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Building an Aesthetically Attractive Body for Men

teacher avatar SOMA MARTON, Videography, Productivity, Health

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. What are honest signals

    • 3. How to Beat the Belly Fat

    • 4. Why You've Been Measuring Your Weight Wrong

    • 5. The Surprising Truth About your neck size and How to Change it

    • 6. Proper Body Language

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About This Class

Hi, Soma Marton here. I have some not-so-surprising news for you:

Human beings are visual creatures.

We make snap judgements about other people all the time, based on what our eyes see and what our ears hear.

These snap judgements can have huge consequences on our lives, from affecting our careers, to influencing our social life, to being one of the primary determinants of sexual success.

It's a consequence of our biology - back in our evolutionary days, there were certain markers of health (like clean skin, or a good hip to waist ratio) that signaled higher chances of reproductive success. Over time, we started seeing these features as "attractive", and the rest is history.

Most of us don't live in the African Savannah or fend off dangerous tigers anymore, but these principles of attractiveness still hold. And today, using modern technology and biology, we can "hack" them to improve our looks.

That's what this course is about. To be blunt, we're going to "hack" your looks and maximize your biological potential. I've spent the last few months compiling hundreds of scientific articles on attractiveness, and this two-hour jam packed course is the result.

A warning: what I'm going to tell you in this course will not sound flowery or sweet. It probably won't be politically correct, and it certainly won't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. In fact, it'll probably do the opposite, because I'm going to point out some hard truths about attractiveness.

If, however, you're the kind of person who can willingly drop your ego for a minute and objectively measure the parts of you that need improvement, then it's quite possible that this course will give you the information necessary to completely change your life.

Good looking people have better relationships. They have better careers. They have bigger social circles, and more fulfilling lives. Don't get me wrong - looks aren't everything... but they're definitely not nothing either. Improving them will have a massive impact on your well-being.

So let's get started. Let's drop the pretenses and dive right in. Over the next two hours, you're going to learn the science and the tools necessary to make you the most attractive version of yourself to-date. I'm beyond excited for the journey you're about to embark on, and happy that I'm the one that's going to take you there.

See you inside,

Soma Marton

Meet Your Teacher

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Videography, Productivity, Health




Hello Skillshare! 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my teaching page! My name is Soma - I'm a professional videographer with a passion for social skills, online marketing, and health. I co-teach a bunch of courses with my talented colleague, Nick Saraev, and together we run a coaching company called Let's Improve.

A bit about me: my background is actually in molecular biology & health science, and I love tweaking my nutrition and optimizing people's health. I love watching my clients improve themselves, overcome obstacles, and gain confidence in their day-to-day life.

