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Building sclable Inside Sales organization.

teacher avatar Artem Berman, Don't waste time

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

101 Lessons (3h 21m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course.

    • 2. Introduction to the sales and marketing section.

    • 3. A definition of the sales process.

    • 4. Relationship between Sales and Marketing.

    • 5. Two processes within the same funnel.

    • 6. The evolution of the marketing.

    • 7. Classification of the sales.

    • 8. Sales direction.

    • 9. Sales approaches.

    • 10. Sales in a single formula.

    • 11. The main challenges of the sales.

    • 12. Is it for me?

    • 13. The takeaways.

    • 14. Inside sales in depth. Introduction.

    • 15. Inside sales unleashed.

    • 16. Benefits and limits of the inside sales model.

    • 17. Bullet points of the inside sales model.

    • 18. Crucial role of the web site.

    • 19. Numbers talk!

    • 20. CRM software.

    • 21. Big data in CRM.

    • 22. The sales is the teamwork. Theory.

    • 23. The sales is the teamwork. Practice.

    • 24. Inside sales team structure.

    • 25. Inside sales representative compensation.

    • 26. The limits. Omplications for employers and employees.

    • 27. The takeaways.

    • 28. Lead in detail. Introduction.

    • 29. What is a lead?

    • 30. Lead generation. Outbound vs inbound.

    • 31. Lead qualification.

    • 32. Lead nurturing.

    • 33. A lead and a funnel.

    • 34. Lead scoring.

    • 35. Why do we need to score a lead?

    • 36. BANTL. Is lead an opportunity?

    • 37. Lead is a customer. Now what?

    • 38. The takeaways.

    • 39. Lead Nurturing in depth. Introduction.

    • 40. Lead nurturing.

    • 41. Lead nurturing tactics.

    • 42. Drip marketing.

    • 43. Multy-funnels.

    • 44. Sales scripts.

    • 45. Split tests.

    • 46. Communication channels.

    • 47. Do e-mails still work?

    • 48. Feedback and quality assurance.

    • 49. The takeaways.

    • 50. Pipeline. Introduction.

    • 51. What is a pipeline?

    • 52. Is pipeline something self sufficient?

    • 53. Pipeline vs. bookings vs. revenue vs .liquidity.

    • 54. Gaps and how to survive?

    • 55. Cash vs. accrual accounting.

    • 56. What types of pipeline can we maintain?

    • 57. State of the opportunity.

    • 58. New vs. existing business pipeline.

    • 59. Direct vs. channel pipeline.

    • 60. The takeaways.

    • 61. Psychology of sales. Introduction.

    • 62. The purchasing behavior.

    • 63. The purchasing behavior, digging deeper.

    • 64. Why do we buy in the first place?

    • 65. Customer purchase readiness.

    • 66. Social justification.

    • 67. Understanding your competition.

    • 68. Customer personality types.

    • 69. DISC. The implications.

    • 70. Why support people sometimes are best sales people?

    • 71. Understanding the dynamics behind purchasing.

    • 72. Interest and influence.

    • 73. Importance of the relationship management.

    • 74. The takeaways.

    • 75. The call. Introduction.

    • 76. Do your homework...

    • 77. Calls classification.

    • 78. Smaller and larger sales.

    • 79. Who am I talking to?

    • 80. How to get past gatekeepers?

    • 81. How to deal with a voice machine?

    • 82. How to start and run a call?

    • 83. Getting the prospect to open.

    • 84. SPIN selling.

    • 85. Getting close to a deal.

    • 86. Finishing a call.

    • 87. Was it a success?

    • 88. The takeaways.

    • 89. Stress and personal development, Introduction.

    • 90. Finding a motivation.

    • 91. You did great and burnt out...

    • 92. The warning signs.

    • 93. Stress why should you care?

    • 94. Individual approaches to managing stress.

    • 95. Personal development and training.

    • 96. Personal development methods.

    • 97. Efficiency vs. effectiveness.

    • 98. Time management.

    • 99. Fears management.

    • 100. A winning attitude.

    • 101. The takeaways.

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About This Class

The course is suitable for those who plan to implement Inside Sales model within their organization. It is not about deal closing tips and tricks but rather provides a detailed insight into the framework and functioning of the Inside Sales model. The course reviewing in detail the sales and marketing in the modern IT organization, the lead, the funnel, the pipeline, the dynamics behind the B2B purchasing process, the sales call and other topics related to the subject. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Artem Berman

Don't waste time


I am in the IT business for 20 years, and I had lots of experiences opening, running, failing and selling the companies during this time, doing programming (in the beginning) and consulting now. So I guess I have something to share...

