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Buying Your First Home: What I Learned After I Purchased My First Home

teacher avatar John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction - Who Am I?

    • 2. The Original Home Listing and Photos

    • 3. Comparable Real Estate For Sale in 2016

    • 4. First Floor Home Tour

    • 5. Second Floor Home Tour

    • 6. Backyard Tour

    • 7. Gadgets, Appliances and More We Use

    • 8. Conclusion

    • 9. Free Bonus Content

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About This Class

In this course I share with you my experiences of being a first time home buyer.

Most home buying courses would cover details about the actual process of buying your home but that's not what this course is all about.

I've learned a lot about being a home owner and I wanted to share some of those insights in this very course. This is going to be a good overview for those who might still be living with their parents or for existing home owners who might want to see a real world example of someone who made a lot of upgrades to a home. 

I take you on a tour of my home and show you the original listing from when I purchased my home 3 years ago.

I walk you through the main areas of my home and discuss what it was like making improvements to things such as:

  • Painting
  • Doing Laminate Floors
  • Landscaping Upgrades
  • Useful appliances and every day home items I use
  • And much more!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

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1. Introduction - Who Am I?: Hey, what's going on? Everyone? My name is John Shea, and I wanted Teoh kind of introduce you to this course and give you a little bit of an idea what I'm gonna be sharing with you today. So what I realized was, you know, I spent two years actually looking at houses and just kind of surfing around trying to, you know, go on a lot of these Realtor based Web sites like realtor dot com truly a dot com Zillow A lot of these big sites where you could look at houses and I kind of had this, like vision to myself. Like, you know, I just really wanted a buy house. And for a long time I have been looking at homes and I finally picked a house that I really liked. But I had never taken any classes on, you know, actually going in being a first time Homebuyer. It really had no clue what I was doing. I didn't even know what the time that you could, like barter price on a house and, you know, kind of get them to come down on the price. But ultimately, what ended up happening is, you know, I kind of just learned as I went. I'm sure most people do this, you know, they might take a course or they could read a book. Whatever the case, I thought I would take kind of an interesting angle on home line. And really, that's more of the real world experience that you will have after you buy your first home. In fact, this course really will be good for people that are moving out of their parents house for the first time. Maybe they're still living with their parents. They could be like, 18 years old or 17 or something like that, and they're moving out for the very first time. And I'm really going to go through. First off, I'm gonna give you kind of a tour of the home that I bought. I'm gonna show you the listing I originally I found when I bought the home, I'm gonna give you a tour of the house, the outside and the interior, and then I'm gonna talk about some of the different things that I've done. What costs are associated with actually fixing, you know, different things in my home, upgrading them even behind me, right here. you can see there's paint on the walls. This is actually stuff that I've done and upgraded in the home. So I'm gonna kind of talk about all of this because when I first bought a home, I really didn't even know you know what it would cost to do things. I really didn't think of all the work and the time that would have to be put into a lot of these things. So what I'm hoping you'll get out of this course is that you're gonna you know, if you're someone that hasn't moved out Or maybe you did just by first Homer, You know, you've lived in a home for 10 plus years. I would hope that you're gonna find some value out of this. I'm gonna be talking about a lot of things that have made my life easier. Whether or not it's electron ICS or just different upgrades that I made in my home that, you know, you could apply to your own life And if you like, I said, if you've never you own your own home or even lived in an apartment, I think you're gonna find this course to be extremely helpful I I often find that I hear people say to me, Well, I'm gonna move out, and I can afford this much rent in. They don't really realize all the little things that go into, you know, owning your own place. So that's really what I'm gonna cover in this course. And I'm excited to have you here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to send me a message or started discussion, and I'll be happy to help you. 2. The Original Home Listing and Photos: Okay, So in this video, I actually wanted to show you guys the exact listing that basically was out there before I purchased my home. I live over in a town called Methuen that's actually in Massachusetts. So you can see here that the original listing was three bed 1.5 bath, well, over 1000 square feet. So I knew this would be perfect for myself and a time I was single. So I was moving in. And, you know, I had anticipated basically getting a roommate and utilizing some of their rent to kind of help pay the mortgage. But I wanted to be able to buy a home that I knew I could have a very reasonable payment a time that I purchased this. If you actually go down, you can see the price and tax history you can see when it was originally listed here back in March of I think it actually got listed at one point in March and then it was removed, and around this time was when I bought it here in June, July kind of time frame ended up purchasing the home $129,000 which is really, really good for Massachusetts. If you kind of look over on the left side. Even in this general vicinity, you can see almost every home for sale here is, like over 200,000 minimum. And in some cases, I don't even think I see a single home in this vicinity. In the area I live. If you kind of look at the map there, the overhead map, you'll see all these little numbers to 76 to 70 to 74 to 96. So the home value has really appreciated over time. So this is one of the great things that you know, I love about home ownership. I really had actually lived with my parents as long as I possibly could. And that's the same advice I'd give to any of you live with them as long as you possibly can, before you actually go out and decide to buy your first home. Now, what I ended up doing was I did something called an F H A loan. I don't know if this is available across the entire United States, but I was able to get the home for a down payment of just 3.5%. So my down payment was only $3500 which is very reasonable. I know. In some cases, if some people are doing a first and last month's rent and