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Building iOS 10 Apps, No Prior Experience Required ( Chapter 1 )

teacher avatar Samarth Paboowal, iOS Developer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. Installing Xcode

    • 3. Building your first iOS application - I

    • 4. Building your first iOS application - II

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About This Class

Welcome to the world's most comprehensive course on iOS development.

Here are some of the things you'll be able to do after taking this course:

  • Submit apps to the app store
  • Understand programming & basic algorithms
  • Work fluently with Swift 3 & iOS 10
  • Apply to jr iOS development jobs
  • Work as an iOS contractor

If you are absolutely new to programming you should start at the beginning of the course and go to the end.

What are the requirements?

  • Must have a computer with OSX or macOS on it

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Build iOS 10 & Swift 3 apps
  • Apply to jr. iOS development jobs
  • Work as an iOS contractor
  • Submit iOS apps to the Apple App Store

What is the target audience?

  • If you are an absolute beginner to coding take this course
  • If you are an absolute beginner to iOS or mobile development then take this course

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samarth Paboowal

iOS Developer


CODING is my Passion first, hobby second and job third!

I am Full Stack Developer from last two years and I love building scalable web applications and modern websites with new technologies.I started with my web development with PHP and then I moved on to FULL Stack JavaScript which basically includes MEAN STACK.

MEAN => MongoDB as a database, ExpressJs as server framework, AngularJs as front-end framework and NodeJs for backend work.

My aim is to teach each and everyone how to CODE!!

I thus bring to Skillshare my experience in Full Stack Development and to teach you how to become a better developer to solve real world challenges.

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1. Introduction to the course: Hi. Welcome. Do this, Iris Stan. Development goes on. Basically, discourse is divided into different parts. On We will start from scratch by learning the new programming language, which is a surf tree which was recently launched by Apple. And and then after that, we will build 56 amazing ups, which you can easily publish to the APP store. So basically the scores is for those who want to build iris AP basically for iPhone ipads an iPod touch and you don't need any programming experience before taking the schools. If you're in bigger than you, can easily follow the scores because discourse air simple examples and exercises, which you can do and learn just live programming language as well as the Irish development course. So there are some basic things that you need will need before learning how to create IRS EPS. So basically the programming language that we're going to use is swift, and the latest version, which is swift three and ah I D, which is integrated development environment, which is required to make higher accepts discarded ex corde and it is freely available in the Mac App store so you can download. Actually, I will show you how to do that in the next video. And here is the Apple website, which is developer dort apple dot com slash develop. So here you can see that there are a p a reference guides sample gold and video showing new libraries and frameworks. Ex scored swift and downloads. So if any time in your iris development career you require some AP a reference or you need to know how toe use a particular fame back or a P A that has been provided by Apple, then you can any time referred to this website. Here is the a p a reference. So let's take a look at it. You can see their data different. Appstream works, graphics and games, app services that just provided by Apple 1,000,000 Web and all these things you can any time open the site and have a look at it so you don't have any problem by in building any I recep. So from the next video, we will start by installing X scored 2. Installing Xcode: Welcome back, everyone on in this video we will see how we can stall the X scored I d which you will use to develop iPhone and iPad APS in the scores. So basically, there are two options that you can choose. The 1st 1 is you can download our DMG file and you can install it manually in your Mac book . So basically, you will require developer account you can easily create by clicking create apple i d. I already have it. So I will just click sign And so basically I have two factor authorization enabled. That's why it is asking for my by slowed which I've received on my phone. So you can see that I have successfully signed into my developer account. So here you can see their data are different, that downloads of the label for X scored. So basically, this is export eight point obita. You can download this if you want, but I will advise you not to download the b towers and because it is not stable. So I will. The devices were down, Lord Export 8.1, which is the latest stable of what version right now. So basically what you have to do is you have to just click this downward X scored 8.1 and it will automatically start downloading for you. The export file is quite large. It is around 4.7 GB, so it will take a lot of time to download and after that you can simply install the X scored and it will automatically done. And the second matter which you can use to install X court is by using the Mac App store. So, basically, on your Mac, you have to just open your APP store and in the search by you have to just type X court in press enter so you can see that the first result is ex scored. Just click it and you can see that here you I have the option off updating. But if you have no Donald Treaty Act, you will get the option to download excoriate. You can simply click download, which will be shown here, and it will automatically download as various installed X scored on your Mac machine. So here you can see decked. It is free for everyone, and the size is 4.47 GB. So basically, this is the requirement for developing Iowa SEPs. So before watching the next video, you have to download, export and install it in your Mac book sold. Eight. We can start by building iris EPS from the next video. See you in the next video. 3. Building your first iOS application - I: like everyone. In this video, we will start by building our first iris application, which is based on IOS 10 and self tree. So what you have to do is you have to open your ex Corde. And after open opening this, it will look like this. So basically, Viator three options available. The 1st 1 is get started with a playground. Create a new Xcor project and Jack Gordon existing project. So right now we have to deal with the second option, which is creating a new actual project. So just click it. Canada will open a new window for you. So here are different application that you can build Iris. Watch where Steve us. So discourse is basically about Iris. So we will start by the simple template, which is a single application which basically means the view is empty. We can do anything in it. So we will start by creating the single you application just hit next and here. The first release Productive. This is basically the name off your iris up. So this is our first step. So we will just name it first application. And here is my team, which in my developer account it will automatically come here. Here is my organization name. Basically, you can enter your website name or any name that you want. Here it is the Oregon mission identified, which is basically the reverse off your site domain. And here is the option to select the language. So discourses on Swift. So we will use language swift. Now, the last option is off devices. So there are differences relabel such as iPhone and iPad. But we want to build up, which will be keep people to run on both devices, so we will use universal. So make sure toe on Jack, you score data because we don't want to store any data. Right now, we're just building our first application. We learn all these things later in the scores, so just hit next, and it will ask you to store very 12 story a project. So I'm just getting deck stop and create. So as you can see that the disc created our project, which is forced application here, you can see the name of our app first application and on the right side off it, you can see their data Many different devices on which you can run and test your app. So I like to test my app on iPhone success. So I will just use their phone. So here you can see there. This is ah, general settings off their iris application. So here you can see that Devices Universal targeted Ira standpoint. Oh, and the wise organization that's portrayed landscape left. As for this landscape, right, You're gonna inject this If you want, we will learn about all these things as you grow progress ahead in the scores. So right now, the main file, which we have toe work on this this mean darts storyboard. So just open this file. So here you can see that we are presented with her view controller. So basically, you can consider of you as a single screen on your iPhone or iPad. So basically, this is a single screen on your iPhone and you can add buttons. Images are anything like that. What you want to display on your first to you and in bottom, you can see there dear options by which you can select different phone. This is iPhone, etc. This is iPhone four s. This is success. This is success. Plus, so I elect a word with success lime to choosing this phone. If you want to work with any other, you can choose two phones on the bottom menu. So we have been laying off a stack application. So what you want to do is we will build a simple up in which we'll click a button and it will display our name after clicking a button. So the first thing we need to do is we need to use a button. So Belinda, you weigh in. Iris is very simple. You have a library in which you have to just drag and drop your buttons images, and it will automatically come into your view. So here you can see that in the right side there's a library in which you can see there they are different options