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1. Introduction to the course.: high on Dwell come to you building capable inside sales coerced, uh, whom we are targeting the squares. Basically, they are targeting the business owners, the entrepreneurs and the top management off I d. Or not only 80 companies who are thinking about building the inside sales team within their organization, who are thinking about our conniving the sales process by executing this very popular model . Now we know there are several models of the sales right? You can talk about online, say, if they can talk about inside sales in Barrett cells, we can go eating in creator detail, But let's stick to the three models. Land sales would be great to for really small sales insurance. All the amount off dull a roller several 100 probably would be the limit below this limit. The potential custom there would feel herself comfortable about making the fortune decision without talking to any particular person representative of that company. And if we're talking about the price of Bo several $100 or euros, then probably the contact with the representative for the company would be necessary for a person to make the decision, and then we will talk about inside sales because it's more popular model for the small companies. It is very lean in the very the dealed in, and it had its own secrets on. Well, it hasn't some theories, and it has its own processes. And during this course we will be talking exactly about those eso again. We're not targeting the sales representatives. The actual sales people, even for at least one class from those I will be presenting would be dedicated toe exactly the process of the sales. And even though the sales representative would greatly benefit from this course because hey would understand more about what he's or she is doing. And what is the nature of the inside sales process? But once again, if you are the owner of the company, were if you are the manager in the company and thinking about building the inside sales Marble Factors team effective in time, sir. Inside sales team in your company, these courses for you. So how it is structure? Let us see. We're gonna have eight classes each one divided or 10 or less short videos from 2 to 5 minutes, probably. Uh, so it's quite comprehensive course, and, uh, he had one interesting one. So, uh, the class were Lenny Cohen. Faction number one would be dedicated to sales and marketing, and we would be talking about modern approaches, toothy marketing and sales. And what was the evolution off the South and marketing process? Uh, second section is exactly inside sales in that. So we will be talking about what? These inside sales. No way will talk about the lease density. It's all about getting release and so amount making believe the customer and the result. If you're Florence, then they don't talk about nurturing off the leads, which is the process off guiding your lead through the pipeline off the way to the successful view. And then we'll talk about my plan and forecasting. He also gonna be talking about psychology of sales. And what is the sense process? A little bit of fury. So you better understand how it works, how it works with your customers and with your sense people them real talk a little bit. Bobby call itself. And here again, on the sales, people would find some beautiful practical advice, even though once again, I think worth not dedicated to improve these kills off six people. There are plenty, of course, is that sort this very purpose. This one is more for for a guy who deals the inside sales model. And finally, we'll talk about a little bit about, uh, the stress, the personal development and how you again effectively grow together with your company is your sense team or one step hat off your company and your service stink. So it's here in the next video and act for choosing the squares and journey nous. 2. Introduction to the sales and marketing section.: hi and welcome to the very first introduction of video off the first section of the chorus and the first section in the sales and marketing. And we can talk a little bit about these ever going discussion whether sales and marketing are two parts of the same process or there is a lot different. Well, actually, there are two parts of the same process. It will hardly find where you stop marketing activities and started sexual. Self trust is because it is two stages of the same ongoing process. But nevertheless, let's talk a little bit about the definition off the cells process that's a little bit about ourselves and marketing about the evolution of the marketing. Because certainly the marketing in the era of the Internet is far different than what it used to be. Before I start a little bit about cell classifications, all those funny words be baby to see etcetera, Side directions approaches to this sounds process. I give you single formula of the successful sale, and what are the challenges off this sales? Onda, uh, give you several criteria you can assess your potential, says people based a ball. It's not exactly for you if you are buildings itself model and probably won't be yourself, a sense person even thought sometimes, especially the beginning cereal jump directly on the coals with the prospects. But I also wear their own. You don't need to find the right talent for your organization that will give you those criterias, so thank you for watching and feed in the next video. 3. A definition of the sales process.: hi and welcome to the next video. So let's start a little bit about the definitions after really gonna spend several hours talking about the sales. So let's just define border is sale and what these sales so fail effectively natural leaning change. Basically, you are giving the money for some good or service you want and sales? Is it process? Oh, uh, giving your money for that amount of boots and services is in some particular period of time. And the Zambezi the process? Well, the process is the key word because of any process. This one has its own stages. And on every case, there is a set of particular actions. And we're gonna be talking about what actions should be performed on this one particular stage. Off the shelves process, you're ends. It scores. Now if we look at the cells and somewhat more broader, a little bit philosophic of definition, probably the cells process is something everybody is engaged into daily. Right? Every day we are selling something and by topic and not only goods and services. When we are looking for a job well, an attempted the inter is we have trying to sell ourselves to that organization. And basically, as they say, good sales person first of all, can sell him or herself. Ah, well, during the meetings were trying to sell our idea to the participants of that meeting. We're trying to get everybody that worked with our idea, and in a way, it's also sale process spread. And this funny phrase from the well known movie that's where are renegotiating always and indeed because we are negotiating always your in our lifetime. So that would be about the cells process. Now people fashion the sale. The sales process. Is it an art or science? Well, it is an art candid mission for the numbers, so it's a bit of an art and a bit different office science. Let's talk about it in the greater detail. Seeing the next three deal 4. Relationship between Sales and Marketing.: higher outcomes of the next video requires thought, self marketing and few more definitions. What is in marketing the market in easy process off communication between you and your customer? Be the purpose off selling your boat or your service and you're in this process. You're communicating to your customer, the benefits and mothers off your product or your service and thats it. Basically, the goal of the marketing is to make the sale possible. That's why the san marketing effectively are to Barnes of the same process. I mean, they are aiming the same purpose and they just work together. And those words sometimes can be even interchangeable, right? And, uh, also worth mentioning that the squares when we are talking about sale we are talking about one point on the timeline means there are points before and the airport's after the fail. It's the event, right? So so is not the beginning off everything, and by no means it's not the end of the process off selling. Just keep that in mind. And in the next video 5. Two processes within the same funnel.: hi my country. The next video, the worse so sounds, funnel and again through words about self marketing. The well known with elevation off the self process would be the fall. But I think it also the very good in elevation off the market in press. So all the top off the final we had the prospects, the leaves and on the bottom on the farm, we have the customers and the wall itself. Just show the evolution for prospects of your company and how they become your customers. Normally, while they're on top of the final, the marketing team works with them on when they are on the bottom off funnel, the sales team is working with them. Sometimes, however, you can tell about saying people working with the prospects. So again, self marketing are two parts of the same process. Keep that mind see in the next video 6. The evolution of the marketing.: Hi. Welcome to the next video of our chorus that start little bit Bob Marketing evolution If he said it before marketing underground the serious evolution in the last decade it has changed from the mind eruption mode into the by permission mode. Uh, is my interruption marketing, which waas The popular approach to the market impresses Cerro or actually, at least one decade ago, can be represented by the TV commercials that new by permission marketing candor by lots of services and the differences nowadays. Marketing doesn't try to interrupt you to interrupt your activities and to bring your attention to the product or service. The company tries to sell you rather market and tries to build the relationship to engage with you and only then with your permission authorities and good or service. That makes a lot of difference, right? So in terms of mission three previous mission of marketing most to represent the company on find the customer on. Nowadays, the mission of marketing is represented customer within the company and how company too be positioned in such a way that it can be found by the customer now the customer intelligence . Before it was a must divert meant massive birth mint and the recommendation off the customers was based on from demographic criteria. Right now we would be talking about what toe on targeting on segmentation based on some aerial criteria. The mechanics is also great. Different you. Before it was one poor and kind of snapshot just kind of provided me with all the information they wanted to provide you with in some point of time by using federal Islamic channels. Well, right now we will be talking about, continues process and the channels off. The leader of information would be mixed months, right, the social media to the media or the path etcetera and off, whereas measurement saw you before sometimes or quite often, trust the decisions made on the invasion be famous phrase that only how awful big marketing words the only probably we don't know which hope. Well, nowadays we're trying to find it out, and basically we're tryingto base our decisions on the statistical data. It was in big data to understand the behavior for customers, and the markets are trying to make the for decisions. So it is an evolution fear. In the next video 7. Classification of the sales.: Hi. Welcome to the next video. Awkward. So if it was said that the sale to a bit of science, then it means in classifications for the service process. Now I would provide the most simple. And so it's just distinguish between direct and indirect sales. Off course. There can be further quantification factions within each of the mentioned group off the sales approaches. But just to begin these direct and indirect. So what is the difference? Basically, it's simple is whether you have the opportunity to talk to your customer directly. If you were able to talk to your customer directly, they are talking about fairy tales. You are talking to your customer through the channel parties, breaded resellers. Distributors basically want year or two to your child that we are talking about indirect sales. In this course, medial becomes in trading on direct sales because I hear your self esteem would be talking to your customer directly. Now, two main groups within this big kind of class, off the sense would be the on site cells and inside cells. All this outside sales last a little bit outside of this cup of these words and inside sense exactly what we are talking about. And they will be kind off concentrating, practicing our attention to this particular group of sales. So inside sales tunes and back through the 8. Sales direction.: Hi. Welcome to the next video fork words. So I've say few words about the direction off the fast process, and basically, here we have the consumer and business and four options. Basically, whether we are talking about consumer to consumer sale, consumer toe business sale business to consumer sale or business to business. So you can imagine four are quite different processes. The four groups are different by their nature, and of course they do. I the different approaches to the sales process within the scope of this course will become sin trading on B two c business to consumer, and it will be business to business cells. Uh, precious now how those are different. Well, they are, of course, as you can imagine, be to see if when the business sell something to the particular customer, to the particular consumer, through yourself to a physical person. So the price probably not that high. It didn't. So sometimes we can temper real estate and cars, and the prize is quite hot. But Emma Willis it is not that hot. Normally, three decision is being made based on different criteria and much faster. The work won't would play through not only the work need and took Moby to be Well, we will talk about the, uh, decision making group. This is making center. It would talk about. They were need people talk about the higher price. It would talk about different roles within the decision making crew off that organization that potentially by if you are a product in service, but that'll be covered. And in credit, that letter home for now, interested to know that drop for main groups off the sales and two of them. Maybe we'll be talking about our beach in C and B two b sense in the next video. 9. Sales approaches.: Hi. Welcome to the nice video. So few more classifications. And I promise you were hiding toner of the end of the worrying pontifications. And I'm trying to put it a simple that they can get in a reason. So two different approaches would be the product region sales on the mean or any details and to different manner work two different ways off. Selling the stock would be the aggressive sales, aggressive selling and consulted selling. And when we're talking about product oriented selling and aggressive selling, we would probably be talking about the used car dealer approach. And when they're talking about me during did sail and consulted it, say we will be talking exactly about building the relationship within the relationship of trust dude into rapport between the sense person and the customer. And as I really showing your letter on, sometimes you can. And he wanted in sacrifice the sale for the relationship because the relationship over space back in the future uh, some of your words those are pretty much the left classifications and feelings and actually deal 10. Sales in a single formula.: Hi. Welcome to the next video words. So even though the cells with the process and there is a complex one right there even strategic condition, they should be met in order for sale to happen. So what is the condition? Well, the rial or received well off the good or service you're about to buy should be higher than Rio or perceived value off the money you have. And only then we say, would happen. So we have these simple ferla, which directly states that developed for the good of service the re along or how you receive this mail can be quite different things right For you, for instance, the witches of your father would be priceless for me, probably would be just 100 bucks so that the difference. So this really perceived bell of the good or service should be higher than the relatively money really received well of the money. And then they said would happen. And that it that's a simple for more. And then, of course, Alvin details about the effective marketing and complex process. See? And then actually, you 11. The main challenges of the sales.: Well, welcome to the course. Next, video workers. So let's start. Will be about the challenges. Break the fast process off Worse had it some challenges and sales person self representatives are facing those challenges daily. And what are the challenges? First of all, Children shoots are something we have this laugh and hand relationship be because the live without the challenges probably would be plan and boring. So challenging, not don't me something bad. But then again, they being something challenging. What are the typical challenging for lead sales person's? Well, uh, you're gonna need to hit your numbers and then you're gonna need toe know that upon hitting your numbers, you can have your yearly goals double next year. You need to have this medication you need to be a more in in the procrastination. You need to be knowing the product at least a t least something about the product you are selling and, uh, a show. It's important. B two B sales. Well, you may be talking to somebody much more technical than you are, and that could be a problem, really. And mean technical guys suddenly want to buy something from sales people. Ah, you need to build a right relationship with the engineers off your own longer. The organization especially we're talking about the B two b sales, and you are working in the company and selling the complex solution, and you will be needing to do several things at once. You will be needing to sail. You would be needing toe forecasting, and you will be needing toe feeling all the information into these year and daily into the customer relationship management system off the choice of your organization, which is also boring. Those are just a few examples off the challenges the fell skipper would be facing. No, what I'm saying, you probably maybe you if you are a self person, maybe says person, you gonna be hiring if you are the owner of the company's in tripping or worthy manager, so it depends. See, in the next video 12. Is it for me?: Hi. Welcome to the next video course. Well, is it for me again, based on who you are, the name of this particular video can be even for a person you are about to hire. So if you are a sales person than those questions are related directly to you, if you are buildings themselves organization, then you can use those questions to interviewees, the potential candidate on the South position within your organization. But in general, the game it's about challenges, right? So can you are Kansas person? Handle the stress and there is a stress. It's talking, talking to the complete stranger. Can you learn fast? Can you be persistent? Can you have one of the procrastination? Can you lure and fast the technical stuff, especially if you are selling some complex product? So have you got the presentation skills, the communication skills of a technical skills and, finally, the moderation. Those are typical questions you ask yourself or the person you're about to hire in order to make the decision Mother sales for you, or about whether these particular person it's for you, sound see in the next video 13. The takeaways.: hi and welcome to the last video that for section of our choirs to take race the important things you need to remember and keep in your mind after listening to the first section off the squares. So sales through the process. And we are talking about the ongoing process where the sale itself is just a point on this timeline and drop points before and there will be points after the actual sale. Marketing are the same now that has a relation to what I said previously again with the sale, you just get in the opportunity to sell more to this account to get the reference etcetera so effectively, really successfully closed sale. You are starting your marketing activities and John Securities feel also result in the sale and again and again. So basically, we're talking about two stages of the same process, and sometimes it's really hard to distinguish between sales and marketing. Now, sales is about building a relationship of trust. At least the sales indeed, Toby and consultative cells we are talking about in this course Ah, the magic formula of sales. Something very is full. So they received felon off the good or service is higher than the proceeds. Baylor. Funny for your customer, and then this sale will happen. And, of course, I provided you with some useful questions to test whether the particular person who are including yourself can be a gun sales manager. Thank you. Rinse here in the next video off the nights. That shop, of course. 14. Inside sales in depth. Introduction.: Hi. Welcome to the introduction Eri video of the second section off Awkward now even different section They were talking about some theoretical stuff and I was provided me with some basic definitions off the terms we're gonna be using throughout the course. What? Easy fail. What is this sales process? What is the market, etcetera in the section Real talking crazy tale about the inside sales in particular, which is exactly what this course is dedicated to. So probably it's one of the most important sections off the course. I'll be we'll be talking about the inside south model. What are the limits? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? We will talk about the important parts of the inside cells process. We will talk about the role of the that side, which is speculative. Life very. Convert your visitors into your leads, and then the heart begins. The lead starts its journey through your final. You talk about here and softer. They told you, using daily to communicate with your leads. You talk about big data about teamwork because, uh, effectively, uh, the incisors model is about ability toward unity and effective work off the sales team will talk about the typical structure. Typical team within the failed model. Talk about compensation for the entire felt representative. Salary and commissions again. Bilbao, limits of the model and then some takeaways from the models. Thanks for watching. Is he in the next video? 15. Inside sales unleashed.