Business Plan like a Boss: Discovering New Dimensions for Growth | Laura Pennock | Skillshare

Business Plan like a Boss: Discovering New Dimensions for Growth

Laura Pennock, Face Artist & Instructor: FAI

Business Plan like a Boss: Discovering New Dimensions for Growth

Laura Pennock, Face Artist & Instructor: FAI

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12 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Business Plan like a Boss - Introduction

    • 2. Who are you? Quiz

    • 3. Thinking in 3D

    • 4. How to add a Product

    • 5. How to add a Service

    • 6. How to add an Experience

    • 7. Practice

    • 8. Apprentice-Tradesman-Master

    • 9. Experience Master Speaks

    • 10. Service Master Speaks

    • 11. Product Master Speaks

    • 12. The Project

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About This Class

This class helps students employ an innovative model to discover new avenues for engaging with clients and customers.  By incorporating elements of each of the major business dimensions--products, services, and experiences--businesses can add depth to their commercial offerings and grow in unexpected ways. A fun and inviting space to learn a little more about current opportunities to have fun as you develop. 

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Laura Pennock

Face Artist & Instructor: FAI


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1. Business Plan like a Boss - Introduction: My name is Laura Pennock, and I'm coming to you today from Fairey Fox Design as a face painter. I have been welcomed in to the behind the scenes look at dozens of other businesses to help meet the needs and wants of their clients. People need and want products, services and experiences. I want you to imagine that those air three different dimensions. So what we're looking to try and do is to become a three dimensional business and feel free to engage in any of the categories that you want, Teoh and ideally engage in all three. Because the most successful businesses are those that are three dimensional, you can tap into products, services, and experience is all in the same business and have something truly amazing that you are offering to your public in this class. We're going to start with a quiz so we can get to know each other. After we understand who we are, I'm gonna take you into this model. I'm gonna give you some suggestions on how to add that second to mention or that third dimension and give you a lot of examples. So you have a firm hold on what these dimensions are, and I can unlock some of the doors into what they hold for you. I'm also going to introduce you to three of my favorite businessmen, and I'm gonna talk to them about their experience with this model. I hope that by bringing in other voices, you can hear from somebody something that will resonate with you and you can feel empowered and create a business plan you're confident with that can move you forward in new and exciting and creative ways that will get your relationship with your customers and make it tighter than ever. 2. Who are you? Quiz: There is no one size fits all business plan. So the first step that we need to do is we need to get to know your business. So here we go. I've put together this really fun five question quiz because we all love quizzes to get to know what makes your business yours and what type of business you have. So who is your public? Do you call your public a customer's be clients or see visitors question to when people walk away from you, what do they leave you with? Are they a holding a bag full of awesome stuff? Be having their needs fully met or see, leaving you with tons of amazing memories. Question number three How do you attract attention to yourself? Do you rely the most on a advertising? Be word of mouth or see people's interests. They just find you question for To succeed, you need great a inventory, be skills or see attractions. Question five. When you're looking for an employee, the most important aspect to you is a reliability. Be experience or see enthusiasm. Now I want you to go ahead and I want you to score your quiz. I want you to tally up how many days you have, how many bees and how Maney sees on. We're gonna walk through what each of those means A is their products, be our services and see our experiences. Experience is this third category that may be new to you. There are businesses that, rather than offering a product or service there, primarily there to help you experience something, whether that's seeing an animal or throwing a hatchet, you are doing something to take away nothing but memories. If you're so uncertain about what your primary objective is, because maybe you had a tie between a couple of the categories here, a few extra questions Go ahead and posit video and just take a look through these. See if it can help, you know you fall on one side or the other of that fence. 3. Thinking in 3D: So you identify your primary business objective. You might be a product based business, a service or an experience. Everybody has a primary level, one of the things that has been my privilege as a business that hops in tow, other businesses and helps here and then here. And then here is I've come to learn that these air, not exclusive categories This is something that they work is dimensions. So you have one dimension that is a product in one dimension that is a service and one dimension that is an experience. Often there are benefits and restraints in each of these categories, and the awesome thing is that by being a three dimensional business, we don't have to have any of those limitations. When we focus on Arctic primary dimension, what happens is we can be lost in the myriad of primary dimensions that these customers have access to. But as we become two dimensional or three dimensional, we will stand out in the sea of choices as a business that they want to work with. When you have a one dimensional business, I like to call it an apprentice business. It's something that your brand new at and you are so focused on that one dimension, you want to be able to learn those skills like an apprentice would before you worry about adding the second and third. Once you become a two dimensional business, I like to think of those as a tradesman. They know what they are, and they're ready to go out and start engaging with other people. Once you have become a tradesman, it's your next step is to become a master and master. Businesses are those places where they meet your needs and wants with great products, exceptional service and really special memories that you take away through your experience interacting with that business. We want our clients toe, love us and be excited to work with us every bit. As much as we are excited to work with