security deposit, you're probably gonna be not too far off from something like that. So this is really a new opportunity that anybody could do. You know, they even have some programs where you can get 0% down payment on a home. So don't think that, you know, you're the kind of person that you know you're not ready to go by home. I really had nuclear, no clue what I was doing. And I was able to go do this without even ever taking like a first time home buyers course or anything like that. I just kind of figured out as I went. So what I wanted to show you was this listing has some old photos. Um, first off, obviously the home value has really increased. So this is one awesome thing. They now value it at 230,000 and the rent is almost nearly double. What I pay in my mortgage is what they estimate I could rent this house this place for And this doesn't even include all the improvements, which I'm gonna be showing you in the course before I show you the images. I just wanted to read the description as well. Rare three bedroom condo Affordable, Desirable in unit Townhouse features garage into car, driveway low condo fee. Huge addict. Partially finished basement for extra storage space. Ceramic tiled kitchen, formal dining room. Living room with French doors, mud room from fence in backyard. Newer half bath downstairs, full bath upstairs. Nothing to do. Move right in. So this was pretty accurate, I guess some of the things that I really didn't realize when coming in and, you know, they talked about it was I got, like, things like bartered where I was able to keep someone like the shade shade pieces, like for the windows stuff that would cost, you know, 30 toe, $30 upwards of maybe even up to $100 stuff that, like little things that I was able to keep the old owners left like some a C units that I was able to use. I have some of them running right now. In fact, in the house. They left here three years ago. Um, so I wanted to show you the photos. Here's kind of the outside of the building. This is a not a good photo because it's in Winner and just looks really crummy. So this is the kind of the dining room area off the kitchen. They had a pretty good set up in there with some photos and stuff. Here is their living room. They had this God awful red carpet that was just faded and looked terrible set up here. This couch was actually blocking one of the pathways to walk through, like one of the open door door wells that they had really not all that ideal. Here's another. Here's an angle of that, actually, So you can see you can't even walk through here because of the couch. So when I walk through in the next upcoming videos, I'm gonna give you an entire tour of the house, and I'm actually going to show you how things have changed drastically from making some simple improvements to the home. Um, here's the staircase area. They had all this red carpet. This paint was all tripping on here again. the red carpet. You can see it just looks awful. What's not really feeling that at all? And then, Ah, the kitchen was really nice. They have this new refrigerator, new cabinets on the tile, fairly in good shape. Paint, really not the greatest. You could tell someone kind of did a D I y. And it really wasn't that great. I like some of the things they have done here, where they had this island over on the left. There you can kind of barely see it. They got the the overhead fan there, lighting and everything. I still have that same set up. And then here's another shot of it. You can see the island a little better. And there's the oven, Um, another shot from this angle. You're kind of looking over the sink, and there's one of the half baths there. I believe at one point used to be a closet. And then here's another angle. Kind of standing in the kitchen, looking into that living room. Mary, it's kind of wide open there, and then this is one of the bedrooms. This is actually the room that I'm sitting in right now. It was they had three kids living here. So there were two boys and it was a girl from next door. So I actually told this carpet out in this room got repainted, which I'll be showing you this was the girl's room. So this is now our guest bedroom. Um, I have my girlfriend living with me now, So this is our guest bedroom and kind of her closet, and this is the master bedroom. So I had actually used kind of the same arrangement seeing how the bed was set up here. But now I've actually got it against the window there that you can see. And then this is part of the basement. I won't be showing that in the tour because this has kind of become storage, and it's actually the only only area that they comparably could show that I've kind of turned into a storage area with all kinds of stuff down there right now. And then here's a shot of the outside garage, which I actually keep a second car in a sports car. That I have One of the reasons actually bought the home was because this particular photo I saw the garage and you know I needed toe have a garage because my car is insured under a special insurance for classic cars that requires your garage, the car. So I couldn't move into an apartment or something where I'd have the car sitting on the street. Otherwise, it just wouldn't have been valid for the insurance. So this was important to me, and it worked out great because it's a very small garage, and it fits the car just just kind of perfectly. It's almost like a little on. The best comparison I could give would be like a small car, like a monster Miata. It's actually eighties 300 ZX. But anyway, I was able to fit the car in there without any issue. And I can still have some room to store some other things, like yard work type stuff like rakes or whatever I might need. And then here's a shot of the backyard. Obviously, this was taken in the winter. They actually replaced that kind of dying fence. There, you can see almost bending over the blue one. They replace that before I went and moved in, and then they added another fence to kind of segregate this, this was actually my neighbor's yard as well, because they also had kids, so the kids would kind of play together in the same yard. But they decided to build up offense there, so they were kind of separated, and my neighbors actually enter their home through this back entrance here. They have their own parking lot back there, so that's pretty much it. In the next upcoming videos, I'm gonna walk you through a tour of the home using my cell phone on a camera, and then I'm actually going to show you some of the things that I've done to improve. I'm gonna talk about some of the costs and the things that were associated with costs of making improvements in the home, and it's really going to give you a full on idea of really what it takes to deal with some of these things. So if you're someone that's moving out even into an apartment, I guarantee a lot of this stuff is going to be helpful for you and just kind of give you some perspective on some things you just never would really even expect to deal with. 3. Comparable Real Estate For Sale in 2016: In the last video, I mentioned that most of the homes in the area were