Business Presentation Marketing - Using Powerpoint to Win Customers

Brian Dale, Internet Marketing Coach

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7 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Intro to Powerpoint Marketing

    • 2. Backlink Preparation

    • 3. Intro to

    • 4. eBook Sharing

    • 5. Video Presentations

    • 6. Embed Presentations

    • 7. Document Sharing


Project Description

Upload and Share Your First Presentation

Building brand reputation and driving website traffic to products and services is easily accomplished using one of the most under-rated yet effective marketing tools online - business presentations. Our class assignment, once course is complete,is for students to upload and share their first online presentation.

We'd like students to complete the following assignment:

1. Go to

    a. create a 'keyword descriptive' username

    b. choose a secure password

    c. verify new account by checking email and clicking on the link provided

2. Once account is email verified

    a. click 'upload' at (top right corner)

    b. click 'upload' again (middle of page)

    c. select Powerpoint (or Apple) presentation to be uploaded and double-click

3. As presentation is uploading to

    a. add a 'keyword descriptive' title

    b. choose 'category' from drop-down menu

    c. Add description (Hint: use same keyword phrases when writing descriptions)

    d. Select 'public' viewing preference

    e. Click 'save'

4. Click 'view presentation'

Once your presentation upload is complete - take a screen shot and share in this classroom. Remember; check all backlinks embedded in presentation to your website.

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