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Bullet Journalling for Beginners // My 2020, Monthly and Weekly Set Up (+ Tips and Tricks!)

teacher avatar Sarah, Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. What Is A Bullet Journal (BUJO)?

    • 2. Page Ideas // BUJO Flip Through

    • 3. Day Planning Ideas // BUJO Flip Through

    • 4. Getting Started With Your BUJO

    • 5. 2020 Set Up // Calendar For 2020

    • 6. 2020 Set Up // Goals and Year In Pixels

    • 7. Monthly Set Up // January Cover Page

    • 8. Monthly Set Up // Monthly calendar and Brain Dump

    • 9. Monthly Set Up // Habits and Gratitude Pages

    • 10. Summary of My Monthly Spread

    • 11. Weekly Spread

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About This Class

This class is an introduction to a bullet journal and how to use it to plan your year, month and week. I have been using bullet journals for a few years now and I have learnt some tricks to making the monthly and weekly spread and would love to share them with you. A bullet journal is a free and flexible way to plan our schedules and I really love how starting on a BUJO made my day and life more organised. 

This class covers: 

1. What a Bullet Journal is 

2. Some ideas on how to set up your BUJO

3. Examples of yearly, monthly and weekly spreads 

4. My 2020 set up (for ideas and tips)

5. My January monthly spread (for ideas and tips)

6. My weekly spread (for ideas and tips)

I hope this video helped you understand the BUJO and that you are feeling inspired to start your own! Thank you very much for watching! 

If you enjoyed this class and would like to learn more, feel free to watch my other classes on skillshare: 

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Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist


Hello, I'm Sarah! I am a certified yoga teacher, freelance makeup artist and a self growth enthusiast. I am so glad to be able to learn more and share all my passions with you here!

