowing that you can build a website, send it up to make money and then sell it and make more money. That's the idea you can take from this course, so regardless of rather, you even want to sell it. The financials are all that really matter. On your website, you can have ugly interface. You can have a one page simple website that does nothing but get AdSense clicks. You've got to find a way somehow to get those financials up. And even when the financials don't look good, I posted my entire company revenue for this. And you can see I had months where I was boosting the website, doing things I lost 16,000 this month, lost 15,000 that month. But then on these months, I started to break even, and by these months I'm making an 11 $12,000 a month revenue with high profits. So that's a huge thing to is with your money. Make sure you put it up for sale at the right time. As soon as you see it looks good to sell, then go and sell it. But there's no point trying to sell it before it looks good to sell. So I hope this has been helpful. I appreciate the time you spent watching it, and I look forward to seeing what you can accomplish by doing this exact thing your own way . 6. Overview of what you have to do to get your website for sale on Flippa.: What is it you need to do to get your website started for sale on Flipper? So this is the flip a dot com slash cell. The cell buttons over here, and I've scrolled down on the page, but I'll start at the top. You want to be selling an established website. You've got a lot better chance for great sales and the buyers on foot bar generally looking for established websites. However, you can sell starter websites, domains and especially you can sell ABS and I have never sold that before. But I would guess there's some good opportunities to sell the right kind of app on Flipper . But this is mainly for websites and mainly ones that are established older than three months that have some traffic and or revenue. So you hit the established sites you scroll down, and I recommend hitting an auction. An auction encourages the scarcity and limited availability in terms of timing for your website. If you don't get it sold on a first auction, it's not a big deal. You just try again. I tried to put band work up once, put it up too high, and it didn't sell the second time I put it up, it's old and you can see what it sold for. So you can also do classified listings or, if you have a website you think is really valuable in mind, got rejected from this. If you think it's really valuable, try the deal flow to get it to the high end buyers and then you go down here in type your you Arlen to get started. So I have a website gaming addiction dot net. It was my first website and I tried to put it up before and I didn't do a very good job selling it and it didn't sell. So if I wanted to list this again, I'd put the u R L in and then I clicked get started. So now you can see everything you need to do. In order to get the website sold here, you need to go through the website details, including what kind of website it is. And when it went live, you need to go through in traffic and like I said, this is the only thing that really matters in terms of doing something quick and simple to get your website up into the 80 20 principal application where you're in the top 20% of websites for sale. Now you definitely want to verify Google analytics, and that's why flip it makes it so obvious, and I'll do a much more deep lecture on this shortly. So what you do is you just hit this and then it will ask for Google signing information to your analytics account. It's really easy. And if you want to do your own traffic, which obviously I don't recommend you put your average amount off unique viewers and page views per month. But why do that when you could put Google Analytics in an established trust on your website ? 80% of websites don't verify Google analytics and those of the 80% of websites that don't sell very well. The next thing you need to go down and do is revenue, and you always want to put in some kind of revenue. After all, if you're websites not making any money, unless it's instagram, why would you want to sell it Most of the time, you want to put in revenue in order to get a better group of buyers. Now, if you don't have any revenue. You don't put any in, obviously, but more than likely, you're trying to sell a website that's at least making a little bit of money with one of these various methods. But if you don't want or don't have any revenue, just put no. If you don't have revenue, it's absolutely essential that you've got traffic. You need one of these two, and I recommend even if you have good revenue, you need those verified Google analytics. So if you have revenue, then flip, it gives you the opportunity to put that in in detail. So if you have other, you can type in. And exactly if you have subscriptions e commerce ad sales, click bank AdSense drop ship. You can just put all those in directly. AdSense is the best one in terms of blip, of being able to easily verify the revenue. So AdSense provides a great opportunity to have concrete proof that you're actually making money on Flippo. Any of these other methods can also work very good. Now, the sellers notes, is in the pitch, and the pitch is critical to converting sales. Now I showed you in my auction, and I will show you in a later lecture where the sellers notes are So this is the description. So the description you should be putting a lot of good work into the description. I've got a specific lecture explaining how you should do to description. So here's the description, but before you get to the description, you need a tagline and a summary. So on mine, you can see that's up there at the top. The tag lines up here. That's the title of the website, as seen in the auction. So you put your tag line and then your summary in here in order to get people to know what your website doesn't notice. These air very short. A total of 271 characters between the two of them, and I recommend putting the most important thing first. So what I put first was my $80,000 a year profit on my website, because that's the most important part of it now. The important thing to consider and that is what's going to be most important to your buyer if your buyer is going to be looking for verified traffic than you might want to put how many unique visits or page views you have if you're buyers looking for page rank, which they're not often looking for page rank unless it's really high. You could put that first. If your buyers looking for verified AdSense revenue, you could put something up there like 500 per month AdSense verified and having listing like that. So you want the very most important word or three words in front. And if you're trying to ultimately make a good sale, you want that money in the very beginning. Because if you'll notice in some of the other titles, as I've browsed around Flipper, a lot of the titles don't get into very well with the website. Value is, they just put the name of the website up. You want in your tagline to have the value upfront, so if it's adsense, you want that verified? If you're making 1000 a month on selling services, then you put that up front. Whatever your key value of the website is should go first, because rather people believed my $80,000 a year profit or not, they still at least took a look at the auction, and that was the exact amount my financials had made in the previous year on being work dot com. Now that doesn't always translate exactly into what the buyer will make out of it, because a big part of my profit on ban work dot com was getting repeat business. That was done straight through me through the band work dot com e mails. So I'll show you how I attracted buyers and explained to the existing customers I would be moving websites. But still, the fact is, I made 80,000 profit off of ban work dot com in the last year before selling the website. So I put that up front. So it's better to stick on your tag line with facts, whatever facts you can support. And the crucial part about that is timing. If you have had three bad months in a row, you probably don't want to sell your website. I tried to sell ban work before in a similar situation. It didn't sell. I waited until Ben Work had had several good months in a row. Then I sold it, So you got your tag line right here and then your summaries, where you explain a little bit more about your tag line, and then your description has a lot longer chance. You can really go in and convert, and I recommend the nice little three paragraph format. I did that. I will explain you Maurin a future lecture on. So once you go down here, then you click on sale and Flipper recommends a sale length of around 14 days, but they can also recommend higher or lower based on your exact auction in your exact website. So for the reserve, you put your reserve in here, and I recommend using a lower reserve price whenever possible. The rial bidding often happens once you've hit the reserve price. I have an entire lecture on pricing, and then you scroll down to the payment method. You'll accept and you've got. You have PayPal Flipper escrow in escrow dot com