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Business English - Wolf of Wall Street

teacher avatar Joe Madrid

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. WOW Intro

    • 2. What do you do?

    • 3. How much do you make?

    • 4. Boiler Room

    • 5. IPO

    • 6. Investing in Italy

    • 7. Thank You!

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About This Class

You will learn new business English phrases and words while looking at clips from an American movie and true story, Wolf of Wall Street. In addition to English words and phrases, I will introduce some fun facts regarding the English 

Meet Your Teacher

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Joe Madrid


Joe Madrid graduated from the University of North Texas in 2005 with a Bachelor of Business Economics.


He proceeded to work in the financial services industry in various capacities, including Credit Risk Analyst and Vice President of Operations.


In 2015, Joe moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to volunteer with an international organization aimed at helping underserved youth.


His online teaching career started in 2017 with a top-tier Chinese company.  Today, Joe is a recruiter for an international online teaching company and is in the process of building his own online business.

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1. WOW Intro: Hello, everyone. And welcome to my course business English Wolf of Wall Street. In this course, you will learn some new words and phrases while we look at some clips from one of my favorite movies, Wolf of Wall Street. Additionally, I will introduce you to some fun facts throughout the lesson. I hope you find this course valuable and please enjoy 2. What do you do?: In this first clip, Jordan Belfort and Donnie Azoff meet for the first time at a local cafe. Donny notices Jordan's car outside and is immediately interested in what Jordan does for work is What do you do when you play me? When I do for work, what do you do? All right. So, guys, let's look at a few different ways that you can ask someone what they do for work. 1st 1 What is your occupation? Wow, you dress important. What's your occupation? What is your job? Dude, you're always posting selfies at the beach. What's your job? What line of work are you in? Holy cow! You have a huge house. What line of work are you in? What kind of work do you do, bro? You own a private jet? What kind of work do you do? What's your profession, Dude? Rolex watches are expensive. What's your profession and what do you do for a living? You just bought another car. What do you do for a living? So guys fun. Fact. About 490,000 Americans are cooks at fast food restaurants like McDonald's or Burger King. That's a lot of people, but Americans eat a lot of fast food. Get in my belly 3. How much do you make?: During this next clip, Jordan just told Donny that he is a stockbroker. Now. Donnie wants to know how much money Jordan makes. Stockbroker stopping Childrens furniture. Good feel. It's all right. Make a lot of money. Yeah, I do all right for myself. Now, before we look at some alternative ways to ask someone how much they make a quick cultural note, it is quite rude or considered in polite if you ask someone directly how much they make, at least in the United States, rude. However, if you're good friends, that may be okay. But in general, when you meet someone for the first time, you shouldn't ask them how much they make. Alright, some alternatives. Alternative number one. What's your salary? Your A five star shift in Hong Kong? If you don't mind me asking, what's your salary? Number two. What's your income? You don't look like you're doing so great. What's your income? Number three. What's your wage? What's your wage requirement for accepting this job? Number four. What's your pay? I studied art for 10 years at university. Oh yeah? What's your pay number? Five. What's your compensation? I'm getting a promotion and moving to Singapore. Wow, What's your compensation and our last example? How much do you get paid? My life has changed since I became an instagram influencer. Really? How much do you get paid? Another note. These phrases may pop up during a job interview. Employers will want to know how much you are currently making. That way, they can make the best offer. My guys. Let's check out another fun fact. The president of the United States makes $400,000 a year. This doesn't include extra money for travel expenses. 