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Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 7 Financial Analysis

teacher avatar John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 7 Intro

    • 2. FINANCE: Strategic Financial Analysis

    • 3. What is Financial Analysis?

    • 4. Measures of Profitability Financial Analysis

    • 5. Balance Sheet Ratio Analysis

    • 6. Cash Flow Statement Analysis

    • 7. Valuation Ratios

    • 8. FINANCE: Financial Analysis - Case Study and Assignment

    • 9. Case Study Assignments Apple Inc Financial Analysis

    • 10. Apple Inc Financial Analysis - Solution

    • 11. Discussion of Measurements of Growth Analysis

    • 12. Discussion of Measures of Profitability Analysis

    • 13. Discussion of Trading Performance Analysis

    • 14. Discussion of Working Capital (Liquidity and Efficiency) Analysis

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About This Class


Welcome to my Business Strategy to Business Plan Course

Discover MBA Level Business Strategy and Create your comprehensive Business Plan simultaneously. Everything you need is here including a highly detailed Business Plan template.  

FINANCE: Strategic Financial Analysis

To understand the key financial ratios that apply to the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow statement to enable you to interpret the financial information in these statements.

FINANCE: Financial Analysis - Case Study and Assignment

Use a real Case Study to analyse real financial information using the Ratio Analysis explained in the previous section. This is followed by a discussion of the Case Study and its results.

About this Course

Discover Business Strategy to MBA standard - from an MBA (with Distinction from Cass Business School, London) - and simultaneously create a comprehensive Business Plan guided by an award winning 30 year London Investment Banker.

I guarantee that this is a unique course: the only course that teaches you Business Strategy and shows you how to create your Business Plan - at the same time!  The 21 Assignments in this course draw on John's unique experience, including bespoke strategic exercises of his own which you will not see anywhere else.  Step by Step following the incredibly detailed Business Plan template, John will guide you to apply the Business Strategy lessons to create your Business Plan. These will help any students of all levels and in any industry.  

This course has over 160 lectures, over 14 and a half hours of detailed instructional video and nearly 180 downloadable materials (available from a dropbox link you will find at the start of the course).  Despite its complexity, John has created a detailed course matrix for you to use to navigate through the course and understand the synthesis of Business Strategy 2 Business Plan.  There are over 20 Assignments to make the course fun and highly interactive.  The 2 Quizzes will challenge you too!  Every section has an introductory video explaining the learning objectives and lessons in that section.

This course will be published in 12 Parts - One part per week  

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 1 - Fundamental Strategy and Analysis -

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 2 - Leadership, Products and Services -

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 3 - Competition, Industry and Markets

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 4 - Operations and Customer Value

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 5 - Sales and Marketing

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 5a - Digital Business Transformation -

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 6 - Financial Statements

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 7 - Financial Analysis

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 8 - Goal Setting and Performance

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 9 - Growth Strategies

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 10 - Valuation, Exits and Returns

Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 11 - Business Plan Synthesis

Enjoy the Course!  If you have any questions or issues, just reach out to me here

Best regards


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John Colley

Digital Entrepreneurship


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1. Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Part 7 Intro: Hello and welcome to part seven of my business strategy, the business plan cause this course is all about financial analysis. So if you're working on a business strategy or business plan, there is nothing more important than the numbers we've considered now, the three different financial statements and how they interrelate this course, we're going to look at trying to understand the financial statements, and we're gonna do this with financial analysis. My name is John Collins. I'm a 30-year investment banker. I have an MBA with distinction from Cass Business School in London, a couple of degrees from Cambridge University. And don't forget to hit the Follow button on the system to follow me today to ensure that you don't miss out on any future new content when it's published. I'm committed to keep on publishing more content, which I very much enjoyed doing in this part seven of my business strategy to business plan cause we're going to focus on the analysis of the three financial statements. Now in doing this, we, you're going to look at and you will understand 12 different measures of financial analysis. Vertical, horizontal, leverage, growth, profitability, and liquidity. That's the first six. And the second six, our efficiency, cashflow, rates of return valuation scenario in sensitivity and variants. So it's a really valuable course with lots and lots of great content in it. This class is for every finance or business students or anybody who wants to get a better understanding of financial statements. You will learn to understand how to analyze and interpret your business plan financial statements, and how to present that financial analysis. And the second part of the course, we're gonna work through an apple, a case study to show exactly how these analysis techniques can be used in a real-world set of financial statements. And the case study also forms part of the assignment that I'm going to ask you to do because it's got a whole list of analytical questions that you need to answer. And you'll have all the financial information and the statements and the techniques and at your fingertips to be able to do that successfully. While this course is, of course, completely stand alone, it's also part of my comprehensive business strategy to business plan calls, all parts of which will be published here. Over time. We're starting with a business strategy, but you end with a business plan. And that's the exciting thing about this course. You learned both these key business techniques and how to derive one from the other. You've got templates and step-by-step guides all the way. So make sure that you look at all parts of this course to get the full benefit of all this, basically this financial strategy. Make sure you join the class today and then make sure you check out my other classes, including those related to this course. And I really look forward to seeing you in the course and really hope you get a huge amount out of it because I really enjoyed putting it together for you. So that's my little introduction to part seven, financial analysis of my business strategy to business planning course.