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1. What Is A Bullet Journal (BUJO)?: Hi, everybody. So today we're going to talk a little bit about bullet journaling, and I'm going to talk to you. First of all, what is the building journal? Secondly, we're going to talk about how we're going to create an overview for the year because 2020 just stopped it. So we want Teoh. Oh, I'm going to show you how I'm going to do that with my bullet general. And then we're gonna talk about how do we Oh, how do I like to do monthly overviews And as well as you know, the monthly pages that I thought were really useful for me, and then we're going to move on to weekly spread. So how you can actually plan your days and your weeks using the bullet journal and the last section of the class will be basically my experience of the bullet general over the years and how it has really helped me to organize my day. So that's dive straight into the class. So festival what exactly is a bullet journal? So bullet generals, basically, Yeah, daughter journal books. So, for example, if you take a look at the one that I have here, so this one's from Kiki K. I don't know if you can see it says great journal right here. And if you take a look at the pages, you're gonna see a lot of these, like gridded lions. And then I'll show you toe my two older bullet journal. So this was my very 1st 1 I think this was in, uh, 20. I don't even know when this is Let me see. Probably 2016 or maybe 2017. So let me see if I can find an empty page. So if you can take a look at this one right here, you can kind of see the dots is well, so these are examples of bullet journals. So they're basically daughter Jonah, books that you can use to create any kind of weekly spread or, you know, pages that you would like for your journal. So it's a very free and easy way off organizing your year in your month and you're weak because all you really have to do is you just, you know, create a system that works for you so you don't have to feel regulated by the traditional journals that you know, they give you a limited amount of space and you know such questions way to fill up. So it's this one I feel really helped me to kind of, like, pick and choose what worked for me. And over the years, with three bullet journals already, I kind of figured out what worked for me and what didn't. So I'm going to share those with you. 2. Page Ideas // BUJO Flip Through: Now, before we dive into my 2020 bullet journal, I'm going to kind of show you what I've done over the past few years just to give you a better idea of what a bullet journal really is. So let's begin with my very feds bullet journal. So that Facebook, these two. So we're gonna begin by me showing you my first ever bullet journal. So this is it. I stopped at this in 2017. So let me just kind of bring you roughly true it. So the very first thing we have is a key. Now, the key is basically telling you what you're symbols mean when you used a bullet journal further. So, for example, if you take a look at my at my weekly spread So, for example, here, I don't know if you can see after it crosses. I have arrows at so colds, you know, and things like that. So they this will tell you kind of how you're gonna use it and how you can interpret your schedule. Then we have the index or the contents page. So what I did for this bullet journal, my very 1st 1 was I label the bottom off the pages. So, like, for example, here I labeled them like that. And then I tried my best to write it down in like, a contents page kind of way. But after doing it for this book, I realized it was something that I couldn't really keep up with, so I decided not to do it for my other two books. But it's sometimes really good to have an index, especially if you know you have different pages that you kind of want to refer to it throughout three year. So that's something for you to think about, if you would want to have him, and then the next one is the future are basically a kind of like an overview of the months you have left in the year off the whole year itself. So if let's say you're doing a full year so as you can tell, I was look younger and, you know, I was experimenting with stickers to phones and washi tape, and I only had October November December left in 2017. So I just wrote that down here, wrote the calendars out and kind of like the important dates and then I This was my first of a weekly plan, so I found this layout on Pinterest, and I decided to try it out. Very simplistic plan. So you can definitely do something like that if you want to, um, try to, you know, make it pretty a put my goals down A little bit of my bloke pages, ideas published post stats, you know, And then we all close have a monthly kind of, like overview for October. So the whole calendar and kind of like my appointment, and then I try to make it pretty again, have phoned idea. So this was my very visible that, generals, I was really just trying to figure it out, see what options I have. So things like that, um but honestly, these look really pretty. But I realized, like, for me, I am a person that really just wants something to be simple. So you're going to see my later journals that my style really changed, but, you know, now is just experimenting. I tried this way of habit tracking the October. Then I, you know, have a few kind of like goals and then some notes, wish list. And then again, I tried different ways off week lease breaths and then another weekly spread. So then I, you know, tried a little bit of my makeup stuff books, read, money spent, monies and stuff, you know, just basically pages that I kind of want to jot down some ideas. You can, of course, use your pages to be anything. Um, And one more thing is you can have, like, washi tape, so I don't know if you can't see this. I sticked Washington here so that, you know, it was a lot easier for me to find it, so I can definitely just see it right here, and I can open it up. That's one thing. So, um, I also tried sticking a calendar into my bullet journal, and I don't really like it because it makes the paper a little bit like hotter. I guess so. That wasn't a fan. So and then this was when I started doing the gratitude pots and then, you know, made some six I stick stickers on it. So this was my very first bullet journal, as you can see, But then I have a reflection, more published stuff for my website, and then we move on to the Zambezi. It's very, you know, simple. Sometimes I do fall out of the bank wagon and I get to fill it in, which happens quite a bit. So that's happening. And then if I go traveling, I will usually have a page for places that I go to a swell. And then we have 2018. So, um, then I have let my goal to my memory bank urine pixels, which I So you see it halfway because I actually transferred it to another book, which I'll show you later and then does that, you know, a few smuggles, some kind of like future ideas. Acela's what I plan to give up in 2018. So things I give up, you know, my unhealthy lifestyle. So I try to do that as well, so I just will quickly flip Treat. This is another way of doing my habit tracking. So I tried to do this. Um, and I think I found a way that works better for me, and then I have rather to you and so on. So this is another way of doing my weekend spreads. So habits and gratitude and then weekly spreads. So as you can see, it's really up to you to the pages of basically Blank. And you just have to kind of fill them in yourself. Um, so it's a lot of freedom, and it's really a lot of experimenting that went into it. Yeah, so pretty much the same. So I, you know, did a little bit more decoration. I was younger than so I had more time as well. I did like it. But at the same time, I also realized that, you know, just the whole idea of decorating your book sometimes can, you know, make you not want to fill it it. So this was when I went to pack. Um, And then you go on to April, you know, and so on. So it's basically just all that, then my second bullet journal is this one. So I got these books from many, so But they stopped producing it sadly. So I bought my next one off Kiki. Kate. So this was my second bullet journal. I think I stopped it in 2018. So remember I said, halfway toe, I stopped the year the urine pixels in the previous