My goal on Skillshare is help as many people as possible learn about social skills, productivity tweaks,... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Hi, I'm Shulman. Every single one of you has wished to b'more attractive at one point in time, whether it's your hair or your height or your jawline. We all have things about ourselves that we want to change now. Unlike what a lot of modern media will tell you, wanting to be more attractive isn't bad. Human beings are born to want to be better and the quantitative benefits to doing so. You're more likely to get a better job. You're more likely to get a mortgage active partner. You're more likely to have a better social circle. Pretty much every aspect of your life is improved if you look attractive. And that's actually the reason why I made this course in the next couple of hours. I'm conjuring show you over 50 distinct ways. You can be more attractive with science. That's right. I've spent the last few months reading over hundreds of scientific papers on what makes a man irresistible, and I compiled all of that knowledge into the next few videos, each one of which is about five minutes long. I'll go through the research and explaining in a way that you understand, and I'll show you exactly. When you need to do to implement those scientific practices into your life, we'll talk about your chest to waist ratio, your jaw structure next size, ideal B M I height, body language, tattoos, vocal pitch and mawr. By the end of this course, you'll have everything you need to be a handsome, well put together man, whether it's for romance or for your career. And the best part is I'm offering a full 30 day no risk money, back guarantee. So for whatever reason, you don't like this course and it isn't everything you thought it would be. No problem. You want to be good looking, then you want to enroll in this course Right now, I'm shoma and welcome toe. How to look attractive for men. 2. What are honest signals : What's up, guys, show me here. So there are two main ways to think of male attractiveness. There are cultural indicators, and there are biological indicators. Cultural indicators are things that pertain to a specific culture. An example of this might be your wealth, the kind of car you drive or the kind of jewelry where in some cultures these things have a massive impact and others they don't cultural checked in. This changes all the time. Back in ancient Egypt, a big cultural indicator of male attractiveness was makeup. For example, where has nowadays most modern societies are pretty against makeup for males. Cultural indicators thus have an expiry date, the only work in specific periods of time at specific places in the world. We're going to touch on cultural indicators a bit, but most of our time is going to be spent on these second kind of indicator your biological indicators. These are traits that make you attractive regardless of the culture. You're in things like your shoulder to waist ratio, the tone of your voice, your muscle composition, your high, your body odor, etcetera, etcetera. These are universal because they're products of evolution and psychology and hormone levels , and for this reason, scientists call them honest signals. They're honest because they're really hard to imitate or fake, and they give women or potential mates a really quick and simple way of assessing your candidacy. Basically, back in our tribal days, women would filter men based on the presence or absence of these traits all the time. In fact, it's all the really had to go off of until we develop language and culture. Now what's really cool is the biological roots laid down during that time a k our brain and our psychology haven't really changed much in the last 100,000 years. Technically, this is because human beings really haven't evolved much biologically since then, since the development of civilization interrupted natural selection and Darwinian evolution . So we're running off of this same hardware as our distant ancestors, which means what was relevant to potential mates back then is mawr, or less exactly the same as what's relevant to potential mates today. Now, I said on a signals were hard to fake and that's true. They are, but you still can. If you use a few tips and tricks that I'll be showing you in this course, and with those tips and tricks will learn how to maximize our biological indicators. Or, if you don't necessarily possess them, we'll learn how to mimic them and surpass them so you can improve your attractiveness regardless of your hormone composition and your biology. This is something that I've personally done, and it's something that I've helped hundreds of other people do, and your next. I'm also going to cite every single source I use for all of this data so you can go straight to the actual scientific articles that I'm referring. If you want to follow up with your own research in this day and age, with all the misinformation, all of the questionable sources, I want the info that you're getting to be valid and clear. So I encourage all of you to take a look at the actual articles. When you're done with this course with all that sudden done, let's begin your journey to make you more attractive 3. How to Beat the Belly Fat: Hey guys, show me here And today we're going to talk about one of the most important honest signals out there toe women or potential mates in