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for queers. So inside sales unleashed before giving you the definition of inside styles. Damages tell you that in the worth of the last three years, inside cells has grown 15 times and created almost 1,000,000 of the new jobs in the United States along so initially, there are other thing culture marketing created in the fifties by die in America and in the seventies is what if you approach to the selling It was exactly by interruption approach when people were calling you and trying to sell you something you didn't look for. It didn't ask for. Then, in the late eighties, the inside sale definition was introduced off the opposite to the telemarketing, and it was meant to define the complex process off B two C or V, to be sailing to the customer where you are engaging with the customary where you are building a relationship of trust with your customer, and that is what we know inside cells nowadays. So it's very popular approach to the sales, and they will talk about it more and more in the next media's CEO 16. Benefits and limits of the inside sales model.: hi and welcome to the next video fork. Worse so benefits and limits off the insides and small because then a model. The exact model has its limits, of course, but the list of the benefits is white in present. So a lot of expectations in terms of the skills off the sell through pretty entities. Indeed, we are not looking for the start here. We're looking for the average or good sales representative says predictability. Exactly, because we are depending on processes and not so much on the talent of the particular sales representative sales capability. Same thing. Beginnings this KR the team become Italy's, carried down as long its processes are in place. And we are not independent that much on the talent that, because off this reality and especially it is beneficial for the 80 companies when they're trying to execute people. So science team can be easily increase or decrease based on the needs off the company on duh low customer acquisition cost again based on the information off Harvard Business Review because of customer acquisition in the organizations that implement the inside self model is 40 to 90% all over than that off the field fails and ultimately, the better return on investment. What are the limits? Well, at least two of them the top off the deal. The deal size basically can hardly imagine the deal worth several 1,000,000 euros or dollars to be closed on the phone without any kind of personal meeting, etcetera. And the industry specifics it doesn't work for anything going. The street probably wouldn't work for some, uh, the protection were government Regulation Industries Center info for data protection startups. Inside Fells works perfectly and in general, in the world of 80 companies, that's probably the most popular model, so we'll be talking about it more and see in the next video. 17. Bullet points of the inside sales model.: hi and welcome to the next video fork worth by points off the inside cells process on who provided with two models on Duh. What I'm trying to do is actually provide you only necessary is theoretical framework, but in very simple and really assured manner. So, uh, let's talk about the importance stages off the life off the lead off. The evolution of the league are off the lead nurturing process within ourselves organization. So the generation, either alive in the amount or outbound marketing words, it will generate the lead. And then we would acquire this lead by making them toe feel information into the VAT form on our website, for instance, Just find a way of doing it, but that the most popular way, then we lead nurturing on. We'll talk a little bit in detail about it, nor drink in a second. Then the actual say would happen. And then the lead re marketing worst A is in the final, and it's not being obligatory. You are trying toe absolutely recount. You're tryingto have them return buying something you from you. You're trying them to sign the Enel support matters agreement with you and you are trying to get the references from Europe successful customer and now we nurturing is also another way of saying similar story even thought. Sometimes we lead. Nurturing can be put into the separate stage, but in general it's the same process. So we are informing lied about our product or service. We're educating the lied about our product or service. We are involving the lead into the active communication with us. We are validating the lead, converting the lead into the sale and keeping alive the relationship again. The relationship with the world we're gonna be using very often throughout this course because relationship is exactly what is most important, Onda and it racially, the customer should now be positive impression from the bark of your customer because three end of it, their relationship pays back. Keep that in mind and see in the next video. 18. Crucial role of the web site.: hi and welcome to the next video for our course, the crucial role of the upside. So let's talk a little bit more about the website and it definitely worth it because of the bad side Is that ultimate place where you convert yet unknown Lee visitor into the known lead and potentially customer. You are obtaining all the information from the a known visitor of your website and suddenly you know who you are talking to sometimes into the mail in the name and eventually this time you're gonna be finally more and more about your customer and you will be able to tailor your offering towards you need off this particular person or at least you gonna be able to create this portrait or the customer. If you are talking to and off worse, you probably wouldn't find any business nowadays that operate successfully love heading the website. It's the website is crucially important. What is good inside? What is better website off course, There is no one size that it is the old but in general, the good website. If you're outside, very your customer was required to do it's last steps to reach their objectives. They reasonably can. So the last leaks better. Now, some find the information funny because we spend several millions in several years and finally without we know the form is where exactly we are obtaining all the information about our customer. So they're really session. Whether you're gonna be ask your customers to provide their corporate, he may have interests. Or it can be any Freeman like Gmail in Central. The initial intention would be to ask for the corporate email address because if you can make you the leads that left you, their corporate address would be treated. Is more serious ones, right? Especially really, in this couple B two b business. I don't think about these in that they, well, personal email the person of you give you themselves For all the life in general, management accounted always with me in corporate email. Well, his personal finance, your job. They will change their corporate email and your mom just one survive this change. Repsol. If you're asking for the corporate commence, even if initially you believe you're getting more available leads with time, your leads will be becoming. That leads because their emails will be shut down by because of that or not a reason. So you're better off asking for personal Americans it and so you will be probably dealing with a good portion of John commands thinking only can see in the next video. 19. Numbers talk!: Hi. Welcome to the next video for words. So numbers talk. If you said nowadays businesses are trying to make informed decisions and the decisions are being made based on the numbers. Numbers are very important and it something's not worry. The sales process, we say before, is both the are and the science. And if it has some portion of the science means it can be measured with the numbers. Means we can have some keep the eyes for our team for ourselves. Representatives. What are the GP eyes? Well, two main groups are monetary, keep you guys and non monetary keep guys. So basically monitoring you guys are everything that can be measured through the money. We may talk about pipeline about bookings, revenues, margins, customer acquisition costs, customer retention costs, customer letter Well, etcetera, not money to re keep You guys would be very different. Andi organization may end up head him. It's all keep the eyes, but most common ones are ratios like congratulations from our marketing qualified Lee toe the sales it separately from cells exactly to the opportunity from opportunity toe cosponsor cetera than the number of leads received and processed by the self separate entities Or, says Team, a number of the calls made number off whatever saw wherever you we are not measuring with the money, not money to keep EI. And of course, kind of Wikipedia is important. In order to compare the progress, your sense representatives are making an important to understand whether yourself department, the department is moving toward the right Jack if and be the right speed. So see in the next video Thanks for watching. 20. CRM software.: Hi. Welcome to the next video off course. So Theoren softer. What if you're in software? Well, the customer relationship management software. A special class of this software sales people are using to communicate with their captain Earth to keep track all there to men's to keep track of the deals and the progresses that is made between the particular deal. Etcetera basically, immediately to the sensor preventative using daily toe address, various needs off the processes within dissents organization on and you can read the definition off the table media and basically the set off the teachers, the good serum countries. What do you think would see around today with the impression and same answer. There is no one size that feeds all. So, based on the needs of your organization based on the stage off your company based on the scope of your business, you may opt shooting from free software sensing symbols. I'm Dr for instance, for Susan is complex itself for us again, based on your needs. Few government be treating these or that option for your Sierra. What is definite is that you're gonna be using some kind of serum to keep track off your customer and your iteration and communication with your customers, as well as keep tracking off the results off your activities. Right? Basically, you're reading you your bookings at Santa on. Everything will be can't in the sea around software. So it's very important part off yourselves. Activities off the activities off yourselves department. Keep that mind and she ends in Expedia. 21. Big data in CRM.: Hi. Welcome to the video for choirs. So big data and see around for big data in Syria. So big data is a huge amount of data we're collecting daily and using for different reasons and for different purposes. Nowadays we day Dave everything right especially is important because we said it before The organizations are trying to make their decisions based on numbers are trying to run their mark and campaigns based on the numbers. And all those numbers are effectively resulting in a huge amount. Huge clusters off the data and that's exactly big data and worth big data has its own life between this sounds organization. So she aram is also based on the big day approach because sometimes your hand and hundreds of thousands off leads and you are using all the information your company have access to try to make the decision is informed of you can write. So what do you use Big data? Four. Well, you are building the pipelines. You're on a large NZ to for months, off yourselves representatives, and you're comparing the performance off difference as required entities. You, ah, lure me about the reasons for close bonds and plus lost's You are handing out the kind of the analytics about Deletes. Where are those coming from? What are the conversion raise? You are really in the feedback off your customers. Oh, for instance, in our innovation, we have cans off dead boys with hundreds off reports, and it helps us to understand our customers better off course. You should also avoid the paralysis from analysis problem. But that's a different story. Thanks for watching for you in the next video. 22. The sales is the teamwork. Theory.: well, welcome to the next video or quests. Healthy cells processes a teamwork fury. Before I will tell you about the typical offense organization, how it works. What are the roles? Etcetera, that just aren't They will be about the tea. So we are human beings are social beings, And when are we do we do between the organizations and being the parts off those organizations? So if the team is also and the reservation and the department of the bigger organization So what are the benefits off working in organization? Why you just can't hard thing a person to do older responsibilities off the sale prevented ? Well, there are several minutes in the teamwork, so you will avoid the procrastination, and you would stimulate the creativeness and learning Ondas in the person can possess over necessary skills. So by adding to your team persons with different sets off skills, you are increasing the honorable potential off the team. You are increasing the overall effectiveness and efficiency off the team. Uh, you're reducing the obscenities and by actually reducing the level of stress within a team , so I only know the team is the key work to successful any organization and this a team of the G word for the success off the sense organization. Whether we're talking about self department or a small team off several sales guys working together to achieve the desired results now worth three, we have a team then, beginning in the manager and few words about the responsibilities of the manager. Well, Manager builds the communication alive within the team, have too choosy common jackets and worked over the achievement of those objectives. Uh, has to overcome very was negative factors that can affect the performance off the teamwork , basically find the best years for the talents and diversity and has the team performance to his best level, salty performance. So, for now, is just important. Mention once again that between work it's quite important. And in the future we're gonna be talking about the cells teams. So keep that in mind on duh talk to you in great detail on the subject. In the next video 23. The sales is the teamwork. Practice.: hi and welcome to the next video. 4/4 says process to the teamwork. The practice. Now, what are the two man in communities off yourselves team? Probably the two man activities would be clothing the deals, clothing on building the pipeline in order to be able to close the deal in the future. So your sale of innovation, the same team we're going to be closing, they would need to be buildings in my plant or sure that they're gonna be closed in in the future. Now you kind of relieved having too many responsibilities. I would suggest that the organization would be better off having two different people doing those two different type of work. And that's certainly the case. So let's talk in detail about the idea of 15 in the next video. Thank you. 24. Inside sales team structure.: Hi. Welcome to the next video fork Worth and very important want the ideal inside sales team structure so devastated before there are two types off activity. The science team is responsible for the actual clothing and dont pie plan. And two people keep people for our family team would be the continuity the guy that actually that's closes the deals, talk to the customer on the phone. And if the arm sells their arm intrepid entity, the guy that is responsible for building the pipeline. Well, you would say that FDR is more or less marketing type off person, right? So if they are works with the customer, when really lead? Essentially, when the league gets into your final and are all the early stages and all the way till the lead has provided the personal information and if they are managed to schedule the first call now, that first call gonna be made by the account executive. So they are responsible for the early stage lead within the final of the organization while account executive if the responsible for the late stage leads within the final right until the fleas are becoming the customers and, uh, well, mistake would be thinking that, if they are is just kind off step to the county executive position, know if they are can have the work and the life off either her role within the organization , probably this person is very diligent and do in the nurturing the communities, but doesn't feel very comfortable talking to the stranger on the phone. So if they are can eventually become senior. They are etcetera and becoming thickened. Give this person who actually talks to the customer, and that closes the deal. Those persons may have different Keep your eyes, for they can't executive the more what's nature or keep it. I would be the monetary keep guy. The amount off dollars for euros this person brings to their innovation right, while for they are, can be the quantity off the opportunities and they are being able to create. And at some point you will didn't want to bring a little bit off the conflict interests. So, for instance, the FDR would want to created many opportunities he or she can, while account executive my once except on with those opportunity that are actually varied opportunities and real talk. Incredibly, tell what is a village opportunity later on within this worst. So for now, it's important to remember we have two curses can't executive, and they are, and probably some junior positions, like FDA Selves. Development associate. Those persons will be helping to our FDR and account executive within a sales team. Now, this kind of team responsible for some particular region were particular portrayed off the customer or particular product, a baseball kind off differentiation you have within your organization by product, by geographical region, etcetera. And you may have serum or cans off the teams working together within yourself department. So see in the next video, Thank you for watching. 25. Inside sales representative compensation.: hi and welcome to the knife et off course. So inside, so through presented compensation. So let's start a little bit about monetary compensation off the heart of four insofar sales representative. If they'll know sometimes the compensation can be not monetary. But here we talked about the money so such a monetary compensation would normally consist of three parts. Accelerate the commissions and the goals. So salary is not the best idea yet happens well because indeed, syntax to confine the position of itself through preventive. Is it your commission compensation but normally sell the results of the part of the equation? Now the commission's if the percent off the total revenue are meant to the company result or normally from the quarter off the cells, person or self team. So how it works well, you're sittings in particular plan for this person who are a team for the year and then in then of the period. Whether we're talking about quarterly results were yearly results based on the performance off this person or team were playing with or that percent of the compensation right and that the commission and then the bonus reaches more applicable for the higher management of the company, but sometimes can be paid for the toe. The sales representative for the compensation for some extra poor etcetera. Well, quest. The commission would be a dio compensation for the felt cells person. Because here, this person has direct influence on the results and harder work would be compensated with the higher competition. Uh, feel this, Hillary sometimes just show the appreciation by the company of the fourth of this person. So thanks for watching and fear in the next video. 26. The limits. Omplications for employers and employees.: Hi. Welcome to the next video off our squares. So the limits implications for being please and employers Ah, if you put it the cells working, the teamwork and the key and the key recite for the success off any team would be the performance of a single personal plus environmental factors. And that would be the results. Now, when you are judging or measuring the performance off your 15 sometimes it is quite a challenge to distinguish between the individual factors and the factors related to the picture environmental conditions off world. Right? So you need to know that, for instance, uh, if the person is underperforms, we will be talking about the characteristics of this person skills off this person. Motivation off this person. Bali culture Centra Environmental stop can be the oral processes. Do the organization, the compensation structure, anything, and in order for those two components off the teamwork toe work together and revolved in a bath performance for the team again with the manager or the dinner business owner or the leader of tell team, we need to make sure the environmental factors the processes are longer, bold mood and all in place and individual participants chill, team members are contribute, contributing toe the best off their levels on. That would be the key for the success in the next video. 27. The takeaways.: Hi. Welcome to the last video of the second section of Arc Worse section dedicated to the inside sales small. So take aways. The tea things you need to remember from the second, such in thyself, is a very lean and very effective sales model. There's a lot of benefits and several limitations and restrictions. I know in fact, Chelsea the process and this process. It actually describes devolution off the lead within the final. Your innovation. We're talking about Web centric world. The world off inside sales website is quite important because it's very important to to convert the visitor off your side into the lead. The theorem either very useful, important and key component of the success of any sales team organization functioning. Talk about numbers about keep the eyes about big, bigger here and says work is teamwork. Eso We've been discussing the structure of the aerial search team on the functions of the ideals ideals. 17. So keep in mind again, it's a teamwork. So 10 for watching and fear in the next video and then act section of the course 28. Lead in detail. Introduction.: Hi. And I'll come to the knife et earlier section off course. The name of this section is the leading that. And within this cup of this section, we're gonna be talking about lead. What is the lead? But it is the marketing. Legally, the sales lead. What is the regeneration process? Be out. Bomb versus inbound activities. What is the league qualification? What is it? Nurture and Bill really being sent Several words of this process, but we're gonna be talking more about it. Ah, lead in the final. So the 29. What is a lead?: Hi. Welcome to the next video course. What he relieved. So a lead in the marketing and fails continents is the potential self contact person individual organization, basically somebody who expresses interest in your product or service. So somebody who may end up buying the product or service off yours. Now is there any difference between marketing lead and seriously, well, the race It goes down to the world worked with Fred Temperature, relieved So seriously is the potential lead that is very close to the moment off buying your product or service. So within the funnel off yourselves organization is lead is closer to the bottom of fun and marketing. Lead is the person or organization in the double that final basic the same found same lead , but the evolution of then it means that market lead eventually Realtor into the science. Lee. Hopefully. So what are the Gate? Concepts are related to the league definition into the lead so you could be talking about regeneration, which is essentially the marketing activity aiming to bring the customers to know about our good or service. Ah, the nullification. So here you are trying to decide whether this particular person were of innovation can eventually really become a customer of our company. A leading or drink. This is ongoing process of communication in the lead with the purpose to move between this everything this final to help the customer through this transition, from the marketing late to the sales later than eventually to the Cath Turner and the squaring also very important concept. Here we are waiting leads and trying exactly measure of these temperature. Rather of this particular lead is are more probably to buy than that particularly, and they are scoring and wrenching our leads. Based on some algorithm we are using within ourselves organization it just about anything Ray detail during the worse. And then they have several funny shortenings like Roe League. Use it on your right side marketing. But if I lied, somebody who expressed some interest in your left side sale accepted. Lead. This is marketing qualified Lee. The Left Center details, and we cannot get in touch. Engage with this leads, and the opportunity is when actually we're ready toe create the opportunity is in our C. Aram with the Hope toe eventually close the deal more than tail in the next videos, so let's go step by step and see in the next one 30. Lead generation. Outbound vs inbound.