book, halfway and then I transferred it to this one. So it's kind of like for you to see in general how your entire year has been. And then you have different colors but a different emotions and, you know, every day you're gonna color one. So this was how my 2018 look like, so as you can, I can just take a glance. And I was really happy in the last few weeks, months of the year, and then, you know, really good on my holidays and things like that. And then, you know, some Saturdays and some angry days. But it's a kind of way for you to kind of see your the whole year, I suppose. And then books read, which I realized I didn't really keep up. And then I have stopped at this thing 26 before 26 I've been continuing it now. So this was zeros turning 26 years old, So I want to have 26 goals that I want to achieve. So I put them here. It's something that I've been keeping up with, and I do really like the idea of it. This wall, Andi. I also did a current me voces future me exercise based on Lavandera on YouTube And I try to kind of do that on going to move on to the monthly spread. So again, a different way of doing the monthly counter, my habits, my gratitude page. So these are my fixed monthly pages. Then I have a brain dump section followed by social media. And you know how I'm gonna do my blawg and my website and things like that. This is too great journal from Kiki K right here. So I do like this. It's really pretty. But the dimensions is slightly different from my previous one. So I had to kind of figure that out. So, like I like, for example, I said, and beginning they do have kind of like a content space you can fill up. But the thing is, if you wanted to fill this out, you have to really write pages down and a bottom because the pages are not labelled. So that's something that I decided not to dio. And then I did my 27 before 27. And then I turned 27 last year. So this was the previous year. I did my five year goals. My urine pixels. So, um, this is, um I didn't really complete it for the end of the some back. Forgot about it. But as you can see, November was amazing cause I went to Bali for a month and I didn't My yoga teacher training there, So that was that. But as you can compare it, maybe if I can show you my previous one, I'm pretty sure. Okay, so if you can compare of light, you're in pixel. So that's what I like to do sometimes, Um, I actually realized that I became a lot happier this year than the previous one. So I can tell by two colors, even though the colors I chose would not really the same. But I can kind of get a better idea of how you know my attitude to its life was changing. So I definitely like the tracking off the urine pixels, that something for me. And then after that, like I said, I tried this again, but I didn't fill it in, So I think I'm just not going to do that six times 3. Day Planning Ideas // BUJO Flip Through: again experimented with weekly spread. So as you can tell, there's no right or wrong way. I also try to make it, you know, a little bit more decorative for fun. Um, tried a different way off. Kind of like making my weekly spreads to figure out what works for me. And I think after two years, I actually figured it out. So shut up with you later as well. After that, this was when I stopped it to try this method off weekly spreads out. So what I would do is this would be just like my regular appointments. You know, any kind of other loose form off things that I have to do. And then I have 12 and three here. So what? These are they are my the three tests, the three most important task of my day. So I would try to plant it out, and these are the ones that I have to kind of like cross out because sometimes we do motion for the sake of it, But we don't really achieve all goals. So the important house, other ones that usually would propel as in the right direction. So I thought of trying that out. And it works really well because I continued it for a while, continued it until a few months. And then I went to Australia again. So I wrote down my ideas, and then you can see a continued that. And then I decided to try something else because it was not working for me after a while. And that was I try to do the top tree task in the middle and then five minutes task on the right. So basically, although many task that I can get done like that in, like, five minutes or less, I will plant them here and then the top three most important task output them here. Um, and then any, like, events or activities. I'll put them here. So that was it worked out quite well. Um, as you can see, So then we move on to 2018 and so I did a little bit of reflection for 2017. Also removed under 2019. The future, the urine pixels, which I shifted to another page. I mean another book again. So, as you can see, I kind of follow through. And then I think I stopped here because I realized it wasn't working for me. So February I changed it. I'm not sure what I was trying to do is just trying to experiment into the two weeks to see what you know, what would work. And then I changed it back to the very fist time I did it, which is something like that. But I made it a little bit a little bit different. Where instead of writing a 123 I just try it kind of putting it in order with outnumbering them, which didn't work for me. So I went back to the So you can really see it really helps you experiment to find what kind of layout works for you. So it's really just figuring what works out. So I learned after your a few, you know, years of experimenting that I'm very simplistic when it comes to, um, bullet journaling. So I have a really very simplistic ones that goals any brain dumbs, intentions, quote and a monthly calendar. This one was, you know, trying it out. Habits and gratitude, my set monthly pages and then, um, any goals and to think about and then I have my spread for this one. Like I said, the dimensions were slightly different, so I just basically broke it down into the days. And then I'll used a key. The key that I showed you the previous time. I didn't write it down here, but, um, I memorized it already. So I know how to kind of interpret my shed deal, and then it's right here. So I just separate it like the squares are basically my fitness classes. Crosses means I did it. Arrows, men means I postponed it. So I made a few uncover pages, habits and gratitude. Then I bring down my goals and then my weekend spread here and then So at one month, it doesn't really take a lot of pages, as you can tell. So it's just have its gratitude and a hokey men. Same thing. And then you've probably realized November was missing because I was in Valley and I didn't bring my bullet journal, so I made it. Sometimes I made it pretty. Sometimes I really just want to put it down there, and I think from me. I learned that you know, I really a lazy, not lazy person. But sometimes you know, just to draw the lines and all that makes me procrastinate. And then I don't fill up my journal. So what I do is I was trying just writing it down instead. So I think that's what I'm gonna do this year. So now that page is empty, we're going to plan the 2020 section from my journal, and I'm going to show you how to do that as well. 4. Getting Started With Your BUJO: we're gonna plan to 2020 section now. So all you gonna need is your bullet journal. You're gonna need a real estate upend that you really like. So I like the Muji 0.381 I find that it's thin enough and it doesn't really smudge on me, and I like it a lot. So this is my bullet Jodl pen as I like to call that. And you know, if you make any mistakes, um, correction table white out work as well. So for me, I generally would like to keep 2020 Really simple cause I realized the more fancy or the more elaborate I made my journal to be the Hyatt a transits of me procrastinating to use it . So I'm just going to make it really simple. So for now, because I want to just kind of show you what you can include. The very testing we're going to include here is going to be the key or basically what the symbols are going to mean. So for me, I'm gonna write that down. So I have the key Eso The festival is a circle a circle will be to do and then I can have the circle and then across it, which means it's a complete it to do. Oh, complete that task. And then if I have a circle and then