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Building iOS 10 Apps, No Prior Experience Required ( Chapter 6 )

teacher avatar Samarth Paboowal, iOS Developer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. UIWebView in iOS 10

    • 2. Transferring data from one VC to another VC in iOS 10 ( 1 )

    • 3. Transferring data from one VC to another VC in iOS 10 ( 2 )

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About This Class

Welcome to the world's most comprehensive course on iOS development.

Here are some of the things you'll be able to do after taking this course:

  • Submit apps to the app store
  • Understand programming & basic algorithms
  • Work fluently with Swift 3 & iOS 10
  • Apply to jr iOS development jobs
  • Work as an iOS contractor

If you are absolutely new to programming you should start at the beginning of the course and go to the end.

What are the requirements?

  • Must have a computer with OSX or macOS on it

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Build iOS 10 & Swift 3 apps
  • Apply to jr. iOS development jobs
  • Work as an iOS contractor
  • Submit iOS apps to the Apple App Store

What is the target audience?

  • If you are an absolute beginner to coding take this course
  • If you are an absolute beginner to iOS or mobile development then take this course

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samarth Paboowal

iOS Developer


CODING is my Passion first, hobby second and job third!

I am Full Stack Developer from last two years and I love building scalable web applications and modern websites with new technologies.I started with my web development with PHP and then I moved on to FULL Stack JavaScript which basically includes MEAN STACK.

MEAN => MongoDB as a database, ExpressJs as server framework, AngularJs as front-end framework and NodeJs for backend work.

My aim is to teach each and everyone how to CODE!!

I thus bring to Skillshare my experience in Full Stack Development and to teach you how to become a better developer to solve real world challenges.

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1. UIWebView in iOS 10: Hello, everyone. And in this video we are going to learn about an important aspect off iris development which is called abuse. So basically, you know, there there are many websites and suppose you want to open a party. We're website in your iris application. Then you require something gold vab use in IOS. It is called as you wave ab you. So in this video we will see how we can use a you a valve you in our IOS app, toe open any particular website. So now we will create a new Xcor project on Let's start with a single replication which is ah, empty template. So I will give my project name review and select sector linguist. To be swift, you can choose universal iPhone It's your choice. I will go with your universal and I will inject you score data because we will be using core data later in this course. So just hit next. And now it will ask you where you want to do XIV the file. So I will just save it in my directory and I will have to create so it will create the project for me. I would choose the simulator Toby iPhone success. Okay, so now let's we're endure. You can do if I So basically what they're going to do is first, we will build a single button in our storyboard. And as soon as the president as you president button, we will open ah website inside vab. So let's start by creating a button. So in the right bottom side, that starts for a button. And let's please this button in the middle. Handlers stubborn. Click the button toe, added it and let's see open Apple Official that place. So this is our Burton. And after kicking this evil opener rep site so basically for opening a website, we need something which is called a Web view. So I think before doing this back clicking a button, you need toe, understand one thing which is translating data from one view controller toe another. So basically, I will tell you that about in the next video. So I think we should not do this right now. Let's delete the burden. What we should do is we should directly open a website whenever we're opening our up, because there are some concept that you need to know toe transfer data from Longview Controller toe another. We will do that in the next two or three videos. So what we're going to do is we are just going toe open a particular website in our Irish app. So let's search for view so you can see that this is the web you. So let's dragged into our view controller and drop it in the middle. So this is ah, simple grab you in which our website will be shown. So we want our vab you, Toby the size of dumb full screen. So let's make it equal to our full screen by dragging it. So here you can see that I have made it equal to my full IOS screen. So this is a simple wrapped you. So now what? I will do it. I will connect my review to my view Controller Dark filed so far, addict, What you have to do is yet to just click this to circle by button and then control drag into our view controller. So let's name this to be grab you and press enter. Let's close this and now we will open our you controller dot swift file. So this is our simple vab view. So let's create a function which will lured the website. So the function would be Let's name this Lord Apple MEPs eight. So we will call this function inside of you did Lord, because it is automatically go lorded then our view is Lord So from here we will call our function Lord Apple upset. So now basically for opening any website what we're to What we require is Joie RL. So basically, I will open my web browser and this is the Apple official website and I will copy the link . So now it looks really doing create a new guns and collect You are ill and it will be off type. You are ill and my stink Let's be is just you are I will explain this to you in a bit and no way will have to create a request on it Will be done by u r l request by u R l and you are a little over that were created above and the next lane we can use the web you to create toe actually launched this web site church named us. You are ill. It will be you are now I will use how Oh, they are having the same name. So let's say you are else drink. Just the Lord's will be, you know the strength. Okay, so now I will use my vab view. What is the problem? Here Isn't optional. So we have toe. Unwrap it. Okay, so now I will use my web. You view dot Where do we have to call a matter which scored Lord Vic Trist and it will take a single argument, which is a request. So we have already created a request. So we will part of this into our lord digress function So first before running the scored legs understand the scored So here you can see dysfunction will be automatically called because it is inside Viewed it, Lord. So now that in the first line we have created a concern called ul string which is creating a u. R l from a string. So this is a simple string. It is converting it into a u r l. And in the next step, we are converting a u r l indoor request because vab you digs requesters arguments. So there's a simple glass which converts a u r l into a request. So here we have stored our depressed and then we have called our Lord Nicolas mattered by passing a request that we have created. No, we will run on our app and see whether it's working or not. So let's build this app and see what's happening. It's running. Our simulator is starting so you can see that our apple started running. So we have to wait for some time before the site is lorded. Fully an hour, I recep So here you can see direct running web you on iPhone success. So let's wait for some time to lower. Full website is lorded. Basically, this is taking time because off the internet connection. So here you can see that this is the full apple website that we have opened by using Web view an hour iris application so you can also check direct. It is working correctly. This is a Carrousel on. This is the iPhone seven. So you can just click here. You're going to see Derrick Decide is working pretty fine. Okay, this is an iPhone seven. So, basically, in this video, what we have done is we have learned how to use abused toe open any particular website and our iris application. This is very useful. We will see when we will build some real world application. So there a single task that we have to learn. So in the next video, I will show you how toe saying data from one do controller toe another which is a very important aspect off iris application development. See you in the next video. 2. Transferring data from one VC to another VC in iOS 10 ( 1 ): Welcome back, everyone. And as promising the last video, I will show you how toe transfer data from Bundu controller toe another in IOS. So let's creator Newark scored project Ah, single re application on Let's name this runs foot off data. Let's create our project and saving our directory. I will do some setting for myself like changes toe life own success on remove some gold which we don't need right now So let's see, this is our mean not storyboard. So here, by default we are presented with only a single view controller. But we need one more view controller if we want toe go from one to second view controller So basically, in the right side panel, you can search for you controller and here you can see that it is at the top. So just holding dragged issue controller here So you can see that now we have two different you controller in our story word. So basically, for the first controller we have a file called you Control it or shift. So now we have to create a file for the second view controller So basically right click here and click new file and make sure that it is iris and corporate. It's class. Just create next on here. It should be a subclass off uru controller. And let's name this file to be second view controller impressed next and greet. So here you can see that we have got and another file which is second you controller which which is basically for this second you can dolar that we have just dragged from this object library. So now what it will do is it will create a button in our first of you can you, controller And whenever repressed that button we will transform from first to second you controller. So let's stick Obertan and drag it solar charge for Britain and drop it in the middle Double click toe addict take me toe the second you control us So this is our Wharton. And after clicking this you want to go to the second we control So basically for doing a connection between the two of you controllers, we require something called Segway in Iris. So now we will learn how you can create a Segway. It is a very simple step here. You can see that this is our view controller. You can either click from here or from here. Both are the same things you have to control. Click and drag it to our second view controller and you can see that it will automatically open a short pop before you. So in which you can see their day. It is a manual Segway and these different, different type off Sagres are of a level now mortar Will do is I will show you how to create a show so great and you can try these different sectors. The matter it seem only the mattered off a puting the Ukraine Guler is different. So now I will click this so you can see that it has created a new Segway. So whenever we're clicking the Segway, you can see that it is Hi. Highlighting the view control which basically means that when every click in this view controller we will transform from this to this you control it. So now we will court this in our file. So basically, first we have to connect this button as an I b action so that whenever this button expressed, the function will run. So they just click this you controller and pleasure. This double circle sign. So we have to do is we have to simply control Click from here to here to create an I b action. Let's name this button pressed and press enter. So basically, this is a Segway and we also have to given identify it for a particular segment. So let's give this and identify air dons foot because this we will use in our court as an I d. So in our first if you can do little file this is our who we have created. I be outweighed by mistake. But we need an I b action. So what we do is we will again go to our storyboard and now we will create 10 I be action for the button. So again, I will control leg from here to here on I will jean just on outlier collection On this will be button rest action And this is a you a button Sanders None. So that's gonna now close this and open our you going to the fight so you can see there December function. So basically we need to do different things to perform. Ah, transfer from first went to alert to second. We're going toe. So the first thing is perform Segway, so just a peer perform instead. You said types agree and you can see dead. This is a matter for forms agree and press enter. So it is asking for two different arguments. The 1st 1 is but identify So you remember that we have created and identify it for a second . So we have to enter that identified here, and Sanders is supposed we want to transfer and your data. But right now we are not translating in the data. So they decide the student. This is the first requirement for John's footing from the U controllers. So now the second is buffalo is prepared for savory function. So just type prepare and you can see that this is the method. Prepare for Segway and press enter. So in this work we will do is he will clear dollar object of the second you control And then the very times for our functionality From first you controller to second you controller. So I think this video is becoming very big. So I would tell you about dysfunction in our next video. Thank you for watching 3. Transferring data from one VC to another VC in iOS 10 ( 2 ): welcome back. So we left here in the last video on You will continue from here in this. So basically we have pas Neil here. But I suppose if you want to transfer some data than instead off nil, we will actually pass their data. So let's say we are passing some name. Let's see Inimical toe summit. So what we're gonna do is insert off nil we can see name. So what we're doing is basically we are passing my name from first We're going to learn to second controller. So basically, we will display this name in the second view controller. So now this was the second function that we have to learn about. So in this world, if you do is you have to use if let on, Let's say a destination. Equal toe disagree dot Destination as second you control that never explain this to you called It's like to name equal do name as string. So okay, not name. Let's see and against thing. And, uh oh, it is not name actuated sender. And let's do this name. So basically what we have to do is we're in the second view controller. We have to create a very creative variable which will store this value. So let's go to our second file on Let's remove the scored which we don't need on in this file. What it will do is we will create Ah variable called name off type string. So basically what it will do is he will store the name in this variable when we're passing the data from first to second you controller. So in our first you control, what we can do is we can access the second we're going to order by typing destination on By pressing dot you can see that it is automatically appear the variable which we have created and our second you control her name equal to ah, let's see in him. So let's understand the scored so here, using an reflect construct which we use when we're dealing with optionals. So we're creating a variable called destination which will store, say griddle destination. So basically sacred or destination will point to our second view controller which is this So the name of this is second view controller. So we will convert this as second you control it. And inside this what we're doing is we are using our data on that we have send from here. So basically the same. There is here, which is called Sander. So we're starting the value off Sander in data and name as listing Because we know that this is a string on inside this. We're using our destination, which we have created here. So basically re actually we are calling that property is you have clear did here name. So we are accessing this and we are starting the name. So what we have done is now we have transferred their data from first to second. No, we have to find a way to display their data in our second you controller. So what it will do is they will go back to our main door storyboard On our second we controller, we will create a label by some by the same matter which is dragging on and let's make it bigger and sank it again. Ah, let's it should be like this now will create an outlet for this. So let's click here. Automatic man will transfer of data on daytime will select the file for this you go into leverages second view controller so we will control Dag Course not looking because the forget to do wanting we have to connect both off this. So by clicking our second view controller, we'll select the third option. And inside the class we will choose the file which we have created, which is second you control. Now let's control direct from here to here and let's create this level that's named this I label and press enter. Close this and let's enter the second view controller on What we can do is as soon as the view is lower view is loaded. What we're going to is my label, the text and Sadiq too. Ah, name which we have just created there to make this year. So now we have return our gold. So let's see whether it is working or not. Solar splay our application and look achieve average looking or not. So it has started running our application. You can see that this is our first of you controller. And here we have the Burton. So let's click this button and you can see that we have presented with the second view controller in which it is just being our name, which is so much so Basically, I think we should once again go through the court that we ever written. So basically, this is our first of you, Have you controller, in which we have created a button. Okay, so this is an I b action for our button. And in this we have created a variable called name in which I'm storing my name. And then we have toe create two different functions for passing data from one you controller to another view controller. So the first function is performs, agree, which will taken identify it and data which we have to send. And the second function is prepared for surgery. In this, I am grabbing my second view controller and then I'm citing it. Property, Toby, the detail which I have seen. So this was the work which we after doing our first you controller. Now in the second view controller, this was the variable which is starting my name. So we have created, doesn't believe simple label and just displayed my name. So basically, this was about how to transfer data from one segment. When you going to lead to another and instead off a string, you can also pass Aires dictionaries or a lot of data that you want to transfer by sending it here. So we will learn about transferring dictionaries and areas in our later lectures when we will create our veteran or some other kind of up in the schools. Thank you for watching this video.