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for requires a generational bond versus inbound TD's. So again, regeneration is a process off it in. Define and cultivating off the potential custom era of your business, good or service wherever you are selling. And there are two main types of the activities within. These are regeneration process. Those are all bound and involved. Duties Obama activities would describe best with the words like by interruption were push it. If it is, you are trying to pitch your potential. Lead with information about your good or service where you can find this lead without actually knowing whether Billy Beane, in search for something like what you're offering, and I inbound activities are by permission, pool and deities. So you are trying to make it possible for the lead for the potentially to find all the necessary information about your offering so that the lead may eventually come to your website, where he would be engaging research lead to do the further business with. So what are the typical activities for the arm Bar marketing? Well, we will be talking about Cole calling flyers a gorgeous man's image sometimes since Pam activities, which would be in illegal in many countries and the typical inbound marketing activities would be search engine accumulation. Enter click and notice meant blogging, running podcasts using social media, etcetera. So on the first silent, they may say that our bond eternities are even illegal activities. However, in more kind of broad way, we can define Theobald where activity Kerry brought by our sales people outside of the traditional model where we are using our red fight as they do for the lead conversion rates off itself. People are just waiting for for the lease toe come upto the website and then they started to get really but rather corrective Lee, trying to reach out to the potential leads, sometimes using a very valid techniques like asking for the references from the customers, etcetera. It would be talking about outbound activities and the rule of thumb phase that that I think the company waas able to grow successfully without utilising some kind off a bomb marketing activities, getting so of course, some viral inbound idea would be great to be generated man burials. In the majority of the cases, some part of about securities would still be required. So, seeing as an expedient talk about it more and thanks for watching 31. Lead qualification.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for choirs. So late modification. Let's talk a little bit about LEED certification, which is a process off assessing the lease acceptability well and readiness by comparing some, particularly with the criteria or affect of criterias off the so called idea lead off our organization. So, in a nutshell, we are trying to make the decision whether this particular person, we'll do some business with us eventually. And, uh, the criteria to determine whether it can happen may be quite different can be general effect ability. We can just developed, believed by in the three by vertical by hither hurts Rowley their organization by engagement letter in Temperature House they are I took into us. Often they are trying to reach out to us and get some information from us, or how they're reactive on our practice market opportunities. So altogether, the qualified leads are getting from score and here, stopping to talk about lead scoring. Great. Those criterias can be turned into the numbers into deviating to the point, and we can range the Leeds based on how many points get the particular lead. So the qualified leads are getting into the funnel our innovation on the top of this follow . And these qualified leads sometimes they even dared to call them John Cleese are just nice guys who probably little never do any business with us. Keep that in mind and seeing the next media. 32. Lead nurturing.: Hi. Welcome to the next video. FARC Wireless Suddenly nurturing Well, haps, foot say's there's no trick. Give it process off the development of the relationship between you and your leads on the raid stage, or never step or purely journey through the fall off yourself. Organization and men idea off. The engagement is to build the relationship off, transcend to listen to the needs of the particular customer in order to tell her you're offering towards those need off these particular customer. So let nurturing includes. There are important things, you think lose the melody, offering even clues. Frequent but careful touches calls males to your customer, for you need to be talking to your customer engagement. Build in the relationship and building this kind off bridge of trust. So we're talking about building the rep word and bombing with your potential customer. And, uh, let's put it in the politically correct way. It's like it's like Romans, you know, when two people are dating each other. Probably they wouldn't be talking about sex directly, even though the subject will be serving over in our in their conversations. Same way you wouldn't be talking to your lead, especially on the order stages involves a sail directly in so this, for we will be kind of appearing over a number and each integration with the potential customer how again. It's about building the relationship with the ultimate go to make a fail possible and effects would be educating and informing your customer about your moves or service. Engaging with your potential calf Turner at these days is to lead and eventually converting purely into the customer. So thanks for watching NZ Internet video. 33. A lead and a funnel.: Hi. How come to the next video, for course so late and the final? So what is the final? But finally, the place where your leads are leaving. But seriously talking? Finally, the realization off the evolution off the lead 1,000,000,000 York sales organization. So it kind of demonstrates the life cycle of your lead from the top line, which they're only the visitor of your website, for instance, to the bottom line, which is cost one means successful deal or class lost its last deal, and the steps in between would be marketing qualified lead sales accepted. Lead an opportunity. Maybe it was in the organization you may have more steps at this kind of funnel would be appearing differently about the busy, the typical one. The typical appearance off the sales follow and the game Talking about Lost a statistic suggests, after 70% of the last, my eventual return to your organization with the next year and eventually buy something from you. So keep this in mind. Now, you know you know what the families and see in the next three days and for watching 34. Lead scoring.: how come to the next video or, worse, lead scoring or is lead Corrine, But please scoring give the methodology used to rang the prospects against a scale that represents the perceived Bella off the particular lead for our organization. We use this kind of ranking toe serve the lease so that most interesting leads leads with the higher potential, would have oppositions and leads being the are less favourable characteristics would have a more button position, so saves people will start to work with the most probabilities. And this kind off quantification defines many things. For instance, for instance, it defines whether the as they are or account executive gonna be working with this particular lead on this particular stage. So what are the steps to do this kind of frank? So first of all, the Germans is killing Criterion that they're five points to each characteristic. Then we dynamically squared, released based on the assign points and then ritually forking the total database of our leads. And after each iteration, it lead me to it over and over again, for it's an ongoing process. Now in organization, for instance, we have a two dimensional system. They have to access one of them. We use the letters from ready to see if I The HR portrayed off the lead. Like what the industry leads comes from what is the vertical? What it entitles elite within the organization, etcetera, and another exes is the temperature of the lead temperature. Off their reiteration is our company. So this way a one would be the housed, compared lead and before would be alarmist friend lead Avon Trump really would be CEO of the company from Industry of interest in Decision Maker were already requested. Some documents attended T presentation, even talk your suddenly attend presentations themselves. But you get the idea. And that's why we need this kind of frank in an elite scoring process to distinguish between leads with the after ability, of course. But according the deal from the lead is the largest probability for watching for in the next video 35. Why do we need to score a lead?: Hi. Welcome to the next video, for course. So let's scoring. And why do we need to score lead? A few more worthwhile. Its quarry is quiet form for the sets process. So there were the name best opportunity concept in the science of economy. And it means that within the giving moment are within the given period of time you can do just one thing means you won't be able to do other things. And if those other things would make it better off, you would better do those other things. So you always should be knowing kind of activity would bring you the mosque. Andi. That's exactly the next best opportunity construct now the application for the service process and for the Lietzke work. Well, no, all leads are reasons. Or you should be knowing that basically, you have the opportunity to work with the particular lead or your failed representative had the opportunity to work with one particular lead given moment. Right? So you better make sure they've worked really way. Believe me, the higher probability of closing the deal and effectively leaves is a lawyer from, um unity could be respond and about, please let all That's why it's important to actually distinguish leaves with the higher probability from Leeds with the lower probability and that's why we are using the base scoring process. See you in the next video. 36. BANTL. Is lead an opportunity?: Hi. Welcome to the next video off our quest. Bandel is lead an opportunity of what is the opportunity and what the difference between the lead and the opportunity. But the opportunity is the natural leg step of the evolution of the laid within the far off yourself organization. When you are creating the opportunity, you're effectively entering into the Syrian system off yours. The euro R dollar. Well, it your organization is expected to get from the making failed to this particular customer so off to created the opportunity you start talking about all the relevant do you. That's why it's very important time really create the opportunity. But what creative really can use to determine whether we actually can create the opportunity? Well, we can use something called a battle. Uh, we just need to ask our prospect or lead several questions, and few provide information into the serum. So do they have a budget? The person you're talking to head the authority to make the buying decision? Do they have some particular business need for the product of forests, especially talking about B two B sales? What is the timeline for the deal? At least they have the dead, and they know that they are actually going to be buying this year or next year. That will be the very question and the location off the buying office or by an entity. So you know who from your sales team would be engaged, do you? And assuming you have presented Lee for the defense for toe answer Stowell those questions . You can create their populating and it means allowed because again we start talking about Dole Arvella off this particular lead. Well nowadays, instead of battle you can use, for instance, the Justin cult. So pretty much the same. What challenges are facing the customers, whether they had the authority, whether they have the money and rather our feel, have any priorities within the organization. So I mean to wherever you want. Mantle champ Rather mother shortcomings. Not in general. You're answering to several important questions, and then you are creating the opportunity, and that means huge leap huge. Move off your potential customer of your league within the final of your self organization to you in the next few GM 37. Lead is a customer. Now what?: Hi. Welcome to the next video for course. So, Leader, the customer. Now what? Congratulations. You made it and your customer had made it. Your customer made it all the way through the robe. Lead to these successfully close won't deal. And basically, your customer brought your company some money. Even though sometimes the company may acquire Lee, customer the loss and then eventually recover and get some profit from the customer by felling more into the conference. Since company that are selling printers actually making the money on selling the ink, rightto anything accounts to the same customers and the Howard words. So what is inward thing to remember? The important thing to remember that nothing comes for free means important to acquire this customer. Your company has enquiring some costs, and there will be customer acquisition costs. And in order to retain the cafeteria company, gonna be enquiring more because there will be customer retention. But the customer brings your company man money as well. During his horse lifetime, there would be customer left and Bella. So what's important? Important that customer lifetime really, uh, should be more higher than customer abolition, cost plus customer retention, custom and It means we have the productive economy within the failed within the single unit , off organization on being the favor of the single unit. And then we can scale the success. Lovely feller. So again, customer Lifetime Village would be higher than customer acquisition costs. Plant mathematician How you can increase Customer left well 1000 days. You can sum more into this account you can up. Sell your customer to the fire addition of your product you can sell and I'll support mandarins. Contract your customer. You can. You can use your happy customer of the reference to engage these other customers off female kind. So all these helps you to increase emergen ality of your company and the bottom line of your company on knowing all you could build inter relationship with your customer because the relationship eventually always days back and from watching feelings of next media 38. The takeaways.: hi and welcome to the live video of the section of Far worse the regulations. Let's briefly refresh our memories, how important things we've been discussing or the videos from the squares. So the verity of ways to generate the lead, we're told Molly Generation about inbound and homebound activities. Now the qualification in these vilification off. Please don't waste your time. Make sure you're qualifying your leads and this definitely for your organization. It is not a job actually helped build the relationship with your leads. Talk to them. Listen to them until they're your offering. Towards the particular leads off this particular customer or potential particular cast. Chemical cures. Particular potential customer. The Earth scare the leaves and usually in scoring in order to spend your time efficiently and effectively and create the opportunity. Finally, because of the opportunity, you can actually measure the relatives customer to your company in some monetary, Basically, to issue money and get a customer. Well, it's not the end of the story. We keep working with the customer in the morning. Thanks for watching and seeing the next section off our course 39. Lead Nurturing in depth. Introduction.: hi and welcome to the next video and extraction of our course. So lead nurturing in depth. Now, after having being discussing the lead off course, it would be the right time to spend some time talking about really nurturing, because lead nurturing is what's important process off working. Did you read out? Based on what kind off approach you are taken? League notion can be seen as the part of the lead evolution or can be used at the definition for the holy devolution living within the fund off your sentence organization. So let no drink. Is the actual process off working with your lead only way from the beginning until the successful close off your deal. That's why off course, it's very important. Know how it works exactly. So what is lead nurturing with are the common tactics for the lead nurturing? Let's talk a little bit about drink marketing about multi finals approach. Let's talk about importance of the sales creates but split. That's about communication. Channels are importance of the males nowadays, whether this type of marketing, the type of communication, visit potential customer with elite still working, I stopped about feed bag and put it insurance when it take The word is elite. And that's on takeaways from this section. So keep watching it. Gonna be interesting and see in the next video. 40. Lead nurturing.: Hi. Welcome to the night video for quarters so played nurturing. But they nurturing keep the process off development off their relationship with the leads with the potential customer they nurture gives the process of guiding the league through the evaluation off your product and service. So during this process of late nurturing, you are from one park, Laura, more and more about the specific needs of your particular customer, and you are tailoring your offering. Tolbert's those needs. Also, you are helping your customer toe. Better understand your service or your product by providing or the oldie relevant and necessary information. So every step off course you are into live in different tactics and different strategies on only know nurturing can be seen at the process of going from the general to these. So, on the initial stages, you will be provided the customer with some general information about the applicability of your product, about how they can benefit from you in your solution, or even you won't be talking about the solution of the state's. You're just trying to spot the actual business needs of your customer, and then you are making the decision for yourself. Better urine solution can be the grand for toe their problems. And only then you can credibly showing them how they can solve their problems by you than your solution. And only then you are approaching to the moment. Very you're actually starting pitching your particular product and how it helps them or may help them to resolve the problems they are having. So all these is through the number of phone calls America changes, etcetera, billing this cup off the inside sales model and digit oration. We can call them touches. So you are touching your prospect. Your lead very often, always making sure you're showing them the way you are, showing them what the next time would be often on always ending up. Each situation is so called call to action, so your potential profit, Nel's. What is the next step for them on the way off the evolution off your product or solution and defense element? We are talking about sales cycle more or less. We are talking about these process off the league nurtured. Keep that in mind. CNN's the Next Medium 41. Lead nurturing tactics.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for our course. So lead nurturing genetics now as we know it will be the lead nurturing process. Let's talk a little bit about tactics we are utilizing while doing these kind off utility, the torturer in court, these kind of activities because it gives quite copper at crusts. So vision to find three man important tactics multiple channel approach, multiple channel tactic. What does it to put to me? Well, unless you are very young startup with just one single product and we just want in the portrait off the customers, Hey probably would need something cold multi final approach because if you're having several products and several groups of the customers are, you think you're different products that for each group off the customers and for each product you are offering, you would create a special separate marketing scenario so you would be dividing the total amount off your customers into the groups. Specific groups, based on some criteria industry vertical, etcetera, were interest in some particular product off yours, and for each group, you in the executing a little bit different tactic, a little bit different marketing strategy. So at the end of the day, you would have several small funnels working within your kind of man final off your sales organization and within each small family would have lots off Ali's, and each one would be on some particular stage. It becomes a little bit complicated, very exciting and interesting. Multi channel approach means you would be reaching out to your prospects to your lease. Using different channels. You would be reaching out to them through the social media through your own bad side. The opinion leaders on the events by running forecasts for many possible scenarios off which not your customers and you would be using all them together in combining them in order to achieve the best results and multiple catches approach. Now it basically 10 times talking to the customer to make their sale and B two b company. So means you would be talking to a customer often basically, by talking to them off when you want to help you, then to move the progress movies in the sales follow and, uh, actually making the next time and then next step etcetera clothing to the actual clothing approaching, they chill deal on border toe that you would need to touch your customer as often as you can, and there would be the most important tactics off your lead nurturing. So how you would be doing that, exactly Game days on the channel. You are true thing, since you would be using managed different channels well, everything from personalized emails from the follow ups. It would be building the relationship of rapport and trust, and the the advisory role of yours would be also important. Remember that the relationship cost more than the actual view. So if you have managed to be licorice off trust with your customer that you always beg paid back eventually me and sometimes it would even make sense to sacrifice the opportunity to do the actual sale. If you understand perfectly, your product is not a perfect match for their problem. You would probably may go as far as even suggestion that the product of your competition. But by earning the stroll of trusted and mastery and enjoying his time, you will find a way to do the business with this customer, and that would be the right thing to do. We're not trying to sell any custom. We're trying to build healthy well being. The relationship be the potential Custer and for watching seems in Expedia 42. Drip marketing.: hi and welcome to the night video of our choirs drip marketing. What is that? If we know and we've been using the kind of divination several times already, there is no one size that fits them. All means our customers are different. The scenarios off use off our pro that may be different being myself, different products as tomorrow may come from different industries, etcetera. So the marketing approach would also be different. Based on all those criteria, we will be in different market in techniques. I'm working with our customers. People who have the programmer the ground would understand it easily. It is the set off, if then clothes or the case scenario, right? So, based on the temperature of the lead of the industry of vertical of the interestings in particular scenario fuse or product, we would have different marketing materials available for such a customer. For instance, the white paper's the webinars, the general purpose live in ours. The particular Lebanon's Taylor toe have facilitate DHL sale of the product and if many Trump's collectively can be refer to the rain, the trucks off, the piece of the truth of the market and information we are providing our customers. We collectively can refer to its marketing strategy off our company. But of course this a rural, great general strategy should be derided on the particular part particular Trump's, which we would be using based on all the different criteria. So thanks for watching see in the next video talking great detail about this stuff. 