I draw kind of like an arrow to the right, it means I postponed task. And then I like to go for fitness classes, so I like to label them over square. My next key will be I'm going to put an air a triangle so a triangle will be any events or appointments that I have made. And I'm going to put an exclamation mark for very important things. Actually, you know what? No, I don't think I want to use an exclamation. I think I'm gonna put a star so you can definitely play around the symbols to find something that works for you. You don't have to follow what other people are doing. So it's really what resonates with you. And then I think for me, that is all I'm going to do for my key. So now we're gonna move on to the next part, which is ofcourse setting 2020. So I do like to decorate my 2020 page so it looks a little bit pretty A. I mean, this isn't once in a while thing, so I don't have to do it again, so I will make it a little bit pretty at this time. How I like to make things prettier is I have a brush panel, watercolor or like a water brush pen. And then I have my water color palette. It looks really gross right now, but this is what I'm gonna use. And I think I'm going to make my 2020. I would say Let's too orangey bread like it's very bright. And I think that makes me happy. So I'm going to do that. So I'm just going to take a little bit on my brush pad. Not too much, because I mean these bullet journals, depending on what kind of by a day, the papers are quite thin and they can't really hold a lot off water. So you gotta be very careful there. I think I'm going to now make the 2020 in purple instead. So I'm not the most autistic. But, you know, that's what I'm going to kind of just do for my cover page, and then what I'm going to do now is I'm gonna let it dry and I'll come back. So now that it's drying, I'm going to outline it with my black pen just to make it a little bit more, you know, meet So not have decorated that. What most you're going to do is I'm just gonna draw little outline of the purple. It's like my Hida. And then once that's drying Io basically right in 2020 I will be. And then I'm gonna list three kind of like three correct heuristics that I would like to end compass in 2020. So the very 1st 1 I would like to be is disciplined. So I realized that I was lacking in discipline last year in by snoozing by, you know, just like coming out of excuses and not really doing what I was supposed to do. So discipline was his definitely toughest thing. The second thing that I would like to be is I would like to be brave. Um, this is because in 2020 I really want to push myself to really gits trying new things and get out of my comfort zones. And brave is the third and then the 4th 1 would be to be patient because, um, I'm very impatient person. And I feel like sometimes when I don't see results in a certain period of time, I lose faith in and I just stopped doing it. So these are the three things that I hope you know I will encompass in 2020. So now that this page is done, we're going to move on, and we're going to do the yearly calendar. 5. 2020 Set Up // Calendar For 2020 : let's turn over so you can kind of see, like, the water. Did he leak a little bit to the back, but nothing too serious. It it's fine. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to split this two pages up into the 12 months. So, um 369 and 12. So that's what I'm gonna do now. So one way for you to separate your bullet journals is you're gonna count how many spaces you have voted horizontally and vertically, and then you can split it up accordingly. 40. So now that you kind of have the squares, you can kind of split them up into the way one. So I know that I have 24 this way, and I need to have three months. So and then that Say, I want to have three gaps in between. So that means 24 minutes, three, I have 21 then 21 divided by three is seven. So now I know that one month I'm gonna have a space of seven, um, off seven squares, which is perfect because, you know, a weakest seven days. So we're going to do that. So I want a tree spaces And maybe in between January and February day in February, March and in one of the end here because I don't really like to write to close to the middle off the books, So I'm going to write that. So I'm gonna write January, and then I'm gonna count it. So my so just to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So I know that this is the seventh, and then I'm gonna leave a square like a space. So now that I have three months, I know I have 43 kind of like 43 down, So I'm going Teoh that same gonna have maybe a space off one in between and one of the back . So don't be 40. You know what? Let's just have two spaces in between and one of the back. So if let's say 40 minus three, I will have 2040 43 minus three. So let's say I want to have two lions of gap in between, and then one lined the bottom cause I also don't like to write too low. Then it's going to be 43 minus three. That's 40 40 divided by two sections. So one section should be 20 square, so I'm gonna count it now. So already took one, too. So this is 20 and then I know I want to spaces down. So this is where it makes one will start. So its journey for every March, April, May, June, July. So this is virtualized one of D. And then it's again Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday should have drawn my July a little bit to the center. But that's OK now we're going to leave one space so that you have the six months. I'm just going to do the other ones here. It's a lot easier because now you know the minds that you have to write them in. And once you write the seven days, you know that that's the month dissection for the month. So you just leave one square and then you move on. But remember, this is the dimensions for my bullet journal, so you have to kind of count your own bullet journal and see how you should do it. I'm okay if it's not in the center, but, you know, I know some off. You might be dying and looking at this right now, So I apologize if that makes you annoyed. So now I'm going to just copy of the calendars down. So why don't you do one month? You just gonna keep on doing it. So it's a little bit repetitively at the beginning when you do it. But once you do it, you can always refer to this page. So it will help you throughout the year. I promise. So what I like to do is I always find a fest day and then I'll write the numbers down. So I know if I'm on track. If I missed out a number, if that makes sense so I know it's gonna be 234 567 And then I double checking up its 89 So I know that every row I'm correct in times of the numbers, because sometimes I tend to miss the numbers out. So I find this to be a very useful trick to do and this year's Olympia. So we're gonna leave the 29 we're going to continue to march. They were like, for example, I made a mistake here. I don't know if you realize I wrote 22 in a row 22 again. So that's why I'm gonna heat to 29. I need something was wrong. So that's when the correction tapes comes in handy. I know many people are afraid of, you know, blank going, or I don't know how you say it in your country, but like removing it, making a mistake. But, you know, there's nothing wrong with making mistakes. We just have to do it. Okay, so now that we've got the calendars down, so what I'm gonna do is we have a bit of space at the bottom. That's where usually you can kind of like at in the important dates, like birthdays, anniversaries, important appointments down below. So that's what you can do. I'm just gonna make it a little easier to see the month, so I'm just gonna use my rush pan to quickly draw it over. I'm not too bothered with how you know it looks. It's just to give me kind of like the heading. So, like I said, I'm not very autistic, but this works quite a bit. And then what I would also like to do is I like to draw a line. The load the Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays just to kind of give it a little bit more structure said that I'm going to do now. And I usually look at my Google calendar for me to see the important dates, so that's what I would do. So one way for you to also write down it's kind of like the I would say events that you attended or you really liked all great time spent with friends. So next time at the end of 2020 you look at your yearly kind of like your yearly page, and you can kind of actually pin pinpoint the memories that you've had. So I like to do that for myself as well. So, roughly, this is how it's gonna look like for me. Um, maybe just one more here. So roughly looks something like that. And then what I'm gonna do is we're gonna move on to the next 6. 