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Butter Chicken and Jasmine Rice

teacher avatar Kosha Merchant

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Butter Chicken and Rice

    • 2. Chicken marinade ingredients

    • 3. Butter Chicken gravy ingredients

    • 4. Making Butter Chicken

    • 5. Jasmine Rice ingredients

    • 6. Making Jasmine Rice

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About This Class

Hello, my name is Kosha Merchant. I am going to share some of my favorite recipes with you all. In this class I will show you 2 different recipes, the first recipe is called Butter Chicken , the second recipe is called Jasmine Rice. These are a few of my favorite recipes because they are fast and easy to make, I hope you enjoy these videos! 

Meet Your Teacher


I enjoy Cooking Indian food.Teaching cooking  Is my passion and brings

me great joy. I have more then 25 years of experience cooking Indian food. 
I have my YouTube channel Cooking with Kosha. 


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1. Butter Chicken and Rice : Hello. Welcome to my class. My name is Scotia. Today I am going to teach you how to make butter, chicken and rice. This is very delicious dish. This is very easy to make and anyone can learn to make butter, chicken and rice. Are you ready to take this class with me? 2. Chicken marinade ingredients : ingredients for butter Chicken marinade being named Zika Blame yogurt tumeric. Father, We're chili Ponca under the founder. Cumin powder, ginger, garlic, green chili oil suck. So, in a mixing bowl, we're going to makes all the spices before we put it in the chicken. So you're goes are yogurt, then did himself him. Rachel do Marie Kloner Human ginger, garlic, green chili oil in the assault. The reason I trade to do this before you put it in chicken so we can taste it can see if you need more chili powder are more salt. Oh, Mitzel. And this marinade goes in the chicken. This makes chicken really nice and tender very soft, and we're going to leave this for two hours for an hour. Whatever time you have, you can even do this overnight, then it this really, really we'll make the chicken nice and south and given a lot of flavor to the chicken 3. Butter Chicken gravy ingredients : So for our butter chicken gravy, we need tomatoes. Idea. Ginger garlic dry. Finish greatly on Sweden. Greater coconut Tenderly Masala Oil two minutes powder Red Chili Power Salt garden and not make powder cinnamon powder Almond bug Having beeping green tomato based 4. Making Butter Chicken : So let's start cooking about critic in my guesses on media, and it started to get hard. I can feel the heat to that. I'm going to end my oil, going to give it a few seconds for oil to get hot today, but at my onions. But this is great. You can always add more oil if you like. If it's not, if you think it's sticking to the pan and I'm gonna do covered this up, let you Oh, Bill, it's getting ground check. It's changing color, but not yet do I did a careful longer. Here's a good brown. Just great do that. I am going in my right on. If you don't have vinegary the fresh vinegary you cannot even just use the drive in, agree it's easily available. I like the Frank Furnari. It doesn't give you really night. See a butter chicken. The tomato gets so often and cook for a little bit longer. Good. So are the major league you have you Can you motive that I'm going to die girly? And in there let us get family can ginger, onions, tomatoes and a degree. It smells amazing. The aroma of vinegary coming to together. I can smell ginger and garlic. No good may do is are my Did they? No. I'm going to stop reading my Alleman power. My all the different spices goes in there in my soul. And make sure you lower the flame for you. I still get burning. We're in my tomato base Something a little bit of water in there. No 11 Mice all day good spices to get burned. And, lord, the temperature. I'm going to let this cook for a few minutes. Bikini. Nice face and it's no wonderful. So now I'm going to go ahead and remove it in a bowl and let it cool. And then I'm going to put it in a mixture to make a nice, smooth paste. Okay, so now in the same part, I'm going toe guard and cook my chicken. The chicken in the marinade earlier that have been marinated or good. Three hours. But the guests on media and going to cover it up Look at the juice on the chicken. It's getting cooked. All the yoga beeper. It releases a lot of water, so we don't even need to put any water. It is cooking in his own juice. So let's finish cooking still raw. I'm going to store it on. It's cooking really means, um I think it's too little draw. So it started about seeing Yeah, I cannot cut it easily, so we'll just let it cook for a little bit longer. May all this make sure the chicken is cooked all the way. I'm going to call it Chicken is all the way. Cook See my cut of them? Yes, He I'm cut into small pieces today. I took our onion. Oh, gravy be made onion and tomato gravy. I put it in my chopper and I made a paste. So see how nice and smooth paste is with that. I'm good to go in. And editors who are chicken. This isn't It's smells amazing. This you can smell with the aroma, the murder chicken. Oh, expects this. It's coming along. And if you're gravies to tick, you can always add a little bit more water. If your life I'm going to let it cook the chicken and gravy together for three seconds Gravy and the chicken. It's nice and bubbly Looks really good. Okay, so to this, they're going to Ed cream. This'd is a burger Chicken. He seems like a nice golden color. Let's try, but chicken skied the gravy. Uh oh, my God, This is amazing. And I really recommend you try this butter chicken. It's a really, really good you can even Adam, But it does do this, Um, if you like. And if this is a little bit too spicy, we can always add more cream to this. You can no make it the way you like. And I'm protection is done. I hope you enjoy this. 5. Jasmine Rice ingredients : ingredients. To make rice, we need rice, water and salt. 6. Making Jasmine Rice : Okay, I'm going to show you how to make rice. I wash my rice and put some water in there. And to that, I'm going to add some salt if you don't want, so you can just leave the sold out. It's up to you. I like a little bit absolved to that. So thank you, and I'm going to put it up and let it boil. I learned to make sure I makes it, and it's going to take a while. That's covered up. Okay, so Arises started to bubble. When you leave it open, let it cook. So I rise. It started to bubble and you see him. There's not enough water, and it's half recalled. So we need some more water. This edit a little bit more and okay, so our rice is almost time, so if you take it and if you press it, it should be nice. And it's little bit that Would you put a little bit more water, make my still unload cold, you know? Okay, let's check on our rice a little bit more water on the site. So let it I m operate its later then in a little bit more time so well looks. Cover it up and let it finish cooking. Okay, so are righties is almost done. See when you take the rise and you press it impressive to see how it comes apart. Ah, and it's nice and soft. It's fluffy and there's no water left. Oh, cooked I'm going to shut my stone and I'm rice is done.