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Business Start-Up Strategies : #2 Become a Successful Founder

Buildthepipe Instructors, e-learning that delivers results

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22 Videos (1h 17m)
    • Kodak, the photography giant. Did you know that…?

    • Fujifilm, another giant of the photographic sector. Did you know that…?

    • The problem with “passion”

    • What is a Business Strategy?

    • The Organic Growth Drivers’ Problem

    • How to re-formulate the Business Strategy

    • Could we use a Canvas Model to re-formulate the Business Strategy?

    • Business Strategy Re-formulation: case studies (Health Startup)

    • Business Strategy Re-formulation: case studies (3D Printing startup)

    • B2B selling is not an easy thing

    • What is a Win Strategy

    • Developing a Win Strategy: In order to win we must….

    • Startup Case Study: Selling our Big Data Services to XYZ

    • Performance Management Overview

    • How can we use PM to control problems with the business model?

    • Examples of KPI’s to be monitored

    • Case Study: A practical example of applying Performance Management

    • What is Cash Flow Management and why is so important?

    • Case Study: Moderated, Leand and "Fast Burn" startups

    • Brainteaser

    • An example of tactical and inefficient cost management

    • How do we manage costs with strategic vision?


About This Class

Around 90% of startups are unsuccessful.  Can you be an exception? Can you be amongst the 10% of successful startups?  Yes, you can. We will teach you how by applying Management Skills to increase the chances of success of your start-up.  

The course initially focuses upon guaranteeing that startups have the correct products and services to be offered to the market, thereby avoiding market adaptation problems. 

Once products or services have been correctly adjusted to clients’ needs and requirements, efficient sales techniques for the re-defined products or services are taught, so as to guarantee the flow of revenue. 

Once the startup reaches a correct level of invoicing, the key financial indicators of the business must be controlled. To do so, we explain how to measure and carry out a financial performance follow-up using Performance Management techniques. 

Finally, once we have the correct product or service being sold and generating profit, we explain how to efficiently manage the cash flow and costs to avoid running out of money. 

For a successful Startup, you need Strategy and Execution. During this course, we will specifically explain the following Management Skills: 

  • Management Skill #1: Re-formulation of the Business Strategy and the Business Plan, focusing upon the organic growth strategies to adapt our product portfolio to the real needs of our client and the market.
  • Management Skill #2: Specific methods to improve Sales abilities. 
  • Management Skill #3: Performance Management to improve company yield, with special emphasis upon the key financial indicators, including key performance indicators and other KPI’s such as the CAC and LTV. 
  • Management Skills #4 #5: Strategic Cash flow and Costs Management to sustain effectiveness for long-term growth.

Learn the Management Skills we teach to Fortune 500 companies. If you follow these lessons and take action, we are confident you'll be part of the 10% of successful start-ups. Trust it. It has been designed for start ups who want to achieve growth and high performance.





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Buildthepipe Instructors

e-learning that delivers results

We are a group of business advisors with plenty of experience in management positions within publicly traded companies, as well as responsible for the creation and management of start-ups. 

Our mission is to create courses with an eminently practical approach, based on real experiences and directed towards all those interested in reaching unprecedented levels of success

These courses, can be taken either online or delivered face-to-face and they centre upon specific ar...

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