Building responsive HTML5 and CSS3 portfolio website with bootstrap 4 for beginners | Emmanuel Adegor | Skillshare

Building responsive HTML5 and CSS3 portfolio website with bootstrap 4 for beginners

Emmanuel Adegor, Web Developer | UI/UX Designer

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19 Lessons (3h 14m)
    • 1. Welcome & Course Introduction

    • 2. What is Bootstrap

    • 3. Getting our tools ready

    • 4. File & Folder structure

    • 5. What is wireframe & How is it important

    • 6. Laying out our portfolio page

    • 7. Building our responsive header section

    • 8. Adding transition effects to header section

    • 9. Introduction to bootstrap card

    • 10. Building our services section

    • 11. Adding transition to services section

    • 12. Building our projects section

    • 13. Building our skills section

    • 14. Building our footer section- part 1

    • 15. Building our footer section- part 2

    • 16. Building our footer section part 3

    • 17. Bootstrap 4 responsiveness for all device screen

    • 18. Commenting our codes

    • 19. Useful Resources


About This Class

This course is just perfect for any one with love and taste for responsive  website development. This is a beginner-level class, and we will be building  a responsive/animated portfolio website, that would amaze your next billion users and clients using bootstrap 4.

A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and JAVASCRIPT is required, but if you do not have it, do not let it scare you, that’s still very fine.

You will leave this class with great skills of developing professional portfolio websites with nice user interface and experience, that are responsive across various devices.

We won't just learn bootstrap 4, we will learn different techniques, to enhance development of mind blowing websites.

Overall, You will be learning....

  • Html 5
  • Css 3, animations, transitions, @keyframes
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Bootstrap Grid,
  • Bootstrap 4 Flexbox classes
  • Mobile-first responsive website development e.t.c

….and even useful links to great web tools like; colorzilla, clippy e.t.c shared at the end of the class to enhance your website user interfaces and experience.

So enough of the talk already....Let's get started!!!





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Emmanuel Adegor

Web Developer | UI/UX Designer

Hello there! I'm Emmanuel,  a web developer, a SharePoint developer/Administrator, a technical writer and an online teacher. I am very passionate about what i do and enjoy teaching others.

My personal motivation in becoming a programmer was because i needed a way to implement some of my great ideas, using some set of codes. Trust me, programming is not as hard as some say, Its FUN!!!

I am a computer science graduate and have been programming for 5 years now, I developed my ...

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