Building the Information Systems Admission of Students with PHP, MySQL and Dreamweaver Volume 2

Bagus Wahyudi, S. Kom., Animator 3D, Web Development & Online Teacher

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11 Videos (1h 32m)
    • Introduction

    • Create a Form Add Programs

    • Create Form Show Programs

    • Create Form Remove Programs

    • Create Form Change Programs

    • Create Form Candidate List Students

    • Creating a Registration Form View

    • Creating Acceptance Form Shown

    • Create Form Shown Student Data

    • Create Change Data Form Students

    • Create a Data Delete Form Students


About This Class

Here we will learn to create Web Applications with Information Systems for New Students at High School 2 in Klaten, video tutorial is suitable for you who are curious and want to create a website application especially those of Admission, especially video tutorial is suitable for those who use it for create a thesis or Task trips can at university (final) on majoring in Computer Science or Information Systems, video tutorial is equipped with open source code the final outcome of the discussion on this video tutorial, not just the video tutorial lasts a very long time, which is 5 hours (shared volume 1 and volume 2), no step is covered, all trainers will open with explicit step by step, starting from xampp installation, installing adobe dreamweaver cc, database design to the creation of web applications in Dreamweaver cc.

Best regards,
Bagus Wahyudi

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Thanks for sharing
Very interesting class. Good Job





Bagus Wahyudi, S. Kom.

Animator 3D, Web Development & Online Teacher

Author is an entrepreneur and owner especially online and offline stores, he has had 3 online store specializing in various fields ranging services programming, scripting websites, Schools Online, Online Tutorial. The author also has 2 offline stores engaged in the accessories, computer hardware and counter PPOB. Besides author also hosting service providers, websites and government applications.