our favorite companies, who are your favorite companies, and let's look at what makes them three dimensional. If we are limited by only having one or two dimensions, we are going to fall flat because we are flat missing. That third dimension is what's going to hold us back. We're gonna go through a lot of examples that will help you understand these different aspects and how you can try and develop from a one dimensional business into a two dimensional business and from a two dimensional business into a three dimensional business I want you to take. And I want you to rank 1st 2nd and third dimension based on the answers that you provided in the quiz. What is your first dimension? Which is going to be whatever you got the most of and then second and then third, that will help you as we move further into the class. One thing that's very important to clarify right now is that at the end of this class, I do not want you to have 31 dimensional businesses. Whatever your primary objective is, that is your shining star, and we want it to be bright and beautiful. So let's take our second and third dimension and use them toe, add depth and add breath to what is already awesome. But keep that first dimension in your forefront. That is who you are, and don't lose sight of that 4. How to add a Product: you're ready to add a new dimension, but how are you going to go about it? That's what the sections all about. We're going to take an in depth look at. How do we add a new dimension? What does that look like? What does that feel like? And I'm going to be there to help you toe hold your hand to set some goals and create not only a business plan but a creative business plan. When you're looking toe ad product toe what you already dio you want to think about. What is it that you have that you can give them? Or what is it that you think the people that come to you for service or experience might want? When you're adding a product, you want to focus on a couple different things. Does quality count for women? Yes, it really does. For kids know, it usually doesn't. And for men, sometimes impulse buys air huge. You want to keep them pretty affordable. Smaller is great and right by the register, because if it's where your customer is already buying something, it's really easy toe. Add on a couple extra things, especially if they have somebody tugging on their elbow, saying, Mommy, Mommy, please! Well, your consumers need different clothes. Might they need food or water, or even just a cell phone charger? Try and match what you offer as products to your space. If you are banned. Sell CDs, a salon. Sell shampoo. Kids sell candy. You might choose to add some after care items for whatever its service you are performing. If you're doing a tattoo, for example, you could add some skin cream. You may also look at adding consumables during the service so services can take half on hour or even an hour sometimes, and it might be nice to have a little snack bar. More deluxe service add ons are another great way to add product toe what you're doing. If you do any kind of transportation having blankets or pillows, things like that that could really add an extra level of comfort to the service itself. Think about momentos of the service so some services are really special. Think of a little baby's first haircut. What if you were to add a whole bunch of little lockets to your space that you could take those first curls and put him inside a locket that that mom can keep forever. Maybe you don't have an actual tangible item from the service, but by doing a recording or a photograph of the service, you could often offer either the printing of that or frames or whatever to the service itself. Now let's take a look at an experience based business, adding a product they may look adding food or drink, souvenirs or merchandising. Get your logo on everything you could even sell your equipment. If you do four wheeling excursions and people fall in love with your four wheelers because they're the best. How great would it be if you had a little hair? You interested in buying a four wheeler? I am sure that Ah four wheeler dealer near you would love to hook you up with some kind of joint venture. Think about copies of the musical performance. How wonderful would it be if you were walking out of the movies and you could pick up the soundtrack on the way out? You may also look at books that are interesting to your clients. If you're you know, a nature guide or a birdwatcher, you could have books for sale that just go deeper into the subject you're already interested in, or maybe similar. Like roadside geology books. You can also sell items that will help your customers with the experience that you are providing. Maybe you could have earplugs if you're at the races or good walking shoes or sunscreen, something that they may have forgotten to bring on their own. But this could really be a chance for you to show. I see you. I see your needs and I want to meet those needs in every way that I can. Now what do you do if you are super busy and you're watching this class? And you think my primary dimension takes up all of my time? But I really want to give my customers mawr of, ah, full experience. Well, then, this is where we cheat. So if you want to be able to add a second and third dimension with only a little bit of effort, but make sure that it stays really good, look for some local business that is offering just that thing that you want to dio. Maybe it's an artist, and so you offer this great service and you pull in an artist to hang some pictures that you can then sell in your space and split the dividends with that artist if you want to be a little bit more in control of the product line, but you don't wanna have to start looking for your own suppliers than a really good option would be to look at an MLM. Multi level marketing companies are ones that I think can really benefit a small business because you know that people are working really hard toe, have attractive product line. You have the product designers and the Web presence and even the familiarity of the product itself. So instead of trying to come up with your own makeup line, you could add Mary Kay or Avon or something to your area. And all you have to dio is do the initial little tiny business set up. Instead of trying to add a whole new line thes air. Just some ways to try and jump start adding products to your business 5. How to add a Service: What if you're interested in adding a service, I think it's really special when you get to meet the needs of another individual. Often you'll find that you're spending more than just a few minutes with that person. And so from that you will build this database of people that you have this shared experience in contact with. And you're able to reach out to