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Business Tough: How to Develop Tenacity & Resilience for Entrepreneurs

teacher avatar Stephen Atkinson

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Aims of the course

    • 2. Identifying Winner/Loser Dialogues

    • 3. Understanding motivation

    • 4. Developing Personal Motivation

    • 5. Success Personality Traits

    • 6. Creative Thinking

    • 7. How problems are solved

    • 8. Learning style

    • 9. Essential Keys to success

    • 10. Final words

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About This Class


The Business Tough: How to Develop Tenacity & Resilience for Entrepreneurs Course will show you the building blocks of Tenacity & Resilience you will need to build your business - whether you are a new entrepreneur, or are still looking to build your own business, or an experienced entrepreneur and want to refresh your business toughness this course is for you.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Understand better how you ‘tick’ and take positive action to drive your business forward.
  • Develop the building blocks of tenacity and resilience and so take challenges in your stride.
  • Become the successful person you know you are!

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1. Aims of the course: Okay, Welcome to the business. Tough calls. So you started your own business or you're looking to start your own business. There's a lot to think about, isn't it? I didn't realize that tough. That is going to be well, this cost is about putting some basic fundamentals in place to keep you on track in your business, on your entrepreneurial pursuits. First thing we're going to do in the cost is talk about motivation. Obviously, you're not going to get very far in your business if you don't stand motivated. So become for an entire section on how to keep a pure motivation and make sure that you stay the course throughout your business. Second section of the coast basically deals with problem solving, because in any business, you're gonna come across problems on. The main thing is to keep positive and focused on solving those problems in the most direct and useful way. So our problem solving section deals with how to recognize problems. How's wanna listen on house it, fix them? And if you're in a new business, if you're an entrepreneur, it means new. So you're going to be learning new skills on the way. Whether those technical skills or hard skills. It doesn't running, mother. There is a way of landing skills. Once you know the way of laying those skills, it's easy is in line and take on new skills throughout your career. So we'll be laying how to take on new skills in this cost. And finally, we'll take a look at the keys to success. So how we can put all the elements off a successful entrepreneur together unmold do into the successful entrepreneur that you want to be. But the man thing with this causes nothing will happen unless you take action. So if you want to get tough of your business, you need to take action. So I would encourage you to go through the steps in this cost and take the appropriate action throughout the course. It's out being your business. Let's get started. 2. Identifying Winner/Loser Dialogues: we all suffer from the internal dialogue going on in our heads, depending on what we say in our heads. Toe ourselves depends on whether we become a loser or winner. So one of these dialogues going on in our heads. We've all experienced being winners on losers. But the aim is to be his winner as often as possible. Here are some examples of dialogues that might go on in hides. See which one do you recognize? Witnesses? Life is good to me. A loser says nothing ever goes my way. A winner says Yes, I will or No, I want loses. Yes, perhaps I'll see. A witness says, I'll find the time to do it. Losers is. How do you expect me to find the time to do it? Our witnesses? Let's get to the heart of things a loser might say, Well, it's difficult to say exactly. A winner might say, I haven't expressed myself. Clearly. A loser might say You just don't understand. A winner might say we have different views on things a loser might see. I'm not changing my mind. A winner might say I'm OK, but there's still room for improvement. A loser might say, I'm not as bad as the others. Witnesses tell me a loser might see. I have said again and again. A witness says There must be a better way. A loser says We've always done it this way. A winner might say Let's be more flexible. Loses stays well, the memo said. A witness says You learn something new every day. A loser makes it. But what about all my years of experience? A witness says, Let's make it work this time a losing my said There's no point in trying again witnesses. That sounds exciting. A loser might say, Why keep changing things? 3. Understanding motivation: This first section is about understanding motivation, whether that be on a personal level, a company level or if you are in sales on, you need to hit sales times wherever you were coming from. It is important by your own actions that you build a feeling that you can achieve any goal you set yourself. So when it comes to goal setting, the things that will promote your feeling of motivation will be the goal has to be achieved . Is it worth going for? Is it something you're interested in, the action steps you require to achieve that goal? The obstacles are the difficulties that has to be eliminated on the way to that goal on the reward you get for achieving that goal so your girls must be realistic. They must be your own goals and not overtly influenced by others, because this will be key to your motivation. You must want your own goals. The rewards you set it for. Your girls are important and will feed your motivation and use a logical organized on written plan. This will spare you into positive action. You need to increase your determination and motivation. Always allow your girls to be flexible 4. Developing Personal Motivation: When you're developing personal confidence and motivation, you must always get a personal benefit from the actions you take on the goals you set yourself of wise, you're unlikely to carry them out. So you need to define what your personal objectives and along the way you win the confidence, motivation and direction. If you take any one of those away, you're not going to achieve your goals. You can develop your