Business Financing for the Solopreneur | Tiffany C. Wright | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Overview

    • 3. Capital 101

    • 4. Cashflow and Sources

    • 5. Traditional Debt

    • 6. Blended Debt

    • 7. Alternative Debt

    • 8. Alternative Financing

    • 9. Final Thoughts


About This Class

If you have been wondering how to obtain funding to grow your solo entrepreneur - solopreneur - business, join Tiffany C. Wright to learn how. What are the sources of business financing available to you and how do you find them? What needs to be done to access those business funding  sources? This is the same type of information Tiffany covers in her book targeted at larger businesses, The Funding Is Out There! Access the Cash You Need to Impact Your Business. Although Tiffany has served as a CFO and COO to several businesses and has an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management, she is very good at explaining funding and entrepreneurship to all kinds of entrepreneurs. This class is perfect for solopreneurs, micro business owners, freelancers and consultants.






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Tiffany C. Wright

I Help You Strengthen and Fund Your Business

A 20-year veteran of the profit-driving side of the business, Tiffany C. Wright is unique among experts. After more than twenty years as an engineer, financial manager, owner and CFO/COO, Tiffany understands firsthand the challenges small and medium businesses face. She's actually strategized and executed funding and financing plans that have helped multiple small and medium businesses obtain funding or financing in amounts ranging from $100,000 to $6.5 million. She has worked with private eq...

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