and I used escrow dot com, And I would prefer to use flip pass crow for the future because flip it s grows free. But escrow dot com worked really well for me. I put the website up and transferred it to the buyer after escrow verified that the buyer actually had paid them. Then the buyer took possession of it verified the sale and I got my wire transfer pretty quick. You can also use PayPal, but I do not recommend pay foul for ah flip auction. Because if you have to transfer the website, the buyer can still file a item not received through PayPal, and they've got a pretty good chance of keeping it there. So I recommend Flippo or escort dot com, especially if you sold for more than $1000. And escort dot com is fairly easy to set up. Step six is a promotion, and you can choose whatever you want here. But I choose. I use the highest one I used, the best they gave me right here. And I think they actually put it up to Mawr people if you have a higher auction and they charge more, but I recommend choosing all of the options on here if you're trying to make more than $1000. After all, this is a simple return on investment thing. You want to get the flip account to tweet your website, and you want to invest something in your auction so you get the home page feature. You get screenshots bold listing. I did all that on my auction and it sold. The idea is you've got to get a many buyers as possible on it. If you're not willing to do this, you might want to ask yourself, Why am I going to list my website in the first place? And if you're trying to sell your website for 1000 plus, if you're not willing to risk $99 on it, well, maybe it's not ready to sell. Maybe you're not that confident in it yet, and that's okay. The price. Listen, auctions $19 but I recommend to go for the full upgrade. Finally, you need to verify ownership before flip is going to let you say that you own a website you need to verify and tell them you actually own it. So there's two ways you can do that. You can use a verification file and or meta tag so you go through here, follow flippers instructions and put that on your website. If you have a WORDPRESS website or Google Sites website, doing either of these are pretty easy to do, and if you have host care with WordPress, it should work to verify it. Nearly immediately and save thing on Google sites. So this is an overview of everything you need to do generally with some of my tips on how to complete it in order to actually launch your Web site for sale. I appreciate the time you spent watching this, and I hope going over the entire selling process here has helped you feel more confident that you can actually go through and do this and get it done. It's not that scary when you look at the whole process, when I'm going to do now is dive in deeper to several areas of this, including the pricing including the traffic, including the pitch, and I will help you give you the best formula to get your website sold for the highest value. 7. Pricing? Set the price very low to start and let the bidders get excited.: on Flipper. There's a clear bidding strategy that is working, and it's simple. You start the price at a dollar. The idea is you want people to get active immediately on the auction. When I made my first auctions, I'm flip by, said they've been hired in a dollar and neither of them sold this one that sold for $5500. I put the bid down at a dollar and you can see I got immediate action on it. And ultimately what you need is action. And it takes a bit of faith to get started with. Because if I would have on, Lee said, I will sell this for 5500. It would be scary to watch people bidding on it for a couple 100. You can see people quickly bid up a few $100 at a time and then the rial bidding started Once the reserve price was met. I encourage setting a low reserve price so that people had it quickly so that then the action gets going. The rial bidding starts when the reserve price has been met, so you can see once reserve prices met here a $2000 then the bids consistently keep going up, and they started going up faster and so $100 a few $100 at a time. Now, that might not seem like much. You might not think a few 100 of times great. Well, a few 100 at a time quickly is starting to turn into 3500 after just a few bids. And finally, towards the end of the auction, the bids go up to $5550. And that's where the auction cells. And you have to have faith doing this process because going back down here and putting it a $1 bid to start takes a lot of confidence in your auction. But just don't look at my website by itself. Take a look at these details on my sale and then a cross reference it with existing sales. So the key thing you want to get a successful sale on flip are these stats You want the views, the discussions, the watchers, the comments and ultimately, those turn into bidders, bids and then a price. These stats encourage flip, but his show your website around Mawr often because you're not going to sell your website if no one sees it. If you want people to see it, you need action. Philippa wants action, and the more comments watchers views you have, the more likely flip it will show it around. And if you have a low bid on a great value with clearly established money being made, then you're going to get higher bids. You're going to get more comments, watchers and views, so let's take a look at the other websites. This is going well on. So when you search on Flipper, one of the common ways to search is most active, so you want to show up in most active. So let's take a look at some of these other active auctions that are being so live right now. I opened this up, this up this up, and I opened up education lovers also in another window so you can see the bids on these websites are doing the same thing. I just said $1 to start, and the bids just keep going up, even if they only go up $55 whatever they go up, it's another bid, and so you can see a lot of these bids are going up on Lee 5 10 15 $20 At the time. This one went up $8 right here and $5 there. And that's OK, because what you want is action. You want action and you see the higher it goes, the bids keep going up faster. $50 it's up to $1750 right now on this auction. So if I wanted to bid on it, I would have to bid higher than that. And that's how you get action on it. And is this necessarily a great price? I don't know. I haven't judged the auction, but I know there's a lot of other people interested in it. And if you want to sell something high, you need to demonstrate. There are a lot of people interested in it, and all you really need are two people that really want it. So here's another auction. Same thing, $1 to start and then the bids keep going up and the bids often the beginning will take a few $100 jump, and then people will try and nickel and diamond. But what you want is that action. Look how maney bids. This has got the bids don't usually take big jumps. It's only a few $100 at a time. So a lower bid encourages more bids and encourages competition. If you put your bid up too high, the competition is not likely to get involved as much you want the people who don't bid very high, like these guys that have only closed 500 or $700 in auction so far. You want them making these big bids so that then this heavy hitter comes in. He's bought $178,000 that heavy hitter than comes in and ends up paying a lot more because of these bidders who may or may not actually have closed the auction. But these bidders, who Vaughan Lee bought a few websites so far have only spent a few 100 have then brought this heavy hitter in the validation of this auction from those lower bids has brought this heavy hitter in, and you can see the guy that bought mine was a heavy hitter himself. He's done thousands of dollars in sales on Flipper. He's done $48,000 in sales on Flipper, so the competition help get his price up higher and the same thing that's going in on this auction. Now let's take a look at another auction. Same thing, $1 bid continuing to go up just a little bit of the time. And they're now there's price humps over $100 and this is up to $1000 so I don't know exactly how good any of these websites are, but you can see they're getting competition. They're getting bids, and often the bids will go up a lot in the end. And if you can get people who are new to bid on your auction, that's really good to attract those heavy hitting buyers now. At the same time, it doesn't always work perfectly, and it depends on your website. So this guy set his bid a dollar and he's got a ton of bids and I say he it could be a She just is easily This guy's got a ton of bids on his, but it's only up to $155 right now, and this auction is ending soon also, so it depends a lot on the website. This website says it's making 2800 month profit. But how well is it demonstrating that? So what we're going to do is look at in future lectures the best ways to demonstrate the profit, your making and to attract the right buyers because you can see there's no page rank on this. It's one year old on WordPress. There's no Google analytics data. The financials are flat every month. Again, it's hard to look at this website very easily and just say you definitely have absolute confidence in the revenue right off hand. So I will show you going forward how you can encourage a website that gets these kind of closing price is 5000 and the bids that are up in here for 6700 on active websites that you are able to build. So I appreciate you watching this lecture about Flipper. I'm grateful for the time you spent with me, and I hope what I'm sharing with you is proving helpful for your successful sale on Flipper 8. 