2020 Set Up // Goals and Year In Pixels: So how I planned my 2020 will be our 11 whole page for goals. And then I want the other page to be the year in pixels. So I'm gonna have my goals here, and I'm gonna have the urine pixels here. So we're gonna begin with the gold Spurs Very rough line, and then I'm just gonna use my 10. So because a little bit I didn't use a lot of water. It's pretty much dried ready, So I would just do that. So I just roughly do that. I'm simple, so that's good enough for me. So you're gonna put you on some of your 2020 goals here, and then you're gonna do the urine pixel, so I'll start with your pencil, so I'm gonna shift it down like that. And then what I'm gonna do is I'm going to color code it. So if you can't remember how it looks like it looks like that, So I usually will have five colors. One for some amazing day, Fantastic day. Then I have a really happy really good day. An average day, So nothing really special happened, but nothing bad happened either. And then I'm sad, and I'm angry. So the college schemes worked well for me here. So I'm I think I'm just going to do that as well. So and I think this time I'm going to shift it, watch his centuries. It is I'm gonna do. So I left. 12344 spaces do you find? So now I'm gonna just write that down. Amazing. Very good. Average, sad and angry. And then I'm going to put the months as well as the date. So that's what we're gonna do now. So you're gonna put it till 31 because someone's have 30 ones and in does that you don't You just, you know, stop it here, then. We have January fat very much. April Main, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. So that now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to draw the lines. So what I've learned from last year was that, um, the line that I can draw all the way is till the 28th because all the months have a minimum of 20 days with the, um and then fat breweries, you know, 28 But this year, because it's a leap year I know I can draw all the lines down from 29 so I'm going to form these boxes fest. Um, and the other thing is, you can always just draw all the lines to the end because no matter what, all the lines were reached the end, and then you just segment it up. I hope that makes sense. So, um, it'll be easier if you watch me do it. So what I'm gonna do now and I'm just gonna put my phone here so it does the paper to stays . So, like I said, that all the months will have to at least 29. So that's what I'm gonna do. And then you draw the months all the way up to 31st so maybe you can draw one more mind for best. So I think my camera cut off, and I'm not sure when did it start cutting off? But I was saying that the mines, the dots on the bullet journal really helps you to really draw your lines easily. And I love this movie pad because it doesn't release much, and it's very sharp because it's 0.38 and the black is really black. So I do like this pen, and I do recommend it if you, you know, you are looking at for a pan for bullet journaling. I know a lot of people they like to use markers and stuff you can, but for me, because I feel like if I use markets and I draw lines deadlines a little bit too thick from what I want them to be. So a 0.38 pen works very well for me. Okay, so now that I have all these down, I'm just going to do it. I'm just going to draw my political lines all the way to 29 then I'll figure out which months have 31st but 31 days and in 30 days. So now that I have all my boxes, I'm just now going to figure out which months have 31st. So, um, January, March, May, July and August, So I can only remember that. So I'm going to do that price January and then the science that Burian you can just draw this line down. Wait. So therefore you have your urine pixels. So now I'm just gonna color two boxes in and I'll be right back. OK, so my battery diet side to recharge it and, um, doing that. I just filled in my goals for 2020 and then did the colors with my Marcus here. So of course it's optional. If you want to use colors or not, Another way you can do is just different symbols. If you would like, we'll use highlight. As you know, whatever is available to you. You don't have to go and buy Marcus specifically, but it's useful. Let's say you want to, you know, color code, a few things or so on. So I do have a few markets lying around. So I just decided to use those, um, this on my color coat fund, something that's kind of like interesting. Some people may think, Why do you choose like Brown for angry? That's because I don't really like the color of brown. So usually, you know, if I choose a color that I really like for an emotion, I don't really want to feel, um, not my you off really changed the way out like, you know, react throughout the day. But it's just something for you know what I like to do. And then I do like these colors here. Pain gets a pretty color, but I think it was only Mark I could find back then. So I just decided to stick to it. But of course, you know, the ways you choose, your colors will be dependent on you. Um, so for me, I brain them all my goals right here. Of course, if you watch my other video on how to set goals for 2020 you probably see the part about process goals versus behavioral goes. So I just combined everything in here process, goals, behavioral goals and, you know, just things I would like to change. And I'm gonna put them down here and then now we're gonna move on to the next page. So, um, are now just a quick recap for 2020. I have, like, let me and Paige. I guess you would call the key. I have the yearly spread with the calendars of each on the calendars as well as the important eats. And then I also have my goals and then my urine pixels. What I'm going to do now is I've done majority of my yearly plans ready. So I'm just gonna leave two pages blank, just in case I have any ideas or any pages that I want to fill in. Generally, judging by my previous years, I don't really do that. But just in case I feel like doing something, you know, at least I have to space to do it. So I'm gonna leave two spaces blank pages blank, and then I'm gonna move on straight to my January monthly plan. 7. Monthly Set Up // January Cover Page: what I'd like to do for my monthly goals on my monthly plan. Sorry is to include three main thing. So, as you can tell from my previous pages, it will be a festival. I like to put a calendar in here just to quickly remind myself I'm gonna put my goals. And then habit tracker and gratitude tracker. And I found that the way off just listing it down like that really worked for me. So that's what I'm going to do for this year as well. So I'm just going to quickly if these two pages long and I'm going to stop my January goal unsure in my January planner from this page. So technically, I leave three pages blank. Um, I don't know why I just like to start a monthly planner on the right side, but, you know, that's just me for me for January. I'm just gonna keep it very simple. Like I said, I'm not the most artistic person, so I think I mean, you can definitely go like Pinterest or Instagram are you see tons and tons of like, beautifully drawn, um, january, like oh, you know, monthly pages. Like, for example, I try. Like, remember, I showed you my previous journals. You know, I tried my best to kind of, like play with watercolor. And I also tried with, you know, just drawing it out. Just took a really long time. So it depends If you enjoy doing it like this one. I really just Well, I guess I have asked my drawing, you know, So I definitely try it a few. And then I realized sometimes, you know, it's nice to look at it beginning, but at the same time, if that's going to pull, you know, make you procrastinate and not want to do it, then that's a whole of the issue. So simply like last year, I really just used my, um I paint my pains pen and I just kind of did that, So I think I'll probably do the same. I mean, when I