confidence through the experience of doing something useful on the way to achieving your goals. If you are working with a team or even just for yourself, you need to give recognition to your own individual strengths on little girls along the way , and for every negative experience you have, you must find something positive in it. 5. Success Personality Traits: when dealing first affairs of customers or even online of the Internets viral websites. There are certain personality traits that would make you more successful when dealing with customers. Let's go through a few of these now. First of all, those perseverance. Perseverance is the ability to continue on your desired course of action in spite of the difficulties that you come across. Then there's empathy. Empathy is the ability to experience another persons fault or feelings or emotions. I need to understand your customers or clients not necessarily agree with them, but certainly understand them. Be able to put yourself in their shoes. Resilience. Resilience is the ability to balance back from disappointments that you may have with your business or, if you're in sales, basically bounce back ability. So when you encounter what you might consider a failure, you are able to land from that failure and then bounce back even stronger than you were before. Then there is sincerity. You need to be genuine and honest with your perspective, customers and clients without conceit or any pretence. You would expect the same thing from them, so make sure you give the same thing to them. You also need to going with an open mind. So don't be prejudiced and don't produce situations or people you may bump into, particularly your customers. A successful personality in this area would also need an ambition to succeed, so you need to have the ambition to achieve your pretty time girls You. Also any self confidence on this is simply a personal belief in your own abilities. You also need to understand human relationships, so you need to show consideration and kindness when dealing with other people. Remember, if you're empathetic and you could put yourself in their shoes than you, this shouldn't be difficulty. I never personality. True, it is common sense, often overlooked, but you need to absorb sentence, fax on land from experiences. Review a sales situation to uncover the reason why sales are gained or I lost, depending on what the situation is on. That could be first, the first with a customer, or it could be over the Internet. I never personality trait would be enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious and a great motivator and very few sales are actually made without it. When you be sell to invested commas before have a think about how the salesman Waas with enthusiastic about the product. If they went and they were very downbeat about the product, did you end up buying the product? Probably The answer is no. So enthusiasm is key. To be genuinely enthusiastic, you need to believe in yourself on Iran, ability on, believe in the integrity off your product or your company or your colleagues. Simplicity is another aspects of personality that often overlooked. It is important that you communicate in a language that others will understand, so keep things simple. You also need a sense of direction. If you set your goals properly, there shouldn't be a problem. So essentially you should have a dearly plan or dearly targets and short on long term plans to get you towards your goals. You also need knowledge and information regarding the marketplace in the market. Trends that you're in without knowledge is impossible to perfect our update, your presenting skills or you're selling skills concerning the product that you're selling also, whatever you're selling, whether it be first offense or online or any of the media, any good listening skills. So it's first offense. When you're in conversation with your customers, you need to listen carefully to the answers they give you. If it's online, you need to gather as much information from your perspective, customers on your current customers on Listen to what they have to see. You also need good leadership skills so that you can guide or inspire others. Whether you work within a team or an individual, you will still come into contact with people. And finally, you need a sense of humor. It is important to appreciate an express humor, unde use it with your common sense when appropriate. 6. Creative Thinking: whatever business you are thinking of, starting where that is a product, best business or Osama spirit business, you will have to sell, and that is often when you make the obstacles to your outcome. Our objective. The successful entrepreneur has to wear many house on a sales. How is just one of them? But it is key to keep sharpening your sales skills. Wearing your sales person hot, you should see all obstacles as challenges to be overcome. The fast glance. You may see no solution to get around an obstacle in your path, so you will need to get creative in finding new ways of getting around these obstacles or over them or through them. This section of the course is designed to help you look at problems and obstacles you encounter from different angles and so stimulates and create problem solving ideas. One of the key tenants off creative thinking is the ability to make the familiar strange on this strange familiar simply by looking at them in different way. Take a look at the following wear groups and see if you can identify the significance of each warm. Here is the 1st 1 to get you started, and to give you an idea of what to do now, pause the cost for a few minutes while you see if you can work out the meanings for the rest of the way groups and write them down on a note pad. So post the video now and come back when you have written down as many meetings as you confined. Okay, you're back. How did you do? Here are the answers. This may seem like just a bit of fun, but if you can look beyond the normal boundaries and suspend judgment based on your previous experiences, it will become much easier to solve problems and get past obstacles in a more consistent manner. Try the next to exercise is to see how our thinking can sometimes be limiting. How many squares can you see pulse of video while you work it out? And then we started. When you have your answer, how did you do? The correct answer is 30 Easy. Once you start thinking outside the box, his and have