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Building a YouTube Content Creation Business

teacher avatar Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Finding Website Niche and Chasing SEO

    • 2. Building a YouTube Content Creation Business Part 1

    • 3. Building a YouTube Content Creation Business Part 2

    • 4. Advertising on YouTube

    • 5. The Art and Benefits of Vlogging

    • 6. An Average Day in the Life of a Content Creator

    • 7. Congratulations

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About This Class


Start a Home Business Chapter 7 - Building a YouTube Content Creation Business

Initial Premise: You want to create monetize-able “Content”, promote it online; and earn enough revenue from it to be able to make this a full-time business. You have an idea what you want to create but you don’t know how to build it all, how to market it and how to make money from it. You have many questions but not a lot of knowledge as to what to do. Questions like:

  • Where do I start? What do I do first?
  • What are the steps I need to complete to get into a final productive and operational routine that over time makes me money?
  • What should my “Underlying Systems” (applications, interface points, etc.) look like?
  • For a simple business model – you are "business unsophisticated" and just starting out – what should my business model look like? What is a business model anyway?
  • Once operational, what might my business day look like?
  • What will my ultimate revenue sources be?
  • What kind of content do I wish to create?
  • Should I focus on making original content, curated content or both?

The content in this course helps you work through these kinds of questions, increasing your knowledge so that you can hit the ground running to start building your "At Home" content creation business with more confidence, knowing what you need to do to succeed.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dan Grijzenhout

Over 35 years of business experience


About Dan Grijzenhout: For close to thirty years, I've been a professional business and information systems consulting professional working to executive levels for both private and public sector organizations globally, a number of which were "Fortune" level enterprises. I've built from scratch, operated and sold an online global payment services company that moves millions of dollars on behalf of its 100,000 plus account holders annually; I've been interviewed on the show "World Business Review" by former head of NATO and Secretary of State, General Alexander Haig, for my work in advanced digital and online telecommunications services and nation-wide online and card based "Loyalty" programs; and I now work at writing books and building training programs to share my years of experience w... See full profile