actually 200,000 plus. And as I was finishing up the recording of the last video, I actually noticed this particular property, which is literally walking distance from my home. I could actually just step outside and walk down here in just a matter of minutes. But what I wanted to show you was that this is this this particular place was is up for sale right now for 100,000. And, you know, I saw this initially from this view and I said, Wow, that's a really good deal But then I realized, you know, this is something that needs a lot of repairs. There's no maintenance fee offered cash buyer needed, which means that it may be hard to get financing on this particular property. And then they say it's a multiple offer situations submit only your highest and best offer , so it's very possible this could get, you know, it could go over 100,000 depending on the scenario. And I just thought I'd kind of show you a comparable idea of how much this particular area has kind of grown and you know what you'd really get for a home you can see here. There's a lot of work needed. This is like a bathroom. The back, you know, the background here. There's just a lot going on this wallpaper and stuff. Looks like it would need to be updated. Not sure what's going on with the flooring there. If that's something that needs to be done, you can see here that some pain issues this flooring just kind of looks very just kind of gives off. Not like a really clean feeling to me, um, boarded up windows. You know, I don't know if there's something going on with Windows that I need to be fixed here. You can see you know, that's a stain or a shadow there in the ground, um, again more boarded up windows and, you know, just stuff that looks like it needs to be addressed. Kitchen actually doesn't look too bad, but you kind of got like that bordering, um, you know, stuff going on at the top. There really small kitchen area eso comparably sized wise and just in terms of updating like paintwork, flooring, all the stuff that it would really need, You know, this isn't like some super surprising deal. One thing I thought was funny was this particular cabinet. I think this is the exact same when I actually have in our bathroom, I'll show you. Um, yeah, I looks like this is something that would need some updating and just generally is, you know, it's not like I'm saying it's a terrible deal, given that amount of money, but then it's gonna need some work. So I'm gonna show you guys in the next video walk through again, walk through kind of a tour of the home and figure I'll show you some of the updates that I've done and what some of those things have cost me, um, how it's really transformed home. 4. First Floor Home Tour: Okay, So in this video, I'm gonna walk you through kind of a general tour of the house. Might see a few cats there, Sookie. Kind of running away and, you know, kind of show you some of the improvements we made. I'll show you some of the angles where there were screenshots and things from that last listing that I showed you. And how really changing some of these things dynamically just drastically changed the home . So this was actually one of the screenshots you could have saw. This banister was, like, all beat up from paint chips. You saw the original red carpet that actually went up through the stairs here and all through this 41 of the things that originally did right when I moved in was I knew I wanted to get rid of that carpet, so I actually had it all torn out. And this was something that I would definitely consider it. Someone who is moving into a home. If you're gonna be making updates, I decided to do this. This very carpet here it pretty much matched what was upstairs. It's a little bit off from what's in the hallway. The red doesn't continue up there. It's a neutral color in the carpet. But I decided to do all carpet because it's what I was used to growing up. And I realized that, you know, this was probably a bad move for all these areas because this is like the entrance. People would come in and, you know, they walk through the house through this hole here and they're getting, you know, the carpet just got really nasty after a year, even with a replaced carpet. So I decided to go to a place called Lumber Liquidators. They're all over the U. S. And I got this really nice. Um, this is actually a floating floor. It's not pure hardwood. It's actually a forgetting the the term here off the top of my head, but it's not really legitimate hardwood, but technically, I'm getting a really, really nice floor very cheaply. I also decided to find someone local to install this, and the next biggest thing was really getting a lot of the paint done. So I figured what I will do all kind of talk. I'll go through each room and just show some of the dynamics of what changed so this was actually you would have saw in the last photo of the original house. There was a couch that came out here and kind of wrapped around. I tried to actually do that. Originally when I moved in, I put the TV over in that corner, did the exact same set up and ended up eventually actually moving the TV into this area here. And the reason I thought that was nice was you know, I was able to kind of get in. If I needed to move cords around or change things, I was able to kind of do some of that very easily, just coming right around here in the hallway. The thing that made it a disadvantage was that, you know, you have the other kind of open doorway here and then you have another one here. But I wasn't able to, you know, just kind of clogged some of the flow going through the house. It's nice to be able to come in and just walk right through here. One of the other big upgrades was I decided to buy a couch on Craigslist, originally paid $400 for it, and then realize that you know, it was like too bulky. It wasn't that super comfortable. Wasn't a terrible couch by any means for foreigner bucks, but later on decided to go for this this upgrade couch. I think we spent about 1000 on it. It's not leather, but it's a really nice material. Forget the actual material, but this is really nice. It's got, like, a C adapters in it so you can plug in phones and things like that. It's got this drop down piece over here. You can actually put like drinks in this and full this down. Um, some of the other upgrades, obviously we got the cat tree in here. I got a really large just bought this recently. 