Buy cheap plane tickets and save up to 90% on their prices | Michał Towalski | Skillshare

Buy cheap plane tickets and save up to 90% on their prices

Michał Towalski, Traveller & Coach, CEO at

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17 Videos (1h 19m)
    • Introdution

    • Why we overpay for plane tickets - overview

    • Choose best time to fly & to book flight

    • How place of purchase impacts price?

    • Extra I How to cheat airlines website

    • Human and system mistakes that can lower your price

    • Use different payment methods for your advantage

    • Different flight classes and how to buy higher class ticket for price of economy

    • Busting myths about plane ticket prices

    • Frequent flyer programmes, what's that?

    • Introduction to passenger rights

    • Passenger rights - lost of damaged luggage worldwide

    • Passenger rights - Overbooking in European Union

    • Passenger rights - Overbooking in United States

    • Passenger rights - Delayed or cancelled flight under EU regulations

    • Passenger rights - Delayed or cancelled flight - worldwide

    • Passenger rights - Death or injury during flight


About This Class

Have you ever dreamed of travelling around the world and seeing every possible place that can be seen. What’s limiting you? Is it money? Not any more.

I’m travel by plane more than 1500 km every week for weeks now and after several months of research and practice I want to share with you knowledge about how to buy really cheap plane tickets and by cheap I mean that you will pay only 10% of ticket’s initial price.

In this course you will learn:

- how to buy very cheap plane tickets

- where to search for best flight offers

- what factors have influence on airfare

- what tricks airlines are using to trick us into buying more expensive tickets

- secret language in which promotion hunters exchange information on airtravel

- where people exchange information about promotions

and finally: how to fly first class for the price of economy air ticket.

What makes this course unique is that 80% of it was written onboard a plane or waiting for boarding at several different airports.





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Michał Towalski

Traveller & Coach, CEO at

A man of many interests still searching for golden business opportunities around the world.

For the last six years I've been working for international corporations like British American Tobacco and Beiersdorf - mainly on big brand marketing and trade marketing projects.

Althought it gave me huge amount of knowledge coming to my thirtes I've realized that my true destiny is being an entrepreneur and trainer.

Since 2009 I also run my own company operating in coaching and co...

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