80/20: Verified Google Analytics CRITICAL for Success. : one of the most critical things for converting a sale on Philippa is having verified analytics. That means Google analytics data that flip a has access to first hand. So when you have verified analytics, your analytics will look like this on Flipper. The figures verified by Flipper the green numbers mean it's verified with Google analytics . So, in other words, I set up Google Analytics on my account months before the sale. I then added Flipper onto the account and flip. It could then go back and automatically look at all of the data from before. So if you're trying to do this strategy, you can see you absolutely need to have Google analytics in place before this. And I'll show you more about why these verified page views are critical to the buyers. Because ultimately, if you're selling a website, the people on the website are important, and these verified traffic numbers are what people can use to see who's viewed the website . So you could see on here hundreds of views on my website every month. Now, the niche I was in on this website does not need a ton of page views because it's having high dollar amounts for sales. But if you are pulling in money through something like, AdSense is absolutely crucial. Toe. Have your analytics verified, even if your AdSense is verified also, so take a look. Here's a website that I looked at in the last part of this with you. It has verified Google Analytics green numbers. It's a huge trust factor. Let's take a look in another one. Same thing. Green values verified. Google Analytics Traffic. Now here's a website. It does not verify traffic. It's offering simply app downloads, and APS is a part of the auction, so it's not a necessity for that type of niche. But here, if you look at this one, this website says it's making a lot of money. But you'll notice the price is only $155 on the bids. And I will tell you my guess is to why these page views and unique visits seem pretty high for what they're describing. And they're not verified. These black figures mean the data is not verified, and that's huge because that's a simple trust factor. When I look at the financials, the odds of me believing them are a lot higher if the traffics verified. If the traffic's not even verified, why am I going to believe anything on the financials? But forget all these websites, including mine? Let's show you another way that this is happening. So these air the just sold website. Some of these have had big sales, and here's something to take a look at verified analytics vs. Not verified. There's 1700 that have verified analytics on here out of over 9000 listings. What does that mean? That means there's a much smaller percentage that have verified analytics as compared to not verified analytics. So look at this. I did a little thing on a calculator 19%. Roughly off. The websites have verified analytics. So if you know about the Peredo principle, the 80 20 rule one of the 80 20 things to do is to verify your analytics. Your analytics need to be verified if you wanna have a shot at being in the top 20% of auctions, and here is even better proof of that. So if you look in the bottom of this, it has editor's choice. That means the very best auctions that flip up editors like to the most. So click on this filter. Now let's see how these look. There are five of these that air domains, so there are no need for analytics on just domains. On the websites, 15 out of 15 of the websites are verified. If there's just a domain, there's not a need for verified analytics, so you can't verify analytics on a domain. So out of the 15 websites out of the 20 total choices out of the editors listings, every single one of them has verified analytics. I hope you've seen now verified analytics, if you want to make a good sale on flip, are crucial, and you have to set that up beforehand. If you realize just now I haven't set up my Google analytics yet, it's better to do it right now and wait to sell your website a little longer. If you're thinking about selling. No, this is one of the most crucial things you can do, and you take a look at these editor's Choice websites. My website was not on editor's choice, but all of these websites on Editor's choice are selling or have sold for at least $2000 and many of them are much higher. The one thing they all have in common verified analytics and another thing they have in common is verified AdSense 10 out of 15 of them. My website did not have AdSense, so the verified analytics is crucial. Now let's go back here and take a look some more so verified analytics on 1700 water The prices on these There's a lot of verified analytics with a lot higher prices. The prices are much higher with verified analytics, and they're likely to have more visitors in the first place. So the thing with verified analytics, it's automatically getting you in to a much better group of websites. You can see there's only 1700 websites with verified analytics, and if you go back and look at these websites, the lowest price website and the most bids are often on these verified analytics. So if you want to get a lot of bids, people need verified analytics just for trust, and that's crucial for your success. So I hope the only thing I've communicated in this lecture is to go do verified and legs. If you want to know how to do it, flip as good documentation on how to verify your analytics as a part of the auction. And all you have to do to get your analytics set up is Goto. Just search for Google analytics. Go get it set up right now. Thank you for watching this. And I hope I clearly communicated the value of verified analytics. 9. Sellers notes: how to write them successful to convert bids and close your sale.: the most crucial area you need to work on in describing your auction is in the cellars notes. Assuming you've already got the analytics verified, your sellers notes are crucial for completing the sale successfully. What's crucial in the Cellars notes is specifying exactly what is included and what is not included. When I tried to complete the sale on my website, I received a long contract where the buyer attempted to take possession off all of my band work, social media accounts and everything related to the website that was not directly specified in the auction. The way I was able to close the sale was two point exactly back to these sellers notes and say This is what the listing includes. The listing includes the domain, the Google APS account, which hosts all email and the Web site, and all the files related to successfully running the business system, all of which were in one Google Drive folder that was absolutely critical for closing the auction because if I had not specified that, it would have been difficult to tell the buyer. Look, this is what you just bid on and you Onley get what I told you you get in the website auction. If you want to include something outside of just the website in the auction, you need to put that in the cellars notes. For example, on one of the websites we looked at before they were including APS. Also, if you have abs to include those must be in the cellars notes. The sellers notes. Communicate the value of the website clearly, assuming you've already done things like verify analytics to get trust and the sellers notes. Also specifically are flippers. One clear reference point for what is and is not included in the auction. So when you set up your auction, take a lot of time to write good sellers notes. If your buyers are not familiar with your website, the sellers notes, is where they will get to know you and you've got on Lee a few paragraphs to clearly communicate the value of this system you're selling on your website. So I started off by saying ban work dot com makes money by creating advertising campaigns and Facebook Google Mobile APS for people in businesses needing web traffic, social media marking online sales. The first sentence tells you exactly what this website does, how it makes money, what value it communicates and why the potential buyer might want to buy it. I then go into more detail for people who want to learn more. I try and clearly describe the business system in one sentence. I then describe exactly what's included in the listing and how the entire business in the system can be outsourced if desired. And finally I mentioned, Why would I want to sell such a profitable website? The reason I wanted to sell it was so I could move on to another website and stop feeling like I had to use band work dot com. And I wanted to just make some money out of band work. Dot com Specifically, the sellers notes, is where you convert people in the auction who have went through your website and are interested