first started out, I really went for it, right, So, like, um, one of my favorite ones, I think I did was one of the flowers, so I would definitely show that to you one more time, so that took me a while. I mean, it can be a very meditative, meditative way off, um, so that you know something like that, Like a quote page. But it can't be meditative, in a sense, but at the same time, you know, it takes a while. And if you're busy, that's not something that I think you really want to think about for me, because I'm not autistic, one of my favorite ones I've ever done so far as this one, which is inspired, I think from Pinterest's. So I'm not great with, like, drawing of flowers and things like that. But I really didn't like this one's every time I didn't look at it. I felt happy. I mean, I felt proud that I did it. Um, so that's something that I think about, You know, they can definitely you feel happy. But at the same time, you know, um, if it's going to make you tie it or procrastinate, maybe that's something that you know you shouldn't dio Oh, you know, make it simple. So it's something to easier to follow through. So I think for me, what I'll do is I'll just make it so I want to split this two pages like this page into two . So I decided already I'm gonna have my January part here, and then I'm gonna have the many calendar and then I'm going to have my pro cess goal for January. So if you're not sure of process goal is please check out the out of video on how to set goals for 2020. But in short process goals basically goals that you need to, you know, take a few steps to achieve. So one month I will focus on one process goal. So by the end of 2020 I would have achieved 12 big process school. So that was that's my plan for this year. So I think for January I'll just keep it really simple. I'll just write capital that is J n. Um, So I'm just going to do that now. I don't measure. I mean, I should you know, But, um okay, yeah, I should have measured, but I think what I'll do. I wanted to actually do capitals. But I think if I put a here to and will be a bit squish, so just do small letters in the box is really all the dots really help you to kind of even things out If you know you follow it. I actually don't really follow it. But, you know, I just try my best. So I have January off course. If you want to make it a little something extra you can at shadow. So, like, for example, like that. So you can do that and then shade it in. If you would like, I'll probably shade it, so that's gonna take a while. But you know, when you're doing this, play your favorite songs. You know, just listen to it. You have fun, and it really is some form of therapy. And I think that's one reason why bullet journals is so popular these days. It's kind of like an adult's way to be creative. At the same time, you know, you are getting things done. You are planning your shadow, so it's kind of like in adults were having fun, in my opinion. But of course, you know depends on how simple or how complicated you make your bullet journal to be. It's a personal thing. That's why it's also really, But you can manipulate the system any way you want, as long as it works for you. So that's why I think you know we should always give that a try. So I got my J down. Not the most even shading. But, you know, I'm OK with that. That's roughly how my gen title hit line my my title is gonna look like. And then I'm pretty okay. I don't even think I did a shadowing proper. Let me see. Um, it's probably a section here, but it's OK, so that's my January. I think it looks a bit strange. Camera to something wrong with my e. I think it's because I'm not sure. So it's okay. I'm gonna just leave it like that, maybe one day off, color it in with my brush pen, But for now, I think we're good. And the same thing is I'm going to write my many calendar here because I always like to refer to the dates right here. So I'm going to do that now I'm gonna eyeball the middle. So, um and then I'm going to just draw the line to separate it, because I just like to do that for my calendars. But, you know, that's up to you. So once I'm done with this, what I want like what I said was I will have a process goal that I would like to focus on, And then I can spit it up into process verses. Behavioral goals. I'm just gonna use my brush pan again just to create headings. Very simple way of creating it Some people use. You can use highlighters if you want to. Of course. But I think for me, I would just do it like that. And I think I'm gonna do this purple that I have just, like, lingering here so much. So just do that. So I'm gonna have to focus on 11 process goal, which I'll put here and then I want other be hair Ruggles. I'm focusing on, like, not snoozing and all that. So I'm gonna put that here since I'm here on and I'm waiting for it to dry Might asshole color in my January might as well. So maybe I think for my January I want it to be a light green. And then once you if you really want to blend the colors, you can just add a bit more like liquid to it. And then it will blend nicer. Um, but I have no water call experts I can really tell you what exactly to do. I'm still figuring it out myself, but I think this is a simple way of just, you know, adding a little bit more jazz to your journalist. That's something that you want to dio or, you know, black and white is perfectly fine. There's no right or wrong way. So now that I've colored my January and I'm going to just give it a little bit of time to dry, and I will work on writing down my process Golden my behavioral goals and I'll be right back. I've just filled in my process goals in my behavioral goals so you can maybe just take a look. So process gold. Today I mean for January will be to stop teaching yoga and skill share. So my goal is to have two classes out uploaded up one class every two weeks and office class I want to teach would be what exactly is yoga in the first place? And the second thing is what to expect in the traditional yoga class or in a regular yoga class. And then after that I have some BB hair rubble goals that I would like to work on. So, for example, no snoozing. Um, I would try my best not to snooze in the morning. Um, no meat. I'm trying to reduce my intake of meat. After watching a few documentaries. Like, for example, the game changes Forks over knives Casper, Chrissy, as well as on What? The health. So I recommend those. If you're interested, I don't want to snack anymore. After 10 p.m. And I will go to bid by 11 PM So those are maybe here Ruggles for January. So usually my monthly spread. I always include the month. I'll include a mini calendar, and I'll include the goals that I would like to set. So every time I refer to this page, I kind of know what I'm supposed to be doing, all what my direction for the month should be. 8. Monthly Set Up // Monthly calendar and Brain Dump: So now that we have the main part down, I'm going to do the calendar Bigger ones for January and in a brain dump section before he will want to Habits and gratitude. So for January, we do have 31 days, so I need to figure out how we're gonna split that up. So 31. Okay. So when I bought this bullet journal, they gave us kind of, like templates that we can kind of follows, so I'm going to try to use this. So we have 5 10 15 2025 I'm going to make the days about smallest. So then I'm gonna 30 the days and then I'll spit 31st and 30 in one box. So it will be 123455 squares across. And 1234566 scores down. So I thought this was really handy. So I'm going to do that here. So I think for me, um, it's a lot easier to bring down the sights I'm going to do to calendar decide. 12345 And then we have six lines up, so I'm gonna have 5 10 15 2025 30 and then I just have one extra for 31 and then maybe I'll do a quote like this part here over anything that I miss. So I have my boxes. Now what I What I decided to do is I would just still put 31 30 together, and then this top part I wanna have a quote. So that's what I'm gonna do. So I'm just going to number them. So the first Waas Wednesday. So I put all that down, and then I'm going to put 1/4 of the top. So I have I use pinchers quite a bit, and I like to save all the courts that I really like in Pinterest. So I'm going to do that now. Um, I'm quite a few quotes that I really like, So I think because my one of the things that want to be in 2020 is to be disciplined. So I think I just used this quote that I saved. You will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined. So I think I'm just gonna put that right here, so just do that very quickly. So I put the quote there. Um, I just wrote it really simply, and I think that's it. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna create a brain dump section for this page. So any time I have ideas that can put that down, So I'm gonna make it very simple. Um, since I use green for January, I'll just stick to green my color back here, and I'll just right brained, um, really massively in the if my pen, and then I'll go over it. I think you barely can see it on camera, but after it just gives a little bit more like a background. And then I'll just go over my pen How I did for the goal section in 2020. So, like I said, Not autistic, but good enough for me. Of course, if you would like to as well, since I mean since my water call it, it's drying. I can just take a little bit, and I can call it a circle is just to give it a little bit more color if I wanted to. It's always because I'm waiting for pain to dry, Um, but usually I probably will not do that. But, you know, a little bit of color in your bullet journal won't hurt anybody. It's just whether you feel that, you know, it's with your time, but small things that coloring the circles. I feel really just at life and color to your bullet journal itself. So I do quite like to do that. And I think by the time yeah, I didn't use a lot of water, so I think this is done, and I'm just gonna go over it with my pen. They just Yeah. So I have my brain dump age. I'm satisfied. And I didn't use a little water for these as well as I'm just gonna turn it over. 9. Monthly Set Up // Habits and Gratitude Pages: Now, this is gonna be my habits page. And then there's going to be my gratitude page and then became a wanted. A weakness spreads. So the same thing. I'm going to take it live my brush pen. Just a very quick smear off the wood. So habits let that dry a little bit, and then I'll go over it. So while I wait for that to dry, I don't eat my palate anymore, and we can start writing down the deep. This is the part was gonna be a little bit repetitive because you're going to be writing the dates and the days, but it will help you trouble entire month. So I do think it's with it. So I'm just gonna begin on the I'll just do the habit site. So I know we have 31 days. I always will start with the bottom number fest. So, um, I can get up, and then I know how much basically, right, My habits here. If I start from the top festival, I may not have enough space to get to 31 I might miscalculate the space available, so I always like to start from the bottom so I'm gonna right 31. I like to be born like because I really don't like to write in the last nine. I know it's strange, but that's what we're gonna do. So now that I have my numbers down, I'm going to write the dates that sarin days. So Monday is 6 13 20 and 27. I like to do that. So I roughly also know whether I'm skipping a day or not. It makes writing it down really easy and if s is a Wednesday. So I put Wednesday and then th for Thursday. Friday is an AF Saturdays and s and then Sunday I just put it as double s so I can kind of tell the difference, but that's just a system that works for me. So now that I got this, I can easily translate that to this site. So if I just follow this line here, I can put my number one down here. It's a lot easier of cost to go from number 1123456 and two step from 30. But you know, this way I found it easiest to just do both pages at in one go or to make things easier for myself, and then I'm gonna put the d is the same thing. Monday's a 6 13 um, 20 and 27. Then I'll just right so Wednesday. So I have both dates now, and I'm pretty sure this has dry it. So I'm just gonna go over if my pen like how I did it just now. Now that I have my headings and my tease as area and my dates and these, I'm going to think of the habits that I want. What I learned from my previous years is that I used to write a lot of habits down. So, for example, if you take a look at my let's look at this one, this is my October 1. So if you can see my October 1, these are the habits that I kind of put down. Um, and then you realized, you know, sometimes I'm a little bit cheeky in the sense that I put on things that I know I'm going to tick. So this kind of makes me feel good about myself when I'll be like, Oh, yeah, you know I did. You're gonna morning. I meditated in the morning. I did. It's moving in the morning. When does actually part of my morning routine So you can think about doing that. It's kind of like a boost for your confidence. Um, at the same time, you know, you gives you things that you can take Note off whether you are following your morning routine the way that you want it to. And then I have ah section does it create, learn and read when I upload it on instagram all the block. So I didn't too much this month, so I just forgot to track it and and these are just kind of myself care staff. So I work out. Did I put a mask on? Did I scrapped that? I lost it. I retained where my retainers and did I apple eight. So I don't know if you can tell. In December, I tried to wake up early a start up by 6 30 and I only achieved it like four times. I think so. I'm going to instead of writing up by 4 36 dirty, I'm just going to write a habit. I really don't want to do so. If you look at my behavioral habits here. It's no snooze, no snooze. So that's my first habit. I want to do so. I always start my morning habits. I'm gonna put no snooze right here and then if I did achieve it, I'll put across after no snoozing. I want to. Of course. Do my 30 minutes yoga. Did I keep up with that? What else? I have been full. I fallen off the track for meditation last year. The reason is because I I feel like, you know, the app that I was using didn't resonate with me anymore. So I'm going to try to do that again in my own way. Maybe just at a time of for five minutes and start slow. So meditate. Um I really want to have smoothies. So one of my 2020 goals If I did, I I don't know if I showed it to you. Um, OK, but one of my 28 before Tween eagles. So if you didn't know about that, that something I do every year is to drink a green smoothie every morning. So this kind of gets my vegetables and fruits in, um, and helps me start today. Well, so I do really like that. And I would like to continue that. So I think for me meditation and 30 minutes of yoga a smoothie and no snoozing. This is a perfect This is the epitome of a perfect morning for me. So I'm going to just stick to that and I'm just going to leave it. I don't think I want to add anything else, because sometimes when I add too many things, I feel so easy to fill it in. And then so then I have the next section, which is journaling creating, learning and reading. Um, I do want to journal more this year because I kind of want to see what goes through my mind . So I think I'm going to separate that out from the first part. So I'm going to just put a heart shape, and then I'm gonna write journal. I do want to keep that up. Um, I also want to create So whether be it for skill share for my at sea store for my website, for my instagram creation of content is something that I want to continue on. The next thing is to learn, so I do want to lend how to speak Indonesian as well as conversational French but which I have been trying for so many years now. So learning it can also be just watching a video in marketing and all that. So that's what I really want to dio and enough cost to read before bed. And then I'm gonna leave space. So the same thing I'm going to put whether I posted on Instagram Oh, my block on my website so that I can kind of track. I mean, this is not something you do every day, but it's just kind of for me to see how often I'd done it. And when was the last time I do it? I did it. And then the next section I like to call for my habits would be the self care habits. So, for me, um, my habits would be to put a face mask to scrub my face. Um, I would like to also loss. I know. I know you should floss every day, but, um, I'm trying, so I'm writing