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1. Finding Website Niche and Chasing SEO: Hello and welcome that. Finding your website niche and chasing s CEO. Improving your S E O standings through both organic growth and also through paid keyword searches takes a significant amount of effort. Google AdWords has a great tool to help you find keywords you might use to improve your seo standings in your knish business. But have you ever thought about taking the reverse approach? That of using a keyword research strategy to help you find a good nish that you can then build a website, blood videos, etcetera to develop on and capitalize on opportunities found when doing the key Worth research There are online entrepreneurs who do that very thing. Over time, they will develop multiple revenue streams by starting with keyword research and then building multiple sites and multiple businesses to support them. They share their underlying developed technology infrastructures across these different business ventures because they have learned that these are reusable. They just put different content on top of the systems and then promote them in accordance with the formulas for success that they have developed and evolved over time. I know of several entrepreneurs. You take this approach and they're doing extremely well. They have learned the formulas for building good automated business and systems processes coupled with the highest impact marketing strategies, and they then basically cookie cutter online businesses using that the same formulas to succeed. They differ from the vast majority of people who think in terms of just starting one business online, hoping they could make it succeed so they could make a few extra dollars. These individuals know what they need to do to find opportunities online, to develop them and then toe harvest the rewards from them overtime to make really significant incomes. One individual has shared his business model with me, mixed well over 100,000 in revenue per month. With this approach, have you dared to dream that high? He didn't at first, either. In fact, he only started down this path because he was laid off at work and he just decided to make the best use of his time while off work and at home. So how did they do it well, assume that the technical infrastructure for businesses in place and solidified through use on other projects that have already been completed. I'm talking about content promotion tools and strategies Web hosting basic template, Web development, email, marketing, subscriber capture systems, etcetera. They know that they can clone this when they are ready to implement the new project. So they start with some serious keyword based nish opportunity research. And this research looks something like this. They start by researching what a number of the trending directions might be. What is hot out there? They could do this by doing a number of things. For instance, they send out questionnaires to their existing subscriber base with general questions about what interests them. What kind of queries do they usually put on Google? What kind of videos do they like to watch on YouTube? Etcetera note. This also has the added benefit of keeping them interacting with their subscribers, which keeps them close in, which helps promote sales even further. Did they check a few new sites Blawg sites, job sites, etcetera to see what is trending, what industries and jobs are currently being hired for etcetera. They think through these ideas to determine which ones they feel they know enough about or can learn enough about, so they can soon be posting and providing insightful content to interested consumers. They use this to shortlist their opportunities. Two guiding questions they usually ask themselves when short listing garnish Selections, by the way, are one Can I help people? And secondly, are people interested in learning more about this? If yes to both. The opportunity makes the shortlist, and they start to keyword research to see which topics and Nietzsche's give them the best chance of success so keyword and in each research drilling it down. The primary goal of this research is to see which knishes and keyword give them the best opportunity to make the first page or two in a Google search. Google searches key on the following criteria, and these criteria are built into seo and keyword search products made available from a number of vendors. For instance, domain authority Are there many domains out there that have already been paid for that air trying to go after the same nation keywords were thinking about using page authority. Are there many Web pages out there that specifically used the keywords were looking to promote in what we're building? What does the competition look like? S. E O mas website rankings. The mosque site uses a number of different criteria to determine the rankings of websites on a developed comparative scale. The scaling system is used by researchers to determine how tough the competition is to be in order to get the best possible spots on Page one of the Google search results page page links the higher amount of third party site link backs to the primary site. The higher competitors will appear in the Google Search Results rankings. For example, a site with less than 50 quality third party back links can often be dislodged from page one of the Google search rankings. But if the website has say, 250 or more link backs than that usually means that they have been working to optimize the rest CEO rankings and high Google search results, so they would be difficult to dislodge from Page one of the Google search page. Looking at the above collective criteria if the researcher finds that there is a lot of stiff competition for the top 10 spots on Google in the research tools I mentioned following then the researcher knows to pursue another nation and collection of keywords. The tools that can help the research determine these rankings is documented below. I'll start with the free ones. Google AdWords used the Google AdWords keyword search tool for a starting point. F Y I you will need to actually have an ADWORDS account to use some of the tools listed below. So you'd best be making signing up for AdWords your first step in the process. The Mars site used the open site Explorer tool to get good starting point Analytical data After you've done some initial work with the Google AdWords keyword search tool ECM rush, this is a good site to obtain more details. Keyword analytical data Indeed, Site. This has a good trends in job search utility at the bottom of the page. See what jobs are currently in demand. Check it out. If you're contemplating building some form of training or educational site in relation to a job or vocation. S e o. Rank smart. This site contains a good Google rank page checker Muzzi dot com Good site to research MAS rankings. Actually, I'm not sure if moons is there any more. I think they were being bought up with somebody, but check it out anyway. It takes a fair bit of manual work to learn how to use these sites and then glean the useful nuggets of data out of them. But remember, you have to dig through a lot of dirt to make a living patting for gold. By the way, I got