enough to consider bidding. So I recommend a three paragraph system like this, and the first sentence includes exactly what your website does. That makes it worth buying, and specifically it should talk about making money, the value delivered to the customer or if it's such a website like an AdSense, the value coming in from organic traffic and then the reason that people are going to spend their time on there and then mawr explanation of that. The middle paragraph should specify and very short exact terms what the website includes and what it does not. So you can see I made clear the Onley things the website included. You want to do this because I know you wouldn't want to have a successful sale where you end up selling more than you meant to. And if you don't want to include Social Media council, the website, don't include them. If your social media accounts are very successful, you don't want to needlessly include those in your auction unless those are important to your buyers. So that's why, as I'm going to share Mauritz important to get direct connections with buyers so that you get an idea of what they want. And finally it might be worth mentioning why you want to sell a website if you're in business to make in flip websites. That makes sense. If you like to create websites but don't like to maintain them, that makes sense. But if someone's looking to buy a website, they should have a right to know why you want to sell it because this helps deal with the scam aspect of it. If I'm honestly sharing why I want to sell my website, then I've got a lot better chance of communicating to the buyer that Hey, I'm not just trying to dump this website on you and scheme you and take your money. I want to do something else and this website is getting in the way. And that's kind of what I explained. My passion is in public speaking, which if you're listening to me right now, you can get a good idea of how I'm actually engaging in my passion. Now, instead of just doing ad campaigns on ban work dot com, there's nothing wrong with that. But you can see the honesty that I've communicated that onto My auction comes through and it helps get those random buyers that you don't know the bid on it, even if it is just a low big. So as you remember, on the pricing strategy I talked about, you've got to convert those random buyers on it so that your power buyers will get involved . So I hope you can see in the cellars notes the opportunity you have to make an exceptional listing on Flipper and exactly what you can do to write up an awesome section of sellers. Notes on Flipper. 10. Financials: How to communicate the money you are making successfully.: if you want to make a great sale on flip of the financials are absolutely critical because the reason people buy website on Flipper almost overwhelmingly is just to make money. So people want to see your websites making some kind of money before they buy it. There's thousands of websites that aren't making money. People can buy on Flipper, and you're not likely to get much money unless you have a huge amount of traffic or unless you've got good financials in this lecture, I'm going to show you all that I know about what I did right in sharing my financials and what other people are doing right in sharing their financials So you can understand what you conduce you in order to show good financials that'll get your website high bids. Ultimately, if you want high bids or any bids at all, you've got to show good financials. Flipper gives you 12 months of financials, so to do this strategy really well, you really want a website with at least 12 months of financials. But it a bare minimum, three months of traffic and three months of financials. It's important that you show buyers enough history that they're willing to bid high. And you can see my history here is over the last 12 months on my financials, and it's got six months above of traffic so buyers can have confidence that my website is not going anywhere in the short term in buying it. And so you look at thes financial graphs and what I did I had to put these numbers in individually month by month for Flipper. So I'll show you the spreadsheets that I made in order to do this and then that I shared on this auction in order to communicate that you can see month by month that flippers shows exactly the prophet my websites made 5900 than 10,000. 9000, 36,030 and then up to 32,000 in October. Then, ah, loss as I'm making up for the extra profit I made in thes months with expenses that were related to those months and then, at the beginning of the year, back into consistent monthly a profit. So that's the overall details, and you get that by putting in the exact numbers for each month now I'm going to show you what I did that worked really well on that. Because what you want to do is show your buyers very clearly in your attachments exactly what your financials air coming from. And so this graph shows six months. So I actually did not pick the ideal six months to sell this in, but it worked out good enough. I could not have hardly sold it in any of these months, regardless of what happened before. You can see these last two months. I sold it when it's around 8000 to 10,000 monthly profit. And now the thing with the website van work dot com was based strongly on people's relationship with me, so the buyers understood that. But still, the buyers are willing to pay a lot for a website that was getting that amount of interest with the idea that they could convert that interest in their own business. The financials were so good on here that buyers are willing to overlook that this was a very personal website where I could easily take many of the existing customers with me. So if your financials air good enough, buyers will overlook a lot and still pay you for exactly what you've got. So these are the financials I put in that flippers shows by default in six months. So it's critical you have at least six good months of financial, even if they're not pretty in isolation. What you do is you put them in detail in the attachments. And now this is some of the most detailed financials I've seen on an auction after looking at a bunch of auctions in order to give you good material for this course. So this is how I was able to sell this website between the verified traffic, the sellers notes, the title and then these financials. So we'll see some of the other auctions in a minute and how they handle this. Click on this monthly profits than this spreadsheet comes up. Now look how detailed this is. Now, if you're looking at it from a trust point of view at a bare minimum, you've got to think I put a lot of time and effort into getting all this done and that more than likely, I pulled it from an existing data source. And so you can see I took thes my company numbers, all of which would generated through ban work dot com, And then I put them in a spreadsheet right here and then I've got the revenue and I've got the expenses now for a buyer. This is a very clear indication of what I've got going on. And so, for the 12 month totals, I then put this number to start the auction out. So these are all revenue and expenses related directly to the website. So this spreadsheet looks really good for potential buyers because it shows attention to detail that shows effort. And so then I'll show you where the spreadsheet really shines, because anyone can put some numbers together like I just showed you and have it come out to whatever you want. This is where it gets really good. I've got exact dates and these air just copied straight from my accounting records. And you can see I've even copied the exact Facebook billing codes off of there. And then you can see all of these expenses related to running my business. These are the expenses I made media buys from direct wire transfers. Oh, desk payments, toe workers, Facebook ads, the actual app hosting Twitter ads, e lance you can see, then the actual expense amounts that I've paid to maintain the website and get the traffic to it. And so, given my businesses, online advertising and all of my expenses are online advertising and oh, desk with some things like media buys, wire transfers and Western Union, you can see from these expenses again the sheer amount of detail that's involved in my financials. So those are the expenses, and then you can see then the payments that come in and given I take PayPal payments and Google. And then I'm doing some wire transfers for clients. You can see all of the payments, then make sense. And again, you can see these air copied straight out of my accounting information, and you can see things even like individual check deposits. But the nice thing is again. Is that accountability? You can see all of these random numbers and stuff or copied straight from my accounting. So when you look at these financial details, it gave buyers the confidence that yes, I'm probably making a good amount of money through my website. That's ultimately what needed to be communicated, and this depth of financial reporting gave buyers the certainty that I, at least was making enough money through my website to merit paying me a few $1000 to get a hold of it. So that's