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Building an Influencer Network | Influencer Marketing Guide

teacher avatar John Valentine, Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Building an Influencer Network - Introduction

    • 2. Official Accounts

    • 3. Utilizing Tools

    • 4. Agencies

    • 5. Choosing Influencers

    • 6. Impact of Influencer Marketing

    • 7. Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I discuss how to build your influencer network database. I explain how you go about creating meaningful relationships and connections with influencers. You can utilize this network for your personal brand or your business in order to promote and market your products. I talk about having official accounts, utilizing third party tools, Marketing Agencies, Choosing your influencers and the full impact of influencer marketing. 

Meet Your Teacher

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John Valentine

Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. Building an Influencer Network - Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is Jonathan Stein and to today I'll be talking about how you can build an influencer network. So of course, influencer marketing is a huge topic and the backbone of social media marketing. And so today I'll be talking about how you can find your influencers and build your network. And so as you can see on screen the table of content here, these are some of the topics that I'll be talking about. First, I'm going to be talking about official accounts utilizing certain tools and third-party websites. You can use agencies choosing your influencers and then the impact of actual influence of marketing. And I will be talking more about that kind of general influence and marketing. And just in general on how to basically create your network of influencers. And of course at the end to slow conclusion, summary and final thoughts. So if you can wait to skip to any of these topics mixture, of course, to watch the certain part, but if not, the best way to consume this content is just sit back and taken all this information and watch from beginning to end. Feel free to put any questions you have in the discussion down below, of course. But other than that, enough said, and let's move right into the first topic here. 2. Official Accounts: So one of the first steps of creating a valuable influencer database is having an official account. So what you want, of course do is operate your social media accounts efficiently. Create various entertaining content. And of course, focused on the quality of your fan base, not just a number of followers. Now this will come into play with your influence, a database later on. But basically what you want to have is that more followers don't convert means nothing basically. Because if you have followers, what you want to focus on, of course, is making the same, right? If you have a lot of foil is you want to have brand awareness. You want to have people that care about your brand. And when you want to do that, is you basically want to create this kind of content where people will actually care about what you put out. And, you know, at the end of the day when you have a product going on sale, if you have something going live and so on, then you will want people to tune a new, want people to engage with that item, whatever it is, you know, let's say you're designing a t-shirt and you're putting it out. If you have a million followers, but you get 200 sales or you get a 100 and sales. You might want to think about the kind of followers and to kind of fancy you creating and attracting with your influencers or just in general, with the sort of people that you choose. Because when it comes to infants marketing, having official accounts is very, very important. You know, you want to have people that actually have a high engagement rate. Because if you have someone, like I said, with 200 thousand followers, but they get a 100 likes. How are you going to use them in order to sell any of your products? So looking out for official accounts and not just verified accounts, I mean, just by official accounts. I mean, accounts that are actually good and valid when it comes to influencer marketing is definitely key in driving sales and driving products. And that's how a lot of people actually waste money is by not really chicken engagement rate, but not seeing how involved that communities are. And you can do this as easily as just going on their account and checking that the number of comments and likes compared to the number of followers. Like I said, if you have two hundred, ten hundred followers and then they only get 15 comments and a 100 likes. Do you think that's going to go when you promote them? They promote your t-shirt. You'll be lucky if you get it one sale. So looking out for official accounts is definitely key in creating a good influenza database. That's the first step you want to identify accounts that actually makes sense. And so like I said, you definitely don't want just these bogus accounts, especially sometimes this work. This happens when people bought their falling, you know, they just buy 50000 followers. But all of those I basically just balanced. I don't really engage with that person's contents. So that's the first step in creating this database is finding good official and I don't mean verified, but good, useful and worthwhile accounts. So let's move on to the second step. 3. Utilizing Tools: So moving on, of course, as I said, finding the correct influencers is key. And the way you can also help do this is by utilizing certain tools. There are an endless amount of websites that provide you with the ability to connect to influencers directly. You can use, for example, muse, find affluence, aspire IQ. You can Google all these, or you can just use Google and find influencer networks. And you will find a lot of websites that actually connect you with influencers and they give you the exact statistics. And this allows you to find influencers that actually worthwhile and will also help you safe time and focus on the actual brand strategies. Because finding the right influencers is the problem of our many, many brands, as you can see this and ask them to some of these brands that I've worked as well. We worked with as well at some of these people just don't know how to find the correct influencers. And I don't blame them because it is hard to find good influencers in the social media landscape out there. If you go on Instagram, for example, there's so many influencers that look good and even their following and the engagement rate is not that bad. But then somehow that they don't get sales, sometimes it's just, you know, it doesn't correlate with your brand. For example, if you have a specific influencer and their whole message and their whole sort of persona doesn't fit in with your brand and that product will not sell well. And you can use these tools and websites in order to connect with influencers that you might think we'll actually do well with your brand. You can see what niche Dan, you know, fitness, lifestyle, whatever it is that you're doing, you can see their statistics, how many followers to have to engage in rate and so on and so on and so on. You can definitely use these websites in order to find the correct influencers. So piggy backing up to the first video that I talked about here with finding official accounts. This is basically the second step in this, and it basically a major player when it comes to finding the influencers and essentially billing you influence our database because when you build your network, you definitely want to create these kind of connections with people where you know, that you know and well or just aren't well as suited for whatever is that you have in mind. So utilizing these tools and third-party websites, and third party websites is definitely a very important step in building your network. So like I said, feel free to Google muse, find affluence is by RQ and so on. To find the correct website that you need. 4. Agencies: Now the third step that you can use is agencies. Now this is similar to the websites that I previously mentioned where they just provide you with a list of influencers basically, and then helps you connect with them and build connections. But an agency is like one step further. Basically, it's a full on marketing agency that provides you with influencers and does all the work for you. Basically just go through them and say a budget is $5 thousand. I have a new dog toy that I want to promote and then they just do all the work for you, provide you with. They find the influencers, they run the marketing campaigns a lot of the times, depending on, depending on the case for obviously, they will provide the end design, the graphics for you and so on. So I'm using agencies in order to build your database can also be very beneficial because they will provide you with the connection to some of these influencers that you can also use in the future. So using interested in partnering with them can be a very worthwhile activity as well. Of course. As always, you want to find the right agency that connected with the right partners in the right influencers. So that's also obviously at your own discretion. You can use that in whatever way you should. And then the second option when it comes to agencies, you can build your own in-house agency. And now this is harder to do. Obviously requires more time effort and at some point probably employees. So depending on how big your operation is, you can start to build your own in-house agency, basically putting it on your marketing team to create this influence our database because having a lot of influencers that work well is priceless in today's society with social media and digital marketing, social media landscape. And so building your own in-house agency that you have full control over. First of all, you don't have to pay people specific commission. So our marketing campaign fees because you don't working with an agency because they work for you. You just have your own costs when it comes to time, employee fees, whatever it is, membership software and so on. But it's definitely also a opportunity that you should consider as well. You just have your full on in-house agency and influencer marketing agency within your company. Again, this is hard to do and obviously depends on your budget, your size, and your operation. But using agencies can definitely be a viable option and definitely a good idea if you find the right and you see that you can partner with in order to give you that, that boost that spot that you need. 5. Choosing Influencers: Now I just want to reiterate and talk about this idea of choosing influencers because it is basically the most important step. And as this, the previously focused on engagement rate and not followers, but also lead to influence to be creative in the way that designee. So first of all, if I said to focus on engagement rate not followers, there are certain calculations you can do in order to actually just calculate a full engagement rate. And you can also just google engagement rate calculator, some websites to provide you with the option to calculate this. But basically it's this idea of factoring in all aspects of a social media account and not just looking at the followers, like I said, not just looking at, oh, this guy is 500 thousand followers, great, Let's use them. Fitness Instagram guy with $500 thousand, let's send our dumbbells to this guy film to promote. Definitely not a good idea. If you want to look at that account, look