Building an Engaging, Interactive Course using Moodle 3 - Moodle Blocks | Ben Audsley | Skillshare

Building an Engaging, Interactive Course using Moodle 3 - Moodle Blocks

Ben Audsley

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    • Introduction to Blocks

    • The Navigation Block

    • The Admin Block

    • The HTML Block

    • The HTML Block - Adding Twitter Feeds

    • Other Useful Blocks

    • Blocks Examples


About This Class

Blocks enable course creators to supply extra information to supplement teaching and enhance communication with your learners. 

The lesson will begin with an overview of blocks – how they can be used, where they are placed on the course page, how to dock and collapse blocks and an explanation of how to add Moodle blocks. 

The navigation block will be covered next, with a discussion around the different links located within the block, and when and where the navigation block appears. 

The administration block is used for all Moodle administration functions and forms the next class in this lesson.  In this class, I will also explain to learners about the "login as" section of the administration block – how you can log in as different user roles and use this to test functionality of your course. 

The html block is one of the most powerful and versatile blocks within Moodle, and I will show learners how its use can enhance the student learning experience.  This will include creating a twitter feed that can be embedded within your course. 

There are a variety of different blocks that can be added to any Moodle course page, and some of the key blocks, including the calendar, online users and the RSS blocks will be investigated and learners shown how to add these to their courses, as well as the context in which you would add each block. 

The final section of this lesson is the examples class, which will show learners some real life examples of all the topics covered in an introduction to blocks – including some practical examples of twitter feeds, and the calendar block. 






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I have worked in eLearning for over 8 years, and in IT and computing for over 15 years.

I began my career at the Workers Education Association, the largest provider of Adult education in the UK, as a support analyst before moving up to a Senior Support Analyst, involved in building networks and providing helpdesk support. I then moved on to work as a Learning Technologies officer for Coventry University London Campus, and then a Virtual Learning Environment Manager during my 4 years a...

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