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Business Development Skills- Developing Transferrable Sales Skills

teacher avatar Silvia Njoki, Self trained artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction to Business Development

    • 2. Your Class project

    • 3. Defining Business Development & Value Offering

    • 4. Decision Intelligence (DQ Selling)

    • 5. Incorporating DQ in Developing Connections

    • 6. Tools to Use for Business Development (CRM)

    • 7. Tools to Use (CRM Part II)

    • 8. Creating Systems within your Project

    • 9. Pricing Solutions you Provide for Clients

    • 10. Acquiring Support through Mentorship

    • 11. Summary

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About This Class


Business Development

Take your business to business (B2B) sales skill to a new level with this class. This class is ideal for new people in the industry. It provides you with an opportunity to understand how to incorporate these skills in your personal life as well as for the growth of your business. 

I take you through how to increase your skills in the area through sharing personal examples from my roles as a: 

  1. Founder of Nature and Life 
  2. Work experience as a Business Development Executive. 
  3. Freelance Artist

Therefore, as a student you get to understand what is Business Development and why it is important for your personal and business life. 

The objective of the class is to:

1. Train students on what is Business Development

2. Demystify beliefs on selling through comparing Decision Intelligence and Direct Product Selling

3. Teach on the role of systems in enabling one to grow their network

4. Sharing various CRM tools available to those looking to incoroporate Business Development (BD) in their business life. 

5. Go over how to price solutions 

6. Incorporate mentorship for increased growth

By the end of the class, a student should feel more confident about growing their skills in the field. They can also test out tools for business growth for their project. 

Furthermore, a student should effectively be able to transfer these skills into their conversations with others. Remembering you can always build your connections through establishing value. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Silvia Njoki