ultimately what it's about. You can see this sold for 5500 and even know my numbers are a lot bigger than that and inspired enough trust and clear communication to the buyers to get $5500 for it. And I explained why I wanted to sell it to It would almost be difficult for the buyer to have not made much more than that after purchasing it. So that's what I did. And it worked really well for me. And I hope you can see just how much the financials matter and that just putting energy and time and accountability and in the financials makes a big difference. So that's enough about me. Let's take a look at what other people are doing. So the easiest way to get your financials done right here that simplest thing to do is get that AdSense revenue up there and verified. If you take a look at this auction, it sold for $9800 the primary strength of this auction was the verified traffic and the AdSense revenue. So these two things together produced a clear sale result. Now again, I talked more about what I do because I don't have the inside details of what someone else did. But looking at the basics of what other people are doing will help give you a good, well rounded point of view on all of the necessity and the methods for getting your financials in order. So this website sold for almost $10,000 even though it's only making 259 a month in AdSense revenue. What a buyer must have figured is with this many page views. I can probably do better than 259 a month and AdSense revenue. But without that 259 a month and AdSense revenue probably would have been hard to sell this even with the traffic. So this auction is a good example of how easy it is to sell when you've got verified AdSense revenue. Now this next auction has got 2000 $200 that it sold for, and it's got 300 a month verified AdSense revenue a lot less traffic, though. So again, the verified AdSense revenue makes it really easy, really easy to sell a potential website because the verified AdSense revenue is the best form of proof football offers for income. So if you look down at this REB site, they do not have verified AdSense revenue. So I'm going to show you different methods of showing your financials that worked for them to sell their website for nearly 28,000 and they don't even have any verified traffic either. But what they do make a good job of is clearly communicating in the establishment's what their website is doing to make money. So this is the attachment they've put up and you can see again, as in common with my spreadsheets. They put a lot of detail into these financials. They put exact product names. They put exact sales. They put exact revenue numbers so you can see again the detail in the financials is very important. No matter what you're making, having the detail in there is important, and now they've got partner payouts pending. There's all kinds of potential problems in here, just the same as there are potential problems with the financials I gave and with the financials we're seeing the future. So you're not going to eliminate all of your potential problems no matter how you do your financials. But the key is to communicate enough value in your financials that people will pay to buy your website. So this has the aggregate total here with the sales revenue and off of Warrior Plus product and JV Zoo. So it's got a lot of sales numbers, but again, the main thing is it comes back to this. Did they do a good enough job in the auction of communicating their income, their refunds or expenses? This website, it says, at 117,000 income 3200 refunds, 57,000 in expenses. You can see the sales numbers air clearly put in their and their charts like this. They've got their revenue and expenses per month. Now you have no idea what it's going to make the next month, but you can see this sold for $18,000 even though it says it made a lot more money than that, it got enough confidence to sell for $18,000. Let's take a look at another website it successfully sold for $17,000. It has tons of page views, tons of verified AdSense revenue, I guess maybe not tons. But if you're just getting started getting up to 500 a month and AdSense revenue seems pretty good. And so this website had its own financials listed in podcast subscriptions, So its main value is the page views, the AdSense revenue. And then these pay PAL subscriptions, which I'm assuming they're going to transfer the PayPal account with it, too. So these active subscriptions are clearly shown in a screenshot, along with the AdSense revenue to page views. So this website has done a very good job of verifying their exact traffic and financials. Plus, they have a high page rank six and attends riel high. So that's great. So what they have is a Web site that sold for 17,000 and the thing was selling a website like this, you get to take this 17,000 minus flip is 10%. We're in addition to whatever you've made before, and then you don't have to maintain it. So this website gave buyers enough confidence to pay 17,000 Ford. Now, here's another 1 20,000 I'm showing some of these higher end ones because if you can see what the higher end ones air doing, then you can have a good chance to understand what you could do the same. So this website posted a lot of revenue and a lot of profit, and they have deep financial numbers. And you can imagine that since this guy also sold another option we looked at, it's probably a guy that's going in finding these websites. Other people have made buying them and then setting them up to flip here. And so you can look at the financials on here now this is a different way of doing the financials again, and you can look at it right here and maybe say, Well, I don't know why I'd want to buy this if it is only making a few 100 or maybe a few 1000 in the most few months. But the thing is, you've got these financials on here that have depth. So regardless of these actual numbers right here, there's a lot of depth on the financials in this. PdF. So there's a consistent theme here, no matter how much money you're making you want to go into depth on the financials. Here's another website $15,000. Just sold two days ago. It has verified traffic and in eyes financial, showing $1000 profit consistently from month to month. And if you scroll down to see what their financials look like in more detail, you can see then the financial table breakdown, and then I'll take you to the attachment they made. So they show you where they're getting their orders from to make the sales. So in these websites that have just sold, you're seeing a theme here. They're doing various methods of trying to clearly show the financials. Here's another auction it went through, and it has AdSense revenue, and it has a ton of page views, some between the traffic and the AdSense revenues, and then the financials they've claimed, which are all verified. AdSense revenue this website making 400 a month consistently on AdSense even though the AdSense revenues much lower, there's also other revenue being reported. This drew enough buyer confidence to sell for 15,000 now. Finally, here's an example off a website pointing time in detail of the financials, but it not clearly coming through well. And here's the reason that verified financials air so crucial. So this website put detail in there. But you can see they're saying they're making a lot of money every month and they don't have any verified traffic or any verified AdSense revenue posted on here. But then look what they have. They have screenshots from AdSense. So if you're going to do AdSense, it's got to be verified because if you're making $790 a month on AdSense, it should be verified so you can see even though they went into detail. If you're going to use AdSense, it must be verified to draw buyer confidence. If you don't have AdSense and you're using another method of making money going into detail , there's a lot of good ways to do it. But just putting screenshots up of your AdSense revenue is not good enough. Your financials need to draw a lot of buyer confidence, and it's not enough to just put up some revenue and costs. And the say it's all AdSense revenue because you can see this has got 32 bids. It's up to $155. So if you want to sell your website, AdSense verified is very easy. And if you don't have add sensor, if you have additional monetization methods than going deep into the different methods, using to make money really helps. So I appreciate the time you spent watching this lecture, and I hope by sharing the value of communicating finances effectively and how to do it, that you can get your website sold for a good price. 