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Buy Your First Home: The Essential Millennial Hacks

Woke Money Hero, Money Coach, Author, and FIRE advocate

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10 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Intro: Welcome to the course

    • 2. Part I: How much do you really need?

    • 3. Part II: But how much can I afford?

    • 4. Part III: #1 First time homebuyer hack

    • 5. Part IV: Online searching made easy

    • 6. Part V: What does a realtor do these days anyway?

    • 7. Part VI: Home comparisons and comparables

    • 8. Part VII: Putting your best offer forward

    • 9. Part VIII: Home ownership and all that really means

    • 10. Part IX: Expect the unexpected

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About This Class

Do you want to eventually buy a house?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the whole home buying process?

Think you'll never get there? 

What if I told you it's possible for YOU? Let me give you the inside track so you too can realize your dream of homeownership. And, for most of you, for less money than you think.

Hey, it's Woke Money Hero. I’m thrilled to have been asked to create additional courses on Skillshare and share my knowledge with the thousands of students wanting to learn more about how to save, make, and invest money.

My personal experience figuring out how to and eventually buying real estate for the first time back when I was 26 (in one of the most expensive cities in the world) and becoming a Real Estate Investor buying additional properties makes me uniquely qualified to teach this material and I’m thankful you're savvy enough to want to learn it! Congrats on taking this step.

As you may or may not know, real estate is one of the (if not the) single biggest factors in creating wealth. In addition to being able to:

-Write off some of your taxes and interest, if done correctly, you are

-Building appreciation ($ equity) and

-Using the power of leverage (other people's money) to do so.

This course is a complete overview of the home buying process and especially tailored towards the first-time home buyer.

If you're wanting to buy a house at some point (no matter what kind of housing market you're in), this course is a *must* as it provides the hacks so you know what to expect and can efficiently navigate the process on your own. 

Who better to teach a course on buying a house than a real estate investor? I’ve bought and continually searched for numerous houses for the sole purpose of making money in my 20's and 30's. Buying a primary home in the *right way* can not only save you money, but it can also make you money if you’d like it to. 

Along with practical hacks to master buying a house, I’ve provided 5 invaluable resources for you (Project section; desktop):

And many more tips exclusive to my students.


If you want a complete, yet fun and efficient, overview of the home buying process or have ever felt overwhelmed by the process because it seems confusing or just plain daunting, I’ll walk you through it so you have the skills to know:

  • Where to start even if you're just entering the home-buying market for the very first time
  • How to not get overwhelmed by the choices available to buyers and zero in on what's best for you
  • Exactly what to expect as you prepare to search for and eventually make an offer on a property 
  • What to do and say to beat out other buyers even in a competitive market
  • And, likely most importantly, how to put your hard-earned money to the best use

I've found there are those who do and those who don't – and those who would but won't. That being said, this course is NOT for:

  • Someone who doesn't want to put in the work: home ownership is not for everyone and requires a willingness to put in the work in order to get what you want. I will show you exactly what's required to reach your goal efficiently.
  • Someone who wants a quick fix: buying a home takes a lot of preparation and planning. I will show you how to get ahead of all that in order to make your goal more attainable.  
  • Someone who doesn't take any action: you have to be willing to start (however small) towards reaching your goals. Let me show you how to take the first steps.

This course is a prequel to my upcoming and highly anticipated Real Estate investing & passive income courses for beginners. Knowing the fundamentals of buying real estate and being able to speak intelligently about it will set you far apart from your peers and help you as you navigate the home buying process with family, realtors, lenders, sellers, and other buyers.

This course is for informational purposes only. It is not intended for investment advice. Please consult a licensed professional for investment advice.


If you're looking to get a head start on saving money, check out my original Skillshare course "Hack Your Way to Freedom: The Psychology of Saving Money"