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9 Videos (55m)
    • About the Project

    • Setup and Basic Structure

    • Box – Introduction

    • Box – Work Experience

    • Box – Education

    • Box – Testimonials

    • Box – Contact Info

    • Box – Portfolio

    • Box – Skills


About This Class


This class is for the beginner who wants to get a quick introduction to the latest version of Bulma. This framework is one of the most popular ones used today by web designers and developers all over the world.

In this class you'll learn how to create a Resume and CV Page using Bulma. I will start from scratch and walk you through how to create it.

You'll learn how the framework use code structure, classes and attributes to create different kinds of components. You will also learn about the visual style of each component, and learn what is possible and what isn't with this framework.


This project is about creating a Resume and CV Page. You'll learn how to structure various pieces of content, how to design a user-friendly interface, and how to make it look great on all device sizes by using a responsive grid.

The project will contain the following sections:

  • About
    An introduction section with name, picture, heading, description and quote
  • Work Experience
    A list of work experience with icon, job title, workplace, time period and description
  • Education
    A list of education with icon, education title, institution, time period and description
  • Testimonials
    A carousel with testimonials with quote and name
  • Contact Info
    Various facts: Full name, date of birth, contact information, user profiles, address and message form
  • Portfolio
    A list of links with icons to different online portfolio and social media profiles
  • Skills
    A list of skills with icon, technology and progress bar grouped into various categories


The following version will be used to create a Resume and CV Page:

  • Bulma (v0.7.1)


We'll use the following parts of Bulma:

  • Modifiers: Color Helpers, Typography Helpers
  • Layout: Columns, Container, Level, Media Object, Section
  • Forms: General, Input, Textarea
  • Elements: Box, Button, Content, Icon, Image, Title


Online demo of the project


I hope you will be inspired to create your own Knowledge Base afterwards. Please send me a link if you do so. I would love to see it!





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Jeppe Schaumburg Jensen

Front-end developer and digital designer

Hi there,

My name is Jeppe Schaumburg Jensen and I'm a teacher in topics related to front-end development, interaction design, music and productivity.

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