43. Multy-funnels.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for choirs. So a little bit more about multi funnels approach what we three year on this live in the developed ation off this approach. So horizontal representation, easy main sales funnel for organization where the leads are making their properties from marketing qualified leads all the way to the cost bomb. And then we are doing the re marketing them. But on every image stage, we have the entrance off the new leads that are subject to their own evolution. Within other small finals, some of them are dropping me to the main father of our organization on the very top. Some of them are very Hartley's than they permit alone really create the opportunity for Finchley right away. So again, it's a very complex mechanism. It's a movement within the movement and fleets are moving, giving those small funnels there also moving in parallel between our main funnel when they're dropping tore main follow and basically making their program there sometimes there and dropping into the main follow on the very top. Sometimes they're good to create the opportunity with them. Sometimes you may even have the situation Let somebody is calling to you and right there, we're ready to play the order. So keep that in mind as well. So here we have these air presentations will be the elevation, all these very complex process and for watching for the next media it deliberate for them. 44. Sales scripts.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for our course. Sell scripts that struggling to be involved zones So self Scripps are pre existing pretty fine written materials yourselves people are using when talking to the prospects to the Leeds on because those pretty find existing materials, you are trying to achieve different objectives. For instance, you are qualifying or disqualifying the leads. You are understanding the business cases off the particular leads. You are measuring the temperature of the leads you are teaching your product or service. So the different objective threat out the question. Is it good or bad whether your organization should have the self screams? Or it should be the matter off the preservation off the salespeople the call arms for the electronic mail? Well, of course, since creeps do have their own benefits. And basically those are the standardization of the cells processes, which is very important for the inside cells. More don't because, for instance, it is also a short reward in time for the new members of the team. Then you could use easily, Heaven tells, creates the best practices from best salespeople across all yourselves organization that you are covering all the important respects off pouring off your products and services. I'm talking to your prospects because screams are reflects reflecting all that. What would be the intro backs off using this cream? Well, first of all, you can cover 100% of all the situations in this life with yours creates. Sometimes your customer man asked a question. And you don't have the enter and this script and what yourselves person will do in the situation if they're not allowed to improvise, that's a good question. Now a little bit. Region behavior Off sells personal vehicle with another drug back off you, then the self scripts. And finally, I mean, it's pretty much the same the robot like behavior off the same people you know, not a human like behavior. You suddenly can understand perfectly that the person you're talking to with going through some scripts or some written text rather than doing the improvisation. And then maybe velvet lost of interest from the part off. Your prospect saw again the question, but the organization should be using Self Scripps or not. Probably the right approach would be the meter off course. You need the set of pretty fine materials, but then your people should be able to actually improvise. And then, for some question, outside of the scope of the existing materials, that would be probably the best approach to this crash thing for watching scenes in X radiant. 45. Split tests.: Hi. Welcome to the next video off our course display tests or a B test of faith are also cult. Well, basically, it is when you are having to difference in areas two different parents off, putting the same information you're willing to provide your potential prospect me. And then you were measuring the effectiveness for the Buried A and Mary B, and you're choosing the most effective parent. And then you weren't using the Barents Sea and comparing the performance of the very See Tober. The performance on the very a beach is our winner and your truth in the most effective on. And then you're introducing the Jaap shoe D and again and again. So is, unless process off, introducing off the new scenarios or aliens off, providing some information to your prospects and then measuring the effectiveness off those scenarios and choosing you want that is most effective. So you are always using this kind of approach between your lead nurturing process, and it can be applied towards whatever fertility, whatever part of your lead nurturing process you can use, please death for your Web pages for the Florence where you together the information about your potential customers in the males in the beaches, in the sense creeps is finished, custody already try to use it, and that would be the scientific approach to rethink. Thanks for watching see in the next Ridean. 46. Communication channels.: Hi. Welcome to the next video off course communication channels. You know, this course is quite comprehensive on and quite large, while probably several hours reviews. And yet I just found myself thinking the very funny thought of, for instance, is very slide is very particular video briefly touched several things that are obvious and common things. I'm not open in any kind of revolutionary information to you in this video. However, each particular communication channel I will be mentioning in these very short media not only can be the subject off the separate video, but can actually be the subject of separate book because they are quite different in their nature and they can a result differently, read. They can bring different results. They can be huge success if use properly, or can be duster on loss off the money, so keep their line. That's very interesting. So communication channels well if they said, the market nowadays utilizes its many communication channels and many opportunities to talk to the prospect if it can write and those communication channels are very different, just to name a few. So the males are feel that it way to reach out to your customer phone calls, which is the heart of the site itself. Model. So shown it. Words demands align dentals, read ups, blocks working with the opinion leaders, all those communication channels you would be trying to you during the lead nurturing process. Important to deliver information about Bella's if your product to your potential customers in order to help your lead to make their progress within the final yourselves. Organization came for watching see in the three d A. 47. Do e-mails still work?: Hi. Welcome to the next video for quarters. This finally dedicated to emails one of the communication channels which have discussed, Of course, we could dedicated the single video or in chorus to each communication channel. As I told you in the treatment seedier and the male is not an exception. You can find several courses dedicated right in the effective emails by in general, well, the communication between human beings is a very comprehensive constant. Probably the best way to communicate would be an opportunity to talk face to face to your prospect to your lead. But that go is in direct contradiction with the model off inside sales, Fred, because these mother reveals that we are closing the deal through different communication channels, avoiding or not having the luxury of being able tohave the personal content. So normally we're left with two options I want all of them would be the Concho and another one in the email. However, we have more lay the option to talk on social media, etcetera. But let's just discuss those two Phone calls are also more effective than the email option , because when you are talking to the life person and well is the right thing to do because you are able toe have a Dalek, you are able toe the question. Provide answers, etcetera. With emails. It's a little bit different you worked with to your faults into the written form. Send in the mail and waiting for them. For now, the less females are fueled have their life and their place in the marketing nowadays. So again, writing defective female would be the subject of the separate course, and by no means I will be able to provide you with all the necessary information and at last is in the short video. However, the duty man should be short and concrete should be personalized towards okay, your particular needs and addressing the particular person. So you better know the name off. This person should be split tested, so you are sending most effective. Females should offer something. Felt your customer off the writer with other with what is important for me to read your email if it doesn't contain anything available for me and should have the call traction so you kind of provide leaving the idea what should be next temp in my journey within your final between the process off, luring something about your product or service and promoting see ends in extra idiom 48. Feedback and quality assurance.: Hi. Welcome to the courts Feedback and courted insurance. Well, no doubt nothingto have would be to have a problem in the cells process in the lead nurturing process or including in the product we are marketing and selling. We don't ask the responsible people. The management of the company know wink about such problems. So it is crucial to have a way to get the feedback from the Leeds and leather on from the customers and to have the way to do the quality assurance. And when we are looking for the V. Beck, I wouldn't rely on the male written by a happy customer, because the general rules just the one customer who provided their opinion. Thousands just went away without saying a war. So make sure you have all the necessary tools in place to get the feedback from the customers, as well as get the feedback from your rolling please from your own people from the quality assurance gene. So in our organization Quality Assurance Team reaching out to the customer centric really three, currently asking them whether they were happy to be the organization with the product with the responsible sale manager, etcetera recorded insurance t would be one way to do that. Heaven, special facilities in your C around would be another way to keep track or wherever Cummings you're getting from your leads and customers. And then, of course, it would be wise toe John on the call, so or read the mail. Sometimes, you know, randomly to get the idea on how those processes are working and how the communication going on between your representatives and the potential customers. So control is a very important thing you can trust by you should control in the next medium . 49. The takeaways.: Hi. Welcome to the left video. This sexual worse left Edie over the leading torturing in that section. So take your raise, take a race. The ideas you should be remembering from the left Ferro obedience from the protection. So, first of all, the lead nurturing in another way off defining the lead evolution in your self organization . There are many aspects and married many tactics off the lead nurturing process. Segmentation is one of the key words, so you should divide all the mass off your leads into the particular groups and Hillary your marketing messages and stretches for each probe individually, you should be touching your leaves often and touching them from many sides. Basically, you d live in many communication channels. Ah, split us do work best and emails also still working still is sending the male is the steel belly to within yourself organization, and it's very important to get the feedback and organize the quality assurance process toe have the understanding on how you're doing and how sales processes going on within your self organization. Thanks for watching and fear in the next section off our course 50. Pipeline. Introduction.: Hi. Welcome to the first media on the next section of our course. It's such section it entirely dedicated to the pipeline. So first of all, let's talk will be about the importance of the pipeline. Well, we always try to predict the future in our business lives. We are tending to do the same. We are predicting the future. So no windy pipeline today. Either way to know what kind of sales, what kind of a results you can expect for your organization within the future period of time. That's why pipeline is quiet. Important, right? We don't having the my plan. You don't have any to to predict the future sales. So and next trial videos more or less will be dedicated to this very to the pipeline. We'll find out what he's a pipeline, whether it is self sufficient, can be used by plan and the exclusive tool to predict the future cells. Or we need something more, you know, discuss the difference between replying bookings, revenue, really greedy burial, this cosy gaps between those and how to thrive literally how to thrive. Howie organization makes around. Taking into the council's gaps began to be discussed now we will be discussing cash versus cruel based the counting. Those are two different yet very important. Confessed off. Run in your boots off running your accounting We will be scholarly types of the my plan. Burial discovery stages off the opportunity and the importance of the tradition of your leave it in the final for the pipeline, we will discuss new business pipeline and existing business pipeline that wrecked pipeline and channel pipeline and finally, video discussing take raise from the current section of the course. So thanks for watching and seeing the next video. 51. What is a pipeline?: Hi. Welcome to the next video for our course. What is the pipeline? The total design off deals on all the stages that are within the final off ourselves organization would be called the pipeline. Well is enough, isn't it? Even then, this is the definition off so called mathematical by plan that our own people find out all different types of people I plan. And trust me, there are more than just one. But for now that you stick to the definition. Also, it's important to mention that the pipeline is being created by the individual. The use individual expectations off the money and those are the results of the contribution by the injury Job Cos. Or customers. So everything will lead. Uh, we already discussed Elise easily contributor to the total by plan off your organization. Now, normally, we are considering Lee to be good enough toe. Add the value of the deal. It may potentially bring us into the pipeline when the lead has the status of the opportunity, and then we start calculating the pipeline. However, sometime for more general purposes, we may even consider using deletes what the early stages like sale exactly even three game . Normally it would be the opportunity and upper. And that would be the part of the pipeline now and how we toe is alive. My plan well, if usually any the foul and for watching see in the next video. 52. Is pipeline something self sufficient?: Hi. Welcome to the next video. Far worse. So its pipeline easy. So sufficient thing. This is a good question, right? So now it is not. First of all, if I plan is not being abandoned thing, it's just a part off our self marketing process and the realization off our and left sounds marketing process would be the circle. Yeah, for a change, we have a circle of civilization that final even thought the finals. The president, You can see So we have the liquidity. Not gonna ask me very did we get it from? But they have their greeting and we can set the budget done Onda, including marketing, budget and by spending these marketing budget Rightfully we can generate some leads and having those leads. Eventually we will have the pipeline. And by successfully closing this pipeline, we'll get some bookings. You learn more about this world later on, and these time bookings real turning to threaten you and then ready new well, converting to the liquid any and the process will start over in our game. So if you see the actual pipeline is only part off this mechanism off this kind of a process, keep that in mind and see you in the next video 53. Pipeline vs. bookings vs. revenue vs .liquidity.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for worse. In this video, we'll try to define therapy. Why important words and the pipeline. We already to find that bookings, revenue and liquidity And trust me, I have heard more than once. It'll confusing those terms, right? So they try to you the red turns to define right thinks within our business life within our sales trusses. So again, pipeline is the total of the deals we have within the follow up our sense organization, then bookings in the contractual commitment from your customer to buy something from you now revenue. If then you can legally recognized this contractual commitment as the future income for your organization based on some Ruth. For instances, United States, you would recognize your bookings of the revenue based on JP General Accepted accounting accounting practices. Now the liquidity is when finally you're ready. New turns into the money in your account because normally, especially for B two B business, if you would be selling based on some credit terms, for instance, in that theory means you would be receiving the payment order from the customer and only after 30 days you would receive the actual money give the customer a view of the money, which is also the risk. So those are the definitions off those important business terms. Keep that in mind. Let's talk about it a little bit more in the future videos. 54. Gaps and how to survive?: Hi. Welcome to the next video off our course gaps and how to survive. Now, at any moment, you should be 100% sure your business will have the option to run in the future. It means your business will have something called business continued in place. Well, this term business continued. He has different definitions. For instance, in this Tour ish work, it would be the availability of the servers. But in the more broad bitten of definition means the ability of the business to leave to survive. It's also called a going concern by the old eating organizations. When you would be running the OD, the going concern would be the issue for your business, and it will be mentioned in the final report off the auditor. So in order to ensure the business continue, t you should be there, there off fasting, cold time gaps. So in this particular case, time gap is the appearance of time. While the money moves from one stayed into the another state from the pipeline into the bookings etcetera. And indeed, for instance, ah, by plan converts into the bookings, Busy needs a gap and get has its own name it is safe cycle now. Bookings conducting into the revenue with the gas. Based on the rules you are using JP or Hammer, you have the legal right to re commands a revenue based on certain criteria. And again, your bookings converted into the revenue. Be the time gap Remini converts into the liquidity. Also busy. Got because normally you are selling on the credit terms so at least 30 days now, why it is important to keep that in mind. Well, when your business brass out of cash, your business is effectively prime and you may find for the bankruptcy if all other criteria or other keep you guys all other science off your business are healthy and the businesses doing all right, but it just run out of cash and when. For instance, the pipeline is so good and bookings are good, but you may effectively see that liquidity is going down well. You should be very married that you should react instantly and do something about it. Otherwise, you may effectively lose your business. Even thought bookings etcetera are good. Give their mind tears in the media 55. Cash vs. accrual accounting.: Hi. Welcome to the next video, for course, cash shirts. Is the crew accounting? The simplest way to reflect the opportunities within the business organization will be probably running the your cash accounting. He received money, We paid money, We reflected that. And that would be the end of the story. Now, of course, it wouldn't work. Why do we like so much to complicate our lives? Yes, we do like to complicate our lives in this particular situation because the business life is so rich by its nature that the pure cash accounting wouldn't be ableto color the white verity off the events that happened with the company trying to imagine working with the way that reseller distributor's vendors etcetera off course, you cannot reflect the old with the pure cash approach. That's 100% of the company's now day. Are you think dancing coat, cruelly counting and the cruelly conference just that you can recognize the revenue at the moment it has been earned on. And then again, it would depend on the rules you're using JB for the United States, for instance, and you can recognize the expense when it was inquired again, based on the rules you are using. Why leave important to keep in mind the difference between cash and accrual accounting? Because the end of the day, the majority off the results you see in your books are mutual numbers, and you are in the salaries and you're in your contractual obligations. For instance, account Abel's cetera with the money. So even when the numbers look good in your boot, you should be aware off. What is the situation with cash? Well, good enough. I Cruel accounting has limited number off the reports, and three most important reports also include something called Cash False statement, the Man, She the understatement and catch false statement, which exactly reflect the situation with the actual liquidity on the council. The company well seems in a few Leo and Fortune. 56. What types of pipeline can we maintain?: hi and welcome to the video for work. Worse, what Todd Salty Pipeline can we maintain? Well, we already discussed the most simple type of the pipeline, which is a mathematical by plan, and the definition would be the totals. He's off. All the deals on all the stages the organization has invades outsells foul. Well, that will be the mathematical by blind. Why do we need it? By balmy already briefly discussed that because we are always trying to predict the future because we are always trying to forecast and the by planning this magic to we are using for these forecasting for the prediction. Now there are two more times off the pipeline you would be wanting to maintain, because those are way more accurate than the mathematical out. The weighted pipeline is when you are totaling all the deals, waited by their probability off course. Each deal has different probability, based on a different set of criteria, and Aziz lead moves within the foul undergoes its evolution. The probability closing the deal also increases and the raided by plan would accurately reflect all that and frugal by by, you know, the ratios from the previous years off your business like, what is the ratio of converting the sale accepted? Lead into the opportunity opportunity into the coastal etcetera. So you can take, for instance, sell accepted lead you have in your by planets moment and you've duration from the previous year and, by the way, that you can effectively forecast the results off the current year. So those are three types of repair planned you would be willing to maintain, but there are more. Keep watching the Internet media. 