a little puzzled to get you thinking beyond your normal boundaries. Copy this figure onto your note. Pad on drove four consecutive straight lines so that every dot has at least one line through it. Once you're Pence, that's drawing, it cannot leave the paper posted video while you have a go that the simple exercises show that is all too easy to make an instant Goodman on what we believe is the best solution. Most types of problems are more complex than they first might appear. You sometimes need to dig a little deeper to find the best solutions. Often times, however, we don't have time to come up with a great solution and simply have to go for a quick fix. And using our experience can often give us a workable results. However, we will encounter many situations where a quick fix approach will not be appropriate. Most people recognize that when looking at this second problem, they will try and stay within the DOS. Enough was they will impose a self limiting boundary on themselves in the real wells. This is something we all do to a greater or lesser extent through our lives, 7. How problems are solved: So how do we solve problems? Cultivating the ability to find lasting solutions to complex problems increases our effectiveness. To tackle these challenges, a logical and structured approach is always needed. This approach is broken down into two stages. One problem diagnosis and to problem fix. Both stages are then broken down into three action steps. Let's go through this in detail. The first stage is problem. Diagnosis on the first step within problem diagnosis is to select and define your problem. So whatever problem you're having to do with your business or your project that you currently involved, you need to work on one problem at a time. So defined which one you want to work on festival. And then it helps to write down that problem Exactly what the problem is a piece of paper so you can climb, refine and define it completely. So it's not a woman problem anymore. It's clearly defined exactly what the problem is. Then you start collecting data or information around that problem. What things might affect the problem we might have to speak to. We got in the problem where you might have to get more information beginning the problem before it could be solved so correct. Always data together and finally find the root cause of the problem from the information and you gathered, it should be easy to see why the problem came from what the root causes. That problem is, the next stage is problem fixed. So now you define exactly what your problem is. Found all the information regarding your problem. I also found out what the root cause of the problem is. It becomes easy to find a fix or so from the information you covered. Stop brand something and generate possible solutions to your problem. Just let this go. Just do as many potential solutions to your problem as you can possibly think of, and then choose the best solution. Once you've chosen the best solution, immediately implement that solution unmonitored deceive it wakes. If it doesn't work, you can always go back to the drawing board and start with the number one best solutions. But the main thing is generate as many possible solutions is possible. Choose the best one of those and then implement immediately. But monitor the results from your solution. Okay, lets try so broke through some real life examples to get into swinging, identify a problem or situation that you would like to improve in your home or socially on for this situation. Stroke problem. Produce a plan Continuing the three steps of the problem diagnosis. So you ensure you have a complete understanding of the situation when you have completed that part, then move on some problem. Fix and follow the steps in that part, making sure you pay particular attention to how you measure your success. You could do the sex size using the printouts available with this lecture. 8. Learning style: So how do we land? Well, everyone is different, and I think it goes without saying that We are all aware that when one person performs a particular task, that friends or colleagues might do it in a completely different where I'm sure you can think of an example of this from your own past. Sometimes we have tried to explain an idea or a concept to another person, only to be met by a blank look. They don't quite get it. They're not on our wavelength. Aan obvious reason for this comes down to basic communication skills. We're often guilty off believing that because we speak the same language of another person , they describe the same meanings to the words we use. This is not always the case on can cause confusion. This is especially common when a common language is used, but the culture may be entirely difference. So how do people land? Well, one answer is differently. An example of this would be if you were to place a pack of cards on the table and ask a group of friends how they would like to land and you can't get you will get different answers. Some will say, Let's just play, I'll pick it up as we go along Another might say, Can you explain the rules before we start? Whilst another might say, I'll sit on what you guys play for a while until I get the hang of it. Some of the research in this area suggests that people often go around in a learning circle , which is broken down into four stages. Stage one of the landing cycle is where you have a new experience. It could be good, but indifference, thrilling, scary, depressing are inspiring. Stich to is when you review that experience where you would reflect on all the aspects of the experience on what it means to you. How did you feel about it? How long did it last? What did it cost? Was anyone else involved on what was the result of it? In the end, in Stage three, you look at the conclusions you can draw from the experience. Here are some of the questions you might ask yourself to help you with this stage. How did the experience happen? What might cause it to happen again? What might make a better outcome or final result next time instead, for the final stage of the landing cycle, you plan your next steps. What can I do differently as a result of this experience? Do I need outside help? Do I need to lance of extra skills? What extra materials, equipment or resources? My I need. Whilst most of us progress around all four stages of the landing cycle, we tend to spend more time in one stage or another, depending