65 inch TV four K got this set up, and I got the whole whole nine yards down here. I got a computer down there at the very bottom. Virtual reality set up Xbox one. Um, here's my sound bar subwoofer. And then you get the nice LG sound bar there across the middle. So this is a really great set up. People can come in and, you know, sit down on the couch is here, and they're able to watch TV, and they're still, like a good flow coming through the home. I had this room actually painted by contractor. Um, originally, if you looked at those photos, that was kind of like that. Yellow was really kind of gross looking. I ended up doing this really dark blue and came out really awesome. It's very similar to the office upstairs, So this is something I was pretty happy with. Um, this costs me about $500 there was a slight barter in that scenario because I did the website for, um, you know, the guy that actually painted the home. So he was able to kind of give me a good deal here. Now, again, in this room, everything was painted. So just painting the baseboard of all the heat events, you know, adding in the cat tower here, adding in like, really nice shades here. We got these darker ones, and then you can I can't really see it too much with lighting, but these air kind of see through, so light is blocked a little bit, but it's still letting in some. And then I'm able to conveniently use an A C unit that they actually had left here. Um, you know, for from the original owners. And it fits really nicely into this little window here. So that's pretty much this room. I'll show you. The kitchen was able to kind of fit a coffee table over there as well. Put some candles and things. One thing I will mention about this room. That's the only light in here. So one thing that I do have to do and be good to look at when you kind of move in would be to have, like, a light switch installed so we could have a light like up in the ceiling here. And instead of having this like, you know, this thing here doesn't really provide adequate lighting. So that's something that I plan to do as well in this room that was not there from the beginning. Another thing was, this home is a little older. So one of the outlets actually behind the sofa there is not grounded. And that's something I may look in tow, you know, having resolved as well. Um, so the next ferry here, I'll walk through the kitchen. This was kind of another. You'll see like this was another screenshot. It's kind of this angle here and really, I've left most of this the same. The biggest thing is the paint. We actually went with this kind of blue color alternate light here when with this kind of blue top top color here for the top area up to about this border here and then there's actually a purple on the bottom. It wasn't really so sure how I felt about the purple at first, but I ended up going with purple and, you know, came out pretty good. I'm really happy with it, just freshening everything up, having the new white paint, just new paint in general and having it professionally done. I also had the same guy who did that room. Um, he did this room for me for free, and I had to pay for the materials. And that was partly, you know, in the fact that I did the web design and everything like that. This room is actually a work in progress. Were painting this ourselves. This had a very like light blue color. We can use this as things. The room where the cats have their litter boxes and stuff. We have three cats fish tank over there. Then we got a couple photos and things like that. But this, actually, this is kind of a finish coat of this green that we did. I think it came out pretty good, but we still have some areas that need to be retouched up with another coat. Um, over there in the corner, you can see some of it isn't even painted yet on the second coat needs to be done. You get a window to the backyard. And then, uh, one of the great things was when we moved in. You know, you got a pretty standard washer. Nothing too special here. Really extra large sink. This is awesome for, like, washing dishes and stuff. Get a mud room back here. I'll briefly show you another cool thing we did. We hung up these knives. That's something you can get this thing for my Kia. This is a mess back here, but basically got some shelving and, you know, some storage area can put some stuff up here things for cars or cleaning materials, and then this actually just leads out the light switch here, and this leads out to the backyard. This is one of the areas I haven't really done anything with the pain and everything in year. That door, you know, really could use a fresher paint paint job. But there's a light back here in kind of a nice little mud room. Um, not the greatest flooring, but I was ableto you know, this door getting this just repainted alone made this look completely different. This looked awful before it was all chipped and nasty. Um, this came with a really nice fridge. They actually had, um, you know, a fridge that they had left here, and I knew growing up with my parents, they really didn't have, like, the greatest refrigerator in the world. It was just very small and not that great. And this one has, you know, some of the advantage stuff. Like you get the cubed ice and you could dispense water right out of it. Things like that. These cabinets really great for, like, snack storage. Whatever you want. You get some extra cabinets up here For some reason, they also did these cabinets way up here. I got all the pots and pans and stuff up there, but you get these cabinets like, I literally I can't even reach these. I could almost just barely grab it with my hands if I go for it and then you get standard oven. Um, kind of got a weird set up here right now. I think we've got to move this around again. Like our little grill thing here. Similar to a George Foreman hanging out here. Knife set. We decided to kind of coffee the island. We took the same idea and, you know, you get some pots and pans, you get storage down here, some more storage in here. And then we got a pressure cooker toaster. I put some bananas or whatever. And there and pretty standard stuff. You got little areas you could store stuff usually like. For example, I might put this thing in behind over there right now. I got a glass piece over there, and then this is our bathroom. This hasn't had any changes. Some of these upgrades were done by the prior homeowner. You could see basically, this is the, um, showing in that other video where I was looking at that other home. This almost looks like the same piece they had in their there. Bathrooms. So this is a nice piece. I think they put in. I don't know. Originally what was in here in terms of, like, the set up, I think it might have been like a closet where they were storing stuff. So I really do like that. They turned this into a bathroom. Um, the only problem is that, like, this is literally so shortened here that if I'm gonna sit down, my knees are literally almost touching the door. So it just kind of weird I get I get funny comments when my father comes here and he decides to use the bathroom. We, uh um that worked out really well. So in the next video, I'm gonna cut this one now because I already realised we've gone over 10 minutes. I'm going to do another video for the upstairs and kind of walking through that 5. Second Floor Home Tour: All right. So this is part two. I'm gonna be heading upstairs. One last thing I wanted to show you about this area was way originally had. This door is still very original. This had, like, a cat a cat door in, and we decided to block our cats off. We don't like them going in the basement, because sometimes they'll decided to, like, p down there. They're feeling comfortable in places they shouldn't be things like that. So way have kind of some. I think this is one of those cell phone games. I