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Business Mindsets of Successful People

Clemens Mayer, Business Student and Sports Lover

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9 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Why you should watch this Course

    • 2. Don't change Time for Money

    • 3. Creating different Ways of Gaining Income

    • 4. The Balance between Learning and Executing

    • 5. Daily Routines

    • 6. Daily Routines I use

    • 7. How you Establish your Daily Routines

    • 8. My Project for you

    • 9. What you learned in this Class


About This Class

In this class you are going to learn:

  • why successful people try to avoid to change time for money
  • why it is an advantage to have different ways of creating income
  • what i mean by the right balance between learning and executing
  • about the importance of daily routines


1. Why you should watch this Course: Hello and welcome to this video course today. I'm going to talk about business mindsets. On the one hand, things you should The white 22 On the other hand, things are successful people always try to do. I'm also going to show you things or lessons how you can establish the tips and tricks I will give you in your own life. So if interested, come and join this class. 2. Don't change Time for Money: one thing successful people would never do or try to avoid. He's changing time for money because it has some negative aspect when you do that, first of all, the day only has 24 hours. So when you get 10 or 20 or even 100 um, dollars power Well, whatever your Oh yeah, you're the The wage you can earn is limited. So you have to find ways when you want to get rich, to have a high income to optimize your income or try to not have to think about the time you work. So you have to have a value, or you have to put time in your project in the beginning, which is also a very tough thing, I have to say. But then after that, you can still earn money from it, weeks or months, maybe even years later. So what am I thinking about? First of all, there is on land shops. You can do it. I can do e books which you sell, and of course, skill share video watching right now is another way. Yeah, you can do it. The problem is when you employed and that they only has 24 hours for everyone. When you want to get to earn more money, you can do two things. First of all, you can try to get more money per hour, which most companies don't like to hear, or you can simply work more hours per day. But as I said in the beginning, the money you can earliest limited. So try to look for ways to yeah, autumn eyes it or don't have to think about time and you earn money. Yet without thinking about the time so it can. It has positive advantages. One of the biggest ones is of course, yeah, you could earn. Maybe it $1 million. It's just a number about in one hour, and then the next day it's possible that don't earn anything. So you have to think about this ups and downs and yeah, I have to know that, of course, you can combine two things, which is a good thing. In the beginning, I would say to have an employee job where you get Ah yeah, alone every hour. So you have a income bridges, Yeah, the regular basis. And try to look for ways to get more ways of creating income, which I will talk about in detail in the next video 3. Creating different Ways of Gaining Income: when you want to be successful, you have to think about different ways off creating income. What do I mean by that? Where you're employed person and you get fired, We'll lose a job simply. And the problem is that you have no other airway off early money. You have to look for another job. But when you are working for yourself when the self employed the different ways of creating income, one of those is Yeah, As I said many, many times, Uh, yeah, using e books using, uh, newsletters. Where can sell stuff? Another option is to send people to your partners and get a percentage when they sell something to them, you are get a promotion percentage so that different ways you can create income, passive income and also active income. When you really work for your clients, this is a very important thing to talk about. When you trying this way, the biggest advantages. Dead. Yeah, you don't have to think about it so much when it when it really works. And you have, like 456 ways of getting income and one or two of them isn't working. You don't have to be in trouble don't have to stop because another there are also in other ways which you can compensate and try to think about other ways off, creating income. When you only have one way off getting income and it fails, then you're in big trouble. So always think about different ways. For example, I have a friend who has nine ways off getting income, so he's pretty relaxed because he knows when one or two were even five or six of them. Are not working, then is not in trouble, and it will be pretty easy to come back for him. So always think about different ways of creating this income and have just want more options to earn money, because when the hard times which will appear in your life also, then you are you prepared for that and Kingo and stand through that 4. The Balance between Learning and Executing: The next thing I want to talk about is that successful people have a right balance between learning and executing. What do you mean by that? I know a huge number of people who is reading books, watching interviews of successful people. Listen to all your books, all this kind of stuff. But they never come to the point of executing its I really don't know what it is. Maybe they're afraid off losing or failing. And yeah, different reasons. And another psychologist, Um, But when you want to be successful, of course, you always have to execute on the other side. You can't execute without having your plan when you have absolutely no idea what you want to do and simply start executing its sure that they're going to fail. So it's important beginning to have, ah, basic information about the topic or the thing you want to start. And then it's all about executing, trying it out, also failing. But you're simply don't stopping. So always think about having a right balance between learning and then on the other side, executing because where they want to be successful. It's key that to come to the point to execute and simply see what works and what things you have to improve 5. Daily Routines: The first thing I want to talk about is having daily routines. Yeah, which kind of daily routines to a mean and which kinds are existing. In fact, it doesn't matter which kind of daily routines you have, whether it's going to make sports in the morning. Going to talk or meditating or listening to music just doesn't matter. I would recommend you to do it in the morning because we do in the morning. You have done it and you don't forget do it during the day. Because, of course, everyone has stressful days, and we're doing the afternoon evening. Yeah, sometimes it's hard to do, and when you do in the morning, you can do it every day on a regular basis and simply to it at the same time. This also helps. Yeah, why is it good to have daily routines and which advantages? Yeah, our existing. I think the biggest advantage of having daily routines is to start every day equally because, of course, there are good days, bad days, days where it's cold outside, where the weather is bad, where you want to stay in bed and simply do nothing. It's absolutely normal, But when you have to stay in routines. They help you to stand up and, yeah, simply start every day. Equally, we have a good day. It's important to calm down because you noted, you can't have a good day, always whenever bad day. The routines help you to stay motivated and simply, uh, do the things you have to do, because in business it's always the same. There's some