on our own natural landing style. Research conducted by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford suggests that we might consider full basic laying styles. Activist, pragmatist, theorist on reflector. Sometimes one component is dominance, but more often than not, two components together are more dominance. Here's a summary of the landing styles activists activist tend to land best from new experiences, opportunities or problems. The often jumping at the deep end under enthusiastic activists often like to be. The center of attention. Reflects is reflectors often learned by observing or thinking about an activity. The mold things over are often thoughtful on analytical. They make good listeners tend to adopt a low profile on, sometimes have a tendency to progressed in it. Theorists like to develop concepts. Theories are systems, which they can apply to a problem or situation. The A logical and see things objectively. They think things through. They're often perfectionists. Pregnancy tests Pragmatists are attracted to activities which have an immediate application or office skills they can develop. They like to experiment with. New ideas are seek to apply them practically. They are often down to earth problem solvers. So how does the landing cycle working practice The two benefits of understanding the learning cycle are it helps you understand why some landing experiences in your life upping , especially fulfilling whilst others have been a disappointment or even waste. It also helps you empathize with others. Well, step into that shoes and give you an understanding of how they're laying on. Take on new information. This is a key communication skill, whether you are talking to your customer, colleagues, friends or even your Children. 9. Essential Keys to success: the keys to success. Oh, what makes individual succeed? The greater your ability to retain your full potential, very your chances you will have to perform for the highest level. So what does success mean? A lot depends on how you measure success. Many. It will be money, our power on material possessions. For others. It will be climbing the promotional ladder on the status that comes with it. There will be other individuals that will do the success of my lives by influence and their surroundings and much broader sense, maybe by improving the environments. And some people will view success through the lands of their relationships with their friends and family. And many people will feel success in material and spiritual senses in helping others less fortunate than themselves or who have disadvantages somewhere. So let's have a look at the four cornerstones of success. The 1st 1 is a positive self image. Let's say festival that your current and future success is not wholly depending upon your intelligence, education, physical appearance, who you knew or even looks. While still these things help. The most important thing is your own self police. You need to believe that you're worthy off on deserve success. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else believe that. So what is a positive self image? It's having a deep rooted belief that you fully deserve success in all aspects of your life . Whether that is a relationship wack o financial, indeed, that you are truly aware while human being. If you don't already feel that, where then the trick is to persuade your subconscious mind that you are already that very successful person. You need to visualize being unfeeling, like the successful person you know you could be. Why is it so important to persuade your subconscious mind that you are already that successful person? If you don't, then whenever successes on the horizon, your subconscious mind will see you don't deserve this. I will immediately. Sometimes your best efforts. People tend to feel good about themselves to the degree to which they feel they are in control of their lives. I'm feeling control begins of your thoughts, your thoughts to tend your values and your feelings, which in san influence your actions. We are unable to control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we react when you have developed a positive self image, you are more likely to see a new situation or challenge as an opportunity rather than something negative or threatening. Positive thinking will consider the future. I think, how we can influence events the negative thinker tested. Dwell on past events are incidents over which has no control. You become what you think about, so think of yourself as successful and you will be. If you think that you won't be successful, then it won't really be surprised if you can. You can do approach an essential ingredient to your future, And ongoing success is a strong belief in your own abilities. The expectations you have, especially about your outcomes or results, become a self fulfilling prophecy. So what have you expect to happen is more likely to happen. Within physical limitations, you can achieve whatever you set out to do. The thing is, you must really believe that you could do it. If you don't really believe it, your subconscious mind will start sowing seeds of doubts. Say, for instance, someone always wanted to play the guitar they can do provided they believe in themselves, but they are unlikely to achieve the same level of skill. I say Jimmy hundreds. But there will be able to play to a reasonable standard in setting out to achieve an important goal. We often have to overcome the programming that has been instilled into his overall past life. Often this programming happened with the best intentions, but it can still hold us back. So taking out guitar example £0 are our friends. Many off said, You'll never land. Get out. It's too difficult. But just because they said it doesn't mean it's necessarily true. On more impulsive, you don't have to believe it. We're all born achievers. It's on your life experiences which dill, our natural abilities and perhaps tens into lurches. Listen to any young child and you will hear them say I can do it, that programs who achieve and haven't yet being influenced by their environment As Children , we all attempted one particular activity at least 20,000 times without giving up or even thinking we couldn't do it. Thankfully, no one told us at the time that you will never do that. Well, we might have given up on never Learned to walk. This programming goes on throughout our lives and That