Buying A Home For The First Time

Josh Cavin, Teaching SEO Skillshare Class

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9 Videos (14m)
    • Why purchase a house?

    • Get your credit up, Save for downpayment, are you self employed?

    • Pre Approval

    • Get the right real estate agent

    • Find a reliable broker

    • Mortgage Breakdown

    • make the offer

    • Escrow Checklist

    • Setup the essentials


About This Class

I just recently purchased a condo and felt like I went through a three month course learning the ins and outs of what is the process. There are so many factors going into it that it would be nice to have a have a good outline of what to expect and advice on all the steps. 

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Brief, but informative. I just recently decided it's time to learn about the process of buying a home, so I can start saving and preparing. Josh covers an appropriate level of detail for beginners. At the end, you will have a solid overview of what purchasing a home involves. You'll have useful tools to do more research. You'll know what terms like "escrow" really mean. Highly recommended for anyone interested in owning a home one day.
Joel Aguero

Designer & Developer

Very basic but clear overview of home buying. A good place to start if you haven't already begun your research.





Josh Cavin

Teaching SEO Skillshare Class

Josh Cavin is the founder of Dreaming Blue, a successful web design and online marketing company. In 2004 he began his career with a silicon valley online marketing agency. His passion for websites led him to developing as well as growth hacking, SEO and SEM. Josh has spoken at many industry events about Growth Hacking, Improving Conversion, Starting your business on Zero Marketing Budget. You can hear some sample tips on his youtube channel. He has been interviewed by Elance and 7figliving a...

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