Bullet Journaling YOUR way, A Tailored to You Planner! Beginner's Set Up. | Jessica Owinyo | Skillshare

Bullet Journaling YOUR way, A Tailored to You Planner! Beginner's Set Up.

Jessica Owinyo, Creative Entrepreneur

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. Flip Through

    • 3. Bullet Journaling Tools

    • 4. The Key

    • 5. Make A List

    • 6. Categories

    • 7. Index

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About This Class

Have you ever tried to start bullet journaling, or bought planner after planner only to quick half way through... if you even get that far. Well this is the beauty of bullet journal. It moves with you, so you don't have twenty something pages of empty calendar days that you missed. 


Bullet journaling can be a little overwhelming. Good news is, it doesn't have to be. Because it's YOUR journal and it can be modified to what works best for you! It can be super simple or a super creative planner! You just need the right start to nail down your method so there is no juggling to be had. This quick and easy class will show you how to:

  • Choose tools
  • Brainstorm before you start your journal
  • Lay the foundations of a journal that is tailored to your needs Come along and create a journal that will help you learn how to be the best planner for your life, and have fun along the way!

Don't forget to either print or write out your worksheet at the bottom of the page. We will work through it in the class - this will help you start nailing down your method! 

Links to the tool options I talked about in the class - But remember all you absolutely need is a pen and a journal!... but a straight edge is a huge help! 


DOT journal - $5



Duo tip pen - Tombow - $3.19



Pigma Sakura Micron Pen - $4-5



Protractor - $5

(or a few dollars at your local store)



Stencil - $14

(A ton of options out there if you want to use this as an addition to your "toolbox")


Colored Pens - $5 - $20

Depending on what kind you want, you can get them at almost any craft store. Some you might order online. I have several types, which I walk through in another lesson, but the ones I show in this class can be found here: