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Business Branding - The Art of war in the Marketing World

Jun Wu, Instagram Influencer

Business Branding - The Art of war in the Marketing World

Jun Wu, Instagram Influencer

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15 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. Business Branding Trailer1

    • 2. Branding 101 - Brand Conquest

    • 3. Branding 202 - Be Different not Better

    • 4. Branding 303 - Loyal Followers

    • 5. Branding 404 - Go where the battles are

    • 6. Strategy Vs Tactic - The Outside-In Rule

    • 7. How to use tactics in your business -The Tactics Triangle

    • 8. How to Create Strategy

    • 9. Brand Name Fails

    • 10. 5 Brand Name Categories

    • 11. 3 Basic Brand Name Rules

    • 12. Visual Power and its Limitations

    • 13. Visual Strength Secrets

    • 14. Power of the package

    • 15. Offline vs Online

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About This Class

Everything you wanted to know about Branding in one fun and helpful course.

We will be talking about why some companies conquer and others die. Tons of examples from real life marketing wars and tons of actionable items for your own business.

Sit back and enjoy!

New Episodes will be updated weekly.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jun Wu

Instagram Influencer



Welcome to the funnest way to learn about Instagram Growth and running your own business!

My work speaks for itself. :)

15+ years working in the Entertainment Industry - Model/Actor/Director/Producer

15+ years working in Marketing. Branding, business strategies, and growth hacking.

7+ years as a Talent Instructor - Managing the careers and business of clients

As you get to know me, you will see everything I teach, I put to use myself. 

Find me on Instagram!

