Building an Engaging, Interactive Course using Moodle 3 - Adding Activities | Ben Audsley | Skillshare

Building an Engaging, Interactive Course using Moodle 3 - Adding Activities

Ben Audsley

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8 Videos (2m)
    • Introduction to Adding Activities

    • Adding a Lesson 1

    • Adding a Lesson 2

    • Adding a Forum

    • Adding a Choice

    • Adding a Chat

    • Adding a Wiki

    • Adding Activitities Examples


About This Class

Hello, and welcome to the Adding activities section. This section is my favourite to teach, as it opens learner’s eyes to the power of Moodle and the VLE.

The section begins with the Lesson activity – one of the most powerful activities within Moodle.   I will show you how to add a Moodle lesson to the course page, along a discussion of all the configuration options.

I will then go on to explain how content and quizzes within lessons are setup and how to add basic learning pathways. All this will add up to learners being able to create a structured lesson, interspersed with quiz questions.

Forums are a great method of communicating with your students, and are a key part of online learning.   I will show learners how to create a forum, along with settings for different types of subscription, and offer advice on how to manage forums in a live course.

A choice activity is very simple – the teacher asks a question and specifies a choice of multiple responses. Use it as quick poll to stimulate thinking about a topic or to allow the class to vote on a direction for the course. The next lesson will deal with adding choices to the course page.

I will introduce learners to the chat window, and I will show how to configure the chat window.

I will delve into the world of wikis, and how learners how to add a wiki to the course page, to encourage students to work collaboratively online, and how to make content engaging and interesting! 

Finally, will show learners some real world examples of lessons, forums, choices and chats, and discuss when each solution should be implemented. 





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I have worked in eLearning for over 8 years, and in IT and computing for over 15 years.

I began my career at the Workers Education Association, the largest provider of Adult education in the UK, as a support analyst before moving up to a Senior Support Analyst, involved in building networks and providing helpdesk support. I then moved on to work as a Learning Technologies officer for Coventry University London Campus, and then a Virtual Learning Environment Manager during my 4 years a...

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