Self trained artist


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1. Introduction to Business Development: Hello everyone and welcome back to my Skillshare class. My name is Sylvain jockey and Albia instructed throughout this course. Business development is something that is important for everyone looking to grow their business, then network or a project they want to walk on. In this class, we'll be going through how to develop different areas. More so looking into developing organization's own personal reasons, but will also address what are the underlying factors that drive organizational growth through incorporating business development. I've been in this field for past few years and over that period of time, the main thing that I have identified is you have to keep evolving nature, the nature of business and the nature of partnerships is that so many things come into play which informed decisions made by organizations and having in mind the need for you to think first about providing value for others and shows you can always provide value moving forward. And you'll easily be able to adapt to new changes that coming into their environment. I'm so excited to have you on this path and let's just get started early. 2. Your Class project: So in this first portion we're going to be going over the class project. So for this project, I want you to go and do something crazy, a little bit crazy in my opinion, which is to call a few people within your network based on a value proposition that you went to provide while also understanding whether you are actively providing a guide. So that may be in relation to your QI project that you went to our code and see for instance, previously I want to index. Or it could be for your organization as I am walking with nature in life and other organizations where I am employed at. Well, it could even be for your own personal project in that urine to establish relationships with other people within the business sector or in different fields. And I want you to do that, do actively calling them so that you get over the relativist have a good understanding of how incorporating cold calls are incorporating value as you start off a conversation is important for those coming in into partnership with you. So what you'll do for that is first of all, get a list of people who you want to contact number to actively call them and see whether you able to provide value to add tries x, or let's try it out with a few people within your immediate circle. These are your friend because you'd be able to go over the communication via easily before you get into the final buzzer new into contact and contact them and see whether you are able to effectively communicate and offer a value proposition which they are able to take on. But moving on a bit backwards before you do these, establish what relationship you want to build. You may be wanting to provide value to a product or a service, or you may be wanting to establish a relationship which is a partnership with the organization. So think about that and do that and share with me your experience in the link below. 3. Defining Business Development & Value Offering: For organizations look in, looking into building that BD steam, it's important for you to understand what to value offering that you're providing. So value proposition for organizations can range from services provided to products provided to also alternative solutions or keep up forms of partnership. In this frame of mind, I mean that you can think about areas or touch points that you can collaborate with other organizations to provide value for key president that you're whacking wanted to give a say. For instance, we are lacking own cleaning the environment for our project with another organization. It provides an opportunity for the organization, thigh and client, while also enabled us to meet oh, objective, which is to promote environmental contamination. Because they're able to establish a touchpoint, buy a boat, collaborate on projects, and move on together towards achieving each intimate classes may shine through the proposition that you provide for one another. In a similar way, I can provide a value proposition for an organization to providing solutions to problems they may be experiencing. As I referenced before, one of the solutions I think provide is awareness for organizations through providing our consultations, peace, through enabling organizations to understand how they can manage their waste protocols or incorporate mentally friendly systems in the organization. We have noted that organizations are more likely to reduce the amount of waste they admitted to the environment and be more compliant with government rules. And by doing that, we're able to gain revenue, which is important for a business. But we're also able to share this conversation and environmental conservation and bringing more people to ads, enabling the initiative and also moving file to add the Google mission of attaining a more societally friendly and more environmentally stable community, even reach it. So ensure you can incorporate the skills to do thinking about what a value proposition you can provide for another organization, a team member, or another individual in my individual life, say for instance, now, I will look into establishing relationships with people within different fields. My most recent East drift has been in research. And the main thing that up, tapped into to guide that interest is LinkedIn. I'm able to collaborate with the individual that have currently does hide discussions with because we have similar touch points and that ensures that I'm able to grow my network and that also able to grow that Neta. Well, we provide value, so focused always on value. When do you thinking about the value proposition you and to share. 