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1. Business Branding Trailer1: what is branding? You know what branding is, And you know branding is more than just creating a logo on putting a watermark on something . When no one knows who you are, Why would anyone pay attention to you? When no one knew who Starbucks was, what did they do to stand out and become famous when no one knew who Campbell Soup was, what they they do to become the leader of the soups? And when people were buying Mercedes, how they BMW convinced them to start buying BMW? When no one knows who you are, you use branding. That is why successful companies are successful. They know how to brand themselves and their products. Now it's your turn. I don't waste any time in my courses. That is why we are going to hit the ground running. Let's start by understanding that differences between tactics and strategies so that you can immediately start growing your business with minimal risks. Then we will dive into the essence of branding and explain these simple but crucial formulas that will make your branding more powerful than others. Let me help you find a brand name for your business by showing you what works and what doesn't believe it or not. Your name falls under five categories, and there are three basic naming rules that you should follow for your name to be unique. Now that you have a unique brand name, it's time to make a meaningful and memorable By using visual power, I will show you how to use visuals and how to anchor it in the minds of your customers, so that whenever they think of your niche, they will think of you. And finally, I will bring you into the marketing battlefield and tell you war stories. Why do some business grow while others die? How Starbucks, by branding themselves not as a coffee shop but as a place between work and home, became the most famous coffee shop in the world. How Campbell's by competing not against other soups but against other foods, became the king of the soups and how BMW, by branding themselves as the ultimate driving machine, was able to steal customers away from Mercedes. By the time you reach the end of the course, you will have a good idea how to take your brand to the next level. You will know what mistakes to avoid and how to stand out and survive in the marketplace. And what is the best part of my courses? It is an interactive experience. As an added bonus, you can even contact me on Instagram. I will personally take a look at your brand and give you custom tips. So what are you waiting for? Let me show you why Branding is a single most important thing you can do for your business . Gillette razors, ing and now burgers and Greyhound Buses Day are already famous. But have they become famous just how that they start their branding? When no one knew who they were? Let's find out the answer. Episode by episode. I can't wait to tell you stories about brand wars. I'll see you inside. 2. Branding 101 - Brand Conquest: of all the definition that you confined about branding, I still like this one. The best branding is a reason to choose. Ah, brand is designed to be different than the competition or else What's the point? A brand is what you stand for, the specialty that you use to stand out in your niche. FedEx is not just any delivery service. They are an overnight delivery service, and now it is not just any burger shop. They are the fresh, never frozen burger shop. Eric Self Help communication book is not just any communication book. It's a female seduction communication book. So branding is basically selling one type of product, one way to one type of customer. If you keep it simple and focus like this, you won't be distracted and your business success rate goes up. Now, just how do you find a specialty to focus our to find a focus, you find the one problem you're trying to solve. Emery Worldwide was a cargo airline that offered all types of air cargo service. Federal Express also had a shipping service. But how is FedEx going to compete with Emery Worldwide? FedEx narrowed their focus toe only one service offered by Emory delivering small packages overnight, I got a chance to model for their international ad campaign and learned so much about their company and branding strategies. FedEx New people were not going to like the expensive cost of their new service. It was an overnight package not going to be cheap. To justify their large price tag, they pioneered a system that could track packages and provide real time updates on package location. This was a big deal. Now you were willing to pay for the expensive service because the cost was justified. That's how FedEx was able to conquer the shipping service in the U. S. But the battle is never finished, because now comes all the competitors. So who is going to win the company who stays focused? Rick right here wrote about self help communication books for almost 10 years. No one cared, so he narrowed his focus. He started to write on Lee about female communication seduction secrets, basically how he was able to date so many pretty girls. Suddenly, his book became popular so popular, in fact, that he got offered a TV show deal with VH one. He talked about how If you teased girls to lower their confidence, they will be more likely to pay attention to you. He talked about how to approach girls within five seconds in making eye contact, or she will lose interest and won't feel you are manly enough. This show became so popular and launched an entire pickup community with some copy cats on YouTube, getting millions of views FedEx didn't want to sell to everyone, just people who were willing to pay for overnight delivery. Emmerich didn't want to sell to everyone, just people who were willing to pay for seduction tips. One type of product is shipping service. One way is overnight delivery. One type of customer is urgent. Knees customers. One type of product is communication skills. One way is female seduction skills. When kind of customer is guys looking to have more successful dates with girls and that is the first secret of branding. There is only one action item in this episode, which is to memorize this formula. Branding equals one type of product, plus one way plus one type of customer. That is how you can conquer with your brand and be different. The next episode, branding 202 will show you just how to be different in the marketplace 3. Branding 202 - Be Different not Better: in the business world, if you say something or claim something, you have to prove it right away or else no one will believe you. That is why you should never say that your products are badder during someone else's. You can't prove that being better is an opinion, and you cannot prove an opinion. But what you can prove is that you are different. The first thing about being different is you have to make sure that people will know exactly what they will get when they buy your brand. If you asked your spouse to pick up a co gate on their way home from work, what will your spouse pick up is a good chance they will bring back a toothpaste. But if you ask them to pick up a Nike, they will be confused. Are you asking for a pair of shoes, a shirt? A golf club? Nike used to be famous for their shoes, but now they so everything they have lost their brand essence and purity to be different. You need a strong brand. Fill out the blame. Your brand is quality blank. It can't just be quality. Everything that Nike brand now just means quality in general, and that makes their brand week. It has to be quality something. Co gate is quality toothpaste. What about Canon? Canon used to be known for cameras, but now they also make printers to so no, a strong brand, especially when starting out must have only one product. How about Goodyear? Yes, this works quality tires, But quality plus product is not good enough because everyone is doing it. Everyone is claiming that their products are high quality. That is why we need to add something that your competitors are not doing. We need to add meeting. Do you know how Starbucks became famous? Yes, they were the first to serve quality coffee in a coffee only shop, but they also added meaning to their coffee brand. There were so many coffee shops back in the day that served muffins, snacks, sandwiches and so on. Do you still serve coffee? You sound more like a bakery, not a coffee shop. Starbucks was the first coffee shop that guess what only served coffee, But then they did something amazing. Nope, It was not promoting that their coffee was high quality. They promoted the entire coffee experience. Starbucks created the marketing strategy that went like this. We don't sell coffee. We sell a place between work and home relaxing place to chill for 30 minutes before going back to work or going home. That is how Starbucks became so successful. If you want to meet a coworker outside of work or just go on a casual date, where do you go? You'll say, Hey, let's meet at in your Starbucks and grab a couple companies. You are not meeting a Starbucks because of their quality coffee. You are meeting there because it's a relaxing place between work and home. Their location have meaning, and now you have the formula to be different. Quality plus product plus meaning equals brand quality, plus coffee plus business. Casual meeting place equals the Starbucks brand. Here's another example. One of my students sell marijuana own Instagram now that it's legal in California, he wanted to be one of the first to use social media to sell his products. His product is we'd quality weed, but he was still missing a meaning in his brand. So what did he do? Just like Starbucks, he came up with the concept of community, his instagram account is all about the weed, a loving community. He shares, the positive we'd lifestyle. Anyone who purchased from him will feel that they have just joined a community, And that is why his brand is different than other competing brands. Here are the action items in this episode to be different. Your brand must sell only one kind of item. You cannot be known for quality everything. The quality. Only one thing. Once you figure out what that one thing is, you add meaning to it because quality product with meaning will last and compete with your competitors. You already know that you're selling quality something. Just figure out the meaning of that something, and your brand will be remembered. All right, let's get you some loyal followers. That's what the next episode branding 303 will be all about. I'll see you in the next episode. 