forget angry birds, angry birds, tape that we used to cover that up. So this is gonna like one of the unfinished things. I need to really touch this up with paint. But this door was so small that we decided to in the basement actually get brand new washer and dryer. And when we went to bring them in, you know, the guys couldn't bring them in, and literally, we had to take this entire thing apart. It was just awful. The wall actually got, like, all messed up here, and it was broken and shipped. So my girlfriend Brenda recently redid all the painting here. And when she did that, she decided to fill this and it came out pretty good. We rebuilt this whole thing. So we put it all back together the way it waas and were ableto paint this over with another neutral color. So this is all fresh paint as well. This wall here, all these walls, all fresh paint. So there's really just changed the entire dynamic combined with doing the stairs, having them getting rid of red carpet and just kind of doing this black trim with only fresh paint here really came up great. So I'll head upstairs now and kind of show you some the rest of the home kind of show you what else we did so you can actually see here. This is This is the original carpet that was in. It's a little bit different color from the stairs. One idea that we want to do is eventually we're thinking of taking this carpet out in the hallway and removing this carpet on the stairs and just kind of polishing the staircase here and that will allow us to really make this like pure hardwood and then maybe do the same material that we did downstairs down there, up here in this hall, we're told it might be a little bit tough with the staircase here because of how our lineup , this particular carpet it just at that point, it does really need to go like you can see here. When they were painting, they actually got some paint, like in the carpet and stuff and tried to clean it. Pretty standard stuff up here, though, replaced the thermostat up here. This looks this was bringing knew this thing was, like, hanging out and crappy way have a custom built piece that was actually left here in the hall. You see, if I can turn on a light. This was actually left in the hall, and it's basically like a big coat rack. It was oldest would and kind of plain. And my girlfriend Brenda decided to paint over this just recently, Israel was doing all this fresh paint along the walls and everything. There were a lot of holes and stuff. Those kids that lived here, they had drawn like pencil all over this, and we decided, you know, they originally had this kind of line that went down to kind of separate the two colors. So we stuck with that and it came out really, really nice. But ultimately, we ended up using this for a lot of our jackets and coats. And then we installed this little shelf unit down here. So you get some storage stuff I still gotta clean up, have another cat litter box up here. So the cats have more polices to hang out, and then federal a little bit of a mess, but basically just painted this did like a green with this great trim and gray ceiling came out really awesome. We have to do a light in here, bought a couple and tables, and then I was able to move an older TV in here up here. So this came out really awesome. Really nice to just chill out before going to bed and be able to actually watch some TV on a nice big screen. Get some extra watery things. Is watering piece like a little water fountain for the cats and they got, like, a little bit there. They can lay in pretty standard stuff. Did all new, you know, all new, like shades in here. So you get you know all new shading and everything for Windows. So it's pretty much the bedroom. Then this is that spare room that was the girl's room before again, we re painted like all these doors. A lot of them have, like scuffs and next, and just doing all this trim just made it come on a lot better. But this is pretty standard. We added, kind of a secondary like standalone closet in here. The one in there is very small. Put a little TV there that people could watch your guests come over. They can watch TV. And then, you know, you get a queen size bed in here which fits fairly nice. It's not a huge room. Um, and again, the closet is just a standard unit of the small closet there and then for the bathroom. Some of the improvements we made our We painted this piece down here. This trim turn a light lights in here take a little while to get going. But we painted all this trim. We added, like this unique stuff going along the mirror here really added, like some level of just made things really kind of freshened up and look like something very modern. And again, you know, one of the other things we found was the bathtub actually needed Teoh. It just had a lot of, like, fading over time. So I actually had someone come in and do like, a spray over the original material and just kind of freshen it up and, you know, pretty pretty standard stuff being able Teoh, freshen this up. We are eventually going to redo this Flora's Well, that's actually got some pain on it when she was doing some of the trim. Another thing that we have is we got this, like, wall unit here where we read it all this She decided to do a purple kind of background with the gray trim. And then we also did this This little door here, This is like a little storage compartment that we're using were able to freshen this up, Add like a new door knob thing here, Some other things that able to really freshen up, This just really changed the dynamic of the home. I can't tell you how much painting really just changes the way everything looks in the last room. This is my office now. I got like, kind of this double desk here. This is actually where those kids things where their bed was. So I got some nice office chairs in here. My two monitors. I got my WiFi router back there. I could have someone come in here and sit very comfortably next to me, and we could both be on the computer at the same time. And then I have kind of a regular stand alone, just fold table here with the printer and I get the A C cranked in here. It's probably about 100 degrees right now. So this is the work out. Really? Well, this is actually where I record most of my courses all just shut this door and kind of hang out. I did originally have organized a little bit differently at one point, had the desk over here. Another thing that we've done is well, which you may have seen as I've gone through the house is I added all these like silver plates on all the light switches and all the outlets, So really, just, like adds a nice layer to the house after painting everything. Another cool thing that I implemented in this room is This is actually a power switch that hits and out on the floor down there. And it also triggers another one downstairs where the big TV is. So this will actually power off all of the PC components here and get rid of the standby power that they're drawing. Same from downstairs. So this is actually saved me probably anywhere from 20 to $30 a month on my electrical bill in the winter months when I'm not running these A C units all the