4. Decision Intelligence (DQ Selling): Positioning intelligence is an important skill for everyone going into business development. So while traditional sales focused audience, shoving down a product or solution down our clients. Third, hey, prophetically, this focuses more on understanding the needs of the client and pushing or in planning the time to identify the solution that best fits that problem and going ahead to find why this solution would provide value. So incorporating this skill has been introduced in recent years to enable clients to successfully identify a solution for them, even if it's not provided by you. So what I've been learning this, incorporating the skin, I found it valuable because it ensures that for one, you submission long-term relationship with your clients because it is based on trust. Number 2, you always have an essence of retaining clients because they know they can come back for you even when they don't know whether your solution The, provides a meat that they have. And number three, there's always a constant relationship with them which ensures you always have other people coming into the business because you have established touch trust. So let's just look in into an example they recently experienced. So there was this one time I was buying a printer and they went into canon, the shop selling their printers and adopt went in time. I was going to do a field study. However, in most experiences before, I had, had experienced where I'm told this is the best product. This is what should walk. This is what we are having, a current proposition for people to buy it at this time. Take advantage of the sales of her butt system actually took me through the pros and cons of various pre-test that I thought would be ideal for my artistic business. But at the end of the conversation, I still did not buy the product, however, because they have such a good experience with him just taking me through what solutions they have. I still believe I would go back to the same shop because I have trust establish, treat them and because they establish a decision Intelligence model, that model in having the conversation with me, I know that I understand my own needs and the stand that most likely I will find value in the Canon cameras and in the end, I'm more likely to purchase a product from them. And I also know that in case they don't have the solution, they are open to recommending an alternative company which is providing the same thing. So incorporate that into your sales conversations, which because it will enable you to understand whether you able to provide the value and also come up front in the event you're not providing the active value, you never want to plant going home with a project that they did not meet. So make sure you use decision Intelligence as you have this compensations. 5. Incorporating DQ in Developing Connections : Operating these skills is important for your organization. And in this part of the class, we are going to be going over how to incorporate decision Intelligence for your organization and for you silt steam. So educating your sales team is the most important thing you can do while trying to develop your business. It's important for you to adapt to new ways which people handling business. But the main underlying factor for decision Intelligence is carrying about the other partner. And that is carrying about to the needs of your customer up and needs of your supplier, the needs of every individual that you're doing. Stories. So incorporating decision Intelligence will definitely be vital for your organization even as you try and incorporate the skills or move on from a prior method of selling which would focus more on experience, the product and the value proposition of the solution. Shifting that into understanding what the client needs and also incorporating the fact that in some scenarios you may not be able to provide such solutions yet, will ensure that you have a basis of trust, a basis of returning client, which is the most important thing your organization can have. So while doing this, it's important for you to adopt practical experiences for the client. Your team members, which can be through doing mock sessions with your team members where they can have conversations of selling the product of each other. Say for instance, you're selling a product for me would be providing solutions in environmental conservation or in the artistic space where I will be providing solutions for individuals looking to have it in their offices or incorporate new designs into their website or some type of thing in that regard, it is important for me to understand what the company is going for and having conversations on mock-up conversations with individuals within my team and shows that when I'm actively now going into conversations with the client, I am more informed on how to guide a consumer towards understanding the needs they have at that point in time and how we can ensure that these needs are providing value for the client in that the oldest focus on building a long-term relationship, which is mainly highlighted by the fact that I may not be able to provide the solution right now. Hi, I have this and this, which can be a good alternative. Or you can come back in future in case you need this solution. So just understanding that and incorporating it through having practice sessions will ensure your sales team is confident enough to incorporate the skills and move on to the next part, which is effectively selling to the client who are in need of goods, services and goods value propositions and having a trust. But this organization writes that. 6. Tools to Use for Business Development (CRM): The four organizations trying to expand their sales, it is important for you to incorporate customer relation management tools, which are commonly referred to as CRM tools. This AI DevOps tools which are available to individuals as well as organizations. And they provide an opportunity for you to acquire the information of your clients and ordered neatly half effectively follow up with them through incorporating different chakras are different macros within the system to a point where you can convert a client from the stat to the end. So the sales funnel stats of at a client coming in, which may be a lead or a prospect, you not really certain what they're looking into, whether you can provide value and they may share details with UCF, for instance, for me, they provide details on I am looking for it. If it's in the AT field, I'm not entirely certain whether they're looking for landscape to portrait Add. So it is important for you to now go into a stage where you qualify the lead. So when you're qualifying the lead, it is important your organization to understand which grouping the client is more likely to go into. Say, for instance, for the same client, they may be lucky to. They may be looking to get a painting, but they may be looking for a digital piece of painting which may require a different type of service. And it's important for me to understand that, which only comes in through having conversations focused on understanding what the needs are rather than what value propositions I provided. Once I have qualified and client, I move this client into a heat because they're likely to convert and provide service for their organization. And that the lead stage, the most important thing for you to do is keep the conversation moving. So that may be doing a little bit