at the number of comments that gets looked at them in my legs. He gets maybe you can even talk to him and find out how many, you know, story of UC gets, how much increase in followers to have this month, how much increase in views on Instagram stories they get this month and so on. You can use this in order to just full on Find the whole background information on that account. And if you want to work with them, they should be more than ready to provide that information. So you as a person paying them, especially when it is paid and not just, let's say a product sample. For example, if you give them a free t-shirt and they will advertise I probably a few. Of course, in that aspect, it's probably easier to not ask any questions and there'll be like, you can either send it to me or don't whatever. It depends on how big they're. I've had this experience a lot with some of these influencers, but if you pay them, if you want to pay for something and then you're going to want all the information and they should be more than happy to provide it to you. So don't feel like you can't ask them that or It's like something they shouldn't do. But there are, like I said, websites you can use like Social Blade and so on, that you can utilize an order to find their statistics and they're trending engagement, they're training them are followers and so on. But finding out all this information is definitely important before you pay for something or work with them and so on. And now the second part is also let the influence of be creative in the way of advertising f talking about this a lot when it comes to influence and marketing. The preferred way to do that is just let people be natural. Be like, you know, this is the dumbbells. If you haven't, again, let's say you have a guy with a fitness account and Donald's be like, instead of giving them a specific text or a specific way to create some OU, you have to put this in the bottom right corner and you have to put this dumbbell on a white background and do blob of a lot of the times it's better to just be like here's a product. Let's see what you got. Let's see how you would do it. And we'll be happy if it looks good and so on. Letting people be creative and natural and their own way of advertising is way better most of the time, just because it looks more natural to the fans and followers as well. If you have, especially when it comes to integrated view of content, Tiktok, YouTube and so on. It's just way easier to create content that's natural. And it also looks better to the viewer because it doesn't look so staged and fake inches takes people out of the video. Of course you do too, if it's a pre-roll middle, I'll add like this video is sponsored by a blablabla. Of course that's going to take you out. But they are also integrated placements and product placement or people who just make full on videos with specific things or whatever. Let's say you're a food eating, challenge, YouTube food eating challenge, YouTuber. And you have a restaurant and you send them a plate of barbecue, whatever it is, meet all my barbecued meats. You say, you know, you use the whole plate of barbecue means, who's it for free and we'll pay you $1000 if you upload it on your YouTube video. And they can make a full video of just having a eating challenge of, oh, I have to eat this whole thing into the challenges to eat this whole thing, this whole plate of barbecue meat or whatever it is. Now if they have other videos that are just like eating as a McDonald's menu, eating the KFC menu, there are YouTube videos like that. Then this will be very natural. And this looks very natural. And then they might just say in the beginning, Oh, and I was sent to us. I was sent this for free by this company. Make sure to check them out. But now let's get right into the challenge kinda thing that looks way more natural than other very staged and sort of, I don't wanna say fake, but of course, very forced ideas of infants and marketing. So that of course plays in the role as well. This just natural and creative way of letting the influencer choose themselves and how they want to advertise our product is going to work way better than forcing them to do a specific way. So definitely something to keep in mind when it comes to choosing influencers and just working with influencers in general. 6. Impact of Influencer Marketing: Now lastly, I do just want to talk a little bit about the impact of infants marketing maybe give you some statistics just because even though nowadays, you know, most marketers know that influencer marketing is the best way to go when it comes to social media marketing. I feel like sometimes it's still underrated in the way that it's perceived. So let's look at some statistics. For example, 70s, 17 percent of companies spent over half the marketing budget on influencers, 17%. That's a weightless. And then I think a lot of people would think, now it is half their marketing budget on influencers. But what does the other half go? And where does the other 83% go? When it comes to companies spending money? There's a lot of people that still spend money on print ads, TV ads and so on. And of course, that might work for a lot of companies, but I think the smaller production you are, influencer marketing is definitely the way to go. You know, if you have a smaller company, small business, whatever it is and you have a certain budget, let's say like $1000 a month. Then creating Facebook ads, creating Instagram ads is the way to go influence the marketing can be used, of course, what does as well Facebook ads and Instagram ads, but just influencer marketing in general is also a very good idea to build trust, brand awareness, and just connection with viewers and followers and fans, whatever it is. Because influencer marketing is