general. And that is your body weight. We're going to go through these science of what's good and what's bad. We're going to cite sources, and then I'm going to show you a couple of simple tricks that you can use to make yourself sexier. So to start off, there are some hard hitters. Morbid. Obesity is unattractive, normal obesity is unattractive. Being overweight is unattractive and really anything above a B M I of 24.5 starts getting into the less attractive category. Now the reason for this is simple. In evolutionary terms, being overweight was non ideal in terms of your survival rate. Remember back in the day, human beings ran a lot. Scientists actually think that's the biggest reason we're now at the top of the food chain . We were endurance athletes, the chunkier you were. Generally, this slower you could run, the harder it was for you to get around and the easier prey you were to predators. Being overweight also increases the likelihood of non predatory all health issues like cardiovascular disease and those kinds of things. So from money biological standpoint, it is bad. There is something to be said about cultural indicators. This isn't true anymore. But a few 100 years ago, in the 14th and 1/15 century Europe, being overweight actually made you more desirable. This is because food at that time was hard to come by. You had a massive serve population and serves or basically just means farmers and that serve population had very little food. Because of this inadequate distribution of wealth, there were barons and lords that had everything, and the service basically had nothing to be overweight. You actually needed stuff. So it was a sign of financial success if you were obese. Wow, that means you could afford good food, which led many women that were of the lower social ladder to be attracted to the bigger guys because of that financial stability that being married to them would allow. Now, though, things are a little bit different. Skinnier is usually better up around the 24.5 b m. I range. Now. I can't help you magically lose £15 if you're a bit higher than that, and I can't help you gain weight. If you're a little bit lower than that, trust me, I'd love to, but you have to do they have lifting yourself. What I can do, though, is talk a little bit about muscularity and give you a definite guide on how to gain the most amount of masculine looking muscle mass in the shortest amount of time to preface, this muscle grows best under three conditions. Number one. A growth stimulus is provided like the growth stimulus you get from lifting weights. Number two. You have sufficient caloric intake, and K you're eating mawr than your burning. Otherwise, it's significantly harder to gain muscle mass. And number three. You have sufficient protein and testosterone levels, so we'll tackle one and three in a second. Let's cycle number two. Right now. Caloric intake depends on whether you're overweight or underweight. If you're overweight, you're going to want to cut down a bit before gaining muscle mess. If you're underweight, you can dive right into it. First, check your total daily energy expenditure, which is just the number of calories you burn in a day. Using an online calculator. This is really easy cause there are tons out there. Just type total daily energy expenditure calculator into Google and collect on the first link. Once you have your total daily energy expenditure, pause for a second. If you're overweight, take your T D E and subtract 500 from that number. The number of calories you're left with is the a maximum total that you should be eating per day. If you want to lose weight at a rate of about £1 per week, that rate of £1 per week is the ideal for men that want to maintain muscle mass as much as possible. If you're really overweight and you need to shed extra pounds fast than instead of subtracting 500 subtract 1000 from your TV. That number of calories you can eat maximum to lose £2 per week. This is more aggressive and you'll lose a tiny bit of muscle mass. But you'll get to your ideal weight, which remember, is about 24.5 b m I. Much quicker. If you're underweight, then you do the exact opposite of what I just talked about. Instead of subtracting 500 calories, add 500 calories to your total. The new number is what you need to be eating to gain £1 per week, which, when you're in the weight gain phase or the bulking phase, as it's more commonly refer to, is a good starter rate. Make sure you're died. Contains a healthy amount of protein as well. Ah, lot of conflicting research is out there, but generally you wanna beating around 0.5 to 0.7 grams per pound of body mass. So if you're £200 eat between Ah 100 to 140 grand's a day. If you're £150 eat between 75 105 grams, which is a couple of chicken breasts, plus a protein shake over the course of the entire day. Don't let people tell you that it takes mawr than that to gain muscle, because the truth is you really don't need a lot past that Now for exercise. I'm going to touch on the specifics of how to get the ideal waist to chest ratio in another video. But for this video, I'll give you a breakdown of general exercise methodology and how to get the most bang for your buck. So if you're new to lifting focus on compound lifts, a compound lived is a lift that exercises multiple muscle groups at the same time. A good example of this one is a bench press or a dead lift. The bench