of email marketing, maybe once, once a week and then moving on to two times a month and then moving on into one time a month until the point in time where the client is on-boarded and ready to apply a distribution over this period of time. The main thing that the focus should be on increasing the consumer confidence in the solution you providing until the point in time they come to a green that a solution best fits the needs that they have. Remember, keep decision Intelligence in mind where the client should make their decision by themselves on what value proposition be best suited for them. Say, in such a scenario, a client may be coming in on board looking for a digital ad piece. However, I could recommend different services which are liquid shot. We could share and have a conversation and the different services provided. And you may find that a client who you may have qualified for a digital painting, we be more inclined to also acquire an actual painting which may take more process or take longer, but maybe more customized for them. So over this period of time, it's important for you to show you a different value propositions and sometimes also confront the fact that maybe in some cases you're not there yet. You're not that with the organization in terms of the service provider. And you have maybe a colleague within the same industry who can provide the same service once applied and has become a lead in Serpentine for you to now convert them into their final stages. She is you want them to sue. So as a final appears, so the conversion rate will be lower as each process goes along. So at the prospect didn't have very many prospects. However, not all the prospect to qualify to become deeds when you're moving leads to contact or individuals. So you, you see that likely to purchase the product, there'll be even less than the leaves that you identified because some of them may get off on board because maybe your solution is not really meeting their needs. Are you not diet to be the basis of January that you require for different services? Or another thing may be they cannot meet the actual proposition in terms of the funding required for the project. So when you finally come into acquiring a sale, it is important for you to keep that conversation going and make sure that over the period of time, but you're delivering the Saudis, you ensure that the client is always kept in mind that can come in through customizing the institutions for them. Say for instance, if, for instance it's in the nature in life, which is conservation, some client becoming within the manufacturing field and the solution which is consultancy for them will be very different for somebody within the engineering field. So it is important for you to customize and ensure the solutions and Taylor suited for them Meet so that you always providing value for them. And when they give or receive a solution, they find that they are receiving value for their buck. So when they do that, it's important also to keep the conversation going even after this can come in through after sales services or onboarding them for alternative solutions AI to provide after saving the product. Say for instance, I create a piece of printing for an individual for their company. I could also add both them once the painting is done for doing the branding for their organization because it is in line with what I am doing within the company. So how do you fetched key points and shows you apply it coming in back into the organization to receive more value and receive more services because you appear to be a one-stop shop. And if the cup trust that you have provided one solution for them didn't have even more trust that you'll be able to provide these as you go forward. 7. Tools to Use (CRM Part II): As I mentioned, customer relationship management tools are important for organizations as well as individuals. For me, in my personal business, which is in the add field or in nature and life in cooperating tools such as Poggio and Trello for and opportunity to keep in track with information that I'm in need for clients, while also ensuring I do not incur a lot of cost in the initial stages of the business, which is mainly acting as a repository to hire well, once you have a website and you have more opportunity to get more clients, it sees, it is important for you to go into incorporating CRM tools, which I really be more price that may be between $5 to $15, say for instance, Zoho or QuickBooks. Because this will provide you with an opportunity for you to capture information on clients who come in even at the time where you're not operating. So for instance, a client, because of the differences in time zone, comes in at night and you're using a different CRM, which is maybe Zoho. The platform is able to acquire this information and you're able to do follow-ups with them at 1 when they come in when you back to work. So while this platform is make the point where they, they require investment, financial investment, they also offer value through ensuring that you don't miss that one client because you're not online at that point in time and will also provide you with an opportunity to acquire all the information for them based on their interests in their values. So that you can also understand where you are going into conversation with before you even start up that. So CRM tools are also important for the organization because they provide a one touch point for you to send everything you need to decline. It gives you enough analytics as well. So you can always know how many clients have come in, how many inviting, What's your conversion rates, what systems are not working, and what it has you can improve on. So because of that, it is important for you to move into ones which are paid for, which can automatically generate these systems for you. Rather than the traditional approach which I have been using. And I intend to move away from in future because of the automation features and the ease of whack they provide for sales teams and individuals within the Business Development Department. So think about which CRM tools you can use in trying to incorporate them. Tries he studies, do a little bit of research on what may work for your organization. It is also important for you to try it out. You can try Soho or QuickBooks file month, and then switch to something else based on what is ideal for your organization, what meets your budget, and what your customers are in need of within the 10 day working and working to be their rules. 