them and say, Hey, remember when we did this great thing? Would you like to do that again? It feels sometimes like a joint venture. So imagine if you were an artist that has a trade show booth and you have all of these different little things that you've painted and whatever and you have it up there. Now you can sell all of that work, and that's wonderful. But it can be kind of hard to try and attract people to you say, Hey, come look at my art. Hey, come look at my art. But the minute you add a service to your station, all of a sudden you are giving something to them, so you might want to add, you know, free hand lettered names. This is a great way for you, to practice your hand lettering, and you can just have, you know, some inexpensive card stock and your favorite brush lettering, pens and your brush lettering a name. And then you can put a tip jar out that people continue if they'd like Teoh. It gives you a reason to attract people in makes a little bit of extra money. You get the practice and you're adding this service. What do you need to know when you're adding a service? Does quality count? Absolutely. Every time, every customer, every everything service is the one area you cannot scrimp. You know a penny saved is not a penny earned in the service industry because service is human contact. So what do you need to focus on? The first thing that you need to know is that you are filling people's needs. You're doing what they can't do for themselves or what they simply don't want to do for themselves. If you're looking for service opportunities, focus on time. If you can save them time, people are usually happy to hire a service. Also, you can take a look at pleasure. Ah, lot of service industry things are focused around happiness, things that may relieve stress or relieve sadness. Make sure to provide extensive training to the employees about how to succeed. It is worth the cost, and it is worth the effort. The worst thing that can happen is in trying to add a service, and people not being prepared for It ends up giving people a worse experience. So if your primary dimension is a product, what does it look like when a product business tries to add a service? A very common one is the in home party. You can come and you can give people in real time a chance in an environment that they're already comfortable with trying your product. Ah, product at the store can feel very different than a product feels in their home. And even if they decide not to buy it, if a week later they're like, Oh, man, I really kind of miss having that in my house. Boom. You have a sale a week later. Personal shopping is something that's awesome around the holidays, but it could be used any time of year. I know when I was a teenager, I worked at a Children's clothing store, and I would often have fathers come in and be like, Hey, I want to surprise my wife with clothes for the kids here. Their sizes and I could just go around and pick whatever I liked and I loved it. Curbside pickup is similar in that it is very current and very popular. Think about ways that you can let your clients just text you what they want and they can come and just pick it up. Easy is that layaway may not be as popular, but especially if you have large items. It can be really nice for people to have the option toe work towards owning them. Think about doing a makeover or product training. It is really fun for people. Toe have demos, but hands on experience with your product can really create a buying experience for them, and it is a service gift. Wrapping is awesome. Another one of my favorites is daycare. When I go to a grocery store that has a child care option, it always is a better environment for me to be able to drop off my kid. I know they're playing and having a good time, and I am able to go ahead and take my time to shop for the products I need. What if you're an experience based business and you want to add a service? Let's take a look. Daycare here is an option as well. Valet parking There's nothing better than just handing your keys off and walking right through the front door. Instead of searching for your car in the parking lot in the rain and the snow in the dark. Right? Thes items with an experience there often feel very pampering. Stroller and wheelchair rental can similarly give people a wonderful experience having an information desk or a tour guide. Er personal host, giving somebody a person that can take them on this experience. Something as simple as a coat checker, a locker. I know it seems like a small thing, but for me, one of the quickest ways to destroy an experience is when I'm left walking around with 1/2 empty soda and my purse and then the jackets of two people, and all of a sudden, any time I want to do anything, there's all this shuffling and shifting, so being able to just set that all down really makes a difference. Clean up. I've heard parents say, I love having my birthday party at such and such a place because I don't have to lift a finger in clean up. So it's a big deal. Go ahead and tell people that that's something that you offer here again. We have the recording, your photographer, whether you're doing that yourself or whether you're finding somebody to do it for you. Another really easy thing to do is to provide the service of relaxation. Experiences are often family affairs, and something that is important to recognize is that the needs of the entire family don't match. And while some people are doing great with the pace, sometimes it can outpace others. And so I know from my own experience of adding a couple extra chairs to my booth on the outside where they're not in my way, I have have many very grateful parent's or grandparent's that just needed the chance to sit down first aid. I know it makes a very big difference to me whether you say, Hey, do you have a Band Aid and I get a no or I get somebody digging around in a drawer and they had to be something that I'm pretty sure will bring more germs onto my little kids owie than to relieve it. Ah, I love when there is a plan in place and they say absolutely, and they hand me not one but two or three band aids along with a little bit of like an alcohol wipe or something. It just makes me feel like this business is prepared to take care of me. So how do you cheat when you want to add a service? Vendors, vendors, vendors? Instead of trying to learn all these new ways to help people go ahead and just find the people that already know those skills and bring them in. Find the people that you love the way they make you feel, and all of a sudden you've got like a ball out of the park for your clients. If you just love the way somebody plays music, have them play it during dinner at your place. Having top notch professionals working under you for your business will give