press doesn't just work on your chest or just work on your arms. It works on your interior deltoids, your upper chest and your lower chest as well as your triceps and even a little bit of your forearms. That's like five muscle groups in one exercise, making it very efficient muscle builder when compared to what's called isolation movements like the bicep curl, the bicycle Onley works one or two muscle groups, and they're very small surface area compared to something like your chest. The point I'm trying to get at is when your new focus on getting the most bang for your buck the most results in the shortest amount of time. New weight lifters can also take advantage of fast muscle growth, since their bodies aren't used to resistance training yet, so it makes sense to be as effective as possible while your body is still in that initial period, an excellent workout program that embodies of that kind of thinking is starting strength. By Mark Rippetoe. I'm not going to explain the entire program here because there are literally thousands of articles on the Internet, but just Google starting strength program and you'll see the rest. Starting strength has you doing squats for your legs and back overhead, presses for your shoulders and arms, dead lifts for basically your whole body and bench press for your chest and shoulders. It's a three day per week program, so it's very easy to begin and each session takes no more than maybe around 40 minutes. This is probably the best growth stimulus out there for weight lifting, which fulfills a requirement number one that we were talking about earlier. On top of that, lifting heavy, which is what starting strength is all about, significantly improves male testosterone levels, especially when you work on the legs and lower back. So no skipping leg day. This increase testosterone will help you out in other areas of your life as well, including motivation, confidence and so on. If your mom or experienced lifter you need mawr time in the gym to achieve this same results. This is because your muscles are passed, that novice stage I mentioned earlier, so the muscle gains will come slower and slower after around the six months to a year on starting strength. Move on to a makes power hypertrophy program like the P H A T that stands for power hypertrophy adaptive training. And it's a fantastic mixture of both isolation exercises to really drive muscle growth in specific areas and more general compound exercised lifts like you were doing before. Once you're at this stage, you can also start working on that waist to chest ratio that I'll be talking about in the upcoming video. So to recap, being overweight is unattractive. The ideal male B M I, as rated by women is on average around 24.5. If you're below that, gain weight by calculating your total daily expenditure and then eating a number of calories that corresponds to your T D E plus 500. If you're overweight, lose weight by eating your TD minus 504 £1 per week or your TD minus 1000 for £2 per week . You need three things For effective muscle growth, you need growth stimulus sufficient Caloric intake A k. It's much easier to build muscle when you're overeating, your TD and sufficient protein plus testosterone. One weight lifting. Focus on getting the most bang for your buck with compound lifts and begin with something like starting strength before graduating in into a more nuanced program. Leg the P H A T. That's all for this one, and I'll see you in the next video. 4. Why You've Been Measuring Your Weight Wrong : eh, guys, show me here. What we're going to do in this video is expand a little bit on the weight lifting aspect that I mentioned before to you to show you how to get your ideal male waist to chest ratio . We're going to go through the literature, show you how to measure your waist to chest ratio, and and I'll show you a few things you can start doing today to get to that ideal body. So first off, several studies have being conducted on this, and the numbers deviate very slightly. But the most recent study has determined that the ideal male waist to chest ratio, as voted by women, is 0.77 That means that your chest was three directly 42 inches all the way around, and your ideal waist size would be 32 inches. An interesting side note on that as well. On top of waist to chest ratio, there is also the ideal waist hip ratio. That number is 0.86 What this means is the ideal body shape for men is a top heavy hourglass kind of shape. This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective, since having a large chest and a small waist and large hips means that you're probably in great shape. Your large chest measures is determined by your upper body musculature, a thick back and a y chest, which usually means high testosterone. Any big rip cage. Bigger upper bodies were also stronger. On top of that, large hip measurements meant you had a lot of muscles on your legs. So in all likelihood you were powerful and could usually move pretty quickly from one point to another, which obviously was a big evolutionary benefit. So in order to improve anything, the first step is measurements is hard to get better if you don't know where you are in the first place. So what I'm going to do right now is show you how to do measurements on your chest, waist and your hips. And then we'll look at how to bring all of those numbers closer to your ideal average I