Building an Immersive Soundscape with Adobe Audition CC

L. Ashwyn Corris, Artist and Filmmaker

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13 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Assignment

    • 3. Free Resources

    • 4. Adobe Audition Basics

    • 5. Noise Reduction Techniques

    • 6. Optimizing Vocals -Equalizer

    • 7. Optimizing Vocals -Compressor

    • 8. Multi-track Editing

    • 9. Setting a Tone with Background Sounds

    • 10. Audio FX to Enhance Mood

    • 11. Exporting to/from Premier Pro

    • 12. Soundscape Demo

    • 13. Closing Thoughts


Project Description

Build Your Own Soundscape

Part One: Five Links

Start by setting aside 15 minutes to create an account and peruse the sounds on and/or Choose five links to sounds that you'd like to share with the class. These sounds can be interesting, strange, hard to find, or just cool!

In the process, start downloading any and all that catch your eye into a designated “Sound FX” folder (make sure you keep track of licensed audio versus audio that's in the public domain). This collection of sounds will be your personal sound catalogue for your soundscape. Add to it as you see fit!

Part Two: Three Moods

Choose one short video clip that you want to work with. This can be a video from your own project or a free stock video clip you find online. You will use this clip to create three seperate videos, each with a different background sound placed over your chosen clip. 

Part Three: One Soundscape

Using the resources and skills covered in this class, create a 30-60 second soundscape for a video of your choosing that utilizes background, middleground, and foreground sounds. This soundscape can be a real, identifiable auditory space that you create (such as a busy cafe) or a more experimental exploration of these techniques. The sounds can be in sync with the visuals, or they can contrast sharply with them. Treat the sound as a character in your project. What does the audio need to bring to the project to support your project goals? Consider the tone of your project. Should the media be upbeat? Gloomy? Scary? Dull? Which sounds/frequencies/effects will emphasize the right tone?

Student Projects

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Pola Noury
Beach scene
Zak Tmnli
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