something that I think what you have to keep in mind with influencer marketing is it's not just a straight promotion. You know, let's say you have a person with 1 million followers and their lifestyle brand and you give them whatever a t-shirt to promote. You're not just giving 1 million people the chance to see your t-shirt. You're letting that influencer be almost like a spokesperson because it's not just, you know, it's not like they're just posting that picture for a million people to see. It's not like a billboard. It's a walking billboard because it's also an endorsement by the person who's posting that product because they're seeing, you know, I liked this product so much that I want to advertise it. I like this product so much that I am willing to work with them. And a lot of influence is don't just work with any brands. And so this of course, also built at authenticity and it just shows how they also believe in that product. So infants marketing is just genius and it's definitely something that you should get into if you have the budget for it. And secondly, let's see here 89% say ROI from infants, marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels. 89% say that it's at least as good, if not better than other marketing channels. And now we see that of course it most people, 89 percent, that's almost 89 percent bits, 11 percent from a 100 percent. So a lot of people and most people think that influencer marketing is the way to go. And of course, last but not least, I do have to mention that instagram ranks number 1 for the most important and impactful channel. I think a lot of people would guess that too if it comes to influence marketing. That YouTube is of course also up there. Just because of integrated video comment end the view on YouTube is worth much more than, say, an Instagram story or Tiktok and so on. Because it's much more invested view from the viewer because watching a YouTube video is more, I want to say effort then watching other videos because it's just, you know, most of the time and longer video. And of course, a harder way to find that if, if you know what I'm trying to say there. But basically, Instagram is still the king of social media. It just is. Even though Tiktok is up there with the ranks, the amount of views that you get on tiktok is crazy, but it doesn't convert well when it comes to actual cells, sales and brand awareness and so on, it does help with brand awareness. Building you know, knowledge or on your brand and knowing who you are. So it's definitely a great way to build brand awareness. But if you want to drive sales and sell your product directly, then answer em is definitely number one, and it's still is and honestly excited to see how long it will be number 1, see if anything knocks it off the number one spot. But yeah, that's basically for inference and marketing. Let's move into the summary final thoughts and some conclusion. 7. Final Thoughts and Conclusion: So just to summarize and conclude some of these dots, basically, you do want to have official accounts, you want to look at it. Accounts don't that are useful, worthwhile and actually have a good falling, no body force, no low engagement rate, and so on. And then of course, you want to utilize tools, third-party websites in order to be analyzed these accounts and also use websites, you know, like a spiral q in order to find actual influencers and build your network. And of course, you can also use agencies to connect you with people and help you run those marketing campaigns, again, depending on your budget. And at last, I also wanted to talk, I talked about choosing influencers on the correct way to choose influencers. Basically focusing on engagement rate and the overall account, not just the number of followers. And also when it comes to influence of marketing, focusing on letting them be natural and letting them do their own thing as most of the time way better than just forcing them to have a script or whatever it is. And last but not least, I mentioned some statistics when it comes to it, the impact of influence and marketing and realizing is that still the everlasting, sort of amazing impression that it leaves on people. And just the great opportunity that influence marketing has on all channels, even though Instagram is number one, you know, take it on YouTube and so on, still work very, very well when it comes to infant, some marketing overall. So this is definitely something to consider. And of course I helped, I hope this video helped you realize how to create a network database and a basically an influence and network. Again, you want to focus on having good official accounts. You want to use certain websites to help you make those influence in your accounts in and then you do want to connect with them and build that relationship and then have a great database and network in order to use them for marketing, product placement, integration and so on. So I do hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions, make sure to put them in the discussion below and make sure to follow me on you to terminal and of course make sure to follow this account as well. I will be putting out one video a week throughout 2021, guaranteed. Um, I will be putting out in one video a week. When it comes to a digital marketing, you know, all things gets RAM, Facebook, Snapchat, whatever it is, there's so many things that we'll be talking about, creating cold emails, building influence and network databases, like I said here. So you do not want to miss that and make sure to click the follow button. But I do hope you enjoyed your stay and learned a lot. Feel free to click around any other parts of the video if you want to watch them again. But that won't be it. So thank you for joining me today and I'll see you next time. Goodbye.