11. Directly reach out to your potential buyers with a clever sales message.: for your flip auction getting a successful sale. What you want to do is reach out to the exact right buyer, and the exact right buyer is more than likely if you have a service website, someone that already knows you. And if you're selling something like an AdSense website, might be someone who's already bought another AdSense website. The big thing I learned from unsuccessfully selling my first time on flip. Ah, was that simply sending out news of my website, sailed generically all over the Internet, produced very little results, and I got lucky on the second time. I don't even remember that I consciously did this as a sale strategy, but just for practical purposes, everyone that had emailed me on my old Jerry at bam work dot com email. I went through and sent thousands of emails individually like this, where I replied to people and said, Hi, thank you for whatever they did most recently, And then you might value knowing I'm changing e mails because I'm selling this website on Flipper, and this is where I converted that $5000 sale. One of my existing customers saw this message went to it and ended up buying the website. So all I had to do on the rest of my auction was get enough people interested just to put some lower level bids in there and then have one other person interested enough to bid it up against the guy who had already decided he was going to buy it from me. He had ordered from me several times. So he knew firsthand the value that my website offered, and he wanted to take that over and use it with his own business system. So when you're thinking of sales on Flipper, it's not as much a numbers game as it is getting the exact right Few people to buy your website, and the easiest way I know from experience is sending a little email out to the people who already know you. If someone's going to pay a few $1000 to you for your website, it's going to be a lot easier to get someone you've already worked with. Even if they didn't turn out to be your number one customer or you haven't worked with them in a while, they still might be interested in buying your website. So the idea is to make direct personal contact with buyers instead of doing anything like running ads or any kind of generic opposed direct personal contact with buyers. Has the best opportunities can virtuous sail again? As I talked about with trust, your opportunity to make trust with a direct contact is so much higher than the opportunity is to do that with just a more generic approach, including anything like ads or just sending out a bunch of general messages to people now if you don't have an existing list of customers, I was lucky. I had thousands of leads and customers that I was able to send this email to, and one of them happened to buy it. Another thing you can do to reach out directly is find Facebook page ad men's that you can reach out to. If your website makes sense to sell that way so you can just go to a page like this, you hit message with your personal profile and then send them a message. As you can imagine, this is not a good strategy to do in bulk, but it's a good strategy you can do to maybe 30 or 40 50 people a day consistently over time, and that's another good way to reach out. You can also reach out with messages on linked in. You can reach out with contacting people on Flipper. There's lots of things you can do. But the most key thing is to get a good message that is not as much outright selling. Your website is just mawr noticing that, Hey, I'm selling this so you might want to know about it in context. You can see this is in context right here. It's directly related to keeping communication with this person. So the website is more listed. Here is a secondary thing, and the cool part about that is it. Let's whoever I emailed kind of discover it for themselves. In other words, like I thought ahead to if they wanted to know about the listing here, let me just include it so that I don't have to answer that question. And the guy that bought the website never even responded to my email. He went straight to the website bid on it until he got to buy it, and then we talked once he bought it. So this is not how I would have imagined the selling process would have worked beforehand. So I hope by showing you what actually worked for me to convert that $5500 sale will help you get an open minded approach for contacting the ideal buyer's directly instead of through any other method, and then you can convert your sale on Flipper. 12. Engage with every single buyer!: your best chance to get your buyers converted once they've expressed interest in your auction through a comment message or discussion is to provide an excellent response to them . So you can see I had seven discussions and nine comments, which, given how much the website sold for, is not that much. But each of those comments is gold. Each of those discussions gold each, messages gold. Those aren't leads. Those are from people who might by now the actual buyer did not send a message or comment that I recall beforehand. But what I did get is the opportunity to make this sale look much better from the existing people who did comment. So you can see some of these comments down here are great for inspiring buyer trust, an additional bids. You can see this guy. I don't even think that he bit on and you just put a nice comment on it because he's known me before. And even if people ask really negative questions or tough questions, the best opportunity you have is to provide an excellent answer to those questions. Though this guy asked the same kind of question a lot of other bidders might have been thinking, and he ended up getting banned somehow. But you can see I took then a serious effort to make a good, solid response to his question because if he's thinking this and asked it more than likely , several other people went and we're thinking about it but did not actually ask the question . So I tried to answer as best I could with the understanding that giving a great answer toe a negative question is perhaps the best opportunity. I have to look good for the potential bidders and buyers. And so down here, this kind of question is the kind of thing that if you're trying to sell your website, you might be annoyed by this kind of question. Literally 11 questions by one buyer. If you want to make good money selling your website, I think you've got to answer all these questions out, and that's exactly what I did. I literally went down here in answered all 11 of this guy's questions in a gigantic answer here, and idea is I. I'm doing the best I can to inspire buyer trust. When I answer questions like this on the website, I've seen some other auctions where the buyers weren't active in the discussions. And those generally don't Sella's well, buyers want to get that trust in there. If you're going to bid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a website, you've gotta have that trust. So everything I've been showing you in this course is about building buyer trust. The comments, discussions and the messages are the best place to do that. And what I do is I encourage people. When they message me, I encourage them to post it publicly. And I do that on my website now to I say, If you have a question about something I'm doing, please post it publicly so that I can answer it. So this you might look at this and think I did. You know that your worst nightmare of getting 11 specific questions on your website, but that's the best opportunity to get buyer trust. That is to actually answer all of these questions in great detail so that the actual person who buys it and the two people that are going to bid high on it go through and read all these questions and all they have to do the look they don't have to actually take the time and dime themselves out to the other buyers that they're interested enough to ask a question so lots of times that people that ask questions will not be your actual buyers. But they will ask good questions that your actual buyer will have and that you can show off a good answer to in the comments. You can also expand on what you've originally stated because once you set the auction up flip, it does not allow a lot of editing. Now some people like to go into great detail in their cellar notes. So on the detailed description, I gave you a good rundown of how to do that up here. But the thing is, Flipper does not allow you to then make changes to this, at least the last time I was selling on there a few months ago. The idea is, then you can expand all you want to. In the comments, I think it's best to keep the sellers note short and then answer things and comments and discussions blow. Because the sellers notes, are the legal part of the contract. Flip a holds the Sellers notes as the key contract for the sale. So if you've made a huge broad sellers notes promising and describing a whole bunch of things, that could be a lot harder to iron out in a sale. My very short, simple Sellers notes, made it easy to look at the sale and say This is what it includes. However, you're welcome to put more in the cellars notes, but note that you might not be able to change it. On the other hand, if you don't like your comment, you may be able to go through and delete a comment or just re post a new comment above it. So again, the most important thing once you have the auction actually up is to engage with every single buyer, especially in the public discussions, and to turn anything negative that gets posted on your website into a positive. Somehow, that might be challenging sometimes, and you're going to have to deal with their own feelings of annoyance more than likely when someone posts 11 different questions on your auction. But just know