4. Branding 303 - Loyal Followers: We know what branding is, and we know how to be different. Now. We just need a focus on our target customers and turn them into our loyal customers. Branding is the most efficient way to sell a product. The marketing message makes people think that your brand is the best option for them personally. You are a girl, and you and your mom go to the department store to buy makeup. You both look around and you by the Mac brand. And what does your mom by your mom buys the Revlon brand? You bump into your aging friend at the store. And what does she buy this? Just say, though. Brand hold on a minute. Why did the three of you buy from three different brands? They're all pretty much the same makeup. Yes, they have different ingredients that may be more suitable for a certain type of skin, but they are still the same type of makeup. Look, I work in the entertainment industry, and I know a thing or two about skin care. Take a look. Here is Vassilis Nightly renewal, facial lotion and clinics. Famous facial cream. Vasselin is about $10 per bottle clinic is about $20 per bottle. I tried both of these products for a period of time, and I have to be honest. I didn't see or feel a noticeable difference between the two products. Vasselin markets there lotion to everyone, while Clinique markets there cream to the upper middle class C. Notice how Clinique refer to their lotion as cream. It just sounds classier. That is the power you need to know about branding. Your brand speaks to a certain demographic. Mac markets to girls, Revlon markets to women. And, she said, oh, markets to Asian women. In return, these three types of people all feel that their brands were created just for them, and that is what brand loyalty is all about. How well your brand does in the marketplace is determined by how well you can connect to your target customers. Here is something I learned in business. School expansion is selling tomb or kinds of people. Extension is selling more kinds of products. My Brazilian student cells spiritually and business motivation services to hiss Sao Paulo community. He just reached a milestone in his business, achieving 1000 loyal followers. These are 1000 fans that love his content, 1000 potential customers so awesome and so proud of him. However, he is already thinking about Expansion, which is selling two more kinds of people. He wants to turn his brand into a global brand so recently started to add English subtitles to his videos. I said, Hold on, your brand will suffer if you do that. Currently his fans watch his motivation of videos while he is speaking Portuguese to them. If he added English subtitles, his Brazilian audience won't feel like he is speaking to them anymore. And the English audience. They won't feel as connected because it's like watching A for a movie with English subtitles. My student is also thinking about extending his business, which is selling more kinds of products. He is considering moving his attention to YouTube and possibly Facebook. I said, Hold on, your brand will suffer if you do that. When you start a new platform, you are starting from zero, and you have to learn how customers will interact with your content on this new platform. Stay on instagram, build upon what is already working and keep your loyal followers growing. Don't expand or extend too fast Oprah has always been an amazing talk show host. Her show is charming, and she provides values that inspires us. However, after years of producing her show, she now wanted to be no more as a philanthropist unless as an entertainer, so her shows have taken on a more sophisticated few. What this did was to segment her viewers. She is now losing the interest of the common middle class viewer who just wanted to relax and watch an entertaining show. Introducing Wendy Williams. She has a show that is all about celebrity gossip, 20 news and moral values. Windy is currently recognized as the new Oprah Young, funny and energetic Oprah, Wendy has built up a legion of fans who feels she really understands them. Keep your brand focus and keep your loyal followers happy, or risk someone new and young stealing your customers. Here are the action items in this episode. Your product should make people think that your brand is the best option for them. Personally. Narrow your focus and create products and content for one type of customer expansion is selling to Mawr Kinds of people. Extension is selling Mawr kinds of products. Do not expand or extend too early in your business. If you do, you will make your brand week and your brand would die before it can take off. Lastly, don't change your product unless it's what your customer wants. They followed em. Bought your products for reason. Don't change what is already working. Look, a skin care brand used me as their model in their ad campaign. They are successful because they are one of the few brands in New York that markets specifically to men going to a spa. I use their products and they are great, but their products are not really that different from other products. It's all about branding. Wait, you're not gonna tell them that I said that, right? 5. Branding 404 - Go where the battles are: customers like choices. But if there's only one company selling that one item that you want, sooner or later you will come to resent that company. Why? Because we don't like monopolies controlling our purchases. If you have an apple cellphone and are happy with it, it's because you have a choice. You had a choice to pick another brand, but you still chose Apple. This will make your connection with the Apple brand even stronger. If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and are happy with the relationship, it's because you have a choice. You had a choice to date someone else, but you still chose that person who is lying in your bed right now. This choosing power actually makes your current relationship stronger. When you're at the food court in the mall, you have all these choices. Aren't these companies directly competing with each other for your business? Don't they hate each other? When you want to buy a car, Where do you go? You go to a section of your city where all the car dealerships are. But why are these different kinds of car brands together on the same street? Don't they hate each other's guts. Companies from the same niche actually want to stick together because that's where the action is. That's where all the commotion is. More stores means more choices. More choices means more traffic, and more traffic means more sales. Don't be afraid of competition. Welcome it. Competition creates more hype for your niche and makes the product that you're selling mawr visible to customers. You already have a brand. It's time to show not only your customers, but also your competitors that you exist. Don't expect people to find your lonely website out in the middle of the Internet abyss. You have to go and generate traffic for yourself. There is only one action item in this episode, and that is to go where the battles are. Go where your target customers are hanging out and start introducing your brand, not your product. Your brand people don't buy products. They buy brands, go to online forums of your niche and start or join a conversation. Compete with other advertisements by putting your ads alongside other people with ads on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To start joined the group on community and list your group on a mound. Your competitors, go to Fiverr dot com and compete with other sellers selling services in your niche. Goto Kickstarter dot com or patriot dot com and compete with other people who is also crowdfunding their projects. Compete, compete and compete. The money is not made in your home, in your store or on your website. The money is made out in the marketplace. You probably found this course that you're taking in a competitive marketplace. I'm so glad that you chose me, and that's why I'm gonna take care of you. I'm going to continue this year interesting and helpful branding stories with you onto the next episode. 6. Strategy Vs Tactic - The Outside-In Rule: you know what the word strategy means, and you know what the word tactic means. But when you compare to two, it's kind of hard to describe what is the difference, right? Well, let's answer this question today. Just what is the difference between a business strategy and a business tactic? Tactics come from the outside out in the field, out in the marketplace. Strategies come from the inside inside your company. Most companies market inside out. The CEO or the VP of marketing thinks of an idea based on their ego. They create the strategy and then create the tactics to implement that strategy. Like Coca Cola, they like bears. They assume that using polar bears in their advertisements will make customers feel like Coke is code and cool. So they create an ad campaign about polar bears drinking coke. The strategy is using animals to create a brand association. The tactic is having polar bears drinking coke in TV commercials. This business approach, moving from strategies to tactics, is ignorant and arrogant. What makes you think people cares about bears and how is that even related to drinking coke ? If you go from strategies to tactics, you are basically trying to force your values and believes on your customers. You're trying to convince them to joining on your interests. This is always an uphill and difficult battle. We want to fight downhill. So let's reverse this. Let's move from tactics. Two strategies. The Outside ING rule. It is recognizing what is happening out in the marketplace and using those ideas to shape your tactics, which will shape your overall strategy. One of the best tactics to use is viral marketing. It is using what's already trending right now in the public eye. Just like the story that I told in my instant business course the marketing war between Coca Cola and Pepsi. Pepsi recognized that pop stars were trendy, so they created the tactic to make a commercial of Michael Jackson drinking Pepsi while performing their strategy was to associate the Pepsi brand with pop stars. If you go from tactics to strategies, you are not trying to change people's minds or trying to convince them of something. You are simply working with what's already in people's minds. This concept is so important that you can immediately start to implement it in your life and business instead of deciding what you think people want. You go out into the marketplace, figure out what is already working, then create a tactic to bring attention to you and your business. The questions you should be asking yourself when coming up with your tactic is How are people using your product? What are people's perceptions of value product and what do they think about your competitors? I am sure you heard of these brands in the laundry detergent business, Tide cheer and arm and hammer, and I'm sure you have seen their commercials. They are always promoting their detergent by saying that their product will make your clothing wider than white. And if you use their detergent, you will have brighter whites. This brighter whites ad campaign was a tactic based on a self assumption strategy. These companies assumed that customers only cared about the look of their clothing after it's been washed. Ah, Long came Unilever, a company from England. Unilever excelled in consumer research. They found that when people took clothes out of the dryer, they didn't check for brightness or if it was wider than white, whatever the hell that means. But they smell them. Many people smell their clothing out of the dryer to determine if it was clean or not. So Unilever introduced the surf brand Ah, washing detergent with twice as much perfume as the other leading brands. Guess what happened? Surf was able to grab at least 10% of the $4 billion US detergent market. Checked out the commercial, sir with fragrance release with fragrance release first after first about lifting fragrance . Always keep away from Children. Notice It's all about the fragrance and none of that brighter whites. Nonsense. It was not an accident that Serve was able to later sell their brand for $1.45 billion. The tactic to strategy concept is so simple and yet so powerful. Do you know who Alex Becker is? He is a popular online marketer. He teaches different ways to make money online and has a YouTube channel with over 374,000 subscribers. Of all the people teaching entrepreneurship on YouTube, why is he getting so much attention? This is his secret. Instead of relying on his own entrepreneur videos