Business Setup for Creative Entrepreneurs - Set up your Woocommerce Store | Monja Wessel | Skillshare

Business Setup for Creative Entrepreneurs - Set up your Woocommerce Store

Monja Wessel, Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner

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7 Videos (33m)
    • Setup a Woocommerce Store

    • Add Categories to your Store

    • Add the Shop to your Menu

    • Set up a Product

    • Basic Settings

    • Setup the Sidebar

    • Add a sharing Plugin


About This Class

As a Creative Entrepreneur you most probably don't have a lot of ambition to set up your website, brand or do the accounting - you want to create! And although I totally understand that it won't work without a portion of branding. And beside expanding your skills in designing, Photoshop and understanding of colors and presenting your products we will also take care of your brand positioning.






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Monja Wessel

Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner


As a Dipl. Multimediadesigner, Webdesigner Bsc. and Entrepreneur I enjoy all things creative. I love designing as well as video creation and editing, audio production and taking photos. I'm also a teacher so it felt natural to me to create online courses and combine all my passions.

In my classes I focus on creating courses you can follow easily. In most cases you will have a finished project once you have completed the class.

To me, learning starts when I can pick...

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