Business Mindsets of Successful People | Clemens Mayer | Skillshare

Business Mindsets of Successful People

Clemens Mayer, Business Student and Sports Lover

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9 Videos (17m)
    • Why you should watch this Course

    • Don't change Time for Money

    • Creating different Ways of Gaining Income

    • The Balance between Learning and Executing

    • Daily Routines

    • Daily Routines I use

    • How you Establish your Daily Routines

    • My Project for you

    • What you learned in this Class


About This Class

In this class you are going to learn:

  • why successful people try to avoid to change time for money
  • why it is an advantage to have different ways of creating income
  • what i mean by the right balance between learning and executing
  • about the importance of daily routines





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Clemens Mayer

Business Student and Sports Lover

Hello and welcome to my Skillshare Profile!

My name is Clemens and I would like to tell you something more about myself.

I have two passions in my life: business and sports. I used to play tennis professionally.

Now I'm studying business at the university of economics in vienna and love to stay in shape

with different kinds of sports.

I hope you enjoy my videos and have a lot of fun watching them :-)

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