to get attention, he posts viral and trendy videos to bringing traffic. His entrepreneur videos gets about 20 K views, but his videos that is about a trendy topic on YouTube gets 1.2 million and 100 K views. He was able to grow on YouTube so quickly because he used what's already trendy on YouTube to get attention, and a fraction of those people watching his trendy videos will eventually watch his entrepreneur videos. I do the same with my INSTAGRAM account. You see that I normally get about 3000 to 4000 views on my videos. Every once in a while, I will post something that is guaranteed to give views. How do I know this? Because it is already viral and trendy on Instagram. Like the time I edited a video of me walking with a viral video of Rihanna and a cow walking, it got 10-K views. Here's another video where I edited me, eating a squid with a viral video of a cat being attacked by a squid. I was able to mawr than double my views. With this tactic to strategy concept, here are the action items in this episode. Don't make assumptions about your customers, use the outside angle and create a marketing plan that go from tactics to strategies. This will have a higher chance of success than if you created a strategy filled with assumptions to create tactics. Ask yourself these questions. How are people using a product? What are people's perception about your product and what do they think about your competitors? If you can answer these questions, you will be able to create a tactic for your business. Lastly, use the viral content rule to get immediate attention. Use something that is already viral in the marketplace and related to your product or brand . This will get you extra traffic and views. Now that you understand the difference between strategies and tactics, watch the next episode ice. I will introduce to you the Tactics triangle. This will help you create a tactic that your competitors cannot copy. 7. How to use tactics in your business -The Tactics Triangle: Now that we know tactics are what we need to first focus on in our business, just how do we create them? This is the tactics. Triangle tactics are either company focused, customer focused or competitors focused. However, most companies Onley focus on the company or the customer. A company introduces a new product, which is introducing a tactic to drive sales. They are doing this because they want to fill a hole in their product line. They don't care about the customer's needs or the competitors reaction. For example, they currently offer all these products, but not this one. So they start offering this product now. This is a company focused tactic. The second tactic is the customer focused tactic. A company wants to attract customers, so they introduce a tactic that benefits the customer. They lowered their prices or add more features to their existing products. But these two tactics are doomed to fail. Why? Because these companies are not alone in the world. There are competitors They didn't even consider how their competitors will react to do a new product. Do you remember who was the first airline to offer triple mileage bonus points, too? Frequent flyers Delta Delta was the first to offer it, but you probably don't remember why, because many airlines are now doing it. As soon as Delta offered the triple knowledge bonus points plan, all the competing airlines started to do the same. And what was the result? No single company benefited from this tactic, and no single company got credit for introducing it. Here is a big secret in creating tactics. Tactics should be competitors oriented. Ah, competitors focused. A tactic is what Burger King dead. They wanted to steal a piece of McDonald's market share. They see the McDonald's fries their burgers so they challenge McDonald's with this TV commercial. Burger King presents roiling versus frying At this time, Burger King would like to suggest that everybody from McDonald's please leave the room to be ready in a coast to coast opinion poll. Flame growing beat frying by nearly 3 to 1. Can you believe it? Nearly 3 to 1 on Burger King's flame boils. Okay, everybody for McDonald's. Come back in now break it to him gently. How can McDonald's react? McDonald's can not just go and get rid of all their deep fryers and get boilers so they can copy Burger King. That's very unlikely to happen. So Burger King will always be known as the Flame Broiled Burger. That is what a competitive, focused tactic does. It is Caray did with your competitors. Reaction in mind. Burger King studied McDonald's business model for years. They knew that McDonald's assembly line was their weakness. It was stringent and cannot be easily changed. And disassembly line. Also courageous burgers in exactly the same fashion. A McDonald's burger in California tastes the same as a burger in New York. So Burger King attacked McDonald's again with another commercial man. Two whoppers to offer juniors on for Coca Cola And what I have to wait long if you make one proper with pickle and no lettuce. No, sir. Hold a big hole. Special orders don't up status. So we ask that you weigh Oh, well, in that case, could I have the other robber extra catching? Sure way. Conserve your rosy flopping fresh with everything on top. Anyway, thing is have a way. Now that's the way to do things our way. Okay, I know the saying is a bit corny, but this have it your way. Slogan was brilliant. If you really think about it? Burger King's burgers taste the same in all different locations to, but they were the first ones to promote idea that you can remove all millions or add more ketchup, or put less mayonnaise to have a burger your way, it puts the idea of control in the audience's mind. McDonald's is not going to respond by saying, Hey, you can order your burgers. You weigh in our stores to That's just not likely to happen. A competitor focused tactic is where you introduce a product or change a part of your business. While knowing quite well that there is nothing your competitors can do about it, they can only sit by and watch it happen. Here is one more tactic to use in your business. This is something that some business don't know about or they know about it but are not willing to do it. Promote the catch Charles Schwab launched the discount brokerage firm he was offering everything his competitors were doing except at a lower price. So by logic, there has to be a catch right? Schwab actually promoted to catch. He didn't hide the fact that he had no sales rep. No account executives and no sales team making phone calls now, why would anyone in their right minds promote the negative side of their business credibility? This tactic is especially useful if you are offering your products or services at a discount to compete with other sellers. What Schwab did was he talked about the catch as if it was a positive aspect of his business. He tells you what he had to give up in exchange for your benefit. This was exactly with a VW Beetle dead in 19 seventies. The company knew their Beetle was not the previous car in the market. In fact, they downright said it. Their ad campaign read. The 1970 VW will stay ugly longer, which means they are actually promoting the reliability of their car pay. You want reliability, the sacrifices beauty. There is always a catch. Don't forget. Customers these days are very observant. They will see your honesty and start to trust you because no one in their right minds will advertise the negative. Here are the action items in this episode Tactics are either company focused, customer focused or competitors focused. Most companies Onley focus on the 1st 2 you will focus on your competitors, because only then can you create a tactic that cannot be easily copied. Another way to introduce a tactic is to promote the catch. This gives immediate credibility to your brand because customers will appreciate your honesty now that we understand the power of using tactics first, to shape our strategy, let's start talking about how to build your strategy, steering the next episode. 8. How to Create Strategy: you know, we cannot fight a war by closing the door, staying at home and coming up with our own strategies out of the blue. We need to open the door, see what's working outside, and then come back home and craft that strategy of ours. You start with a simple tactic, and then you give it time to see if it works and how well it continues to work after a period of time. If your tactic steelworks, then bam, you have your strategy. This is the formula for creating strategy. Strategy equals tactics plus time. Place of why it works confused. And don't worry, Let me explain. A client I worked with has a passion for pets. He has a dog, a cat, a turtle and a bird. He pretty much has all of land, air and sea covered. His passion is his business, so he has an Amazon account selling different types of pet products. His strategy is selling various paper products to various people. His tactics is paying for Facebook ads to promote some of his products. I think you know why his brand is not growing as much as he would like. He has no focus and is constantly operating from strategy to tactics. I suggested that he started using tactics to shape his strategy, focus on one type of product and one type of customer and use tactics to test it. Based on his research with Google keyword planner and on Amazon, he sees that more people are searching for pet beds thes days, so he decides to start selling beds for dogs and cats. He comes up with a business name for his new dog and cat brand. He buys the domain name for his new brand, goes on fiber and pays for a logo to be made. Contacts. Some manufacturers from alibaba dot com to start creating a type of bed for pets and was about to pay for 500 samples to be shipped to his home. When I said Whoa, whoa, Hold on. Your tactic is too big. You don't even know that your beds will sell Get. And yet you are already investing so much into logo designs, buying domain names, buying manufacturing samples. You totally forgot the tactics to strategy Rule star specific. Start with one type of product and one type of customer, so my client decides to sell only two dogs high and told him to make it even more specific . There are many people already selling dog beds of various sizes. If you go on Amazon, you'll see the majority of the pictures are of a large size dog on a bed. Let's focus on small beds for small dogs and test it to see how well it sells. Let's create a tactic and test it out. Don't worry about coming out with a fancy name or a fancy logo or getting a domain name just yet. Your job as an entrepreneur is the Get your products out in the marketplace as soon as possible to test it. Please don't overthink it. My client narrowed his focus and sold only small dog beds. Guess what happened. He started to get sales Mawr and Mawr. Small dog owners started to buy from him, and it made perfect sense. If I was a small dog owner and wanted to buy a bed, I go on Amazon and see all these beds for pets, beds for both dogs and cats, beds for dogs with four sizes to choose from, and a small bed for a small dog, which one would I choose? Obviously, the small bed I see a big dog on a bed and a small dog on a bed. It could be exactly the same bed. And yet I immediately feel that the bed with a small dog on it was made for me, and I will buy that. In fact, I am willing to pay a little extra because I feel this bed was made just for my small dog. As my client started to get Mawr and MAWR orders, I told him to interact with his customers, continue the relationship after