that that's your best opportunity to go through and convert a sale from someone who's interested. So I appreciate you watching this, and I hope it's proving helpful for you in getting your website successfully listed and sold on Flipper 13. Completing the sale successfully with trust and gratitude.: Once you've actually made the sale on Flipper, you might think it's all easy street from here, Let me tell you, it's where the rial challenge starts because I put so much effort into getting my website soul that I put very little thought into what actually would happen afterwards. I hope this lecture is really helpful for you in completing the sale and knowing what you have to do it the end of a sale to get it done so that you can plan to do it right from the beginning. So when you complete a sale, this is the sale completion area. You have a start escrow dot com. That's a very first thing you want to do when you're the seller. Go through and get your escrow set up so the buyer can pay you because nothing's going to happen until the buyer pays s grow and escrow has the money. There's almost no reason or need to do almost anything until the buyers paid escrow, because you need to verify the buyer, actually, as the money before you put your time into trying to work with them. So as soon as you get the sale done, you want to start and get your escrow dot com set up, you have already or use the flip escrow. If that's available, get your end of it set up and then work with the buyer to make sure they've got everything set up so that they can pay. Because if the buyer said they'll pay, they need to establish they have the money and give it to the third party first, and then you can work out any of the specific details. So the buyer Mike was very good. He got the money to escrow quite quickly, and then we started to work on getting the auction done. Now this was actually quite challenging because I was not prepared to get a big legal contract from Mike about the sale and Mike bought the website. He's paying $5550 for it, and it's quite reasonable that he would want to get as much as possible out of his purchase off the website. So the thing is for completing the sale. The only thing that matters according to Flipper for completing this sale is what happens right in here in the cellars notes. So my give me a contract that attempted to put extra conditions outside of the seller's notes in here, and that was very challenging for me. I started to fear the sale wouldn't complete. I started toe look through and wonder. OK, what did I actually offer to sell here? Because I've got a huge Facebook page. I've got a big Facebook page you can see here with 800,000 likes on it, and there's no way I would sell that for $5000. So what Mike was trying to do was get not only that but my YouTube channel in addition to the website and those are much more valuable than the website itself. The website converted the YouTube channel on the Facebook page to sales, but with the YouTube channel in the Facebook page, I could easily just switch it, which I did to my new website. The website had value for search and for all of the existing videos where it was specified in there. But it was challenging when I got a contract where the buyer is asking and scaring me with legal terms and then basically demanding to have all of my social media assets with it. So you can set up yourself for success to begin with by exactly specifying what the auction includes and does not include. And from there, if the buyer is a little bit difficult with you, you try and avoid conflict at all costs. So I tried to completely avoid disagreeing with Mike at all because he bought the website. There's no reason he can't ask for whatever he wants. There's nothing wrong with that. All I did in return, he gave me a contract to sign. I edited the contract in line with the auction and sent it back to him. The sign? I didn't argue with them. I didn't try and debate much with it. I went through in the messages and tried to be as gracious, grateful and trustworthy that the sale would complete. Now, when you're getting afraid, the sale won't complete. When you've got a scary legal contract in front of you, these things can be a bit overwhelming. So when you set up your sellers notes to begin, it's absolutely critical toe explicitly specify what's included and what's not included, And I said specifically the listing includes, and so I don't specify anything else outside of what the listing includes. So for completing your sale, it's important to rely on what you specified in the cellars instructions and then not to argue. If you know that flip A and everything is set up in your favor for completing the sale the way you specified it, there's no reason to argue with the buyer. And you have to consider the buyers a person just like you are. That may have more money than you if they can afford to buy your website and that you want to treat them with respect and you want to treat them the way you want to be treated. And so I'm grateful That worked out really good with Mike because he sent me a huge contract. I set him back a contract stripping all of the things he'd added into it outside of the seller sale, and I didn't argue with them. We're with that. I just said, Look, what do you think of this version of it? And then he asked questions about the accounts. I said I put this in the seller's account instructions that I'm happy to sell it the way I've listed it, and he was very nice once he saw that, Yes, the sellers instructions were exactly where the auction was formatted and legally was exactly the terms of what the sale was under. Then he was very kind and going forward, getting everything completed. But if I would have argued with him or tried to fight back Mawr and done anything except try and be respectful, grateful and thank you and trust that he wanted this sale to go through the sale would have not worked out. And one of the things that makes selling a website is really hard. If you tried to sell it before and someone bought it in, the sale didn't complete because the first thing a buyer thinks is okay. What went wrong with that sale before? Why did someone go through him by that? But then not pay? And that makes this part of the sale the toughest single part to complete because as the seller, you feel this huge stress, this huge pressure to get the website sold, and then the buyer knows they've got you in that position and the buyers in a good position to start asking for additional things or to try and do anything else that they feel like because then they have the money and then they can, just not by the website if they don't want to. Ultimately you have to have trust and faith and love for the buyer and believe that things will work out. And if they don't, it doesn't hurt you to have one at it. From a positive point of view. If they don't, then you'll be more likely to relisted and try it again. And write that off is simply a bad buyer. Michael clearly is bought, Ah, lot of websites on Flipper, and he's definitely a good buyer. But you're likely to get buyers who will be aggressive with you in the sale. Who will try and grab is much as they can, despite whatever you've offered and there's nothing wrong with that. As long as you respect that, that's how it works. That's how business is done. You try and get as much as you can, and a lot of the people who are good at that will simply drop the push for more if you respectfully just give them exactly what you offered. So I transferred everything over to the sale that I said I would. I did everything I said I would. And Michael is gracious in just dropping everything else he asked for and we neither of us made a big deal of it. It was challenging at the time, especially to go through this and to know that I really wanted that $5000 to come in for the website that month. My business was having a quite tough time of the year, so there was a lot of pressure here. And so if you know that the sale completion is liable to be challenging, depending on how you've sold the website, who the buyer is and how you are about getting paid for it, then you can have a lot better chance of completing the sale successfully. So I hope, sharing my experience here with their buyer, Michael, who was just awesome. And I'm grateful that he bought the website. I hope sharing my experience going through the end. The post sale on Flipper has been helpful for you in getting your website successfully sold , getting you paid for it. The last thing I just need to specify is when do you actually get paid when you use escrow dot com What happens? The buyer puts their money up first, so there's no point in doing anything with the buyer until they put their money up. You've got to see they have their money. There's no point in doing anything until they've at least given the third party. They're part of the auction, which is all of it. And then you have to do everything then to satisfy the buyer. And then the buyer has to tell the third party that you've done that. So the whole idea is to set your auction up so that it's easy for you to satisfy the buyer according to the terms of your auction. I'm here. All I had to do is transfer the Google APS account and give access to the files. That's all I had to do according to the conditions of this auction transfer the domain, which was linked with Google APS account and the files. That's all I had to do. So for 1/3 party once the third party has that money, all you have to do is satisfy those third party conditions in order to get paid. Now, that's why you want to make it simple to satisfy those conditions. However, the buyer has a lot of leeway in letting the third party no. So if you pissed the buyer off a bare minimum, they can make you wait the full period, which can be three weeks or more to actually get paid. Michael was nice enough to go through and quickly approve what I done. And then I got a wire transfer straight in the bank account for around $5000 after escrow and flip it take their percentage. So I hope this has been helpful in showing you exactly what can go down in the post sale discussion and giving you the trust and faith that you can make it from start to finish selling your website on Flipper. 