Bullet Journaling for Self Care and Productivity | Wanda The Brave | Skillshare

Bullet Journaling for Self Care and Productivity

Wanda The Brave, Let's reach our goals together!

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7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools You'll Need

    • 3. Class Project

    • 4. Layout Types

    • 5. Preparing Layouts + Consistency

    • 6. Best Practices and Taking Care of You!

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class is all about figuring out the ultimate bullet journaling layout to boost your personal productivity to new levels. I will walk you through figuring out which tools work best for you (instead of just buying what everyone else is using or spending money you don’t need). We’ll talk about the ones worth saving up for. We’ll walk through creating three different types of planner layouts: the monthly, weekly, and daily. You’ll create one of these in your class project. We’ll also talk about preparing layouts ahead of time and how to stay consistent with your journaling practice even in the overwhelm. Lastly, we’ll talk about best practices and taking care of yourself even when journaling might not go right.

I hope this course encourages you to try bullet journaling if you’ve never done it before, or, if you are an active bujo addict, renews your love for the practice. I hope you are able to stay mindful AND allow your creativity to flow even when you’re hella busy. Above all, I hope you have fun. Thanks for checking out this course!