time. So it's pretty much a tour of the house. I'll show you another video of the backyard and just kind of give you nineties some of the things that we did back there as well. 6. Backyard Tour: All right, So in this video, I'm gonna show you the backyard. This is actually the exit to that mud room. Like a little step stone here. Originally, one of the things that was here was there was actually offense that led off the side. Here, you can see the piece of wood there, and the base of it was right there with a little bit of those weeds are growing, and it actually blew over in the wind, cause a real issue. So when I do want to show you that was the backyard Originally we moved in. You can actually see over here. I'll get into this a little bit later here in the video. But some of the stone here is just kind of like this junk that it was used to build the original wall. So actually had someone come in at the time we had dug up all the weeds. It's a little bit of a mess back here right now. I need to redo all the grass, and that's a project that's coming out. But basically had this foundation wall put in and had this cleaned up at the time decided to accustom fire pit, which we bought at Home Depot. Basically just bought stone and you get the ring there. Um, as you can see, there's some plants and stuff growing in there right now. We haven't even used it this year. But, you know, I got a couple chairs and there's some firewood over there. We bought a grill that's over here. It's a little hard to see with the shadow and everything. But one of the problems back here was that the lighting was always an issue. So we actually got this is like a solar powered piece that the sun hits this and then it'll power this and give us a little bit more light here with your cooking. So this is worked out really good having the grow back here, just have some friends over. We could do a fire and people can hang out ultimately trying to clean this up a little bit more. You can see some of the weeds I pulled out here a few weeks ago. I got a couple tiki torches here. You can light at night and you know people can chill out around the fire and it's nice little space for it. Here's the garage. You can see it's a decent size. Originally, when I moved in, there was actually some tree branches hanging over this. You can see they're freshly cut there. So I had all that removed. Um, some of the kids Druce, um, marker, Cray or whatever it is, the chalk up there never got that removed. But ultimately, this works out really good for my sports car. And then here's my driveway, um, out to the street here, you can comfortably fit three cars. Really problem with this driveway was that we actually had an issue with a tree over here. Actually see someone shoes or there must be the neighbors. But basically, these this tree had its roots go right into the driveway. And this this basically has caused the driveway to just kind of look crappy. Three. Other thing is, when it rains really hard, this whole area will fill with water. So this is something I've considered, you know, if you're going to buy home, just think I got a quote to do this. Just this driveway alone. It was almost $3000 so it's not sheep. You get the hose right there. So I could wash the cars or whatever, but ultimately, there's a fence back here and this is still something I'm working on. Cleaning up has had this fence that actually ran all the way down to the end of the road there. So I had someone come in cost $1500 to have them cut the tree. They cut the branches above the garage up there, and then they also cut the fence from here and removed the defense that they actually cut up. I think that was extra fence. That's not even from what they removed back there. So the next part of the project will be coming in kind of cleaning this all out, ripping this wall down. And then I'm gonna take the same material used for the wall over there and put it in here. And ultimately, one idea was to actually maybe see if I could merge these driveways to together to some extent at the bottom so I might be able fit another car here. That's one of the biggest disadvantage of this driveway was basically we couldn't fit, you know, right now, if this car needs to get out, I have to back out this white car. This is my car. My Volkswagen to back this out and then kind of deal with that, um, country. The front too, have, like, a little bit of stone here. This was actually here. We moved in. And then, uh is our garden that not really garden, but kind of the front area, Um, steps they're actually need to be redone. The paint's chipping in the staircase and everything. So that's something else I just have to deal with. Um, I haven't really had too much of a problem here. This is kind of a project that we re doing this. And as you can see, even some of the weeds are still going through it. So it's always a project, but I'll head back inside. That's pretty much it for the, you know, the outdoor area. Ultimately, I do want to get the driveway paved, have the grass done, and then have that wall rebuilt, maybe get some nicer chairs back here to these air kind of gross and nasty just from sitting out in the winners and things like that in the weather. So, yeah, that's my backyard. And, um, that's kind of the plans I have and what some of the things have costs. Ultimately, I will mention as well this pavement actually came out here and it kind of, like, angled out. So when I had the guy do the wall, I had him cut this so straight you can actually see how straight the Linus from where he cut it. And for some reason, I don't know why they had it like that, But I kind of had this cut straight. So it's all just dirt and looks more even. But ultimately I think this raining about $1000 to do the wall and then having cut this. And at the time, you know, this was like a real nightmare with way more weeds and like a forest back here. So had that all cleaned up and he was doing work across the street, my neighbors house over there, so that saved me a little bit of money. But ultimately I spent about 2500 bucks. If you consider having that big tree removed and the fences along with some of the work back here 7. Gadgets, Appliances and More We Use: in this video. I'm gonna talk about my cats. No, just kidding. In this video, I'm going to talk about some of the useful things that we've added. A home like gadgets and just other things that really helped to kind of give you a perspective of some things that really helped me in my lifestyle and just my daily day to day. Um, so the first thing I want to show you we have this thing. This is an automatic cat feeder is 250 bucks. If I leave the home. If you have a dog or a cat, this is a really awesome thing you could add to your home. It's basically connected. WiFi just plugged in here. I could go on a website and automatically this thing will rotate and I can just rotated as each cat will come and eat. And it works perfectly. If we were to stay at a friend's or just whatever you know, go away for a weekend. We could use this to, you know, feed them some of the really cool things that we've added. That I