8. Creating Systems within your Project: Creating systems. So creating systems will also be something very important for you business development team or for your project because it will ensure that you have a flow of systems of what stats and what progress a fan should take going through the customer final. So why would a system that is most often are commonly incorporated, ease understanding which things to take on every day. So I don't think that it's important for me within organizations or when I'm working is that it's important to keep oil leaves of detail, all contact of detail so that you have sent all the e-mail marketing required for each client at the appropriate time in that you always keeping them engaged and you don't keep anyone left behind in line with that. It's also important for you to identify who has got an office system through doing evaluations from time to time based on feedback that you acquire from the client on whether this solution is still something daring needle or looking to acquire so that you may know whether to be sending them email marketing products for this team, so dishes or they're at a point then nodes in need of the solutions anymore. In addition to that, it's important for you to keep information updated in regards to clients who gods of the customer. Finally, previously, after a long period of time working on a project, you'll find that you'll have a lot of contacts who you've had been engaging maybe over a period of six months or a year. And then a lone guy responsive to you. So it's important for you to have a touchpoint equity touch point to them, to ask them maybe that's the solution. Still meet the needs you have. Do you are you still looking to walk on this project? Does such type of questions you just Shiga order to guide a conversation with the client so that you understand maybe they're no longer in need of this solution you're providing or the funded from an alternative provider. And if the latter is the case, it's important for you to understand key drivers informed them. Refining an alternative solution provider buses you because it may be issues relating to time delivery of tasks, or the pricing of the solution that you're providing. Buses are competitive within the market. So keeping these people linkage will always make sure that you know what is working for you and what she's not talking for you. So in that regard, you ensure that all people are more likely to contract because all of them are have a frequent conversation with you because maybe you email them initially once a week, twice a month, 1 times among them then go on to once every two months. And after that period of time, you can know whether to remove them from the customer final through just sending the final email to understand whether they're in line or in need of the solutions that you're providing or not doing. This will also ensure you understand whether you can introduce new value propositions for clients based on feedback that you're acquiring. Because if it's an issue of finances and it's noted across a larger customer pull. It could be a driver for you to inform a reduction in prices or conducting customer marketing campaign, which will offer the same product as I lower price for a period of time so that you can get more people don't vote it for your project. So ensure you just keep assessing this based on which project you're lacking one, even for your engagement in your personal life in regards to looking into partners or individuals, you can't collaborate with your QI project because it'll then show, you know, whether individuals are still interested in solutions in providing or have moved into an alternative. And that will be important for you as you go along. 9. Pricing Solutions you Provide for Clients: We're onto pricing your solutions. It's, it's important for you to identify what the value proposition you bring into the other party so that you can fairly priced your solutions based on the hours you use to walk on a project or based on their value or the product that you're providing for the environment, understanding the price of the solution x2, providing with a project for you to know how many people you can bring in on board to increase your business growth and also to what extent the product is contributing to your overall company performance. Say for instance, consulting service will provide maybe 40 percent of our revenue. So it is important for us to invest a lot of the gene acquiring new clients, providing new value propositions for different people within different fields so that we can always secure income for the organization. And because we understand that it is a big contributor for the organization seals and what we do in the same way, it is important for you to price the product appropriately. I know it's very common and this comes from research. It is very common for organizations to underprice their solutions more so in consulting spaces or in places where you provide the value which is not necessarily tangible in the product. And that could be now in solutions on, besides provided. And because of that, many organizations tend to lose out on acquiring more income based on what they are providing. Our vast is how much work they're doing. So when you're thinking about pricing, use solutions or your product, it's important for you to do a little bit of research for yourself. And this comes through assessing time. Say for instance, taking one, a project on consulting the main assessor that I will come bringing in mind is the time, the time I'm used for the project. Understanding the amount of time versus the kind wage rate give you an overall summary of the minimum price, the solution can be acquired for. Another thing that you need to also incorporate is the resources you need. Do you require Internet for such project? Do you require electricity? You're required to visit certain places or do you buy to pay for setting solutions so that you can make the project come into fruition. Incorporating all these underlying cost is important for your organization to understand how much each product caught in, how much investment they should make into grain the product as something that is important for the organization. Furthermore, presently, a product appropriately will ensure your clients come back because they know that they're acquiring value for their solution they provide. In some cases, we tend to think that when a valid solution is underpriced, say for instance, you find a project on Fiverr, the normal market treaties at 10 USD and find somebody is judging it up to USD, you're more likely to wonder why the product is being o distribution is being charged at two USD rather. And you are more likely not to acquire this service from that