mentioned earlier. Normally, you want to do this without clothes on or you'll get an incorrect measurement. But since this video is PG 13 I'll be doing this with a T shirt on. You can do this yourself for your chest grab a tape, Measure it behind you, like so measure across the widest part of your chest. For most people, this will be around EPA level, so around right here, don't flex. Since this is an influx, measurements and flexing will throw you off. And don't and tighten too much, either. Keep it loose but fitting against your body. And don't squeeze mawr than you have to. So there we go. I'm approximately 36 inches. Next up is your waist. This is super simple. Instead of measuring across the widest part of your waist like we did with the chest, measure across these skinniest part of your waist. For most people, that's right above the belly button level. And again, don't go too tight. Keep it loose and keep your abs on flexed. So they're My waist is 32 last step is your hips for this measure around the fullest part of your hips, and again, you'll want to do this without clothes on. Since pans are thick, genes can easily add another inch or two. And so here you go. My hip measurement is 33 so now that we have all of those three measurements there were super easy to do, and the next step is determining your ratio. So waste the chess is just whatever. Your waist measurement was divided by your chest measurement, and here is the formula. Here are the numbers, and there is by ratio not bad, but it could be better. And waist to hip is the same thing, which again pretty solid. But there is a lot of room for improvement. So how do we improve? We all have a couple of options here. Either we increase the size of our chests and hips, or we decrease the size of our waste. Ideally, we'd have some combination of the two. The easiest thing to do is to decrease your waist size. That's just weight loss, which recovered previously. And just to quickly recap. That's just you needing to eat your total daily energy expenditure minus 500 or 1000 easy stuff. The harder thing to do is to increase your chest to hip size. This takes a bit more time, and the results are bit more gradual. But the cool thing about weight training is we can do both at the same time. So after you've hopped on starting strength or an equivalent program. For around six months or so, you'll have used the majority of your novice gains a key, the period of time where your muscles are super adaptable to growth. At this point, you'll need to take more direct approach to training. In a previous video, we talked about P. H. A. T or power hypertrophy Adaptive trading, which is quite the mouthful. But in order to get the sweet waste chest and waist hip ratio, we're going to add a couple of extra exercises to focus on size and with so your chest measurements of several factors the width of your chest, your pectorals major is one the width of the muscle in your back, which includes your lattes or your lad amiss door Sigh and you're wrong. Boys are another. So we want to make those muscles thicker and wider, and the best exercises to do them Orosz follows. And please note I'm not actually going to show you any of these exercises, since I don't have a gym in the studio. But you can just type any of those names into YouTube and you'll get a comprehensive breakdown. So for upper body first is the straight arm lat pull downs. This runs the last through their full range of motions and helps you get your back of really wide. The next is seated cable rose, which allows you to fully extend the muscles in your back before contracting them. The third is pectoral flies, which runs your chest through its full range of motions and increases the width of your chest. And the fourth is rear delt flies, which pulls your Rahm Boyd's together. Help them get sick. You have added benefits of working on your rear delts as well, which helps define your shoulders and your arms more. What I want you to focus on with these is adding volume. Add 3 to 6 sets of these every upper body day. What's happening with fat and most other exercise programs is your exercising your full body at kind of equal rates so that your entire body grows and proportion. All the various muscle groups grow at a rate that's relatively similar to each other, but what we're trying to do is actually get you disproportionate amount of growth in your chest and your back, since that's how we'll get you closer to your ideal ratio if everything grows by the same amount. Obviously the ratio doesn't change much, so some things will have to go faster than others by adding 3 to 6 sets on every upper body day. You'll start pushing the scales in the favor of that chest measurement for your legs. First, is these side leg lift. This is basically an isolation exercise for your hip muscles. Second is the wide box squat. Most exercises in this program to a variation of these, but adding why squats is crucial to developing really nice, but which helps you add volume to your hips. The last is the Bulgarian split squad. This is a really tough exercise. You're basically squatting on one leg, but it's significantly thickens the upper thigh muscle as well as your glutes. Samos upper body. Add 3 to 6 sets to each lower body day, and over the course of several measurements, you'll see your ratio approaching the ideal. Make sure to measure each month or so and