the sale and asked them how they like the product and how would they using the bed. Surprisingly, the majority of the people who bought the small dog beds were using it for travel. Bam! Now we have enough information to create our strategy. We have a tactic that works, and now we know why it works. The product was dog bets. The way we were selling it was bed for small dogs. That customer was people who travel because we know why people buy our products. We can create a brand that targets just those customers. That is our next step, that is what our strategy will look like, creating a brand for small dogs that travel. My client, where he started this business had no idea that travel was why his customers wanted his product. It was certainly not a strategy that he came up with himself. This travel idea came from tactics. It came from outside out in the marketplace. This is the formula for creating strategy. Strategy equals tactics plus time, plus why it works. Remember, your brand speaks to a specific demographic. If you try to sell to everyone, you will lose. If you sell one product in different sizes, you will lose to the competitors who is specialising in only one size. You see how powerful that is. Your marketing strategy is based on tactics out in the field, and those tactics are proven to beat your competitors. Why, Because of it? Didn't those tactics would not have survived long enough for you to turn it into a strategy ? Here are the action items in this episode. In the beginning, do not waste Resource is building a brand paying for logos, domain names and manufacturing costs. Start with a simple tactic and see if it works. If it does incorporate it into your business and come up with a strategy based on those tactics, interact with your customers and ask how they are using your products. This will allow you to figure out why people want your product. The why is what your brand strategy is all about. That is how you can create an effective strategy to target your customers. The main idea is you do not have to come up with your own strategy, go out into the marketplace and see what is working. See what your competitors are doing, see what your customers are doing and then pick a tactic and see if it works. If it works, then incorporate that into your business and then, Pam, you have your strategy. 9. Brand Name Fails: I have learned through experience that sometimes the best way to do something is to be aware of what not to do. Let's talk about brand names as in selecting a name for your brand or business. The biggest lesson online marketers have learned from years of research is that the more common your name is, the worse off you actually are. That doesn't make sense, right, because if you were to sell T shirts online, wouldn't it be awesome if you could own t shirt dot com? Obviously, that domain name is not available now, but guess what? Even if it was, you would buy it just to sell it, but not to actually use it for your own business. Why? Let's play a popularity name. Game. Who is more popular Coffee, Dark Home or Starbucks dot com, lotion dot com or ole dot com, books dot com or amazon dot com, search engine dot com or google dot com and finally airline tickets dot com or Priceline dot com. We can do this all day and you'll soon notice a pattern. All the names on the right are not only more successful but more memorable. Common business names may be attractive in the beginning, but they will become weaker as time passes. This is because a common name can be easily copied and used by your competitors a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Actually, no, it's still in our galaxy. The website e toys dot com existed, but they lost so much traffic to online competitors that they eventually went bankrupt. This is what happened. Let's say you were lucky and was the first person to buy the domain name E toys dot com Guess what will happen as soon as you secure their name. You were immediately start to have traffic competition from people also using the following names. E toy dot com toy dot com toys dot com toy store dot com i toy dot com i toys dot com i toy store dot com e toy store dot com And that is just to name a few. Eventually, the eToys dot com was bought by Toys R Us. If you use a common name and expect its popularity to gain you traffic, you will be disappointed. It will only give weaker and weaker because you will find annoying competitors trying to piggyback off from your name. If you took my is the famous course, you will remember that I talked about using keywords in your business name so that people can find you on Instagram. If you were the owner of the famous Entrepreneur magazine, you would obviously have a key word in your name. But when someone searches for you on instagram Oh my God! And look at how many people are also using that keyword. They are basically piggybacking from your name and stealing your traffic. Here are some real life examples of brand names. If you see them at the store, you might buy them. You are buying them because you physically see them in the store, not because it's a memorable name. Soft and dry, soft and gentle. Soft shave, Nice and soft cheeses. What's up with all the companies using soft in their name anyways? It is just too easy for any one of your competitors to steal your name or a variation of your name, because if you are selling toilet paper, you cannot own the word soft and you cannot own the word gentle. But what if you were selling cereal? Let's say you are selling toasted whole grain. Oh, cereal. Can you own any of those keywords Know anyone can start using toasted or oats and immediately dilute your brand name. It's just too generic, But can you own the word Cheerios? Absolutely. And that's why if you ever have a craving for toasted whole Greenoe cereal, the word Cheerios will pop up in your mind like a gigantic light bulb. You just cannot forget the name Cheerios. It cannot be copied on Lee. One company owns the brand name. It's that time again, Let's play the popularity game again. Who is more popular lays or pop chips, Tropicana or simply Orange hurts or National Car Rental Time or US News craft or General foods? The names speak for itself. The ones on the left are much more memorable, more unique and the ones on the right easily forgettable. Now let's take a look at names used in the offline world versus online world. In the offline world. Ah, local mom and pop shop will have window displays, high traffic locations and identifiable architectures that can help customers find them. They can't even call themselves the doughnut shop, and it will be okay it will be unlikely that another competing donut shop will open up a store right next to them. But online, it's a completely different battlefield. Your name is the most distinguishable feature about you and your business. If you just call yourself the donut shop dot com, there's almost no way. So when will stumble upon your online store? Even if you pay Google a fortune to be ranked, your name will still be easily forgotten. One of the most famous donut shop in the U. S. Emphasize under name rather than what they serve. Their slogan is America runs on Duncan, not America runs on donuts. I was just visiting Wal Mart the other day and I saw this. It just said Duncan. No need to say doughnuts. However, Duncan is not the best name out there. If you are a true lover of donuts, you will probably visit crispy cream more than Duncan. It's true that crispy cream uses less sugar and also cheaper and made fresh, but their name is just more unique. There is only one action item in this episode. Avoid common names when creating a name for your brand and business. You want it to be memorable and unique. A common name will be easily for gone and easily diluted by competitors. Also using your keywords. Your brand name is the symbol of your business. If you make a unique and still meaningful, your name will stick in the minds of your customers every time they think about your niche . 10. 5 Brand Name Categories: If you are trying to pick out a name for your brand, it can be difficult. So many things to consider. And just where do you start? Let me help. Let's start with the different categories that your name would fall under. There are five main categories, four brand names, and these are names based on the founder business description. Made up words, metaphors and acronyms. The most popular way to name your brand is to name it after the founder. This works well if you are an artist or designer or someone with a huge personality, because your product is your work and is you. Giorgio Armani is a designer who uses his own name and shares his style and classy designs with the public. Ben and Jerry's ice Cream is named after the two friends who shared their love of ice cream . The Martha Stewart brand name after the woman with the big personality sharing her experience with cooking and the Newmans own food company started with the founder Paul Newman, sharing his love for salad dressing. His brand has so much personality that each of his dressing shows the founder dressed in different costumes, promoting that dressing the most successful brands that use the founder's name, usually has its founder sharing their products, their passion or their expertise with the world. The second brand name category is Business Description, a name that describes your business like Kickstarter, a Crowdfunding website that allows users to kick start their project. Instagram, a social media platform where you post your real time instant pictures. PayPal. A simple and quick way to pay or get paid online and Band Aid and the He sieve Bandage Toe aid and cover your minor wounds. The third brand name category is using made up words based on real words to sound cool. And you Pixar. The Animation Studios brand name came from the word pixel and vaguely based on a Spanish verb, meaning to take pictures. Clorox, the famous bleach brand, is named after its main ingredient sodium Hypo chloride Assault. Jello is a brand name of a gelatin dessert. Gelatin sounds a lot better. Den animal collagen, which is what Jello is actually made from. And Pepsi. The famous drink actually got its name from an enzyme called Pepsi in rigid breaks down proteins to aid digestion. And that's what the owner of Pepsi originally marketed the drink for a drink that AIDS digestion. The fourth brand name category is using metaphors to evoke a feeling the pedigree brand sells dog food. Pedigree, by definition, is the record of dissent of an animal showing it to be pure bred. Find their brand makes you feel like you are buying quality food for your pet. The Kryptonite brand sells bike locks. Kryptonite is a green rock that even Superman is afraid of. Buying their brand makes you feel like your bike lock is so strong. Not even Superman can steal it. The budget brand is a car rental service. Renting a car from their brand makes you feel like you are getting the best deal in town. The Red Bull brand is an energy drink. If you bought their drink, you will feel like you will have enough energy to rival a bowl. They even have a slogan. Red Bull gives you wings. You know that is a ridiculous claim. And yet the power of the metaphor cannot be ignored, and the fifth brand name category is using acronyms. You would use the strategy if your name is just too long not catching enough not pleasant or you want to expand beyond your market. Do you know the company? International Business Machines And probably not sounds too long for a name. That's why they use the acronym IBM. Now it's easy to remember. Ever heard of the convenience, value and service Pharmacy Yuck! Sounds so boring, as if they are forcing all those benefits down your throat. That's why the name CVS Pharmacy sounds way better. Catchy, too. At one point, the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was named just that, but they realized that it didn't sound pleasant enough. In fact, fry chicken sounded unhealthy, so they changed it to KFC. Don't need to change your business model or food just their name. Just like KFC. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation didn't like how their names sounded. It was limiting, as if they could only do business in Asia. So they changed it to HSBC, and now it sounds like a global brand. Here are the action items in this episode. If you are having a hard time choosing the name, it will help if you think within thes five categories. First, Ah, brand name can be named after the founder, creating a connection between yourself and your products. Second, a name that describes your business. This allows consumers to immediately know what your brand is about and what needs you specializing. Third, a name that is made up. You do this to sound cool. And you fourth a name that is a metaphor of a re a word. This serves as an analogy and evokes an emotion. And fifth, a name that is an acronym. This will help. If you want to shorten a long name, make a catch here or more versatile. Now you know all the major categories that your brand name could fonder. We are closer to narrowing down your ideas. Let's keep going. The next episode will cover some naming rules. 11. 3 Basic Brand Name Rules: So how are you doing? Finding a brand name for your business from experience. I find it helpful to look at some rules that successful companies follow. These rules are basic, but it will do wonders for your brand. Your business brand name should follow these three basic rules. Short, simple and easy to pronounce. I know you are probably thinking there are companies out there that have long names and yet very successful, like the name. I can't believe it's not Butter or Harley Davidson Motor Company or American Eagle Outfitters. Guess what? How long have they been in business and how much resource is? Can they afford on advertisements? Very long and a lot. We are entrepreneurs. Our business is just taking off. That's why we have to be smart with our names. So let's get started first. Your brand name should be short. This means it should have the least amount of letters and be shortened as much as possible . Good examples include eBay. An online auction platform was originally called Auction Web. EBay is just catch here. See Net, A media website that provides the reviews on electron ICS, is short for computer network. Bev, Mo. a store selling alcoholic beverages is short for beverages and more. FedEx, a shipping service company, is short for Federal Express. HP, a company known for their electronic products, is short for healer, Packard, Enterprise and subway. You probably won't believe me, but this sandwich shop used to be called Pete's Super Submarines. Oh my God, how interesting. And then he changed it to Pete's subway. And now it's just subway second. Your brand name should be simple. The best way to check if your name is simple or not is to figure out how many syllables it contains. You want to aim for less than four syllables? Here are some one syllable brand names Del Ford, Tied Crest, Skype, Dub Gap, Haynes and Sprite. Here are some two syllable brand names. Sony, Gillette, Xerox, Visa, Lego, Oakley, Dropbox, Nestle and Rolex. Here are some three syllable brand names. Oracle, Nintendo, Super Dry, Mercedes, Power Bar I, Kia Garrido's Microsoft and Oreo. But when you get to four syllables, you pretty much reached. You're naming limit under armour, Coca Cola, Oscar Mayer Capito won, and if you add one more syllable like Texas Instruments, it just sounds like a mouthful. If your name is more than four syllables long, consider abbreviating it. Have you wondered why? If you were to tell your friends you are visiting New York, you would say, I am going to New York. You wouldn't say I am going to end why? This is because New York is two syllables. You don't need to abbreviate that now. If he wanted to visit Los Angeles, you would say, I am going to L. A. You wouldn't say I am going to Los Angeles. It has four syllables. You don't normally say the entire word, and if you were to order the popular Philadelphia cheese steak sandwich, you wouldn't say the entire word. Philadelphia. You would just say, Give me a Philly cheese steak. It just rose off your tongue. That is the power of simplicity. Your brand names. Sweet spot is actually between 2 to 3 syllables. I am going to buy some U A. I hope if it's me, I am going to drink some cola. It's hot outside, and third, your brand name should be easy to pronounce. Foreign brands and fashion brands are notorious for hard to pronounce names. You see this name that starts with a, B and V. Just how do you pronounce it looks so foreign, Bubba Gari. No, it's actually pronounced. Boh Guerry Buggery. Then you have given CI. It's pronounced jeh Bonci Jeff Bonci Hi Yun Die Hyundai, Hyundai Push, Porsche, Porsche And lastly you have tag Huer. No, it's pronounced tag Hall year Tag hall year. These brand names are already famous, so it doesn't matter for them. But your brand is new and people who cannot pronounce it will either Now remember you or not be able to find you online The best way to test if people can pronounce your name is by saying it into a voice recognition software like Sorry, if sorry can find what you are looking for then you are good but if she can't understand you then you better rework your name. Here are the action items in this episode Remember these three simple naming rules Your brand name should be short. It should have the least amount of letters and be shortened as much as possible. Your brand name should be simple. It should have no more than four syllables in the name and finally your brand name should be easy to pronounce. Ah, foreign name may sound cool, but most people will not remember you because the name is only meaningful to you, but not to them. Please don't stress yourself out when picking out a name for your brand. A name is only a part of your business. Ah Mawr. Important aspect of branding is the visuals. Let's talk about that next. 12. Visual Power and its Limitations: marketing, by definition, is getting your brand into the minds of your customer because you wanted to think of you when they are thinking about buying something for your dish. And what is the best way to get people to remember you by using visuals? People are visual creatures. The best way to get your brand into the minds of people is by using visuals. Branding is actually two parts. Words like your business name or slogan and pictures like your logo or brand representation words. We have to read pictures. We just have to look at which gas station stands out more. The Exxon logo is a word. You have to read it first to be able to understand it. The show on logo is a picture one look and you know exactly what it is. You can even see it a mile away. Imagery is just more powerful. We normally start with a brand name and then find a visual to represent our name. The visual is so important because it's the visual there holds someone's attention. It's visuals that helps you control a word or a slogan in your audiences mind. This course is called brand wars sounds pretty cool, right? But without a good visual banner like this one, you probably would not be even taken this course. Right now. It's always the visual that captures someone's attention. Which advertisement campaign? Do you remember the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and malaria or the product red? You probably never heard of the Global Fund. It was created by Bill Gates, so you know it was properly funded, but their campaigns lacked any visual power, so no one remembers them. But what about the product? Red campaign? You might not know that they were promoting the fight against AIDS, but you do remember the apple products promoting the movement and probably the celebrities that started to wear red to help bring awareness to the campaign. It was just memorable and cool. When you promote your brand, you are making a claim, and you always want to select a claim that can be visualized so that it will be remembered when you think of luxury European cars. You think of Mercedes BMW wanted to steal that title away from our cities. Well, at least steal a piece of that automobile market share, so they started to call themselves the ultimate driving machine. Words were nine enough. They had pictures and commercials of BMW cars driving on race tracks, dirt roads, tunnels and through tough conditions. And they kept pounding this visual into the minds of consumers. At one point, BMW did outsole Mercedes in the United States. Does it mean Mercedes were no longer good? No. It just meant that BMW has reinforced this powerful machine image so much that it was burned into people's minds. Mercedes to the public became old and boring. It was luxurious shore, but BMW made them look old and slow. BMW even helped finance one of the James Bond movies. In the movie Tomorrow never dies, you see an agile, remote controlled BMW outrunning and outsmarting Mercedes den. Suddenly, out of nowhere, BMW changed their slogan. Oh, my God, you are not gonna believe this. They changed their slogan from the ultimate driving machine, too. Joy. For some reason, they started to call their cars the ultimate joy machine. Does that even make sense to you? For some reason, BMW came out with ads after, As of the Joy campaign, they thought that they could burn the image of joy into consumer's minds. Do you know why this concept fails? Driving is visual. Joy is abstract driving. Is this powerful machine? But joy is this What? Happy machine? What the hell are you talking about? If I bought your car, I will be joyful. Well, why would I be happy in your car? Are you saying I would not be happy in a Mercedes? You see how this joy concept is so pretentious? You want to take control over a word or phrase that is concrete, not abstract, because abstract is hard to visualize. I want to hear another rise, the vein and fall from grace story just to make it interesting. This next story is also about cars back in the seventies. If you think of luxury, you think of Mercedes. If you think a power, you think of BMW. Let's say you wanted to control the word safety. How would you do it if you were selling a car and wanted to visually let people know that it was especially safe? What would your advertisements look like? You do this. That's why in the seventies, Volvo controlled the word safety. This was groundbreaking advertisements is crazy, right? Why would any car. Companies show their cars after an accident, But it worked Vaux stuff by this one concept and promoted this idea of safety over and over again. They had a commercial where they stacked of oval cars, one on top of each other to show house 30 their cars Were. Vaux even said that their car was safer than the president's limo. Is that true? Who knows? But if you repeat something long enough, people will start to believe it. Then, in 1993 guess what happened. You know what happened when brands get big, they get arrogant. They had the resource is, and they wanted to do it all. So guess what Bo did. Volvo started to market their cars as performance cars. They started to introduce sports cars and