is why it is so important to surround ourselves with positive people. We are influenced by the people around us. So if you associate with people who give you support and encourage you to try out new ideas and take risks, you would do more positive on energetic. On the other hand, if you associate with people who do not encourage you or who have a negative outlook, then you're going to find it hard to turn into a high achiever. You'll feel like you are constantly being dragged down like you're wearing a ball and chain . Here are some of the negative phrases you might hear. You'll never get that off the ground. The boss will never agree to that idea. It's more than my jobs west, depressing on the all loaded. We cannot do emotions without you even trying to achieve anything when things go wrong. How much easier is it to blame the government tax mom, inflation or your boss or spouse? In reality, we hole up much more control over our lives and we might think, especially when it comes to controlling our emotions, which will in turn, criminal actions which will in turn, lead to better outcomes. It's just that deciding to do something or making a decision can be very hot on after. The easiest course of action is to blame someone else around this oceans. So if you want to be successful, make sure that you associate with positive people who are vital and creative, and you will start acting. I'm thinking along the same lines. Develop a can do approach and you will find that people will also associate of your success on achievements, so feeding your self belief by changing your thinking. You can change your life. No what you want, so you need to believe in yourself and your abilities to make things happen. What next? What you need next is a very clear and defined idea of what you want to achieve. After all, if you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else You don't want to be. Most people, when asked what they want, often see it. More money, a bigger house, great cow, better holidays. Not very specific, is it? When setting your personal objectives are girls, you need to get down to specifics. If your goal is financially focused, ask yourself How much more money? 10%. 50%? Do you need to learn more than you are now or if it's a house? What sort of house? How many rooms? Where is it situated? What I mean it is. Should be there by your subconscious mind needs a clear imagined picture of your goal in great detail. Or it will not be able to help you attend a big thought. Such is I'd like a nice house is no mother in a wish until you make it more specific. That is all that will remain. So I encourage you to really think hard about what you want to achieve, whether on a personal level or business are interested. Define your girls great detail. There are several ways of doing this. Well, let's keep it simple and use the smile method. If you're not familiar with smart method of setting goals, here's a quick recap s stands for specific. Make sure you specify exactly what you want to your goal. M stands for measurable. How do you know when you've achieved your goal? What would you measure it by? It stands for achievable. Make sure that your goal is achievable. I mean goal of being. The fast amount of mouse is not achievable, but doubling or inkling within a year is achievable relevance. Make sure that your girl is relevant in what you wants and Sambo make sure that you stick a time when you need to achieve that goal by success is often about working smarter know how that have a written plan. The final element of success is to have a plan, which shows in detail and outlines of steps you need to achieve your goal. Ideally, your plan should be written out why there are two main reasons. Physically, writing out your plants starts the process of convincing your subconscious mind that you are really serious about it. When the subconscious gets fired up, all sorts of connections come together. The other reason for writing your plan is more practical. Once you have written your plan down, it will be easier to see what parts of it are working. What costs many Justin. It is also easier to explain your plan on goal to others when seeking their support or healthy or Geathers. So this final elements is to develop an action plan which sets out in detail how your girl is to be achieved. What We're very quiet on. What support might you need? How and when will the very suspects the plant beachy plan should also consider what could go wrong and how you will react when that happens? The man thing, however, is to write out the plan to mutual goal and then start working the plan immediately. It is inevitable that you will have to just coast along the way. Every mistake in your plan should be used as a prompt. Put you back on course. Just keep heading to what's the goal? 10. Final words: Okay, that concludes the business. Tough calls. I hope you've enjoyed it, and you put what you've learned. Interaction. So just as a quick recap when it comes to motivation, it is a daily practice, and it always needs to be in line of your goals. Remember, it's step by step process, so don't beat yourself up. You cannot must've anyone, did we? All of that? There's We'll just continue on and you will get it regarding problem solving again. This is a daily practice. Make sure you push the boundaries. Push on limitations a little further. You day. Remember to think outside the box I'm when you're learning new skills for your business. Remember, landing is a cycle, and everybody learns differently. So again, don't beat yourself up if it's not going, just trying another approach. And remember where you are on the land. Second, you can't Rush is sometimes very practice. That's what it takes. And finally, the keys to success. You need these in place. There are the building blocks of your business so maintain on growth, that positive self image. Remember everyone how same chances of success you need to build a can do approach. I always know what you want. So have your girls in mind all the time happen in front. See? Have your girls in front of you and have a written plan. How to get follow the plant. Nothing happened to the action. So to cash in every day and you assume the successful entrepreneur you want to be. I hope you've enjoyed this costs. Please feel free to get in touch with me through the comments. And I wish you the very best in your business pursuits going forward into the future.