keep your ratio in a journal or an online log, so to quickly recap everything. The ideal waist hip ratio and man is 0.86 The first step in improving anything is measuring it. So measure your chest waste and hips the same way I did earlier on this video. Then you can either lose weight to decrease your waist size or incorporate 3 to 6 sets of each exercise. I showed you corresponding Teoh upper or lower body days, and your shift your muscle growth disproportionately to your chest and hips both ways will help you achieve that golden ratio. Best of luck achieving that hourglass shape and I'll see you in the next video world will be talking about your neck size. 5. The Surprising Truth About your neck size and How to Change it: Hey guys, Shoma here. This is going to be a very quick video, and what I want to do here is touch on the importance of next size in male attractiveness. Your neck plays both a factor in your facial attractiveness and in your body attractiveness . But right now we're going to focus on how it impacts the body. Now check this out. Who is more attractive? The man on the left or the man on the right. I'll give you a second to think about it. Obviously, the man on the left and the reason, in case you didn't notice, is his next size is significantly bigger than the man on the right. Let me explain what I mean. Back in our tribal days, neck muscles were very hard to grow artificially. The range of motion on your neck muscles is fairly limited, and you rarely engage in strenuous neck exercises. Just naturally, you almost always needed to be a high testosterone man that engage a lot of physical activity, whether that waas from carrying heavy loads, hunting or doing a lot of manual labor. As a result, your neck with became a very easy on a signal for women to pick up on. If your neck was wider than the other guys. It means that you were probably a better provider because of the testosterone levels and strength and your experience. I mean, just look at this picture. Which guy looks like he'll be ableto better. Take care of a family, the guy on the left with the thick masculine neck or the guy on the right with the smaller , more pencil like neck, it's pretty clear. Next size is one of the most important factors in male facial attractiveness, and it's something pretty much nobody ever talks about. And that ends today now, Like I said, it's part to grow your neck muscles outside of testosterone and manual physical labor. But it's not impossible. So here's how to do it. They're called neck curls. Basically, you get yourself one of these bad boys off Amazon or at a weightlifting store. They're pretty simple, usually under about 30 bucks, and I included the link to the best ones I've ever found in the bonus section. At the end of this course, there are two kinds of neck curls, straight neck girls and lateral neck girls. Straight neck girls are exactly what they sound like. You move your head like this lateral neck rolls or exactly what they sound like. You move your head kind of like this usually don't need any more than 10 reps. Three sets. Ah, couple Times Week, And if you do them right, you'll have a thick looking neck in no time. Now a quick disclaimer. Your neck is a very sensitive area, so look on YouTube for a proper tutorial. You want to make sure you do these exercises properly with the right amount of weight for your level, and that's it. It's a super simple video today, but this is one that packs a big punch to recap. Next size is a very important determinant of attractiveness that pretty much nobody ever mentions. And it's time to end that to get your neck bigger, do neck curls with a neck harness. You can buy them off of Amazon for really cheap, and there's a link in the bonus section below. Please, please do them right. Your neck is important. So take a bit of time to learn the proper form and start exercising your neck very slowly, at least at first. That's all for now, and I'll see you next time where we learn about body language 6. Proper Body Language: What's up, guys? Shoma here and in this'd video. I want to talk about a very on a signal that's responsible for probably upwards of 30 to 40% of how you're perceived in any interaction. Literally ah, third orm or of everything your Social Valley, your attractiveness, even your job. Candidacy literally boils down to this single trait, so being on top of it is going to yield enormous benefits to every area of your life. And what we're going to be talking about today is body language. How you stand, how you sit, how you carry yourself and so on will be talking about thesis I incense. And then I'll dive right into two or three tweaks you can make right now to improve your attractiveness. So first thing I'm gonna talk about right off the bat is survival odds. This was really important in human evolution, especially ah, 100,000 years ago. We've talked a bunch about testosterone and body size, and what's the biggest recurring theme in that that we've seen so far? Higher testosterone levels lead to bigger muscles Ah, wide or rib cage and a taller frame. Ultimately a stronger and more capable man in terms of survival. Then the stronger the man, the likelier he was toe live in the case of a physical altercation, a fight or if he was attacked by a predator. Likewise, if you were lower in testosterone, you were probably smaller, weaker and less likely to survive on top of having physiological implications. This also had behavior implications. What I mean by that is because of the disparity and survival odds between high testosterone men and low testosterone men. Each class of male, which will refer to either as Alphas or betas from now on adopted a different style of behavior. Offers were confident they were sure of themselves. They knew that if it came down to it, whatever the problem was, they could probably solve it and went, and they weren't afraid of their lives. 