14. Analyzing Your ROI. How much time did it take versus what you earned?: for making these sales on Flipper. An important thing to consider is how much time it took you versus how much money you made in calculating that out in an effective hourly rate. So what I recommend of having a service based website? The advantage of that is you can make money before you sell it, and then you can make money selling it. That's what I was able to do with band work dot com. I made money using the website, and then I made money selling it. The main reason I wanted to sell it was so I could complete my move to jerry banfield dot com and consolidate and simplify my business, but also to make some money on the actual sale instead of having to serve all the clients I got. So the key factor with this was this first line right here. It took me about 25 hours to do the flip a sale. I made $5000 so I have an effective hourly rate of about $200 an hour. That's pretty good. Now, if it had taken me 50 hours, if I underestimated my 25 then hourly rate comes down to 100 our and more than likely I could have got close to that by serving clients and keeping the website and letting it grow . So if it took 50 hours selling the website might not have been so great. But here's the thing. If I had built that web site from scratch for something like add sense and not made much money off of it beforehand and so I would have had to calculate the time I put into building the website in there also and then maintaining and growing it. So if I had put 100 hours into that sale, it would have only been, ah, $50 an hour rate compared to the $200 an hour that it really worked out too. And then finally, if you are trying to do this and you're looking, sell website for about 1000 and it's going to take you about 100 hours to make the website and sell it on Flipper, then you're looking at an effective valley rate of $10 an hour. So $1000 in some of these bigger numbers on a website selling on Flipper look like a lot of money, but if you calculate the time on it and you look at the hourly rate, there's probably other things you might be able to do unless you can get a good system down for doing this. My hope with this course for you is that I've been ableto help you optimize any system you already have, or give you an idea if this is a system you like to use now, if you could pump out a lot of these websites, here's another interesting scenario. If you could pump out a lot of these websites and say they only took you tender hours to make the website and get it set up and you could sell them for maybe 500 then that would be $50 an hour. And that would be much better than $10 an hour. Or, if you could put a bit more time on it, say like, 25 hours and get it up to maybe $1250 or something, then you're looking at $50 an hour that way, too. The key thing to figure out is how much time is it going to take you to do this versus how much money you can make. What's tough about this is you might not be able to know this before you give it a try. And if you do this repeatedly, you probably can continue to get the time lower. So it seems like a good idea to be able to build websites and flip them or by websites and flip them. But if you include the amount of time in it and you look at an hourly rate lots of times, if you have the skills necessary to go through and set something like this up, you probably can get paid a good hourly rate on Oh Desker e lance or just working with a company directly. You probably can get a good hourly rate just to do that without having the go through the stress of making a sale on Flipper. But this if you do have a website already, if you have a website you wanna use and you don't need to build it, you might be able to take about five hours doing the flip A sale and or maybe even 10 and then you're looking at a good hourly rate, even if you could only sell it for 500. You can see if you're going to invest more time. You need to look at the time in proportion to the amount of money you're going to make. So if you're looking to make at least say, $25 an hour minimum and then you want to figure out how much money you have to sell it for , well, you can just put in the time like this and then take it up So you have. Ah, if you're going to sell a website for $1000 it can take you a maximum of 40 hours to build the website, get it running, maintain it, get the financials verified and sell it in order to make $25 an hour. Now if you work full time and you wanted to just work for yourself and you could make one new website every week, So over a period of several months you could consistently build websites that would sell for around $1000. You could have a nice at home system for yourself. So if you did that and say did it for about 12 weeks down here and then you added all that up. Auto, some there you have made $13,000 I guess I must have done a few more weeks, you know, made $13,000 in 13 weeks off work. And that, I would think, would be a pretty good paycheck if you wanted to do Web development. And the best part is not do any work for clients. If you could just every week set up a website and then sell it, and now this would make some lag time, so you might have to make a website Week one and sell it in Week 13. But you can see this could produce a good business system for you, where you could just sit there, make websites on your own all the time, and then, as you got better at it, you might be able to do things like this. It might take 35 hour for this 1 33 hours for this 1 31 for this 29 for this one, so you could keep getting better at it, so that maybe over time you could keep getting lower and lower amounts of sales and work your way down to 20 and then you might start being able to make better websites to. So if you put a full 40 hours and you might be able to make it 2500 dollar one, maybe a $4000.1 a $2000.1 1500. So now you're looking in that same amount of time you would have went through made $19,000 you can see you're getting a much higher hourly rate than is. You get better at it. So for me, I'd rather work and sell websites personally if I did Web development that I would to work for a client because if I make a good website and sell it, all I have to go through is the buying and the selling process. I don't have to please any specific client. And if you get to know the market well on Flipper, you can figure out exactly what kind of websites people are buying consistently, and so what kind of websites people are likely to need. You can make those websites, especially if you're doing adsense and then get that set up consistently to skillet. So you can do that if you go to flip a dot com and websites and just sold so you can go in here to just sold. And these just sold established websites, or at least three months old. So if you do what I showed you before, you verify the analytics and especially if you verify the AdSense. If you can make some decent systems for getting down websites, you can build and sell for a few $1000. Then what you can do is literally just work for yourself. Building in selling websites so you can see all these websites that I'm looking at have sold recently for thousands of dollars. And these things air just regular. They're not brilliant. Most of the time, they're they're just clever. You can do something clever. Fresh WP themes dot com You could probably set something like that up. Grizzly hunt dot com rain or he is Bihar's dot com. I mean, there's lots of simple things you can do to build a website, get up on niche somewhere, make a little bit of money from AdSense and then sell it. So if you want to do this on Flipper or if you want to just improve what you're doing. Calculating your hourly rate will help you see whether you have something that's worth doing better and doing mawr off and worth building a business on. So I appreciate the time you've spent sharing this with me. And I hope everything I've shared has been helpful for you in learning what you can do to be successful on Flipper and especially in this lecture, learning what you can do to see what kind of r a y you're getting on the time you spend doing this.