convertibles. Do you know why this confuses people? You are now building performance cars. That means you have to redesign your cars. It's faster now, but is it still safe? If you design it to be faster and more powerful, it will take away from its safety. Volvo is known for its safety. I'm so confused. As a result, Volvo lost sales in 1986 Vaux sold 113,000 units. Dan, in 2014 they sold 56,000 0 my God. That marketing person behind that Bobo performance car concept should be fired. What's even worse? Just like BMW, Volvo changed their slogan to yet another abstract idea instead of the safest car on the planet. Dear New slogan is Vaux for life. I'm gonna let this ridiculous claim sinking for the bit before I continue. Okay, lets go. What the hell does that even mean? BMW is saying we are the joy car right now and vocal is saying we are the the car in your life now. I don't know. I can't even say their slogan without being confused myself. Volvo, just like BMW, chose a slogan that cannot be visualized. Joy is abstract. Life is even mawr abstract. It is nearly impossible to find a believable visual to represent these pretentious claims. Consumers will not relate these abstract ideas with your products just because you say so. A brand that stayed consistent throughout the years is the Marlboro cigarettes brand. Marlboro has always been the masculine cigarette. Your visual has always been the cowboy. If I wanted to feel manly and free. And if I didn't care about my house, I'd would smoke a Marlboro cigarette. That is their visual. It is burned into my mind. It would not make any sense if they suddenly started to use women in their ads. It will kill their brand image. Here are the action items in this episode People are visual creatures. Once you have a business name or slogan, you must have a visual image to go with those words. A visual image sticks into the minds of consumers more than words. When selecting a visual image to represent your brand, make sure the idea is concrete and not abstract. People can visualize safety, but they cannot visualize life. Your visual should stay consistent with what your brand originated from. Don't try to do it all. It will confuse the public and upset your loyal fans. People believe what they see is BMW that much more powerful than Mercedes? Is Vogel that much more safer than BMW? Only you can answer that, but if they hammer that visual image into your mind, your believe 13. Visual Strength Secrets: There are good visuals, and there are great visuals. Let's talk about the seven components that will make your visuals more powerful than your competitors. Are you ready for some examples? No, Right, I got tons to share with you. These are the seven visual strength secrets that will make your brand more memorable. Simple associations. Colors. Designing the visual into the product demonstrate with action, revealing the owner and unique packaging. If you want to add power to your visuals first, it has to be simple. The simpler you can make your brand visual or logo, the more memorable it will be. These are examples of good logos. Notice how all these have a visual component. The best by local is their name on a bright price tag. The symbol for Delta is a triangle, so Delta Airlines uses a three D triangle pointing upwards. Shopify is an online store, so they have a bright shopping bag with an S Taco Bell. Isabel Apple is an apple, Target is a target, and Army hammer is a non arm and hammer no pun intended. These logos incorporate their name into a simple visual. These are examples of bad visuals with comparison to good ones. These are bad because it's too complicated. Chick fil A's curse of writing is just hard to read, and the chicken visual is not clear. KFC is simple, just a picture of the founder. The chipotle chili is too complicated. It is hard to make it out. And why does it have so many layers compared at two chilies? Simple visual. You can totally tell what it is. Cadillac is a famous car, but their logo it's too complicated. It's like they are trying to stuff too much meaning into one image. The Jaguar is also a famous car, and their visual is just the animal. And Pinera's bread logo is just a mess is too abstract and hard to understand. I think it's a lady smelling her newly baked bread. The are no bread brand is much similar. You can tell it is a wheat on top of the text. The second visual strength secret is using association. Let's say you are in charge of creating the visual for two insurance companies. How do you visualize insurance? And worse? The name of the company is weird. Aflac and Geico. What would you do? Well, Affleck sounds like the sound of duck would make, and Geico sounds a lot like a lizard, a gecko. And there you have it. Now you know why these companies associated que animals with their brand image. Now these are examples of associations that arm or direct and meaningful. Panda Express uses a penned A to show day. Serve Chinese food. Gorilla glue uses a gorilla to show that they are strong. Yellowtail wine uses a kangaroo to signify their Australian heritage. Twitter uses a tweeting bird to symbolize their short and sweet medium for exchanging information. And who could forget the milk mustache ad campaign in the nineties? I don't know about you, but when I saw celebrities and athletes drinking milk, I associated milk with strength and fame. The third visual strength secret is using colors. There are so many ways to use colors to strengthen your brand. Once you select a color to represent your brand, you want to consistently use the same color. Coca Cola always use red Nickelodeon TV channel. Always use orange Kodak film. Always use yellow Heineken's beers always use green IBM always use Blue and the New York University always use purple as long as you're consistent with your brand color usage, people will remember it. This is especially true if you use a unique color for your brand. If you're ambitious, you can create a custom color and train market so no one in your niche can use that color like what Tiffany did whenever your partner sees you giving them a present in a greenish and blue box. They know you have spent a pretty penny on them, and lastly, you can consider using a certain color in your brand name. Red Roof Inn hotels, the Red Box movie rental, Blue Buffalo, Pet food, Blue Mountain coffee and the Purple Mattress Company are the mountains really blew our the mattresses really purple doesn't matter. This is a great way to burn a certain color into people's minds because, hey, the color is part of your name because we can spend hours on colors. Here are several pdf's you can download to help explain what different colors mean to customers. The fourth visual strength secret is designing the visual into the product you are selling . This creates maximum impact because your products are so unique. How does Corona remind you that there beer is from Mexico. They always have lime on their bottles, just like Mexicans. Most famous tequila drink. When you open a packet of life savers candy, look closely. It's not just a donut shaped for a reason. It's actually a lifesaver. Wow, my mind was blown when I discovered this. It is also not a coincidence that the goldfish snack crackers are in the shape of a goldfish. Finally, when you think of sports cars, you think of Ferrari, right? Why? Because they were one of the first to create this aerodynamic, futuristic, sporty car look. The fifth visual strength secret is to demonstrate your products with action. Don't just use a boring product photo show what your products can do. The Dove soap brand claims that their soap is 1/4 lotion, so they show a bottle of lotion being poured into the soap. It almost makes you feel like it is creamy milk right To demonstrate how small and cute their cars are, the Mini Cooper brand placed a mini cooper on top of a SUV and in a subway station, they plays a huge trash can next to their ad, visually demonstrating the difference in size to demonstrate how much juice is in their orange shoes. Tropicana made a super simple. They just stuck a straw into an orange. You can see how powerful this images, right? Don't you just want to suck on the straw? And finally, to demonstrate how potent their medicine is? A leave placed two of their pills next to six Tylenol pills. Their slogan is, if you could take fewer pills, why wouldn't you? Of course. Saying the slogan was not good enough. They had to show it to prove it to you. The sixth visual strength of secret is revealing yourself, revealing the owner of the company. Let me ask you a question. And please be honest. If you didn't know who I was or when I looked like Would you have bought my course if you couldn't see me? And all you heard was my voice explaining things to you that is just one dimensional. But if you can see me, it becomes two dimensional. You are more likely to take what I say seriously. And if I have a personality, it becomes three dimensional. You start to like me. Wait. You do like me, right? Okay. Let's continue consider revealing yourself, revealing the owner of your company. There is a reason why Virgin Airlines is so popular. You know who the owner is. Richard Branson. He is always in the public eye, and thus you start to trust his version company more. Now what other CEOs do that not many, many CEOs hide behind their company. That's why you shouldn't same thing as Papa John's Colonel Sanders and Paul Human. It shows sincerity. It shows that you stand by your product because unless you are a famous brand, people want to buy from people, not from a logo or a company. An interesting thing to note is if the owner is alive. Products are marketed with their photo, and if dead, they use a cartoon. The seventh visual strength Secret is one of my all time favorites, so much so that I had to create entirely new episode for it. Don't miss my next episode, where I will share with you the power of packages. Here are the action items in this episode. The first visual strength secret is the simpler You can make your brand visual the more memorable it will be. Second, try to associate your brand name with a visual that symbolize or describes your business. Third, pick a color and consistently use the same color in your branding to help you pick out a meaningful color. Don't forget to download the pdf included. Fourth designed the visual into your products so that the imagery is burned into your customer's mind. Fifth, Demonstrate your product with action. Visually show how effective or unique your products are. The six visual secret is to reveal yourself the owner of your company. This helps your customers connect your products with the face and to find out what the seventh visual secret is. Watch the next episode. I will show you how powerful a unique packaging can be for your business. See you there. 