Button Art - Create Artwork with Buttons | Nancy Sealy | Skillshare

Button Art - Create Artwork with Buttons

Nancy Sealy, Designer-Maker|Leatherworker|Instructor

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9 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Button Art Introduction

    • 2. Supplies Needed

    • 3. Using the Box Frame

    • 4. Drawing on the Matt Board

    • 5. Button Placement

    • 6. Gluing the Buttons

    • 7. Display Preparation

    • 8. Displaying the button art work

    • 9. Next Steps


About This Class

If you have lots of buttons that are just lying around and not doing much apart from looking cute, then it's time to put them to good use!  Especially those buttons that you maybe purchased for a sewing project that you didn't get around to or maybe you just love buttons - like I do!  

Buttons are both beautiful and practical.  In this class, I will walk you through step by step the instructions fro this simple project  - where you can create an amazing piece of art using buttons and a few other supplies such as glue, board or card and a box frame.


1. Button Art Introduction: Welcome to this video tutorial where I'm going to share. You have to make this artwork out off any buttons that you might have lying around. Now, if you're like me, you probably got lows of buttons that you bought throughout the ages that you haven't used up for sewing. But you can make this wonderful artwork with those buttons. So I hope you join me in the tutorial. See you in the class. 2. Supplies Needed: so far this project, what we'll need is a box frame, some matte board or some heavy card boards, a pencil, the rubber, a selection off buttons off your choice. I would go for some ones with different shapes if you can get them on dumb. Also, some ones that are smaller than most of the ones you've that you've got that you're going to use just so that you could fill in some of the spaces. The other thing we're going to need is a glue gun like this one, which has been very much used. So these are the things that will need for our project. 3. Using the Box Frame: to start our project, we're going to need a box frame like this. Mine is, uh, eight by 10 inches on. It's a white frame. I've got the option to just hold it up, portrait or landscape, and I think I might actually do it. Landscape. Now, what you need to do is to practice the initial that you're going to ride. So as you can see, I've just practiced this Jay. That's J for June. My sister. I also practice my end, but I think it was a bit too squashed together when we put the buttons on, um, the buttons are gonna be very squashed, and you're not going to see the definition off the initial very clearly. So I would advise you to practice during that. The initials putting down the buttons loosely and seen whether they are placed wide enough for your initial to be seen 4. Drawing on the Matt Board: Now it's time to draw the initial that you've decided to go for now. I was gonna go for in for my name, but I decided I would go for the J. So I'm just going Teoh, get my pencil and see if I can draw this Now, I would suggest that you draw it quite lightly. Also, it doesn't need to be super accurate because the lines are going to be mainly covered by the buttons. Just that. Just take your time of it. And when you're happy with your initial will go on, Teoh, place the buttons. Once we're happy with the placement of the buttons, we can get Teoh gluing them down so that they permanently stay on the board. 5. Button Placement: the's air, the buttons that I've decided to go with on, um I've chosen buttons that I've got some similar patterns on just so that I can have Ah, more kind of a cohesive look. But you can go as random as you want. He also depends on what types of buttons that you have. So, um, yeah, just just use you know exactly what you've got so we can play around with placement. So I think I just stopped by going over the actual lines off Jay, and it's up to you. You can decide whether you want Teoh uh, any of the buttons around so that the holes are in the same position or what? You can go a little bit more random. I think I'm going to go for the more kind of random. Look, actually, I think I'm going to put two hearts on the ends just there. There might be a little bit where the pencil market showing. So after we have good it down, or just before gluing it down, we could just get rid of this pencil mark. So just carry on with filling up the space so the shape now is coming together, which is nice. I've only got one smaller butter, and I'm not even sure if I can fit it into my leave it, actually. Yeah. So I'm quite happy with this shape. More or less. So. Once we're happy with our shape, we can use our A razor or rubber to just rub away sections where the pencil is showing before we start to use our blue gun. So I would suggest now put your glue gun in on. Let that heat up, Um, until it is nice and ready and hot to go. 6. Gluing the Buttons: So now my Google is quite hot. Then just take a time on and then go through. You might ask. You want to put it on the well, You might want to put you on straight to the map board. That might be a bit easier. Just see. See what works for you. Try not Teoh put too much goo. But you need just enough. Teoh, get those buttons to be sticking down. The thing is, you don't want Teoh who is in through the holes. So using the gun is actually quite quick on it Does stick them really quite firmly. If you don't have a gun, then you could use some other group like hodgepodge or some very strong P B A. If you get a little bit of goose stuck at the side, then you can always come back with a cocktail stick or some sharp stick on. And then, like lucky off it was a gun does get a bit stringing. So I would advise you, you know, just so find a spots on, take your time and enjoy the process. Yeah, so the thing with a good gun is that the glue does dry quite quickly on, as I said, and as you can see, it does get a little bit stringing. So the great thing about this that it doesn't have to be super perfect. So once you've got one line off buttons, it's much easier than two about them. Up on bond. Get them stuck down nicely. So afterwards, what will do? There's any stringy bits. Just come back and pull those stringy bit itself. That's this clear. Just does dry quite quickly. Okay, that is a glue dumb. 7. Display Preparation: I just want to make sure everything is glued down. Yep, that's great, Teoh. I think it using the hotel stick just to on the rubber to rub away any bits of gone astray . Any glue you don't want there? Just take some time making sure that it looks nice and neat as you wanted to before way Pop it into the frame. Okay, but more or less we have done on. The next thing is to display our artwork in the box frame. 8. Displaying the button art work: So I spent a bit of time cleaning up my little artwork. Andi, I used this cocktail stick just to remove some of the blue my butt, my rubbers quite big. So I actually had to cut a little slice off, and then I'd use that to just go and remove the lines I could. Right? So when you're happy with your artwork, the next thing to do is to pump it in the frame. Okay. Do you need to use a box frame so that your artwork has got space? As it's a three D artwork, you need some space for maybe behind the glass. So these box frames also come with this section as well. So that comes out hour glass inside the frame like that. Then we put our bill section, which makes the box frame way. Put our artwork in here. Just make sure you give it the right side up. Yeah, and just click the closures and our artwork is finished. And I think that looks wonderful. Actually, I think my sister will be happy with this. So this is a nice piece of art that you can make to give somebody you could use that in this show just one initial or two initials, depending on how big or small the buttons are, you've got on how big your frame is. You could also maybe put a number in there or a date someone's age. But these make wonderful presence on. If you've got other buttons like I have been, they are fantastically over using them up. 9. Next Steps: thanks so much for joining me in the class. And I hope that you managed to use up some of your buttons and come up with creating some wonderful artwork with those buttons. I'd be so happy if you would share them in the gallery below. That would be fantastic to see them. See you in the next class. Bye for now.