individual because you don't understand the underlying reasons why the solution is and the price which may relate into one thinking that maybe the solution is actually fraudulent and this person is out to get my money. So in line with that, also, assess what market prices for the same solution would be to understand, okay, So company A's is planning to afford like charging this price for this solution. So this is the current market rate and you can effectively price your product or solution within that amount of money. So I asked you for one, ensure that clients trust in new tab, acquiring value from you to effectively acquire enough of the market share through acquiring the services and 3, invest your efforts where they're needed because you'll be gaining adequate revenue, pricing your product appropriately. So try and do that. Think about what project to go into and when you're providing partnerships or solutions for individuals or partners coming in, you can think about pricing the solutions differently. Say for instance, for our consulting service will provide a consulting service for a midsize company for 300 USD, for a bigger company for 500 USD, and for large, the most sludge company for 1000 USD based on the needs of the project and the scope. So this will also vary on this book. So if the scope is larger, the amount of money is more likely to go high. If the factor is also brought into it, the amount of money will go high and cooperate this, It's only a changing more, they'll be open to changing how your organization, wow, So how the value or the products wax. And if you feel that in some cases you are not changing this service and you want to introduce it as a product or a service that is charged, it is entirely fine. That can act as a measure of you to qualify clients. Say for instance, at the status of nature in life, we did not have a pre consultation timings because he provided these for free as our pre consultation services. However, due to differences in the scope of Wacker, in the amount of time required for citing product project. It's important for us incorporate that. And I've also done that in my own personal business, which is in the AT field, where in some cases, it is important to understand how much the client is really to bring it into the project before you start putting any effort to add the project so that you're making sure that you're not investing too much energy where there's no likelihood for the client to convert into an actual sale. And so that the client also understands that this is the value for the product before they even start on the project. So once, once you acquire these fees or introduce these new systems which provide more revenue for your organization. It act as a method of quantifying leaves. And you'll be able to know which clients are more serious or more inclined to purchase two solutions and which are not. So doing that and you should, I believe you should do that for your organization. Keep auditing and reviewing which areas have a little bottlenecks TO give you take on a lot of time, but out of the project implementations to teach so that you can also understand what costs are coming in for the organization, which may not be bad by the organization fully and can be bad by the client. Or the client can actively do some research in that area, helping you, so that they can enable you to fully attain, you'll go as well as their goal. 10. Acquiring Support through Mentorship: In addition to this, it is important for you to acquire mentors within the same field of business for you to understand what systems are working for them, or what new things or new opportunities you can tap into. But it is a difficult conversation to do with competitors. It is something that you can take corn when you're looking to setup our projects. If we instance how we did with Telex, Bringing on individuals who walked in the projects before, enables you to avoid mistakes they have made because you'll have information on what systems worked for them. And maybe you can see whether those aligned to what you want to happen. And you can incorporate them into your plan or your business project so that you can effectively save up on time and also reduce our mistakes you make along the way. Furthermore, mentors or individuals that should bring in into a project provide you with an alternative point of view on whether you're providing adequate value. So the individuals you're providing a value proposition to because they have unbiased AI for the project and the value proposition you're sharing, it is more likely for them to understand or identify issues within the value proposition shared with different clients in areas where you can improve on and subsequently you able to incorporate such learnings that you bring one and ensure that you can edit all t less of these two different needs in the market based on what is happening in the market at that point in time. 11. Summary: So, so far we've addressed very different thing between the business development, marketing or business development sector. And it is important for you to keep this in mind as we go along, but this journey, remember to always think about the value that you're providing to others because there's more value when you are providing value, may lean more on the comeback of clients coming back to a class and dishes from Mu again, or established relationships that you'll always have as you go along this journey. Incorporating these skills can be done over time. There's no rush to eat. Just know that you can test it out and try it out one time and again, based on what's working for you. And understand that having bottlenecks means you have just identified something that's not working. It does not mean there is no opportunities for growth. Thank you so much for joining on in this class. My name is Steven junkie and I really enjoyed sharing all the lessons that have lunch with you over this period of time that I have been in the business development sector. I believe it's a skill that is important for everyone because of it's transferable nature, you able to establish relationships for your own individual development or career development, as well as opportunities for organizations to tap into Tafel. You can notice bring value into organizations. Share with me how you incorporated the skills or how the project to act for you. Remember, try and call a friend initially, if you feel like you are a bit worried about how to go about quali, exercise. And after that, see how you can convert people to the different points in the steel's final. Thank you for having me. And this is the end of the class.