14. Power of the package: having a unique package for your product is extremely powerful, so much so that sometimes you don't even need a unique product or a unique name to be successful. All you need is unique packaging. In my instagram business course, we talked about how cereal with the good looking box sells better than cereal from a bag. Because presentation is everything. The psychology behind this idea is that a unique package will make customers think your product is unique even when it's not. Let's take a moment and be honest with ourselves. If you are selling a product, chances are other people are selling the same product. Your product is probably no better or worse than theirs. Take a look at all of these vodka alcohol brands. I don't know if you are a vodka lover like me, but I can tell you there is not much of a big difference in terms of taste between these brands. Vodka is Russian, and yet why is the Swedish brand more expensive than the rest? How can you compete in this market? How can you immediately capture the attention and the imagination of your customers? A different and unique packaging increased attention and increased sales if he wanted to buy Penny Host, which one looks more unique and interesting? Yep, the one in the There is a reason why Legs is a leading seller of penny host. They packaged their product in an egg shaped container. It makes sense because legs sounds like eggs. Dear package. Just look more cute and convenient. Do you like Vitaminwater drinks? If so, one of the reasons is because of their distinctive label on their bottle. They're drink looks like prescription bottles. It looks like it's filled with nutritional facts and are healthy for you. Speaking of water, the Festina watch brand wanted to come out with a new line of waterproof watches. They wanted to visually promote their new diver watch. So what did they do? They put their watches in water packaging. Tae literally took their watches and put them in a bag full of water and sealed it. This makes a powerful visual statement. Listen there. Watches are not more water resistant and then other brands, and yet you now trust their quality, don't you? If you are coming out with a new product, you better have new packaging. If you want to stand out as a new product. When Red Bull first introduced their energy drinks, they would have lost publicity if their cans looked like every other soft drink on the market. They knew the regular soda can was 12 fluid outs, so they created a unique slim can. 8.4 fluid ounce can and bam. It was automatically unique. That's why they can immediately sell their product at a higher price than any regular soft drink. Dan came the competitors, the two biggest being monster and rock star, these two companies. Also, new packaging was important. So what did they do? They saw Red Bull's eight fluid ounce can and thought, OK, we will double ours. So they came out with a 16 fluid ounce can. They were able to compete with Red Bull for the energy drink market by offering their drink in cans twice the size of Red Bull. But at the same price, it's interesting. Take a look. Rock star and monster. They're double the size of Red Bull and yet did the same prices Rebel. Both are on sale by Red Bull is usually never on sale. This packaging war is still going on. Look at monsters New can you see there is a special texture on the can so that when you hold it, it will feel unique and different. This goes into the tactile senses, which goes beyond simple visuals. Packaging is so important that if you have good packaging, you can sell your product at a higher price. Take a look at these three leading vodka drinks, Smirnoff Sky and absolute. Now, why is one more expensive than other? Absolut vodka is packaged in an old pharmacy bottle to be unique and to signify its antique heritage. As a result, their brand is more expensive than other vodkas. So I'm at the grocery store to show you the cost of bark A lot you can see Smirnoff is $15 Medica is $15 sky is $20 and absolute is $25. Course we have the absolute brand that we've been talking about. You see how their bottle is just unique. It just it just looks like quality. The owners of Absolute knew they needed to pick a unique bottle to survive the vodka market , because vodka is known to be a product of Russia, and you are from Sweden, So why the hell are you making blacker over the years, absolute hired painters, graphic designers, fashion designers and other artists to come up with advertisements for their brand. But they were all told one thing. You must include the bottle design as the centerpiece of your ad. This was how absolute burned their bottle shape into the minds of consumers, and that is why they can charge for a higher price than other leading vodka brands. If you are selling quality products, your packaging must also be quality. You know, Omega watches and Rolex watches are expensive, right? Besides the watches, their packaging, which is the boxes that come with the watches, are expensive to look. Ah, used Omega Box sells for about $230 on eBay. I own an Amiga watch so can vouch for the quality of their box. The idea is, an expensive watch should also come with an expensive box. This is truthful Rolex to look one of their used box sold for $400. If you have an apple watch, you are not going to like this joke. There is a running joke among luxury watch collectors, and that is whenever they see a person wearing an apple watch, they say, Oh, you bought your apple watch for $300. Well, the box that came with my Rolex is worth more than your watch. Hey, I told you, you are not going to like this joke If you are Apple fan. Anyways, the question you should ask yourself is this. Do you want your customers to think you have a quality product? If so, your packaging must reflect that. Here are the action items in this episode. Packaging is extremely important in your branding, a different and the unique packaging, increased attention and increased sales. If you are coming out with a new product, you better have new packaging if you want to stand out as a new product, and finally, creating a good package means you can sell your product at a higher price. Remember, always tried to make your packaging unique, and if you can make that uniqueness related to what your brand or product is all about, then you would have a product that people will remember 15. Offline vs Online: I am sure that you realize doing business is divided into two worlds that off my world and online world. The offline world is like Walmart. The online world is like Amazon. The fact that you are Washington's video means you are an entrepreneur. Guess which world favors the entrepreneur. The online world favors the entrepreneur. Check this out. Who is more powerful online? On one side you have ABC, NBC, CNN, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Times big companies. Right? But on the other side, you just have Google started by entrepreneurs. Who do you go to when you are searching for information online? There's no contest. Google is a powerhouse online. I know this seems like a very long time ago, but when the Internet first started on one side, we had A T and T and Microsoft with physical locations in the offline world. And then we have a o. L dot com in the online world. Oh, yeah, you remember those annoying dia modem sounds? You got excited. Were you signing and heard the famous You got mail sound, which is also annoying now. But would you have went to A T and t dot com or Microsoft dot com. No, you went to a o. L dot com, and it ruled the Internet during that time. Just the other day, I wanted to brush up on my MBA skills. So was looking to buy this book. I have three choices. Get up, game my car, drive to the nearest Barnes Noble and pick this book up for $22. Or I can go online and go to Barney's number dot com and pay $19.80 and wait a few days for it to be shipped to me. Or go on amazon dot com. Pay $13.84 and have it delivered to me the next day. What would you do? You probably never went to Barneys and over dot com. That's because online Amazon, started by an entrepreneur, is just more powerful, with better prices and better delivery options. It's interesting, right? The biggest brands in the offline world are dwarfed by these online brands. Now, why is that? It's based on the principle that when a new medium is discovered, new brands are created specifically for that medium. The brands from the previous medium doesn't matter how famous can't do much but follow in the new trend and take a back seat. This is why no newspaper or magazine brand successfully transitioned into television and no television channels successfully transitioned to online. Think about it. Times Magazine versus ABC, ABC versus YouTube. You know who were winning this popularity competition. YouTube Beats ABC and ABC Beats Times magazine Armed with this new medium new brands concept, we can start figuring out how to help you build your brands online, and it all comes down to how you plan to use the online medium. If you are starting a website and using it as an extension of your current offline business just to provide more information, then nothing needs to be done. You can keep your brand name and keep the same brand strategy like if you have a restaurant and you wanted to have a website so that more people will be aware of your business. You can keep the same brand strategy, however, if you are going to do business online, connect with people blogged about monthly product deals, post pictures and videos, take reservations or product orders you would then need to create an entirely new brand specifically for the online platform. In fact, you even need a new business name. Let's say you have a local T shirt store and now want to start selling T shirts online. You cannot just create a regular website and expect it to be successful. You would need to create a T shirt brand specifically for the online platform. Just what do you need to do? How would your T shirt brand be different online? We were entered us in a moment. What makes the Internet so different of a medium? For information, Dan, radio, newspapers or television interactivity online is interactive. You have control, you have a say. You can speak your mind and leave your opinion. You are watching an online video, and you can fast forward it. You are reading an article and you can leave a comment. In fact, the comments sections of various forums are sometimes even more entertaining to the articles themselves. Just watch a YouTube video and look at the hilarious comments that gets the most likes. They will crack you up. You can't do that with radio. You can't do that with newspapers or television. And that's why you have to shift your entire brand focused and create a brand just for online activities. If you are selling T shirts, your website should be very interactive. People should be able to like your T shirt photos and leave comments. They can watch videos of you talking about your products or wash behind the scenes videos of your ad campaign or commercials. You will have product giveaways, contests and events. Basically, your local store strategy needs to jump from off line, which is not interactive to online, which is interactive. And you would also need to come up with a new brand name. That's why when Zilla Munch T shirt company went from local to online, they can no longer call themselves the food shirts. They had to be more engaging. They changed their name to Zillah Munch Zilla, as in Godzilla and Munch as in munching on food. They sold pop culture T shirts, and so they came up with that online branding. Here are the action items in this episode. If you are entrepreneur, you need to take your business online because the online world favors the entrepreneur. If you have a local business and want to start a website just to provide some extra information for your business. Then you can keep your offline branding. If you are expecting to take orders and make sales online, then you will need to create entirely new brand specifically for the online platform. You're online. Brand must be interactive. Doing business offline is different than doing business. Our life. Now that you are aware of the differences, you have a higher chance of making sales and succeeding cheers to that.