Building a highly effective team - Getting started | Susan Kuepfer | Skillshare

Building a highly effective team - Getting started

Susan Kuepfer, Coaching successful people and teams

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8 Videos (55m)
    • Lets get started!

    • Why is this important to you?

    • What is YOUR definition of a highly effective team?

    • How effective is your current team?

    • What best practices and ideas do you already have?

    • How strategically aligned is your team?

    • What are your next steps with your team?

    • What were your key insights/learnings?


About This Class

This is the first in a series of courses, to help you build a more effective team now and to develop your own "process" of developing effective teams that you use and improve, as you continue on in your career.  

One of the biggest errors (most frequent and with biggest negative consequences)  both new and experienced team leaders make - is not focusing on how to help their team step up in effectiveness.  The daily work gets in the way.  There never seems time to work on this. 

This course is the beginning of the journey where we lay down some basic groundwork.  This is about you being clear on why it is important, what it actually means concretely in your context, evaluating your current team's effectiveness and finally, designing a plan to get you and your team started on this journey. 






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Susan Kuepfer

Coaching successful people and teams

Business Leadership Managment
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