things you have to do in this day, and they have to be done. So daily routines can also mean to create a to do list to do list. Help me, especially when I have a lot of things to do. You have to put them in order and to sort out which things are important, which things I should yeah, do first and which things I can do later to do lists. I would recommend you to take a simple A four paper and folded three or four times so it fits in a pocket and you can take Take it, yeah, the whole day with you and not to put too many things to do. On this day off course, we should point out the most important ones, but I would recommend you to take two or three important steps you want to do to stay, write them on the paper and then simply raise them or, yeah, put them away when you've done it and when you're finished with this point, because the negative thing is when you have too many things on the to do list, you will get confused, and you probably will be disappointed when a don't managed to do all things in the day. So stay realistic and pick out two or three things you want to do in the state. So to sum it up for this part of the video, it's not that important, which kinds off your routines. You have it simply important to think about what happens to the most, whether it's sports or meditating or listening to music or whatever. Um, for me, it's important, or what helps me is listening to music, especially motivating music in the morning to Yeah, I get focused, get a wake up in the morning because it simply and the person was very tired. So you have to think about what helps you the most. There's no plane a you can you can take. Just think about it and try it out, and then you will see what works the best for you 6. Daily Routines I use: Now I want to talk about my daily routines, which I use in which helped me to stay focused, stay motivated and, yeah, simply start with in a positive way in the day. And don't be negative or be stressed when everything works against me, especially in the winter. I hated when it's cold outside. So what helps me? I was talking about it in the video before. I like to hear motivating music in the morning to simply wake up and get ready for the day . Another thing which I really enjoy, is doing sports in the morning. Why do it? Well, first of all, sports is important part in my life and helps me to stay fit not just physically, but also mentally, and do in the morning to simply have done it from a checklist that it's finished because, yeah, the day is most of the times hard to plan. So sometimes I have meetings and sometimes stay out pretty long, so I can't always say, Yeah, I can do it in the afternoon every time in the evening, so I simply try to do it in the morning that it's done and yeah, that I finished it for a day. Another thing which I also do, is to do lists as a start to write them in the evening before. So when I wake up the next morning, it's ready on the table and know exactly what things I want to do because some days when you really tired, wake up and you have no idea what you want to do in this day. And I think most of the people out there notice and yeah, emotional this thing and it's great to wake up and simply see 0.1 point 2.3, which I have to do on this day. And you're simply working that and do it. So these are the three main daily routines, which I have, um, listen to music in the morning, making sports in the morning and yeah, in the evening, writing a to do list, what I have doing the next the next day. Of course, there are many other ways off. Yeah, putting up or having daily routines is that it wants to work for me, and I think, yeah, it also pretty productive ones we should, which should help you as well 7. How you Establish your Daily Routines: But of course, I don't just want to speak about myself. I want to give you some tips how you can establish your daily routines. First of all, it's important to know to start small. When I was starting my first daily routines, I wanted to change my whole yeah, day simply. I wanted to stay up longer in the evening, wake up early in the morning, make more sports, and I wanted to do many things at the same time. But I simply found out that it doesn't directed way, so I would recommend you and give it a twice to start with one to daily routines in the beginning and tried to establish them. It's important that you know that this daily routines take some, say, 30 days. Some say up to 90 days to establish, so we'll do it one week and then stopping it. You have to start from the very beginning, so try to be to have disciplined toe. Yeah, do it simply until it's autumn ized for you, and you don't have to think about it anymore. Another thing I would recommend to do is to track your daily routines. So when you have and paper. We're at where you can track what you did this day, Um, tried to write down and simply see the success or try to see what you've managed to do. Think about that. It's not happening from one day to the other, but it takes a lot of small steps to reach ago. So stay. Start with small or maybe one or two daily routines, which you use and track them that are the most important things and don't get stressed. Don't get in a negative mood when it takes longer to establish them. It's like everything in life when you started new, you have to do it a lot of times a lot of repetitions until it gets normal for you. So don't stay negative. Just start from now and you will see it will work for you when you stay focused and stay disciplined and try it 8. My Project for you: and I want to give you project, which you can work on the tone. I want you to think about the negative attitudes or the negative routines mindsets, which kept you down from being creative and from following your goals writing down, think about them and then share them with the Cuban community and tried to think about the negative attitudes you had and tried to transform them into positive ones, which will give you the energy and help you throughout the following weeks, months and hopefully even years. 9. What you learned in this Class: No, I want to sum up this video. First of all, I was talking about the fact that successful people tried to avoid changing time for money . The second part of the second thing you learned is to have different ways off income, different, Yeah, ways of income. Simply because of that, because there will be hard times And when you have to for 345 and yeah, maybe even more ways off gaining money or having an income. It will be better for you when there are hard times for sure. They will come sometime in your life where you don't expect them. And then it's better to have different ways, because then it's much safer for you if maybe one or two of them don't work out and yeah, when employed and get fired to simply have to look for a new job. But when you have been yourself employed and having and a number off different ways of creating income, you're much more flexible in tough times. The third part I was talking about was the right balance between learning and executing, which is very important when you want to be successful, you have to learn on the one hand. But on the other hand, you always have to execute and try to use this information. You? Yeah, you learned because we don't do that, you won't be successful. It's as easy as death. You have to simply execute and try to used information. Yeah, you got last but not least, I want to talk about daily routines. They're very important because to help you stay positive and stay successful. And because of that also, I was giving you the project. I hope you work on that. And it will help you to use the daily routines and to if you had negative daily routines to turn and them into positive ones and to use them on a daily basis. I hope you enjoyed the video. And I hope we see each other again in the next video. See you soon. Bye.