your business a really good name and reputation 6. How to add an Experience: let's look, adding an experience. Now people are going to have an experience whether or not you add an experience. So this is the dimension that is one I am extremely familiar with. But it is hot in the market right now, and it's fun to try and add more, but it's also really tough. So let's look at some of the ways to do it when you're adding an experience, does quality matter and I, for one, feel like it doesn't really matter that much. Obviously, good quality is better than bad quality. But any experience is going to give people memories, and that is what we're thirsting for. I don't feel like you have to work miracles, toe, have it be worth it, work within your budget, try and find ways to just do a little bit extra at first and build on it and learn and grow . Even very small experiences can add a lot to somebody's overall time with you. Remember the five senses here, see touch, taste, smell. Your customers will be using these regardless if you could be aware and intentional in directing that symphony. Oh, the power music is so easy and so effective, even if you're just playing it off your phone now, there is a difference between the environment that you are creating and an actual experience be aware of both. Now people are emotional, and that is a huge part of their experience, and this could be taken care of with good service. But paying attention to how a person feels while they're at your place is almost like 1/6 sense. For example, putting up a sign of you know cute little boy and girl figure with an arrow or putting up a sign about the history or the science behind your experience can help people feel like their interest is being satisfied and they're being taken care of. And they're not getting bored. Let's look at how a product can incorporate adding an experience. Free samples, sample pens. A little free trial of perfume is really fun. And of course, the edible samples are amazing. You can also give an in home trial or a 30 day guarantee kind of the. The idea is to be able to give people a chance to use your product, have experiences with your product, make memories with your product and all of a sudden they want it because it's become a part of their routine. Now, how cool is it? If, instead of just giving away your free sample, you can create a game or a chance to win the free product? I can't tell you how many trade shows air outdoor festivals cause that's where I work primarily you'll see a little beanbag toss or you'll see one of those wheel of fortune spinners where you're heard. It did it, did it, did it, did it. And you have this chance to win now if you win this awesome product and you can't wait to go around telling other people, like all, look how cool this is. Look what I want America. Oh, where did you get that? I want to try that, and it's bringing more people to you there but also connects them to this experience that they had with your product. Try adding sense to your products or just here space. Be aware of the climate. If you have a heater when it's cold outside, or if you have a fan when it's hot, people will love their experience they're having with you. Of course you want a space that looks nice, but people are fanatics about taking Q pictures. So if you have funny props or one of those boards with the head cut out, put your logo on it in a really obnoxious place and they will still put their face in it. Take the picture and upload it to social media. It's a great way for you to have this advertising in these marketing opportunities, but it's giving them an experience. They're stopping what they're doing. They're interacting with you. They're interacting with your booth. They're interacting with your product. Think about either taking your product and making it a little itty bitty and tiny, or take your product and make it absolutely huge. Ah, huge bottle of Tabasco sauce is something people are going to want a picture of special events. This is something that again in our market today is just exploding. Everybody is celebrating something. So if you have a fund space with great products, why not figure out a way to have a little bit of an empty room where people can come in and love what you dio and have a birthday party there, or have a ladies night that is the key to a good experience is getting it with other people . Maybe it's a mommy daughter. Or maybe it's a couples night being able to get people with the people they love doing something fun, another really easy way toe. Adding experience to your product is to add a performer, and this can be as simple as somebody dressed up. I know I recently went to a grand opening, and there was somebody dressed up like a pickle. And everybody including me, you can see needed our picture with typical because that's just fun, right? We want things that are going to be fun now what if you're a service based business and you want to add an experience? If you cover the cost of the product in these options, it becomes an experience you might want to add snacks or music. Live music. You might want to add some really funky furniture or something to climb around on. You may have a toy room for the kids or fish tanks. You may control the scent like we talked about before, having a diffuser or a toaster oven that you throw a couple of hunks of cookie dough in, you know, every three hours. Although that would not work for me, I would end up eating all of those cookies. Screens can be another way that we can add an experience to a service. No. How do you cheat here, get a D. J. DJs can take anything and make it awesome. I am amazed at what a difference a good D J can make. I was at ah, Christmas party recently, and the D. J had bought his own raffle ticket. So during the entire Raphel, he kept razzing people that his ticket was gonna win and he would tell the kids he was brokenhearted because that was the prize he had wanted. And it was absolutely hilarious. And it gave everybody this awesome experience there at the party. You can also consider a new venue. So by bringing your products into a new space and doing a little pop up, you can have the chance to get in front of new people. But you can also give your clients the chance to see you in a new environment. Another way to have a new experience is to participate in a special event, whether it's affair a festival of five K evening on the river there, all over, and they're looking for new things. So how wonderful for you to be able to take yourself into a new environment. Imagine that there is a honey maker. A beekeeper K decides to do a pop up at a special event. And so there they are, next to the fire breathers and everybody that is holding this pot of honey and buying it are watching somebody brief fire. And