Building an Engaging, Interactive Course using Moodle 3 - Moodle Courses

Ben Audsley

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11 Videos (38m)
    • Introduction to Moodle Courses

    • Creating a New Course in Moodle

    • Bonus Lecture - Moodle 3.2

    • Course Categories

    • Adding Users

    • Basic Course Enrolment

    • Configuring the Course Page using Course Formats - Topics

    • Configuring the Course Page using Course Formats - Weekly

    • Configuring the Course Page using Course Formats - Social

    • Configuring the Course Page using Course Formats - Single Activity

    • Moodle Course Examples


About This Class

This section introduces Moodle courses, and begins by showing learners how to create a brand new course in Moodle, as well highlighting all the settings and configuration options for Moodle courses. 

Categories are an important method of organising all your Moodle courses, and I will show learners how to create new categories and sub categories, how to move courses between categories, as well as how to delete and edit both course and categories. 

In order for students to access a Moodle course, they will need to be enrolled.  Enrolment options can be quite complex, but I will guide you through the process by explaining Moodle roles and how they are used, before showing learners how to enrol and un-enrol users from a course. 

The next part of the lesson will deal with different ways of configuring your new course – changing the look and feel of the course by the use of course formats, as well as explaining and discussing when and why different course formats are used. 

In the final part of the lesson, I will show learners some practical uses and examples of different types of course format and how these formats can improve the overall student experience.  I will also show some different examples of how Moodle courses can be categorised and organised, so that your Moodle is structured, logical and easy to navigate.






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