it down here. I would also want Teoh, um, check when I actually where my retain is again. I know you're supposed to do it every night, but I don't. So I want to just see when was the last time I did it. And, um, after late just to again track how often I do it, Let me see if I missed anything out from the previous torn. I wrote dry brushing and December, but I realized I really didn't do that at all anymore. So this whole section I did it once, so I don't think we're gonna in Capri that So this is my habits track of. Maybe you can see it like that. So this section will be what I want to do in the mornings. So this four will make a perfect morning and then these four kind of be kind of like what I want to achieve for self growth in the D on a general. Create learning, read. And then this is for me to track how often I work on my blogging, my instagram. And this is for me to track how you know I maintain my health. It must. I mean, main my self care myself, love and maintain, you know, just like my body and stuff. Now that we're done with the habit section. We're going to move onto the gratitude. So as you can see the gratitude, we're just going to write a line a day on what you're grateful for. And then that's how it works. There's always a space here that I like to always put a quote, and the court that I really like to use is always by one from Mamie Icon. Um, I've used it a few times, but I'm not sure Where is it, which is this one? So the only power we have in our life is our attitude, and that makes all the difference. And I feel like this quote really helps, you know, especially when it comes to gratitude, because gratitude is really just, you know, switching your perspective and your attitude to kind of just see, you know, that the beautiful things in life. So I think for the first month off 2020 I'm going to do that again. So I'm just going to write it out. So this is my quote, and then this is how I'm going to ride it out. Um, I will definitely try to fill this in because I recently bought a five minute journal the one that made me iconic husband created. So this is how it looks like and inside Here it has. You know, I'm a great I'm what I am grateful for already. So, um, I do think that, you know, gratitude is something that's really important. So I still would like to continue of these two sections as well. 10. Summary of My Monthly Spread: This is what my monthly spread will usually include. So I have the section, the title, the small mini calendar, the process gold to focus on my be hair vocals, all basically goals in general. And then I have my brain dump section for my ideas and anything that pops into my head and then a calendar where I can jot down a few things so that, you know, maybe if I forget my Google calendar or something like that, I can refer to it off course. You know, if you mall inclined to using electronic calendars, you can actually skip this part out. I mean, I didn't do that for the past, um, months, as you can see any what? Perfectly fine. Then we have the habits and Gratitude section, which I always done. So I've been doing these two pages for thing about two years already, and I really, really like them. It's just the habits, you know, change a little bit every month. So it depends on what you want to work on. So and then every day, if you get a habit, you cross it out or, you know, put a symbol which have away works for you and then to write a line. A date for what? You're grateful. Full. So now that we're done with the monthly part of it, regularly want to the weekly planning? 11. Weekly Spread: as I mentioned in the beginning of the video, I've tried many, many ways off planning the weeks. So just a quick recap. I've done things like that where I literally just pop it in. So just plop all my two DUIs in using the symbols. And then I also tried this method which is basically separating my appointments and my events and then just having the top treat task. And I do think that this was quite useful, but at the same time for me planning the top tree things it was a little bit, uh, challenging because sometimes I'm not sure you know, if I should put it here or there. So it took a while and then the next thing that I try waas Oh, in the other book already, which is the one with the top tree task and then five minutes. So top tree task and then a five minute, um, task to do so that can work. And I did. I really didn't like this one. I did use it for quite a few months and I do like it. So Events, fitness classes, appointments, top treat task of the day. So as long as you achieve these three, you're good. And then any five minutes thing, you know, five minutes Task that you have to fill because sometimes if we just plop them all in one list, sometimes the to do list will look really intimidating. And you may feel so overwhelmed that you don't start. But I realized if you split them up into five minute tasks, which you know, you can do it like that and the snap. I don't know why my snapping is not happening now, but that you can do in a snap. Then you know, the five minute task is shouldn't be very overwhelming. You should be able to get it done. And then the top tree task, um, is something that you know will propel you to it's your goals and to help you achieve it. It's not just motion, you know, so many of us. Sometimes we're busy. We like to do different things, But the actions that we do don't really bring us to itself goals in the first place. So planning it down, Um, I feel really helped so full this year, I think instead of me just putting it down like that what I'm going to do because I don't get a lot of space for this Julia Journal. And I think for me I learned that. Actually, when I draw my lines out like that and segment everything festival, I feel stressed. I know it may sound really lame, but I feel stressed after fit everything into the small space. And secondly, just the idea that I have to do. This kind of makes me procrastinate to do it. And sometimes I don't. So that's why you realized the last week I actually just remove the lines completely. I just wrote the day and I just I wrote down my tasks and I felt that that worked for me pretty well because I don't have any space limitations. And, you know, I can definitely just keep going. So it's more of just like a notebook now for me. But I realized after you know, trial and error, that's something that I think will work. So today I'm filming this on the third of January. So the fast in the second I think I'm just going to just dropped something down really quick. So defense was a Wednesday. I did a bounce class that my sister taught. And then, uh, you know, with my cousin. And then Thursday, which was yesterday, I I met my friend for a line. So she's from the U S. And she came to visit. So I met my friend for lunch pancakes. So it's kind of to help me remember what I did in the day as well. And after that, we're gonna move on to today for this year. What I think I'm going to do is I'm gonna festival right my appointment. So if I look at my key, which I wrote down here, So maybe having a washing tape here would help me next time, eh? So I have an appointment today, so I'm going to go to my friend's housewarming. And then, um, one of my biggest goal for today was to film this video, So I think instead of just putting the circles like I did the task, I'm going to put a circle, and I'm gonna put a number sotto to prioritize my top three task of today. So that's what I'm going to do this year to try. So the 1st 1 is, of course, to film the video on the bullet journal. The second thing I wanted to do was actually to go clear my laundry laundry and that they that I have to do is to prepare for the party that I'm going to say I need to cook pasta and so on. So prepare for the party. And lastly, I need to mail some items out. So that one is just a normal circle. I'll and then mail. Um, so this is my patootie for today, so you can see I'm using the the What's that? The key. So this one technically should have been triangle. So, um, this is how I do my weekly spreads now and the monthly spreads and my 2020. So I hope this video really help you in the sense off figuring out what journal bullet journals is and how to set it up. All the best for your year. And I hope to see you in another class