then those memories are in that honey. And the next time the person runs out of honey, they're gonna be like, I want more fire, honey, and they'll come to your shop. We've talked a lot about going out and cheating and finding other people to fill the needs . What's awesome is this works in the reverse direction. Think about your primary level, and are there people that need that as their secondary or third dimension, take your primary dimension and tack it onto them. So get others to add. You look for those wind winds around you. If you go up to somebody, you say, Hey, I'd love for you to hire me. They'll be like, OK, maybe if I need you someday. But if you go up to that same person and you say, Hey, I have 50 clients that love to come and see me, but I'm looking for a way to be able to give them a new, more vibrant experience. And I love what you dio could we host a special event at your place? And, you know, all of a sudden, you know, their eyes go big and their jaw drops and they're like, Ah, how does next week sound? It can be really exciting to be able to to join in this two dimensional, three dimensional journey with other people. Because now you're creating a labyrinth of I'm helping you. You're helping me and these dimensional businesses. Linking together is just a beautiful thing. If you want to look more at this, check out my neck Working for ninjas class Now, even when you become a master is so important and powerful toe, understand your primary dimension. Remember your beginnings. Connect to your heritage. I want you to think of a pyramid and you have your first or your base and then you have your second and then you have your third up at the top. You don't want to get so focused on giving your guests on amazing experience that your service suffers or your products fail because it's going to feel like that pyramid got turned upside down and is smashing. You remember who you are. 7. Practice : Sometimes it can be really hard to look at ourselves and to know. Okay, but who am I or what do I offer? So we're gonna practice here in this little quiz by identifying a primary dimension and then brainstorming a second and third. Here's a list of eight different businesses. I want you to take a minute, grab a piece of paper and a pencil, and jot down what comes to mind immediately for the first dimension on all eight businesses . Then, after that, I want you to pick three. I want you to imagine that you've been hired as a consultant. You go in there and they want to know how to make their business better. So you know what they do primarily and they do it well. But you've got this awesome chance to give them a second dimension and 1/3 dimension. And I want you to map out what do those dimensions look like for them? Feel free to throw it into your project section. I'm going to have a document where I do that for every single one of these businesses. And if you'd like, go ahead and tell me what it is that you do, and I'll do it for your business to. I'm happy to give you my thoughts on. Then I'd love to know what you feel like your primary dimension is. 8. Apprentice-Tradesman-Master: remember, we talked about being an apprentice and moving to a tradesman, and we all have the ultimate goal of becoming a master. At this. We want to be a master, while I wanted to show you a master with a primary dimension of each of the three dimensions. So I want to start here with the product Master the restaurant. When we go to a restaurant, we are looking for food. It be pretty silly if we went to the restaurant and left without eating anything, right? So we know primary dimension is their product, but let's look at how much time and attention they give to their second and third dimensions. First, when you walk into a restaurant, there is often a hostess or a greeter that is there to ask you. Hi, Welcome to such and such restaurant tonight. What do you guys out celebrating? How many's in your party? Your server will be with you for the entire night. Their job is to make sure that you are comfortable. They will ask you what you'd like to eat. Bring out your meal, check how it is. They really are service professionals. Not only is the server serving you but the cook isas. Well, if you're like me, it's like, Well, I want 1/2 portion of this, and then if I can add that and I wanna you know, please don't put the pickles on or whatever it gets complicated, and the cook needs to be able to provide that service to you of a custom order. Your server takes your drink order to the bar the bartender mixes. You're drinking, gives it back to the server. So you've got at least four individuals if the manager doesn't come by and check on you during your meal, which at many restaurants they will. So we have this amazing product, and now we have exceptional service. But what does a restaurant do? Toe add to the experience. They may have life music, especially if it's on the weekend. Ah, lot of restaurants have free food. They'll give you peanuts or rolls or my favorite chips and salsa for you to munch on while you go through their menu. Another thing that restaurants are great at is they try and make it a kid friendly environment, a family friendly environment. They do this through having toys. The kids can play with or having a special night of the week where you know you can take your kids because it's their family night and maybe they have a couple extra things. But you know that if your kids a little rowdy that night, there isn't somebody having their anniversary dinner. Another thing that they focus on is the decor. They try and make sure that there's a theme around and that their food is being supported by this awesome feeling. I love when I walk into a restaurant and I feel like I have either moved to a different country, or at least a different state, and it's like, Oh my goodness, I'm in Texas It could be so much fun, especially if they have, you know, the fish tank or the iguana or something that really gives you that this is different and you move from having your common experience to having a master level experience. Let's take a look at the ServiceMaster now. This is going to be the salon hands down every way they win this award. A salons primary dimension is service. Welcome to heaven. You have so many options here. Hair coloring, styling, waxing massages, yoga, mud baths and the people who work there are true professionals. It's no joke that many should be given on honorary counseling degree. But what do they dio to try and become three dimensional, They add wonderful products. They have lots of hair care products or lotion, skin care, things that you can take home and continue to pamper yourself. And some even have select boutiques in the front of them where they have jewelry or clothing. Adding experience in the salon. They