24 7 But if you're a beta male, if you're weak and thus lacked confidence, you were afraid of your life. Pretty much 24 7 You knew that if you stepped on the wrong somebody's toes, you were gone by the end of the day. And so because of your lower survival odds, in order to make it, you needed to adopt a different kind of behavior that increase the likelihood that you would survive. So let me ask you something. If you were walking around the African savannah 100,000 years ago and there were predators around basically every corner, what kind of body language do you think would be safer? Would it be a gesture like this one, where you shielded your vital organs and protected your hearts or lungs? Or would it be a gesture like this one that left your entire interior chain of internal organs your underarm, your neck? Everything open? Probably the 1st 1 crossing your arms confirms a survival advantage. If you're not safe in your environment, so does Turtle in your neck or looking around all the time with wide I. Since you gain more information about your surroundings than somebody dead just looks calmly forward. My point here is that because beta males had lower to saucer on levels, smaller muscles and thus a lower likelihood of survivals, they adopted body language behaviors that compensated for their lower likelihood of survival. They made themselves smaller and compact and were constantly protecting themselves, putting themselves in a state where they could quickly respond to any attack if need be, whereas Alfa males, on the other hand, did not need that extra survival benefit. So the way they walked around with big, wide, vulnerable open the provoked attack because they knew in most cases that they could win. And then gestures were slow, not fast. They kept their heads up. They didn't turtle their necks or look around all skittish Lee. Now, since we haven't changed that much evolutionarily sends that time, these behaviors are still integrated into our biology. If we see a man and he looks like this, we can instinctively think that this guy is probably an Alfa male. Whereas if we see someone looking small and protected instinctively, this guy's probably being a beta male. Since alpha males had high testosterone and beta males had low testosterone, this thus became an honest signal that portrayed attractiveness and that right there is the magic. In order to portray the high value Alfa male, all you needed to do is adopt a wide open body language display. Now, if this was something that really interested you, I highly encourage you to check out one of my other courses. Since I talk all about body language. I'll include a link in the description. Otherwise, I'm going to run you through a few examples of small body language changes. Did you could make remember the most important principle, which is open versus closed if you remember that everything else kind of follows. But if you're still struggling to understand what I mean, here are some examples. Instead of crossing your arms, either put your arms on your side or in your pocket, which your thumbs facing out. This is important because your thumbs are a symbol of trust, or you can put your hands behind your head instead of sitting and totaling forward like most people do. Lean back in your chair and make yourself comfortable. Put one of your hands wide on your desk. Most people have habitual takes that they dio the either bite their nails or rub their fingers together, or they tap their feet or rock their legs. But these are low value signals, the either signal anxiety or nervousness or pent up energy, and alpha males have none of these. So instead of engaging in these behaviors, be as still as possible. Don't move, so to recap, we haven't evolved that much in the last few 100,000 years. So what worked then works now. Beta males adopted small, safe behaviors like crossing their arms, turtle in their neck and being just as tiniest possible. Because of that, the increased their likelihood of survival. Their low testosterone levels meant that there was usually screwed when they got into fights or were attacked by a predator. On the other hand, alpha males, because of their high testosterone levels and strong bodies, weren't as afraid of physical altercations, so they didn't need to adopt those safety behaviors. Instead, they engaged in wide open, vulnerable displays, almost provoking people into attacking them. We can emulate these honest signals today to improve our attractiveness. Focus on being open and vulnerable. And don't give in to those habitual behaviours like budding your nails or tapping your foot and lean back as much as possible. That's it for this video guys. And actually, for the whole course, you're done. So feel free to check out the next course on how to make your face as attractive as possible. Just go back onto my page and you will find it there. I'll see you guys soon