available to you, such as label, slider switch and old. So first required a button. So in the field dragon, you can just type for button, and you can see that here it is a button. So just click this button and drag this on to the main screen. So as you dropped it into the mean screen, you can see their lines. So these lines are helpful for aligning the button in the view. So I'm I want to place my butt in the center, so I will just and dropped right now. So here's my Burton. I will place it in the center. So this is the center. So now what I have to do is I have to team the text which will be displayed on my button. So what have to do is have to click my button. And here you can see there. There are six different options available. I have to go into the fourth option. So here this is the option. We're weaken seeing our but in text. So let's in the text to click me and press enter on. Let's increase the side of the button and again places into the center so you can see there . Da text of the botanists. Click me if you want to change the foreign color or phone size, you can easily do that. So here you can see that there is the option girlfriend. Just click here and instead of system formed, you can choose custom and custom. There are different forms of a label, which you can choose so I like the phone which is Avenir next. Several you just want and stood off regular. I will use board nor start looking nice. Let's try, dammit! Bold! Yes. And if you want to jeans a size, you're going, Jane, Just by clicking this I like 18 and has done. And if you want to change the color here is the option off changing color doing click it and let's shoes Black color So here our button is ready Now the next step is I want to put a label into my view so that whenever I clicked my burden w well, actually the label which display my name so let inside of wooden search for label and you can see there this is a label So just dragon drop into our mean view This is our label So initially we want to said the live label to display that the button has not been clicked So we can see that please collector above it. So let's resize this label lets reset it on being it toe the same time. Okay, so what do you really do? Is we will click this button and this message will change and it will display our name. So let's start by writing some court. So first word we have to do is we have to connect this button on this label into our court file. I already told Red this is our vehicle view controller. So every view controller has a certain file associated with it. So here on the left corner, you can see that we have a file called you controller. So basically, this is a file individually have to ride cord for this first you controller. So our first step is to connect these button and labeled into our court. So we will do this by clicking this the center button, which is basically two circles. So click this and you can see that we have two different menu on the left side were our view. And on the right side, we have our court file. So now we will create the connection for our Burton first. So click our button and you have to do just click and hold control and click this into our court. Like this engine leaved control so you can see that it is automatically open up, up, up for us. So he did it asking for the name of the connection. So let's name this my button and just press enter so you can see there. This is our connection for our but Burton. Now we have to create the connection of our label. So we will follow the same procedure. We will step and hold control. And by left looking, we will drag this level into our court. And here you can give the name of your label. So I will give my label and just clinic. So here you can see that we have created at our connection for labels. Now you can close this on. So basically, in this video, what we have done is you have created the way for button and label on. Also, we have created the connection for button in label in our court. So in the next video, we will complete this our first step in visual. Click the button and then it will display our name automatically. See you in the next video. 4. Building your first iOS application - II: Welcome back, everyone on in this video, we will continue on building our first I rest application. So we have just created our connection in the last video and will continue from debt. So let's open our view. Controladora served file. We don't need dysfunction like no, So let's remove this And I also don't want this comment. So let's remove this their side to side. But so basically, you can see that on the top Viet. Two different connections. The first funnest floor button, which is a you a button and the 2nd 1 Are you a label? So this is the function of just called viewed it, Lord. It will automatically run when our viewers law view is loaded on the screen. So now where do you have to do is I would First step is that we have to change the label off our whenever repairs to button. So basically, we have to create an I B action for our button also. So there are two different things in Iris. The 1st 1 is I be outlet, which we have already created, which is just a simple connection off label button or image. And the 2nd 1 is I B action, which is basically include all the functionalities that we can do after clicking the button . So let's again would be over me nor storyboard and hit this two circles button. Now we have to follow us improved procedure, hold control and dragged us into our court. And we don't want to create the outlet because we have already created. We want an action for just click on action and here we can named a Actions were Let's say button breast and it is a you a button on. Do you can just hit Connect So here you can see that it has created an I B action for us with us. Close this and open our You going to let us fight? So this is a simple function in served, we will run are we create functions later in the scores. But just see that this is a very all of you could get function. And so if three so dysfunction will automatically done whenever you click the button which is created the now you Why So basically what we want to do is change a text on our labor label. So inside this function we can access our label were typing. My label dot is a property girl text on. We can assign this equal toe our name. So I am assigning just to my name. So what it will do is it will automatically change the text of the level to my name when it will be president button. So let's go back to our storyboard and do some changes to our you I Let's show this toolbar and I want to align this to center. So here you can see they're dealing alignment option. So I will do this to center. Okay, this is so let's see that our app is working or not. We can just hit the play button images on the top left corner And let's wait till our application is building so you can see that the bill is succeeded. And now it will run our iris application on iPhone Success simulator, which is provided by ex Corde eight horn. Any worse in that you are using? So disassemble Iris simulator. It is starting select rate for a minute. Just taking time to God. This is the first time we are launching our up. So here you can see that this is our first step. InVision, This is a button. And this is the label. So you can see direct is displaying a message. Please click the above button so late click the button and here you can see that it has automatically changed the text to my name. So this was basically a simple I recep, so that you're gonna understand how beer, how we can create our iris up so you can hit this button to stop our vending, our iris up. You can see that the APP has been stopped. So basically, this video about creating a first step was to tell you that the, um what can be done easily on the storyboard. And you can connect this you a things and you can record them. So from the next part, we will learn. We will start by learning the swiftly language. We will start it from basics. So if you have no programming language, there is no difficulty for you, and you will slowly go on and create some small laps. And then we will create 56 APS that you can launch into your APP store. Thanks for watching this video.