do this so well. They control every little bit of your experience. The temperature of the water, the scalp massaged, the smell of the room, the sound of the little waterfall, the scent of the hair care products, the mirrors, the candles for ambience, the light music or just sound effects in the background. It is the environment of relaxation or they'll do group events. So you're there with all your lady friends or you're there with your daughter or your there . You know, with your mom, you want to have a fun time. You want to share that time with people you care about. But even if you're all alone, the salon does a great job of giving you a positive experience. So who gets the Experience Master Award? We all know it's the amusement park mean in their name. It says This is the fun place, right? So their primary dimension is the experience That's easy to see. People go there to make memories. Absolutely. But look at how well they do with their services. They have the parking attendant and the storage facilities on the photographer. That's going to take your picture as soon as you walk in. And everywhere in the park itself, you're going to run into people in costume that you can take pictures with or people that will draw your picture or people that will paint your face or people that will play music for you. It just it's everywhere, and you can't help but be served by some of these individuals. You may also find yourself wanting some of the products I know. Food and drink are very popular souvenirs. Of course, you need at least one, and then you have a lot of convenience things, or you have the needs for products of things that you forgot. Oh, my goodness. I don't have a swimsuit. Well, What do you know over there, where the water slides? Are you come by a swimsuit? You know, they have everything that you need. By becoming a 30 dimensional business, you are able to meet so many more means that you're able to be compensated for those needs . 9. Experience Master Speaks: I want to introduce you to a few of my favorite master businessman, thes air people that I've had the chance to work with and learn from as they've helped me grow in my own business. There are also people that I enjoy. Going Teoh to meet my needs is a customer. David Pennock is a master in the zoological and conservation industry. Well, what drives visitors theater a full zoo is an experience. They are looking for an experience. If they're going to tell other people to come to the zoo, it'll be almost entirely based upon the experience they had to do. That is very much mawr than having an animal that they want to see. Of course, that's gotta be there. Of course, that is the thing that drives him. And when they have that moment, when they're viewing that animal, that needs to be a valuable, intimate and important experience. But toe add to that. To surprise him with Mawr and Mawr and Mawr is the way to have him leaving, going, Oh my gosh, that's That's the best to experience I've ever had and finding those experiences that do that is a bit of a trial and error experience because you can't ask him. What would you like to see? Bill will answer that question, but they really don't even know until you've shown him something. They haven't thought about it before. Nobody says I want to go to the zoo to go get my face painted. They don't They're not thinking about that. They want to go to zoo, to see a tiger, to see a lion on their way. There they are with their young kids, and there's face painting. It's a surprise, and it's a pleasant, wonderful, active, interactive something that the child carries around the zoo on their face that advertise that interactive experience that they just had with another human being. Um, the keeper chats. They don't come to go. G was. I hope to interact with the zookeeper when they had that opportunity. They jump on, they seize it. And with this great enthusiasm, because they get a talk to the expert, there's a red panda from China. Is that an interesting? I gotta get a look at it Now. I get to talk to the person that deals with that red panda every single day of their life, and worry about all the things that wouldn't have come into my mind. It all is a patron and talk about it all of a sudden. My experience of the zoo has been enriched many times over. One of the favorite things people love about the zoo is that it's shady, that it's got this beautiful landscape. They're walking to the lions and they're walking through a beautiful landscape of trees and understory, and it feels good. And there's birds flying around. They're having an interaction with nature with native nature while they're walking over to see an exotic animal, and that is a critical to their experience as looking at the lion itself. Are there restrooms? Are they clean? Are they conveniently placed? Do they know where they are? At any point of the zoo? They know I need the restroom. My child needs the rest room. I know. Right where to go. Do I know where the exit is? Do I feel safe while I'm here? Is there food? Is there water? All of those things are incredibly important. They don't really notice it that much when they're here. If they're not here, the whole experience at the zoo changes for the negative in a miserable way, and people don't wanna wanna return. So we have a small staff that are dedicated it entirely to guest services. Taking care of the gift shop, taking care of ticket taking, taking care of events, taking care of rentals. Then, once that visitor experience hooks in to provide the next level of visitor services that provide more income to the zoo and also provides anat ID interaction for the visitor tohave it does. It was important, like renting are green for a family reunion or a corporate outing. Being able to have your birthday party here for your child and have education. People bring out animals. And Percy the Penguin comes out and interact with the kids. You know, to add things like that, those kind of services that visitors want. They didn't even know they wanted it. But once they come to the zoo and learn about it, they're eager to take to take advantage. There are so many moving parts to a zoo, you have all these species of animals, each with their own particular nutritional, emotional physical needs, medical needs, challenges that are coming up every day and so there's a good majority of the work that happens at the zoo, of course, is behind the saints. But one of the things that we're trying to do here at the zoo, as we're putting together a master plan to expand the zoo is to try to remove as much of the behind the scenes as possible and to make every behind the scenes experience, Ah, public experience. People ought to see that. You know, people don't know the extraordinary effort that the keepers and the veterinary staff go through to make these animals happy and healthy. They don't see all of those all of that time and effort that people in the passion that goes into it. We want to have the zoo B'more open to that so people can see that they can see the animal husbandry. They can see where the the diets get prepared. They could see the keeper there chopping up the fresh vegetables and stuff for the tortoises or whatever preparing the meat for the carnivores. That should be part of the visitor experience that will add another dimension of the visitor experience that will not only be interesting and captivating will add another level of trust, which is incredibly important for any organization. But for a zoo particular nine times out of 10 8 times out of 10 you know, I don't know what what the statistic would be. People are mostly looking for experience in their life. They've got a 1,000,000 places to choose from, where they go to buy clothing, to go to a restaurant, to get their gas pumps, you know, to buy a plastic container for their kitchen. Whatever you've got 96 places to go, you can order it online. Why is it that you choose this place or that place or that place? And I would I assume that the majority of the time it's the experience when you go there? 10. Service Master Speaks: Ray Gordon is a master in the health and wellness industry. So I've traveled all across the world, setting up companies, setting up fitness companies. I've done Australia, England, Norway, Sweden in every state, United States, except for North Dakota. Nothing against our code. I just go back a little bit of history of this industry. It was all about product. We came in. We were product I go back to for water Ford. It was one of my first clubs. Somebody came in a new equipment. We brought more equipment. You're always ahead of the game, and we always had new equipment. New classes, Zumba Something's always coming up in the state ahead of the game, but now that product is there for everybody. Equipment, treadmills, treadmills cost about $15,000 but everybody in town can have the same treadmill. What you then have to do is switch over to services, and we started doing that for years ago, calling people, making phone calls, getting them to use the club, throwing in more classes, throwing in a little nicer kids play for the kids area that was still under product services then that become equalled out a little bit. So now the third area that we're going into is the experience warm. Feel good for exercise because you did the right thing. Maybe making him aware of Yeah. You exercise? They did. You know what you did to prevent type two diabetes? Start bringing into medical and a whole different experience. It's gotta come from here and warm fuzzies. So now you have a product. If you don't have a good product, you're out. If you don't have service, then you better be the low cost person in town. And then the other is what did the experience. They have to have an experience. It could be that they're friends. All they said. You look like you lost weight. It could be someone in the front desk saying something good as they walked out the door. It could be way Have a constant Kontic. We sent out notes Way have our new people. We now know that the 1st 6 weeks of a non exercise is a key part. So way have a whole system set up to send him out. Thank you. Notes. Follow up calls. Touch them. All right. We're doing a thing on Friday nights are soiree just to get people to come so they can talk to each other, right? We do Facebook like, four times a week now so we could be out with our people. So all the little touches are the most important. If you haven't been an exerciser that we make sure you get in the right class way. If you come in and use the club, we are immediately send you a text and phone call at me on the back. You've lost some weight, send you an email, are sent, text call. You let you be known every time I could do some sort of a warm fuzzy, it'll come back. We do have training meetings for our cleaning crew because they talked to members in the locker rooms. How they handle how they enforce a rule. Sorry. You can't be into get out. Or do you understand the rules? Let me help you with this. Maybe didn't understand. Obviously, the membership people are trained. We have weekly and sometimes daily meeting system attitude meetings. If you want to do this, I would seriously question why do you want to do it? Are you sure? And if you are. And you know, this is what you wanna do, better study it. Implanted services and experiences were not by accident. Occasionally, they are generally their planned to a reputation of doing the same thing over and over. So you're going to do this? Don't get in there. Is that I have this plan, okay? It's gonna work they want. It's not going to be ready to write it out if you have your plan, you know, that's right. Adjustments. But have your plan how you're gonna do it and then write that plan way out. Uh, and I would also suggest that you don't make adjustments right off the back. You won't know how to make an adjustment If you don't have enough track record over here, don't try to correct your whole world. One time dry cracked one part of it and then made the plan gets cut into five pieces. It's too big to do it. One time they had just survived. And you better learn how to adjust if you're gonna survive in the long term. Because the product that people take Facebook is completely changed the way communication, bad reviews. I mean, you could get a review today from somebody in Australia. Never even been here, right? It's a changed world, and you have to adjust. Do that. And they're finding out more information about fitness all the time. Are you sure? They're just need to adjust that we're starting to get it. We're meeting right now with a big hospital group to start combining some things that we do right, Which we never did in the end, our industry. So that's why in this industry, if you know that we could just knock it off, then you you need to have all three. You need to have the experience with service with product, you know? 11. Product Master Speaks: Patrick Man is a master in the restaurant industry. There's a lot of restaurants and a lot of themselves similar food. But if you have great service, then I felt like I will keep bringing people back. Followed very closely by product right behind it. When I serve, I must felt like it was my own business. But I was the one that would take care of the table in Applebee's just serve the food. So when I was a server, I felt like, OK, this is me. I've rented five tables here, and I'm gonna, like, make a lot of money because I'm gonna be personable to the people. You got to make that connection. You have to be able to figure out who this person is and what kind of