Building your Website/Blog from Scratch with WordPress Part 2: Installing WordPress | Darlene Del Castillo | Skillshare

Building your Website/Blog from Scratch with WordPress Part 2: Installing WordPress

Darlene Del Castillo, Programmer, Web Designer/Developer, Author

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8 Videos (53m)
    • Introduction

    • Accessing Your Hosting

    • Installing WordPress Part I

    • Installing WordPress Part II

    • Installing WordPress Part III

    • Important Links

    • Choosing a Default Theme

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In Part I of Building your Website/Blog from Scratch with WordPress Part 1: Choosing a Domain and Hosting, you chose your domain name, registered it, chose your provider, and picked a hosting package. You are now ready to install WordPress on the site.

This is easier than you might think! It is an extremely simple install but you don't know until you know, right? At the end of this class, your domain will be live with the default WordPress theme. It won't look like much just yet, but you should find it very rewarding to have your first website up live.

In Part III of this video series, we will talk about themes and customizing your site!





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Darlene Del Castillo

Programmer, Web Designer/Developer, Author

I have been programming apps and developing websites for over 16 years. I have over 10 years experience in graphic design. I have a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Criminal Justice. I am a full-out "geektress". I love everything computers, from building them to programming to gaming. Want to know more? Read my full bio at You can find all my social platform links there too!

I am enjoying the opportunity to create classes on Skillshare and teach my many skills to others...

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