57. State of the opportunity.: Hi. Welcome to the next video, for course, that state of the opportunity we already discussed the opportunity itself is just one of the stages off the Leeds evolution within the final. So lead start from marketing qualified leads, then becomes so attracted. Lead, for instance, that moves to the opportunity and then cost one. If everything goes well, so the opportunity is one of the stages for release evolution. But of course, the life very complex and the opportunity itself can be further divide it into the Cyril's AIDS right. That's what we are discussing right now. So why it is important to remember that and to know that well, because way already, state and everything, the state of the opportunity has a different probability off the deal to be a successful one at the end of the story of the end of the day, and we use them to do the forecasting to build our pipeline, the more or any mosque accurate type of the pipeline, which is weighted by plan. Well, what kind of state is the opportunity may have about prospecting needs analyses it interfaith identified, paying game, preventing rather purplish in technical evolution, etcetera, etcetera etcetera, until the revenue has been committed. So again off course is again Imagine on every single stage with the every muse stay. The probability off the deal to be a success increases, and our by plan is a changes. Spread is different. So, for instance, is the opportunity off the deer worth $1000 was 20%. We can get $200 into the pipeline off hours, but when the opportunity of 80% we can at 800 the difference is 600. So in orderto have the accurate pipeline, you need to accurately reflect enough serum. The changes in the state of the opportunity very mine, keep question seems an expedient. 58. New vs. existing business pipeline.: Hi. Welcome to the next video, for course, your business and existing business by blind. Well, as it seems to me, all we do your rings. It's worse if defining the group's sig, mending the consensus and doing it over and over a gate. Right now, let's just define two different types of the five point what's again. It can be new business by plan can be facing business by plan. If you know there is a cuffed associated with the wiring of the new customer. For the company, it is the customer acquisition cost. And there the cost associated with regaining the customer customer retention cost. And, of course, there are revenue streams associated to his boss process. And that's why it is important to maintain two different types of the pipelines the pipeline of the new business and the pipeline of the existing business. Especially because for Verity company, for instance, the recurring revenue stream, either very well in source off the revenue of income and subscription model is perfect model. So, again are you would be keeping an eye on the amount of new customers knocking your door as well. It's keeping an eye off the amount of existing customers that keep paying your company some money on. But that would be two more different types off the pipeline you will be maintaining and for watching fiends in next video. 59. Direct vs. channel pipeline.: Hi. Welcome to the next video far course that right Pipeline birth with channel pipeline Based on the business model you are executing within your organization, you might have a need to maintain two more different types off the pipeline manually Direct pipeline and child pipeline. The right by plan goes toe the other red tails. Basically, it is related toe these worth. We are generating the leads. We are running the process off nurturing. We are creating the opportunities, and we are closing the deals within our organization with the help of our own self Fourth and Channel pipeline. Even we work together with the relegated resellers or distributor's, uh, respect, respectively, one year or two to your model, and those are delivering the results for us. Those are two sources off the revenue for our organization now the general business. If we read comprehensive topic and luckily it is outside of this couple fork worth, but you should be a very that around two types of part of the over the pipeline more and that's it for announcing for watching TV. And then I feel you 60. The takeaways.: Hi. Welcome to the next video fork words that last video of this section. So take race. Or you should be remembering about the pipeline but the pipeline in the representation off the sales process. And again we may imagine final, maybe, are talking about the pipeline. Ah, you should be aware of the different terms for the status the money can being like liquidity revenue bookings by plan. So what do they mean, more? A. The difference. And it's quite important because, as we have discussed, there are some gaps in this transition process and any office off those gaps and they get makeup, fewer business. Uh, you should be remember that you are normal. Maintaining more than one Tybalt if I plan raided by blind empirical pipeline are two examples. Uh, you should be aware of the different status off the opportunity because for the rated pipeline, you associate the probability off the successful final for the opportunity visit state of the opportunity and that it tra bushing is here in the next section off our course 61. Psychology of sales. Introduction.: hi and welcome to the next video and act section of arc words. Now, if in previous sections are we were talking about the inside sales model about key components of this model, now we will concentrate on the South process on the poor cheese process, which is effectively the reflection you are feeling they are buying and they will talk about for changing behaviour. Why do we buy into first place? Why do individuals buy stuff and buying do organizations by stuff? So hopefully we'll talk about the differences between B two c nd to be customers, the dynamics behind those customers now what you at the first person should be knowing about those differences, etcetera. I will talk about dynamics off the porch aging process and effectively off the sales process way. Once again, we will talk about the importance off the relationship management and then from taking days . So thanks for watching and a few in the next video 62. The purchasing behavior.: Hi. Welcome to the next video of Oak Worth for changing behaviour. Now, are you aware that you are talking this nonce birds objectives, etcetera. You probably don't pay much attention, but that's what you are doing the same way when you are making the for cheese you were demonstrating So gold. Poor change in behavior or the matter of fact you are demonstrating the result off these better you have switched yourself. It's important of time and which results in a poor chase. So, uh, the protective behavior or buying behaviour in the behavior of the customer demonstrates on the marketplace. This is the some of the attitudes, preferences, intentions and actions that a person organization demonstrates while for changing the good or service. So let's talk about it a little bit more and seeing the next video. 63. The purchasing behavior, digging deeper.: Hi. Welcome to the next video off. Our course portray in behavior, digging deeper. So this for cheating behavior paradigm is quite a complex one. And if you think about it from the scientific standpoint, it consists off psychological economico social and made an anthropological components. So it's every single component we just mentioned working together at the single mechanism which resolved cynical chase and the process of the poor. Chase also has several steps. So basically we are talking about problem recognition right when you are understanding that you have some kind of problem you would like to address now, mostly, it works for big toe these and the disease, where there is a real problem behind the portrait decision. But sometimes in b two c, we have this work want, and it's quite different from the world. Need means we don't have the problem, really. It just want we think because of this or that factory built about it in detail later on. So for now, just keep that in mind that sometimes people change. This are made man because of the real problem. But because of this excess off marketing facilities off that company, right, trying to sell you something on the market works for the deceased, so probably recognize, um, or artificial problem recognizing her through it and pre porches investigation and purchase readiness. People chase and powerful chase evaluation. So if you can see if you quit processor, then once again process. It's just a sometime and consists off several stages, and his customer moves for those stages. Your assignment is off. The self person, to help them fester, worked to address every single issue they may have during each step off this process. Talk to you in the next video. 64. Why do we buy in the first place?: hi and welcome to the next video off our course. Why do we buy the first place? And here we will also talk about the differences between the individuals. Individual customers and companies are business customers. So basically the difference between BEAT and C and B two b So this review what motivates individual customer to make the rotating decision? Well, they differ for financial game you may by the bomb for obligations or even real estate with the hope to sell it later. And that would be the reason the fear of financial loss you will be buying the insurance, for instance, come for and convenience. Well, you will be needing to pay extra extra 1000 off dollars to buy that car, which is more comfortable, for instance, security and protection again entrance or in contract with that security organization, or maybe even freedom. Sometimes, even though it is controversial pride of the ownership that left I fall of purists and that infection off the emotion that life they fought off yours even talk for me, it is fastened by the government matter. Now let's review the reasons for the organization to make the port eating decision production so companies are banged, some components they are using later to produce their own good, which they sell it on to their customers. For instance, Te'o Tobias from components off the car and then you them to build the car. The logistics When you are buying something you are using within the organization to facilitate and processes etcetera. For instance, if you are buying fear MD softer toe, automate the sales process and then resale, you are buying something with the intention to resell later. It's a typical reason for my decision Off the distributor were off the well aware that reseller. So you see, the reasons for the fortune decision are different for those two groups like the one we will talk about. Other differences see in the next video. 65. Customer purchase readiness.: hi and welcome to the next video of our words custom Apple Chase Britain's the customer porch eating, buying residences. Manti customer. It actually ready to make that purchase is released custom for it Already the failed sees the process. Saw the intro fail or we talk about the same process from the customer student. The actual poor chase is just a point on the timeline. So what? Fearing the sale early in this process would result in looting the customer and the same very Matt offering the for change. The sale on the later stages of the process would also result in losing the customer. So when it is red time to make that offer well, the ransom signals Andi I would recommend to use free three kinds of signal. Three criteria can be really more, but that's what I am recommending. So, first of all, you hear some buying signals. For instance, the customer safe. You and you have these stuff available in stock. Or what if I am placing the order right today, then and something so most certainly you can say they are ready to buy, Then there are no outstanding questions like everything being discussed and customer steel here and talking to you and the right clothing, I seems like since something organic. At this point, it's like your intuition. One, for instance, the customer face you well. At this point, everything is clear. So then, of course, you understand that it will be the perfect time to maybe the rotating offering. So that's a 10 3 Internet Filion. 66. Social justification.: Hi. Welcome to the next video off our course social justification like buffet there tooth cages of the for achieving process on one of the stage boys directly before the chopper chase and another one immediately after. And those stages are finding the confirmation, the justification, the evaluation off your porch, even decision. Basically, you're trying to understand that you well not or did not waste your money. And that's something related to the contemporary economy to the contemporary society. So we are looking for the social justification off off our buying decisions. And where do we look for those justifications? Well, we listen to the band leaders really listen to our surrounding people around us, and we are doing the re George effectively Googling nothing. And what are the implication off those veterans for the cells organization? Well, make sure you're solution has excellent with ability and reputation. All the social networks make sure the opinion leaders off your segment of economy talk about you positively. And as for the references from the existing happy customers and build your brand brand awareness is one of the key components off the successful sale. Nowadays, you can find a lot of examples of that. For instance, settle is mostly bread transitive well, just on point. There are now much differences between the devices, from Apple from other renders but brand Mexico difference, including the difference in depressed toe to the next media's. 67. Understanding your competition.: Hi. Welcome to the next video of our Where's understanding your competition. And indeed, you should be no in your competition, because in the realities of the contemporary economy, your customer always have the choice. They can approach it from you or from your competitors, so you should be aware and maintain the least off your competitors. And sometimes in the reality, this'll East may look quite different from what you have expected, because we should be remembering the famous phrase person who buys the drill actually looking for the solution to create a whole. So technically, wherever two can be used to create a whole can be the replacement four seed drill and this very company that producing this wherever tall are in the competition with the company that producing trails. Now what times off the competition exists? Well, at least three groups direct competitors, secondary competitors and indirect competitors, so their competitors are doing exactly what you are doing and exactly the same way. For instance, two different taxi companies secondary competitors are doing what you are doing, but in slightly different in south different way. For instance, uber and traditional taxi company and indirect competitors are doing something different but which can eventually be used for the same purposes. For instance, you may trouble from one city to another using texi, use in uber or within euro car, or using the train or use in the airplane. So the transportation companies are in the competition, even thought they are delivering boots and people in a different manner. So Lauren York, your competition on and always watched them closely because I directly affect the or changing decision off your potential customers. Use the knife medium. 68. Customer personality types.: hi and welcome to the new video off. Worse customer personality types. Hey, Real tried to classify the personalities off the people they are talking to, and equally works for me to see customers and b two b customers because even really in b two b approach aging process. Be really and I'm talking to the people to the person so there still may fall into one of the four groups will be defining in a second. So those groups are dominant people, influencing people, cautious people and stabilizing people. And the elevation, the drawing Good Speech group in its own corner, based on their attitude towards being outgoing or reserved and towards being passed Korean that war, people read. And, uh, after your first goal, you would probably need to may this form work and think about what kind of person you are dealing with. A. Because based on the group this person may belong to, things person would be seeking for some different behavior are furious. End of the fifth person, for instance, is a potential customer of yours is reserved person, probably there ever the stability, the security very will be reluctant to do any changes on left, you can prove them that their level of stability really increase right. If they're test Korean, they would hate the idea off within the time. Talk about some nonsense, whereas if they are people oriented, you should build the relationship you should build. The bombs were built people and talk about some stuff outside of the deal. Knowing the personality type off your potential customer will help you to tailor your failed strategy. Tolbert's the needs off these potential customer and help you to close the deal by effectively using your time and time of that person. Thank you for watching scenes of Expedia. 69. DISC. The implications.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for worth. So let's talk a little bit more about the indication off this difficult quantification release customs the previous video. So again, first of all, you should be aware that are worse. In majority off your prospects, we'll be in between like they won't belong toe any or each of the four groups. 100%. They don't have some aspects off one group, and then some expects off the another group and be rare. But in general, we are talking about prominent people about influencing people, about stabilizing people and cautious people. And, of course, like a few words, the dominant people are all above the result. So you should be providing them with the specific information that can lead the conversation and very really first toe have the questions etcetera. Now, influencing people are about the relationship, so you should be open with them. You should demonstrate them you're not playing any games, and the ideal development or the communication would be 1,000,000. The relationship off trust now stabilizing people, they are all about status quo, so you should be able to demonstrate them at the change you are offering them. You talk about me. Toby, for instance, the change in office after for some particular process within the company. So you should be able to demonstrate them that the change will be to the best and cautious people are. It's difficult Crook on probably spent, ah, a lot off the affords and, uh, many hours answering to detail impressions and convincing them or helping them to make their division. And they will be trying to postpone the decision. They are tough to really? Huh? Does that mean the existence of those four groups? That means that we need tohave four strategies in place? Really? It means that our strategy should be the comprehensive one. It means that we should understand who we're talking to by doing our homework and then adapt our strategy to that particular type off the personality or far prospect. See you in the next Gideon 70. Why support people sometimes are best sales people?: hi and welcome to the next video for worth while support people, sometimes our best salespeople. Let's start from the conversation about two types off the intellect, the egg to intellect and the emotional intellect, and that directly related to the two different sets off skills. And, yes, we have a specification for everything. So we may talk about South skills and about hard skills, and it has been scientifically proven that soft skills are up to 80% influence the success of this life for the person, so the ability to communicate the ability to create the boned, the ability for the empathy. Oh, those salt skills are more important than actual technical knowledge. So if you are not a programmer, well, no worries. You still have with God's, to be successful in this life, however, and of course, the technical people with the hard skills with the technical knowledge are also very variable effort off the company, sometimes more available, sometimes last available but available. But they are creating the problem. So I didn't depending on the very company on its stage off the life cycle. They may have more important for the company, but you're talking about something different things. So, you know, technical people are hating the idea to buy something from this X people because they find them and not annoying because they find them not knowledgeable, etcetera. So what would be the implication of the disqualification related toe has been Just say Well , your technical people are natural sellers to the dominant and cautious customers while you are would be in the best position to sell to the stablizing and influencing customers. So knowing that you probably know when it would be the right time to bring come recall that engineer off your company, right? It helps. She ends in Expedia. 71. Understanding the dynamics behind purchasing.: find Welcome to the next video of awkward understanding. The dynamics behind for cheating decision for me to be customers. They already discovered the dynamics for the Fortune decision for individual customer's understanding. There were the problem doing the resource pre portrait of elevation Fortune readiness for Chase Post porches. Revelation. Now be to be customers had their own dynamics, and basically it goes down toe having more than just one person who were involved in the making that portrait decision. Because here is a bit Toby customers. We are talking about the buying Central well. It can require different than its structure from the industry to industry from the company to company. But to simplify, let's talk about four roads within these buying center the efficient maker, the influencer, the user and the gatekeeper. And let's reveal symbolic them like we are talking about small company 10 to 20 people on the Web master or this company wants to buy some about costing softer so the user it will be these master. The influencer would be, for instance, head of marketing and another influencer will be chief financial officer. The decision maker would be CEO of this company and they get cheaper, maybe the secretary of the company. So they think. Now what are the implications? Well, greatly to strategies. The first strategy you should try to get on the calls. The decision maker. You should try to do whatever it takes to be able to talkto that see or directly talk to the decision maker. And another strategy would be to increase your footprint within these organisations. For instance, if you are talking to the user into both in firsts, probably you won't have to talk to feel directly. And they will do your job for you as long as you provide them with all the necessary words to be used in their communication with their boss. So that would be the dynamics. Few words about the benefits off making the progeny in decision will be to be organization within the corporate customer. 