interest in that they have a hat on. Or if they have a sports team, they like you asking about that. You kind of build a little bit of a relationship and make that personal connection. It was me. I would say, Hey, just so you know, like, this is my favorite thing on the menu. I love it because of this reason, you know, And if someone asked me, Do you like this thing? I'd be honest with him and tell him in the servers Really got to be that person Teoh decide is this person won a lot of contact. Not a lot of contacts, because sometimes people want to just e and have a business meeting. Or they wanna enjoy the company that they came with. Is them feeling like the management cares and then remembering people's names or remembering what they order? The bartenders do a great job of that, and they're probably our best ones because a lot of people are traveling trouble of state places over and over and over again. So when you have a bartender that remembers what we're drinking, what your name is and what you had last time, it just brings them back every single time to come into town. If you think about it, if you've got refills, if you clean the table. If you got the order right, have you really gone above young? It's like, No, it's what people expect you to do. Your A server expect you to get their order right. Expect you to bring the food out. They expect you to clear that table. I mean, that's like you did the bare minimum. Really, It's making that personal connection and going above and beyond and making sure that they got the dressing they wanted. They wanted extra things. It z doing those little touches that makes it go a lot further in the guest mine because people go out to eat all the time and they don't get that extra little touch that I think your family guest. First of all, you have to make sure that it's the same experience you don't want to be having people go in and say, I love that experience. I was so great. And then if you're multi unit, they go to a different unit and it's terrible. Or if they come back to your own establishment on, it's a totally different experience the next time that that's just gonna kill their loyalty and they're gonna go some roads. So first of all, I'm gonna make sure this is the same. We try to really make sure that's the same experience, the same food, that it's the same feel every single time you come in. Sometimes cooks, they like to say, you know what I like to add a little bit of this and everything tastes better, or I like to do it this way because it cooks faster. So when I'm hiring people, I tell him, You know what? It's really important that when you're making a dish, especially cooking, um, that you make it the exact same way. Every time is that person is eating that one dish today. It's not that you're making 100 salads for one person to eat. You're making 100 salads for 100 different people that expect that same salad every single time way Really trained Americans, too, want fast food. They want good food, but they want fast food, so we have 14 minutes or less. That's what we've trained people in a very if it's more like 15 to 20 minutes or we're taking that long to get the food out. People are getting upset because other places doing a faster country shifting to more to go food to go to go. Cells are going through the roof and in store sells are flatlining or very small e increasing, so you'll see restaurants. Right now they're up 40% to go cells and up three or 4% in dining cells. So right now, uh, countries really value driven people are looking for a deal they're looking for. They want to be able to go out, but they don't want to spend a ton of money. So I think when you got see, you're gonna have to cater to lots of different groups. You're gonna have the people that you're budget conscious. You have the people that are going out for a nice meal that don't really care about the budget, and then you get the people between. So you have different choices for all those groups. It's kind of thinking outside the box of having a drink that's a dollar $2 to bring people in and then the order appetizers, air food as well to enhance the value perception of what they're getting here in Napoli's. I hope that having watched some of these men talk about their industries and the ways that they have tried to meet their customers, wants and needs by their products, services and experiences that they offer that you can hope start to find tune what you are offering your customers 12. The Project: the first part of your project today, you've probably already done, which is to take the quiz. I would love to have you upload your answers and to be able to explain yourself a little bit, I'd love to get to know your business. I know that we were all really proud of our businesses. And so take this as a chance to brag. Tell me what makes your primary dimension amazing. Then I want you to set two goals in your secondary dimension and one goal in your third dimension to be able to think, How could you push yourself a little bit toe learn and to grow And to take away some of what you've learned in this class? Go ahead and pick your favorite businesses that you feel like are exceptional in those other dimensions and ask why it is that they make you feel that way and then try and see if you can make other people feel that way. Thank you so much for taking this class. I'm really glad that I had the chance to be able to share some of these things with you. I hope that you've been able to feel empowered to go through and to look at your business, be ableto learn who you are and to find your primary objective and a polish that star. Then I hope that you've been able to find out a couple new things that you can take your business plan and get creative and be able to feel empowered. Teoh. Extend yourself into new directions In my own business, I have benefited so much from adding experiences and adding products to my own line. I have found that being able to give somebody something to take away besides the pain on their face that will wash away is simple. Don't feel worried about reaching out to me or to other business professionals that have their primary objective as something that isn't yours. You can say, Hey, I really like to have the second dimension. I want to add a product line, but I'm nervous. Can you tell me and Oh my gosh, people love to talk about their primary objective. Being able to be welcomed into somebody's life as a person that is going to meet some of their needs and wants is one of the most special relationships that we have and as business people. We get to do that every day. I hope that by watching this class, you've been able to learn something about the different dimensions that were engaging in and be able to learn and to grow in new ways and see new possibilities.