4. Boiler Room: all right. In this next clip, Jordan is giving his team a motivational speech in order to increase cells. There is no nobility in poverty. I have been a rich man and I have been a poor man and actuals rich, thick, rich. When I have to face my problems, I show up in the back of a limo. We're in a $2000 suit. Would a great motivational speech. By the way, if you want to motivate someone, you should promise them money and material things. Now I want to introduce you to a few new terms. Hard sell hard sell means an aggressive way up selling something or a method of selling something that puts a lot of pressure on the potential customer. Example. Jordan is going for that hard sell benchmark for future business can. For sure, you finally found a broker on Wall Street that you can trust and who can consistently make you money South. Fair enough. Yeah, You say I'm pretty impressed. What do you think, Kevin? You give me one shot here on a blue chip stock like Kodak number two boiler room. A boiler room is a room or office used my people using the phone to sell something, especially shares and stock in an aggressive or dishonest way. Example. Some people thought Stratton Oakmont was a famous investment firm, but in reality it was just a boiler room. Say mean to tell me that if I put you in a Union Carbide in a seven out of 32 Texas Instruments at 11 and took you out of 47 U. S. Steel, it's 16. Took you out of 40 1 would be saying to me right now, Chester, pick me up a few 1000 shares of Dizzy on the spot right now. Come on. I mean, honestly, Kevin, Honestly, Seriously, I e number three cold call. A cold call is a telephone call to someone that you do not know in order to sell them something. Example. My average day includes cold calling 100 potential clients to sell them life insurance. Hi, Gene. It's Steve from Sent the source software. How are you? Were with the worldwide good, good love to describe our new platform and get you onboard. You know, it's a great opportunity. You got 30 seconds. Okay. Well, basically, it's a and the last word pitch pitch is a talk or argument used by a person trying to sell something and trying to get someone to buy it. Example. Bob. You have 10 minutes to pitch this app to Google or were done. Don't mess it up, but in fact, investment bankers work an average of 77 hours a week. That is about 11 hours a day for seven days a week. Whoa! 5. IPO: in this next clip. Stratton Oakmont Jordan's firm is partnering with Steve Madden in his initial public offering, also known as an I. P O. Enter Steve Madden, right, American Cop, Red Hot Ladies Footwear Impresario And thanks to Donnie, we were taking his company public. Stratton Oakmont was crawling out of the primordial ooze pond scum. No more an I P. O. Is where a company is offering shares to the public for the first time. Companies do this to raise money from public investors. Now let's take a look at some I p o terminology term number one going public. In addition to the acronym I P. O. You will hear the term going public so going public and AIPO mean the same thing. Example. Facebook's stock price has gone up tremendously since going public in 2012. Right now, this all seems like a big deal. Next term Road Show, A road show is a series of meetings in different cities, where executives from the company have an opportunity to talk to potential investors. They take this time to give a hard sell to potential investors and tell them why they should invest in their company example, we need to have an effective road show. That way we can raise as much money as possible in our I p o. All right. Fun fact. The recent Saudi Aramco AIPO was the largest IAP You ever raising over $25 billion? That's a lot of money. 6. Investing in Italy: in this next clip. Jordan's wife, Naomi, is upset because Jordan kept saying the name Venice in his sleep at night. Venice can be a name of a woman, but it also happens to be a city in Italy. Jordan tries to get out of his line by saying he is investing in Italy. That's right. That's right, I forgot. Forgot Donnie and I were in investing in a condominium complex in Venice. That's why that's why all this confusion for investing in NATO. So let's check out a few terms regarding investing first term plow money into something. This means to invest a lot of money into something in order to make it successful or improve it. Example. Wall Way is plowing money into five G in order to capture the market a similar term. Put money into something this means to put money into something to improve it or to hopefully gain profit. Example. I want to put money into a savings account so I can earn interest on my money. On a side note. Don't expect to become rich off interests in a savings account. It's not happening. Next phrase sink money into something this means to spend a large amount of money on a business or another piece of work example. We need to sink money into our economy and order for it to grow quicker. All right, guys. Fun Fact. The abroad Out a baked is the world's most expensive building. The total cost of construction for this building is estimated at about 15.5 $1,000,000,000 touching. 7. Thank You!: thank you for taking my short business. English course. I hope that you learned some new words and some new phrases. I will continue posting short courses that will introduce you to some new vocabulary words . Some phrases and some idioms. I hope to see you again and thank you once again by