72. Interest and influence.: hi. Look into the next video. Far worse. So on every single step off the deal movement within the final your says organization, you should do your homework. Homework. Is this work you are doing? Not on the phone with the customer directly, but between the direction off the communication with your potential customer. It can be feeling in the information into the Sierra, preparing the pictures and presentations wherever thinking about your next logical step within this deal. Also, you should be spending some time trying to classify people you are dealing with. We already discussed different roles those people within the buying center of the corporate or chaser. Now let's talk a little bit more about something. You can do the homework after the first section. Profession off the communication with your potential customer. So you should put on some kind of map for each person you are dealing being within these organizations, and you should put them into the red corner based on their interest in your project or product. Wherever you are failing that tourists and the influence they have been in their organization This way, your best allies with busy people, obviously high interest in your offering and high influence. And, of course, your most worst enemies well have to some extent. Of course, we're not talking about the war, but nevertheless, your worst enemies would be people with the high influence and lower interest. Your solution. Those people may be the obstacle for you to make this sale the reality. And you should have the strategy how to deal with those people. So making up this kind of a map would help you to understand, home, to work, really, for changing within the party, an organisation within their buying center and how to work with them, Frankensteins and Expedia. 73. Importance of the relationship management.: Hi. Welcome to the next video are worth the importance off the relationship management well within the scope of this course, we are talking about the consultative sales at the opposite to the behavior of the used car dealers when they're trying to make this A with any cost for us, The most important component of the cell is building the relationship of trust, building the report with the customer because their relationship is always space back. And, like I said several times sometime, if you maybe wanted to quit five. The deal for the good relationship with the potential customer. And this time this customer may eventually return to your company and buy something from you. So why it is important to maintain the relationship well customers are working with their feed means. If you had their relationship with your customer, you re lose your customer. Customer satisfaction means customer loyalty so satisfied customer real return to buy more from you and this relationship really actually result in more self for the company, and referrals is the way to ask for the courtesy for you and toe return the quarterly for your customer, and then we should remember about main formula for the successful business model customer. Lifetime relish should be higher than Captain Eric Addition. Cost Bluff Customer retention Customer Lifetime Really something that increases this time. The customer retention cost, of course, also increases with time. But make sure you're getting from the customer of the valley by offering them the solutions , asking for the references, etcetera. Keep that in mind fee and the next radiant. 74. The takeaways.: kind and look into the night video FARC words the take away from the psychology of sale section off the choirs, So the approach is easy. Process Bitches Office If the sales is processing for chase, is essentially the same process, depending on behalf of whom you are talking rate. If you're took on behalf of the sales person you're talking about cells process. If you're talking about half the customer, it is the purchase process. But never let it is the same process, and you should be remembering that the actual poor chase word it failed. It just point on the timeline of this process. There were points before their opponents. After you should be knowing the rial rhythm behind the poor chase. You should be no in your competition. You should be knowing and remembering the importance of social test ification off the approach. It decision within the realities of contemporary society, you should be trying always trying to find out the personality type of your potential customer because it matters on you should be no. In the dynamics behind the approach, it process for both individual customers and organizations, corporate customers and once again, the relationship is quite important and relationship always base back. So I think for watching guns here in the next section and the next video. 75. The call. Introduction.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for our course, the call. The next section. Now, as they said in the beginning, this course is mostly addressing the people who are building cells organization there there , Cos. Or who are heading the departments in the company's etcetera. So we are. Let's talk about the tapes and treats off the actual sales processes in the sci ence model . I'm not giving you the advice is culture close south and deals within the first week of your employment? Etcetera. But mostly we are talking about how to be the successful sales termination and how these successful sense organization is functioning. Nevertheless, this particular section is dedicated to the coal, even though I will try to provide every some theoretical frameworks and practical addresses as well on the behavior on the go, the differences between different called cetera saw particular. We'll talk about the importance about the homework for these sounds. Identities. It was five. The calls about the differences between larger and smaller deals calls how to find out who we're talking to. Are the fund strategies Togo path the getting better or even voice machine? How to successfully start develop? You are wrong. Call what techniques you can use to actually cut away the clothing. We don't talk about being selling way. We'll talk about the right way to finish your call, how to assess whether the court was a successful one. And then they take race something for Washington, and it's gonna be interesting. Can see in the next video. 76. Do your homework...: Hi. Welcome to the next video for records. So your whole word they say you will never have a second chance to make the first impression. Well, it is very much so for your first goal when you are trying to sell something to the potential customer. Now, equally, they may talk about the TV Joe or the company. Between these cup of this particular video, we're gonna be talking about the B two b customer from awfully, the organizations. But still it works. The rules are equally applicable for the cost to the individuals. So you will never have a second chance to make that first from coal before doing the CO. You should do your homework. You should prepare yourself for this call. Now, what does that supposed to mean? Well, there is a list of things you need to know before going toe. The organization, like the name of the company you are calling to what business they are in. Ideally, Woody, the title of the person you would like to talk to in your words before will be picked up by the different person. But to use to we do ask that they connect you with this person you are willing to talk to. So who is this person? You are really to talk to what kind of business problems they have. Or they may have accordingly to your best guests. How you can help them with this business problem. And, uh, that the important thing bad. Did you take there for a number problem? Because you should be able to answer this question to demonstrate them that this is a legitimate corporate. And, uh, well, that would be your homework. That would be something you're gonna be doing before actually making vehicle. Can you take this information from? Well, we're leaving. Invented for a century Means you have their corporate outside. You have Google happy ending. So within 15 minutes off this homework exercise, you will be able together all the necessary information. And then you're good to go with your call without further procrastination, because otherwise you may end up, you know, just beginning beginning in gathering the information without making call for some of the earth reason. You don't feel comfortable making vehicle, so make sure it's not the gays. Do your homework and job on the front in the next video 77. Calls classification.: however, comes with the night video for our course. Colds quantification. Let's keep it as simple as we can. So it just took about inbound calls vs outbound calls and the first phone call birth of the follow up court. So, uh, what is that's time from the symptoms? Find 40 of the Alabama from coat. Well, you probably heard the name cold call. It's exactly Obama. Phone call means you are talking to the complete stranger on you can be pretty mature. They never heard about your organization. They never heard about what you're going to be offering them. So you cannot guarantee any kind of interest to your product or service from their part and whether they actually gonna be living into you so called coal. Well, it's dangerous thing because sometimes you can't fall into the category names on call, and sometimes it can be in prohibited by loans countries. So beware now for the success of the hour. Bankole, you need to do your homework really well because everything will depend on how well and studied your potential customer, your potential client, what you know about them. What makes you think they may be interested in your offer. What makes you think they will accept You got your call, and what makes you think you may actually end up calling the deal with them now be Manco is when you are calling to somebody who really demonstrated their interest in your sushi, for instance, they visited your website and they provided their daytime in the red for right, so you can reasonably you can be reasonably sure Italy. They know about your organization and it live. They have some preliminary interest and what you may offer them. So, of course, making the inbound calls would be way easier on Actually. Sometimes you know, says representatives trying to make their album called the Amount by finding the right explanation for Rico, which is not what I would suggest or prove. So now let's talk first phone call and the follows about the first phone call Is it for four? Call right. It's the first time you are calling the prospect, and the objective of surgical is do the vilification of lead. Basically, you need to defend whether these particular lead is good for your business, whether they may have some interest in what you're are free and brother man may end up doing some business with that again. If we are talking about the are in bomb lead and probably is kind of a Simon was already taking care off, they don't know about you. And they left their information. They had from interesting what you're offering. Congratulations on the rise again. Do the vilification. But even be the inbound inbound leads you need to do the vilification because they may think they have the interest. They have interest, but really they don't have any serious business problems. Any real one, and eventually you will find out. And it's whether the better. For instance, on their very first coal, you will find out that now, in the reality they have just educational interest, for instance, So that's what the first call service for and the fall, of course. Mostly, there were the simple You need to do the progress you need to and the goal by making step ahead toward the closing the deal compared to where you have bean. Before you started that cold, that would be the end of the story. You know, they everything's funny. Joke like before making that call I was 100% sure, I will be buying something from these organization. Now, after the cold, it's like 50 50. So just make sure you won't repeat this kind of a feller off these unknown sales representative and see in the next media. 78. Smaller and larger sales.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for awkward, smaller and larger sales. Or actually phone call. Associate it with these mother and larger sales. Well, of course, no doubt those are different out. Why? Well, the simple answer would be because with the smaller deals, the actual sale may have been given on the first phone call. So it may be enough to do just want go toe, close the deal. And with the larger deals, well, you may need to do tensile recalls, if not 100 off the Colts. And the difference actually explains the different set of behaviors and advices for the phone calls based on the size of the deal. Those are late to So, for instance, on you you are making the phone call related to some small deal. The actual product is what is most important. You may want to talk mostly about the product. If we are talking about larger deal, it's all about building the relationship now for the smaller deals. Everything that happens happens directly on the phone call and for the larger deals are the majority off. Important processes are happening in between the phone calls. So in between the actual communications. Now the larger deals should be and are proceed of the projects and phone calls to be organic apart off the project and basically the techniques off Project management should be applied to work. The phone calls as well. So careful thinking before making the call be called work, etcetera, etcetera. So you are managing the phone calls. Review this couple the whole project development now and finally, the traditional clothing techniques may work on the phone calls, associate it with the smaller deals, but definitely wouldn't be working. And it wouldn't be worth trying them on the calls related to the larder deals thanks in the next video. 79. Who am I talking to?: Hi. Welcome to the next video FARC. Words. Who am I talking to? So let's get to the practice. You have picked up the phone, dial the number, and and actually, uh, you may not talking to the prospect of the decision maker to some meaningful person within that organization, right? But also there are two negative Syria's, and those scenarios are far more probable than actually being able to reach out to the potential customer from the very first calls. All those two negative scenarios are gatekeeper and Boys Machine and basically to know how to to find a way through the gatekeeper or how to deal be the both machine. Well, you should be having scripts for both merits and practicing often, and then you learn how to do that. But the next media's up Friday reason you through advise on how to go best the gatekeeper or voice machines in the next media 80. How to get past gatekeepers?: Hi. Welcome to the next video of our words getting asked the Gate keeper. So let's remove those narratives in detail. Let's start from the gatekeepers there. If code the arm had been Vic Top and there were the gate kicker, Secretary of the organization were whoever who actually, that's what? Well, the man assignment of the gatekeeper in the same of that of yours. Basically, they are trying toe qualify or disqualify you on. Decide whether you are good to go, whether they should be connecting you easy to make your tetra. So what if your assignment, then Well, you should make them understand that what you're offered would be off belly for their company. And they shouldn't be passing these sums in a well for how can you do that? Explain describing in details. Tetra wouldn't work with the gatekeeper. Well, the reasonable approach here would be to let the gatekeeper understand that making the decision about you would be a bow. Their competitors is right. The decision that they have to make about you would be kind of very tough on for them because the cost off making the Brown decision would be quite high from them. and they would need toe call on the phone, somebody to make that decision for them. And they somebody probably would be a person hiring the Iraqi of their organization or even V decision maker. So I gave you are making them understand that they are unable to make the decision about you, that you are outside of their sculpt off the responsibilities. And the decision about you should be made by somebody hiring the year healthy company see in the next media. 81. How to deal with a voice machine?: Hi. Welcome to the next video off our course how to deal, really with machine and as much of 75 profound on the case. If you would be reaching out to the woods machine and you end up talking to the words machine when it makes this scenario the most probable scenario the phone call development. So you should be prepared for the scenario now, Uh, what would be your objective when talking to the with machine? Well, first of all, we should understand that there was a good probability that actual last person seats in the very same room and based on what you will say they made and pick up the phone break. So your two objectives will be there making them picking up the phone right now or returning your call. Listen, it's possible. How can you do that yourself? The question Who would be leaving into the with machine? You would suddenly understand that it would be exactly the gatekeeper, and it means the technique the the recital off as inviting voice machine would be exactly the same as the recital s. And by the gatekeeper, you should, and you should make them understand that you're offering Exceptional Valley and that the decision about you would be beyond their level of competitiveness. It's beyond their level of celery, if you will, and how it would be dealing really with machine see in the next video. 82. How to start and run a call?: Hi. Welcome to the video how to talk to call. So finally, let's review the village of scenario. You reached out to the prospect of the person you can talk to about the sales, which is the objective of your call. Well, they have returned your call. So how is time, the successful call and how you develop your progress through these cult? So you begin with the short, short introduction, every statement you provide them with some basic information with your name. What is the name of the company? You are real. And what is the reason for pickup? Not for the inbound call. You had luxury to inform them that you are actually returning the call or off to reach our medico because somebody from their innovation already being on your website and left the information so you can call down. So actually you have the legitimated rhythm for the ego. Now, also, it is important not to make any full statement or, for that matter, not to make any statements at all. You are mostly listening. I don't try to teach the product especially first call. Try to push the fail and avoid the used car dealer behavior, right? So, listen, listen and write down your notes. That's essentially important for the first call as well. Is it really useful to the homework? You will not want to go. The chief says we already discussed for the very first culpability quantification off the customer. So you will need to decide whether they are good for you. Toe pull off with them whether they eventually maybe turning to the business for your company. Oh, few minor advisers would be first full. Have them agree. Ah, you in the beginning league several several times they say yes, letter on it will be difficult for them to say no. So try to create this bond, trying to get them to agree with some basic things on that call you. And for each call, I don't have more than three plants you're making during Zico. Otherwise, the Contra party will just forget what it was about. Even thought we will discuss later on how to finish call properly and make sure everything being say it will be remembered. Thanks for watching TV in the next three DEA 83. Getting the prospect to open.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for our course. Get into autistic Children. So if we are saying that the phone call would be our main become our main to within the inside cells model, pretty much everything they can rely on will be our voice. Until right now, we can talk about video conferencing Tetra that's talked about some traditional stuff and especially the beginning. Probably. There will be pure voice called without any video without any visual contact on duh what you're gonna be doing with your voice. Well, you will be, as can be questions which have far more important than teaching your solution. Probably the only thing that will be more important than asking the question would be provided. The right answers played our own right. Concrete imprecise. For now, we are going to be asking digressions That can be 12 questions. Questions that require simple yes or no lines first probably would work closer to the, you know, end off the story when we were about to close the deal but wouldn't work in the beginning. What would work in the beginning are open questions. The questions that require, uh, more comprehend defense for you know Joe storytelling when the Contra party can provide you with all the necessary information they have, then leading questions. You are showing the direction of the conversation, some probing questions. It's just piffle or questions. Three. Rhetorical question. Those are really the questions. Nevertheless, they are creating the bound and finally worth mentioning the funneling technique. If when you're building the old framework for the communication, reach a game means you should be doing the whole work and you should be preparing your creeps and then practicing, practicing, practicing and what you will be doing. After asking the question well before its indirect fund, you would believe any right it should be activating. What does that mean? Well, you should. Bad action means you should be leaving, right? You should be providing feedback and confirming, actually thinking sometimes even sounds sometimes before it's. And you should time really participate in the conversation with your remarks again, questions, etcetera. So that hot that's how you would be leaving your phone call feelings and Expedia's 84. SPIN selling.: Hi. Welcome to the accident fork Worth. So it's being selling about spin selling. There's a great technique used for the effective felling, and I encourage you toe find more information about being selling convener net. But basically what it is that well, it suggests that important to be successful, the conversation should be build off the questions, and those questions should be structured in the following way. So you begin vz situational questions where you are gathering all the information about oil set up off the customers spread. Then you are continuing with the problem questions questions that help your customer understand what problem they actually half and help you understand what problems they have on. Well, here you're putting these Rio business need Rio business problem. Then you're continuing with the implication questions. Other questions kind of suggesting what may happen if the problem with put it before will not be addressed properly and then pay off crashes. What would happen is the problem will be result and how we can help them result their problem so that the kind of storytelling approach very we start from Lauren something general, and then we're going to Simpson concrete and Finally, we're making our offer. It wouldn't work, probably within the scope of this same conversation. It rather can be general way off running your communication line with the prospect within B two B sales. CNN's the next video. 