highly recommend. A toaster is kind of a given, but this pressure cooker this thing was about 130 bucks, and you can literally just throw chicken in this thing and it will come back, and it is like, the best chicken I've ever had. So this is something I highly recommend. If you're someone that is not big on cooking, this is this thing. Makes it impossible to do a bad job. So this is another piece I recommend for the kitchen. Um, this this grow piece. I got this kind of book on hearing now, but this is the T foul girls a little dirty, but this thing is really sweet. You can cook like steaks or make like paninis things like that. I got the ninja blender here. This thing is awesome. You just basically got a cup, and you just kind of put it in. There is newer ones that you can get now. That thing is awesome. If you're doing grilled stuff. Another thing I recommend I like having a trashcan that just kind of out in the open year. So we got this one. I got another couple here that air down in their Aiken, throw trash in trying to think of anything else that's really helps having a place to put movies. This is kind of Ah, not really ideal, but that's something that we do have dishes. We kind of had this built in cabinet. So we painted this and made it look really nice. Probably didn't even mention that in the other video where all our dishes going, we actually redid this cool, like, textured stuff here on the shelves. Um, terms of other stuff. Living room. I highly recommend going to like you. The reason I say that is get everything there. I spent $1000 when I first went, and I walked out with this table, Those two chairs, a table in the back we got for 50 bucks. Get, like, the piece back there for storing stuff. That's, like, 20 bucks in a Wal Mart. Gonna get a simple my water here, see what else? Um, if you're doing anything with home gym, these Bowflex dumbbells worked really well. And then I also got this thing. You can basically put your foot through this and dropped it. It's all good. It's cat hair going everywhere. This thing groups up and actually loops right up here. And you can use. It is like a pullup assist if you're not, you know, I'm not someone who could just straight up to, like, 20 pull ups. So that things a good assist, I can move the couch over a little bit. And if I do something like P 90 x at home, I can use my pullup bar here. So I basically have a little mini home gym without a whole lot of room being taken up. Um, terms of like home audio and just, like, set up here on the LG sound bar saved a lot of room. We originally had this older wireless system. That was, like a real pain. I had, like, a piece that would be in the back, and the wires would be draping through. And it was just not really that great again doing the couches. Huge upgrade, having the A C units and that That's awesome. Um, not too much else in here. 01 other really cool thing. We got this thing called the roly bought. I do not recommend this. You can't do it with carpet, but this thing will actually auto clean the house. Um, I'll show it to you. See, if I can unplug it. So this thing, this thing will just go on, like, clean the whole house. Cats moving. And it like the text stuff. There's our cat statue. It will see it, like saw that it's there. And this single just go and clean the old wood floors. So those things often let that thing do its thing. Um, adding, like a bigger bolt Walk to your door. This is something we did. My neighbor actually gave me this. Um, we have a doorbell, actually, that was originally on this set up. But what we found out was the neighbor across the street had the same exact doorbell, so they would have people going their house bringing the door, and it would be like ringing our doorbell. I don't even think they knew people would be standing there waiting outside the door. And I think it would be ringing our doorbell cause it was some wireless interference, so I would actually consider that again. I mentioned these faceplates thes air. Awesome. You get him at, like, a Home Depot or Lowe's. See what else? Um, beginning the thermostats. This one was the original. We had a year ago like a Honeywell one down here. But upstairs. I have a better one. I know you could get something like a nest. I'm actually gonna get my water. I did mention these earlier The water fountains really good for the cats. If you get animals, dogs or cats, those were great for them. See what else that we made in terms of improvements? Having that extra closet that's up here, that has been That's a huge problem because we didn't have enough closet space. Depending on the home you move into this thing was like 50 bucks an Amazon were even using this somewhat storage up there for pillows. It's like a literally a whole flowing closet with shelving units in there on the side. It was really easy to build and look at all the stuff that stores again. You could also pick up like a little shelving unit like a Wal Mart over there. Um, adding in a small TV super sheep, that thing was like 100 bucks. When I went to a key. I got this little trash bin really cheap and it works perfectly in here. Turn the light again. You can like perfectly shut the door and it doesn't hit and they didn't have a trash in here before. And I can't imagine not having a trash in the bathroom. You know, if you reason Kloss or other stuff surreal pain not to have it, you know, And terms of the office. Um, I can't really think of a whole lot in here. Maybe just making sure your basic trash bins, things like that to store stuff, really know a whole lot of did in this room that makes it, you know, super unique. Obviously having a wireless printer super helpful, I feel like drag wires across the room. It's probably the basics. I mean, lighting, looking at all these light fixtures and adding new light bulbs, we added, like led light bulbs into a lot of these, so that saves along. Electricity already mentioned this Belkin thing earlier in one last videos that things super helpful, saving us probably 2030 bucks a month and electricity. And I'd say that's pretty much the bulk of it. Um, I walked through the whole home and gave you guys a good run down. I'll do one last video, and hopefully you guys found this helpful is someone that might be moving in. Um, you know, for the first time in your own home, 8. Conclusion: Okay, so now you've actually seen a full tour of the house. You got a pretty good idea of what some of these things cost. I just wanted to quickly, again breakdown. I know. I kind of explain it as I was going through, but before I fully concluded, the course wanted to give you guys some idea of what some of these things actually cost me . So, um, when it comes to the exterior again, doing that wall outside, that was about $1000 cutting some of the payments, moving that out, partially fixing the backyard to get it. You know, originally get the weeds up. At the time, it was ready for grass, which I never actually got to do. So I was about 1000 $1500 to take on a tree and a good good size metal fence. Some of the other things that I didn't mention the last video was I had ah company actually come in through. It's a program run specifically in Massachusetts. You'll have to see if there's something like this available to you in your own state. But they have something called mass save where they basically find areas that you know, be improved, like things like ceiling windows or just anything that's really gonna help improve the overall energy consumption of the house. The overall airflow, keeping things kind of tight and making sure everything is effective as possible. They came back with a quart of $1800 to mostly do some insulation type stuff on the exterior walls, among some other things, like sealing some windows tighter and things like that in the basement. Fixing some stuff in our attic, things like that that would actually help improve three overall, just kind of energy usage and airflow throughout the home. Some other things were the quote on actually getting my driveway fixed. If you had a bad driveway, that was $2800. Obviously, you got a pretty good ideas about a three car link driveway. Pretty much exactly fit three cars. Some of the other things that I had done painting the kitchen itself again, I mentioned I had that done as a barter. This room was also done is part of that water. That staircase was also done is a barter that took two full days to do that staircase for 21 person working on. He spent two full days on it that was also part of the barter. And again he ended up doing the last room, that family room there he provided the paint and charged me 500. I imagine if you were looking to hire someone to even do just that one room, you could be looking anywhere from 500 to 7 50 or maybe more, depending on the size and how much work it really involves doing all that original carpet that I did that was about, I think, 1300. And they actually did. I didn't even mention this. The carpet in this room, the carpet in the room next door, which is that spare room. That carpet was already done among as well as the staircase, and originally that hallway as well is that family room area that was about $1300 with materials. And when I came back and decided to do the hardwood, we tore out the carpet in the master bedroom and did the hardwood. And there I'm sorry. It's not even hardwood. It's why am I forgetting what it's called? That's alright. You know what I'm talking about? basically had that done both in the family room and the master. And that was about I think the material was around $2 a square foot and the overall costs came out to a little over 1000 to do both rooms, and that was a really good price. I had a lot of people that I came to do quotes on that. Some other things that came up. I mean, a lot of these gadgets you look at something like that pressure cooker you got like a toaster. You know, a lot of these things adding to the kitchen and night knife, set, utensils, plates. A lot of the basic stuff that I went and got it. I key. If you kind of combine all that stuff together, I'd say you're probably looking around anywhere from 1000 $2000 to really fill the home with the things you need. Getting some chairs. That couch we have was over $1000. That was something that I also purchased, um, trying to think of anything else off the top of my head that was, like bigger in terms of overall just kind of outlook. Most of the pain you could get a gallon of paint for about $30 was about the stuff we would use, and we did a lot of that ourselves. That's something I would recommend you do, because it's really more of a time commitment versus needing like a professional person to come in and do it. If you don't know how to paint, I would just go on YouTube and look up some basic stuff. But that's something that really, as you notice is you go through the home. If you compare doing the floors and doing all the paints. It literally made the family room area among some of the other areas. That hallway there just completely transform. It really does make me curious about what the place is actually worth. Considering Zillow thinks it's already worth $100,000 more than what I paid for it. That's really put a whole new kind of perspective on it. Some of the other things I would keep in mind we're moving out. I don't really have a problem with it, but we have next door neighbors and I think the walls were insulated enough. We can I can have that TV in that stereo system down there. Blast and pretty loud. And they have never complained or said anything like a year too loud. But that's something to keep in mind when you move out. You know, if you're looking at a place like this, you know, just make sure if you're gonna have, ah, family room like ours. Like what are the neighbors like one of the people like that You're nearby. I know the neighbor on the other side here. He doesn't speak English all that well. So sometimes communicating with him could be a little tough. And we throw a lot of snow when wave wintertime here in Mass, it gets pretty rough. Sometimes we throw all the snow kind of in that fence area. I'm hoping that will be a lot better this coming year. When when things, you know, kind of pick up in the wintertime. And we don't have to worry about that fence kind of causing an issue. Yeah, overall. Again. Thanks for taking the time. Watch this course. I hope you've learned some stuff. I'm sure that is very possible. You could have some questions on a lot of these things, but again, I wanted this course from or be about. You know, here's how someone kind of came into a first time home made all these improvements and upgrades. And really, my intention is I don't think I'm ever gonna sell the home despite being the values up. I'm probably just gonna rent it out and find I have a friend who actually does real estate for a living. So I'm gonna find use his his ability to kind of manage the whole relationship with the person renting the property. And I could go live somewhere else or in a bigger home and have some nice cash flow coming in from this home being that my mortgage is so, so small, I can really turn this into, ah, profit generating machine instead of something where I just lose it. And I don't have the ability to buy something like this at this low cost, possibly for many, many years, if ever again. So again, Thank you for watching hope. This course was helpful. It was something. For a long time I've been meaning to put together and I thought would be a cool thing that you share with everybody. So shoot me a message started discussion. I'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about home ownership and any of the stuff that I talked about in the videos. Thanks. 9. Free Bonus Content: Hey, what's going on, guys? John here. I just wanted to throw together a quick little bonus. And this is something special that I put together. For those of you who are watching my skill share course right now again, I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to actually go through my course. And if you love my content, you love what I'm doing on skill share. I wanted to give you an opportunity to check out another free mini course that I put together. 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