85. Getting close to a deal.: have a look into the next video for our course. It'll stay previously that aggressive sailing wouldn't work with the B two b larger deals, and they can be and most certainly would be counterproductive. So you are building the relationship, and you are developing your progress within the deal solely by asking right questions, providing right answer, etcetera. But at some point you may feel that it is right time to actually close the deal. And then you can attend to actually close how you can slightly push your prospect towards clothing. Well, several techniques that do work in B two b world would be it should be creating the sense of urgency, some kind of discount. It is relic only to the end of the amounts. Even example. Uh, well, you should do the promotion or some special actions, you know, again, these gallants were something timely. Made it all for Sen. Trent Central. You can utilize across sales and discounts are basically can be apartment should be some. Another company were essentially leave count. You can offer a money back guarantee. So if you're suspect is making their decision about achieving within this period of time, you're providing them with the money back guarantee or even in jail. Your company provides money back guarantee to its customers. Off course you should be. We're sure about recording me off your product because otherwise may be very denture. But then again, selling the mature product is dangerous, right? So and you can apply for your prospect. Derelict natural could be in that 60 instead of net very Oh, those techniques or or loss thieves who have you to slightly portion the That's our customer towards making the decision about the projects scenes, and I feel Leo. 86. Finishing a call.: Hi. Welcome to the next video, for course, finishing the cold. So how should you be finalized in Deco? And the end of the call is very important. The final works. We will always be remembered. It's very important how you enter into the conversation, but it is equally important. How are you are finishing finalizing the kind of revision and basically year er suggestions about how you should be doing that. So before you are finalizing the go, you should provide your prospect with the summary off. What has been discussed over the coat was also important to suggest them, but the next step should be is always a culture action. Don't leave them without guiding about the next steps over a sensible email. It is very helpful. Toe. Have the paper trail off the conversation. At least email trail in the email. You without Lionel. The bullet points off the discussion. You've been running with the prospect. Basically, we discussed previously. It is better to have no more than three important points for each call. Otherwise, you may lose the focus, and that should be right off course. Also today, you should be remembering that be to be larger sales until do you want what happened within ? Think called. So the objective of the finger call is to make the progress within the process off clothing . The deal. So each call should have its own on small objective, which is part off the oil strategic objective, which is closing the deal. Talk to in the next video. 87. Was it a success?: Hi. Welcome to the video for choir. So what is success after each CO. You should be assessing the success off the call you just made. And you should be honest with yourself. You should decide whether the code was successful. One whether you being making two mistakes and then you should be doing some homework and avoid those mistakes in the future with this customer. Or is any other potential customer threat in the future so well, what can be without a cold? Well, for possible results, either you got the sale, which is we create ist result off the gold. Congratulations. But then it may be the advance. So you made this that had you've completed the assignment for this particular call, it can be the continuation. They keep talking to you, but they didn't actually made it if they didn't make any progress, well, they didn't turn you down, but they didn't make any progress. So you're just talking to them and well, you can move the customer there without a vehicle. So again, after the call, you are doing the work, remember? Decrease a before and larger be Toby views. The most important things are happening in between the calls. No, I don't think it would be the analysis of the success off the coal. So be honest with yourself and do this analysis diligently see in the next year. 88. The takeaways.: Hi. Welcome to the knife video of our core. So the left three d of this section and take race. Or you should be remembering from the left videos less several videos We were discussing the psychology of fails. So what you should be remembering Well, the 48 it also process. Basically, it is the same process of the sales. Everything would depend on behalf of whom you would go against this process. If you would be looking from the side of the buyer, then you will be talking about purchased process if you will look and at the same process. From the perspective of the sales representative, it would be the sales process. But essentially it is the same, right? So the portrait itself is just a point on the timeline of this process, and there were points before and their points after the h o por chased. Now you should be no. In the real reason behind the porch, it'd Those reasons can be different for the individuals and the corporate or chasers corporate buyers. You should be knowing your competition because nowadays the customer has the very deranged of the options to buy the solution or service, the family. You should be knowing the importance of the social justification off the purchase and how people are just to find their purchases. In our days, you should be able to distinguish the personality type off. Your particular customers were prevented before the porch eating organization on. You should be aware and should remember the dynamics off the purchase process for both individual and corporate customers and again, the important from the relationship. So thanks for watching and see in the next video. 89. Stress and personal development, Introduction.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for our course, the first video of the last section of the course on going beyond stress and personal development. Now, that's not exactly related to this else process, because it's more general pockets, even though we will be talking about stress and personal developed development in the relation to the South process. So you will find what fuel useful advices during the next several media, so keep watch. Now we're really talking about finding the motivation and specifically the motivation for the sales person. Now we will talk about burnout, which is the up with it, right? It will talk about warning signs off the approach and stress about stress. It's out. Why should you care about the approaches to manage the stress about personal development and trading about the methods of personal development? The differences between efficiency and effectiveness will talk about time management fears . Management about deviant institute for the sales person on then is usually the take race thanks for watching and teens and Expedia 90. Finding a motivation.: Hi. Welcome to the next video of our courts finding the motivation where other wide important toe handing motivation to keep the motivation toe keep yourself moderated. But motivation accounts for the intensity and persistence in reaching toe the objective off yours. And that would be the definition. Now why Motivation is important. Well, we all know why we all know the difference that made the situation. But basically the motivation influences the attitude and, accordingly, to Winston Churchill attitude. He the little think that makes a huge difference basically your attitude and motivation that results with your that you to directly decides whether it will be doing just enough where you be ready to go the extra mile. And again, that makes a huge difference now at the maturation of this careful fours, and you need toe be ableto refresh daily in orderto keep it for years. Now let's talk a little bit about where you can find it and what puts it in danger, namely stress in the next media's thanks for watching and see International 91. You did great and burnt out...: hi and welcome to the knife video for work wars. So you being great and burnt out. So we talked about this dress. No, the trends is definitely huge challenge for everybody in both personal and professional life. But let's first give the definition for the stressed and I found really good violent from the organizational behaviour a book. So basically it's transmitted and I'm in condition and reach. The individual is conformed to be the opportunity, constraint or demand both desirable and the outcome of which is unknown so of two conditions. The uncertainty about the outcome off something and importance off the outcome when meant well, they may result in a stress. A good example of the typical stress would be the speech of the manager of the sales person like you did great in your quarter for the next year will be doubled right here we have these something be really wrong. We want to meet our core time. The next year means good commissions and the professional growth etcetera. But then we are uncertain whether we'll be able to do that and off sudden something approaches us with the speed of the train and the something give exactly this dress so we talk about it more in in detail in the next media's Keep watching. Thank you. 92. The warning signs.: hi and welcome to the next video fork. Worse So what are the warning signs off the being refuted by the stress and probably will find each sign if you start on alive in your daily reactions on the things But before we will talk about the science or the stress and before introducing you the sinew that you are on their Baha mistrust let me just mention that a human being is probably the only mantle subject toe to the locker at the result of the stress and the recommended buh bye. Uh, Robert Sapolsky. Why every stone that occurs, basically a few words. There are two types of the stress it really discuss further. One would be the accused dress and it was created by the nature of the mechanism to help you toe results some dangerous situations right on the crank stress, which is something that results the bad consequences and the human being. Unlike the majority of the animals were all them. It's subject to the stress daily to the hundreds off things causing us. This crying stress on the zebra is difference are once every three months, they're Bryce being hunted by the line. If it escapes. Well, that's the end of the stress. If Lan wins the battle, well, let's also be another stressed. But for us, it is quite different. And most certainly I will be leaving the science of the stress. And it'll find more than one, uh, yourself. So And what about the science? Well, you're getting home late, and, uh, still taking some work home. You have trouble sleeping. Be too much or to veto too little. You talk on the form on business matters After 10 PM you're keeping the continues success Tree or email. Scott such right In your really vacations, you are postponing vacations. You are nothing there siding or not reading or not doing that. Hobby off yours and you do the work instead of the social activities. Or instead of spending the time with your family, it's also familiar. Keep watching TV in the next video 93. Stress why should you care?: Hi. Welcome to the next video for our course stress. And why should you care? I like we say Already there are two types of this transit the cure stress, which can be even been if you show in the certainly beneficial for the animals in the wild nature and the chronic stress which call this all the time off the prevalence now just not to carry way too much, but steals care a little bit. The medical. 36 days that 85 medical problems are related to the stress. And then 55% of professionals died prematurely from stress related in order so you can imagine transfer The huge factor affecting are both personal and professional life and even life dirt set so, uh, direction of our body to these trends called a general education syndrome. And basically there are four stages 1st 1 or for patients 1st 1 me, the homeostasis means everything goes the normal. Usually then we have the alarm face When the actual something that causes the stress happens wherever it wants. The meeting, new objective, any conflict, etcetera, things that are professional life is full off red. Then we have the resistance stage when actually our body might be alive is itself to produce the response to the stress. And then we have the exhaustion face, man, all the widow parameters are going down. And doing this faith will certainly our house facing the damages and at this particular faith is exactly what causes all the negative consequences. And even though it would be a good idea to talk about work related consequences of this dress Furies after saying that 55% of professionals are dying before their time because of the strength steel, the diagram, the droving shows how the stress affects our professional performance. So in the beginning, it increases the performance because we are live in our, uh, stretches. And basically we'll be live in our abilities, cetera, But then it goes down and the performance going down as well. Now there how stress affects our body. Now, UK Major, what happens if be our faith in tens of stresses stating, Well, you know how it works. Seeing the next video 94. Individual approaches to managing stress.: I welcome to the next video for our course individual approaches to managing the stress. Now, after having discussed how much of a factor of stress is just talk will be about how we kill. We can deal with that, how we can reasonably this dress, how we can mitigate the negative consequences of the stress. Now, of course, everything. That person is very individual, and there were no one size that fits them all. Once again. And probably there are no general advice is because each person knows best how to deal with the stress and how toe refresh the strength and how to find the motivation and how to. I can't find the way to go through the working daily challenges and stresses, but the general advice is, would be, and then again, probably not all of them are applicable to you or on all of them. The life It would work for you personally, but still should identify your key, stresses work and personal life and try to redo them. Well, limit, that would be the ideal that it probably wouldn't work. Ah, you should know your own limits, and you should be knowing when you are facing something that you are unable to handle. And that would be the right time toe escape. Don't be afraid of escaping of something very the ball. We are forces it Go. Your limits created boundaries around your personal space. And, for instance, you may want to turn off the mobile phone at least you really nights. Or maybe doing the vacations for me doesn't work. You can try. Ah, well, build the relationship and make sure you have the people who are helping you to call me this trance from you, your family, your friends, etcetera, remembering that your health of your personal responsibility So getting in shape, doing fitness sacrifices Also the way to reason with the stress Uh, well, real efficient, passive and active today can be poured, can be sleeping during the night. I mean, wherever work for you and personal development is the way to enforce your abilities on and consequently and force your abilities to deal with these trust. See, in the next video 95. Personal development and training.: Hi. Welcome to the next video fork words personal development and training from these 10 point of the organization. It is better to invest the money and for us into the play and lose damage actually, than not to invest in the play and keep such an in play. It work for the obvious reasons and from system point off the person. If you are spending each hours or 10 hour for depends daily on doing something and you don't like it if you don't like it just happened. Quit your job. Find another one right? But if you like what you're doing, there is not buying no point, not trying to excel and what you like and what you do. So that would be the explanation and duration or behind the idea off spending the time of the personal development. What is the difference between the training and personal development? Well, training normally is something that Taylor some particular skill work, trying to feel some particular gap in your professional profile and personal development. The complex process off preparing yourself for the next, more important, more responsible, uh, role in your organization. Keep watchin, we'll talk about it more 96. Personal development methods.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for chorus personal development methods. So talking about personal development can be and last conversation. Probably thousands of websites are dedicated to the personal development in general. We are talking about growth both the professional growth about the personal growth and, well, it can be formal. The in big Fourth can be formal watching the sport for reading the book General Little define for kind of groups off the activities related to the personal and professional development. So Development Central's is centralized facilities you are attending with the purpose toe. Get something very result your growth tell development really in the booth Internet providers and less opportunities for the cell development. Actually, learning is when you're luring from somebody within your organization and coaching and mentoring, when your tissues somebody within your organization and by eating these person, you're also learning something new. So it is unless process again. If you like your work, there is no point not growing personally and professionally by doing something you like. Otherwise, you need to find that joke you may like. Keep watching the Internet feeding 97. Efficiency vs. effectiveness.: Hi. Welcome to the next video for course, efficiency versus effectiveness, the scenery, the person who comes to the finish first, not the person who had more trainings and to be You don't need to do more than others. We need just to concentrate on what's important, being effective and do less mistakes being efficient. So effectiveness is when you are doing the right things. And efficiency is when you are doing things fast so you can be effective. You can do the right things, but you can be less efficient. You can do the right thing slowly, or it can be efficient. You can go, thinks quickly. But not effective means you're doing the wrong things. Saw to increase the effectiveness and it would be more strategic things you need some planning were closed, cetera, and to increase the efficiency, it would be doing some technical things. Basically, you would follow the processes and, for instance, you would use the uh, automation of the process is to increase the speed off the doing those processes. So try to be both effective and efficient. Do the right things and do them quickly, and you will outperform your competition and your real successfully reach your objectives. So, seeing the next video 98. Time management.: have a look into the next video forwards with time management, which also has to do with the personal development right? The only really scares with tourists Easy time. And it is not renewable, one which makes it even more scarce, which worse now the time has its cost. If you're doing something right now, you don't do other peaks, and it's also results in some consequences. So what are the consequences? Well, first of all these nights, best oppurtunity insect again. If you're doing something right now, you don't do other stuff. So when true thing what to do, choose the right things to the things that make you better off and concentrate on what's matter now lease. Mark your goals so your goals should be specific. Measurable, attainable, released in time about that will help toe chew the red goals right, because otherwise you lose your effectiveness. You choose the wrong goals and use. Lose your time. Now remember about ends Times Quadrant on planning. So you are grouping the finance the tasks into four groups and putting each one in the own a corner of the quadrant, and you are ranking them by importance and urgency and this way, In the top left corner of your foot front, you would have the important and urgent tests. And in the left bottom corner of your quadrant, you're half nine burden and non virgin tusks, and you should be concentrating on the top plant and the pride quandaries off your courtroom and make sure that things from top right with my great his turn to top left thought the things that are important but not urgent would not suddenly become both important and urgent, because that will increase your level off stress. Then remember about 2080 or 80 20 rule. Normally, we are putting 20% of the fourth toe get the 80% of the result means we really need to put that try 80% toe, get extra 20% of the result. Maybe you can survive with the 80% you already achieved by spending 20% off the force. Well, delegation is the great things. Wherever you can delegate do that, that would greatly increase your efficiency. Ah, identify the time teachers and avoid them Well, if you already spend today a few hour doing something, maybe words toe responses tusk until tomorrow and If you are spending our chicken, your emails, maybe you should have the special time slots for the emails and not do it over and over again. And the procrastination kills. Well, that's certainly there was a good job about that. Saw, uh, what time takes for my life to back the luggage? About two hours And what time it takes for me. Eight hours. And from those eight hours, seven hours and 45 minutes, I would be thinking about picking up my ledge and then 15 minutes to actually get the work done. Toe packet. So procrastination is a great time, Peter. And keep that in mind. Well, see in the next video 99. Fears management.: welcome to the next video for our course. Fears management. There is one more think that behalf in all professional live in personal and professional life. Beef years now being the human beings and only human beings in perfect human beings. Video views. If years daily and if we had those fears, you need to manage them. So how do we do that? And or alternative years were normally having in our professional, so fear off, not providing whether they're going to keep you in the organization. Fear of the Nile. You like to make the step ahead and change something new career. But what if they will deny your desire? Fear off the fella. We all know what it that you are afraid off starting his new project because off the consequences off its feller fear of losing the control. It's typical fear of the manager, right? And finally, the fear of change. Well, fear of change it waas best defined by a William shit fire when he was saying about that alone country from which no one yet has returned. How's the fear that I know paralyzes the view now? Indeed, fear can paralyze or monty rate, and that makes the difference here in the next video 100. A winning attitude.: hi and welcome to the night video of our quarters in 1,000,000 attitude from two boxers off equal weight in skills wins the one who have come to win. And that really agitated the the complex off concepts resulting in your confidence in the success of wherever initiative. Wherever action you are performing salamander and professional grows contributing Great deal tothis 1,000,080 shit of yours and also every single deal you're on your fifth career it also complex. Ask where you're dealing with the customer with the environment and with your own limitations in other coming off their own limitations help you to grow both personally and professionally. Remember that Thanks for watching. And here in the next video. 101. The takeaways.: Hi. Welcome to the last video. The last section off course The Day Grace from this last section Motivation, effect your attitude. An attitude makes a huge difference. Stress is something. We are dealing me daily and we need to know how to cope with the stress. Onda. Remember the acute stress helps and chronic stress skills this early ah, self development in the way toe grow both professionally and personally and deal with the stress as well. And the 1,000,000,000 institute reach the revolt off your heart for its during your professional career. At the end of the day helps you toe achieve the goals of yours again. Thanks for watching with my pleasure and waiting for your comments and questions can today .