that quote from a Pat Flynn podcast that he put on recently. Check him up. You'll learn a lot about S e on key word searching from him, not to mention how to be successful is an online entrepreneur. There are a couple of tools you can purchase to make your keyword in, each researching easier. And the top two of these two come to mind her long tail pro and market samurai. They combine the work of several free products into one and will save you a lot of time. If you are regularly doing this sort of research in closing, there are some very good videos I viewed on you too, while researching and learning how to do s seal properly. So I recommend you take a look there to add to your learning on the subject. That's it for now. And I will see you soon. Bye bye. 2. Building a YouTube Content Creation Business Part 1: Hello, everyone. This is Dan drives not talking to you again. And today I want to discuss with you building an online content creation business. This is gonna be like an introduction overview to this topic. I do have more videos, plan for it, but this at least gives you some ideas to what you're gonna need to do and how you're gonna need it in order to make this a paying a sideline venture for you. So the initial premise here is that you want to create monetized YouTube videos. You want to promote them online and earn enough revenue from them to be able to make this eventually a full time business. You've got an idea what you want to create. You don't know how to build it all or hotter market it and how to make money from. And that's what I'm gonna try and assist you with today to at least give you a start. I'll try working on giving you some steps you need to complete to get into a final, productive and operational routine that makes you money. And we'll discuss primarily a simple business model, in effect, that I'm assuming that you're an unsophisticated individual just starting out, as opposed to a more sophisticated entity that wants to build in a number of automated interfaces and between logical delivery components, automating things, building in database interaction, etcetera. And that's a presentation. I do have a plan for the future, by the way. So it'll be a much more detailed and specific set of instructions on how do you actually turn this into a significant business venture over time? So what? Once operational, what's your business day gonna look like? And what we're ultimate revenue sources be well within the world of content creation. There's, in effect two types of content that you're gonna be putting on YouTube. The first is original content. This is content. You specifically create yourself from inception to conclusion, using on Lee things that you are allowed to use and creating most of the content yourself. All of this should be monetize herbal, and it will basically make you money over time. Now, ah, question. When you're doing that is doesn't lend itself to becoming a series of videos on a topic. If so, then before you really get going on it, build yourself a road map for the creation and follow your map because your users air gonna be looking at this and waiting for the next installment in the series, and they're gonna have certain expectations as to what they're waiting for. So do try to follow some kind of a roadmap in what you're developing and, if possible, that your users be aware of it so that everybody's working together and so that you keep their interest. Curated Content is the second type of video that you can put onto YouTube. Now that comes in two different types. Sums monetize herbal. Some is not, and you're gonna find as you get instruction from YouTube and and also by watching other videos from people who are giving you hints and tips that you're gonna find out. There's certain guidelines for monetizing that YouTube requires and Google requires, and there's things you can do in camp view. So watch those training videos because it's very important to get that right. Getting it wrong could lead you into trouble and maybe even losing your YouTube account, and you do not want to do that if you're starting to build a real business here, one of the best sources of information on the types of licensing for content. If you're curating third party videos or photos or anything like that is, go to creative commons dot org's. And there you'll be able to find out what type of license thing is being done on what specific videos who's allowing you to share their content. And actually, you're in revenue from it. If you're interested in monetizing it and then on YouTube itself, you're gonna be able to find out things about music, etcetera, that you'll find out what's terrible, what is not, what music can be monetized. What cannot. So there's a lot of information there to assist. You need to obtain and become proficient with Web creation tools and software. So within the scope of that, you're gonna be looking to get audio and video editing and creation tools. Well, you're definitely going to need a video and possibly some lighting equipment, depending on the type of video you wish to create. Screen capture software. If you're trying to do things on your screen and you want to catch the movements of your mouths or the movements a Z, you're going through a video that's on there or a game that's on there or whatever you might be interested in sharing with others some screen capture software is a very good idea . Move at me, by the way, has got some good stuff. So check that out Video conversion software capabilities These days you're wanting to try to create MP four. When you're pushing stuff up to YouTube, it's high definitions. You're going to get the clarity, and secondly, you're gonna be able to play that on phone devices. You know, things like the Galaxies and the Samsung's and the ipads, the iPods, all the different tablets S O N before is a very good medium to be striving to create when you're trying to build YouTube videos, presentation software for slide creation such as Microsoft, Power Point, Excel, etcetera. Good video editing tools and creation tools lend themselves to the integration and insertion of slides and presentations that are built in those duels. And they can make foursome very nice presentations built within your video. And then you're gonna need photo modification enhancement software such as Adobe Photo Shop , which is a product I use and have been using for years. Lastly, if you're looking at website development, there's a lot of website development tools. The simplest, of course, is products like WordPress. But if you're wanting to creating more sophisticated website, if you're in a UNIX Lennox world, you're probably looking at something like Dreamweaver. And if you're in a Microsoft world, you're probably looking at Microsoft Expression four or other tools along that nature. And then you're also gonna be needing to have some FTP upload software. If you're building a website as well, because you're gonna be having to work not of the Web pages on your own computer, and then you need to push them onto the platform and you're going to need some good FTP, which is file transfer protocol. Upload software getting started while you need to purchase and become proficient with your content creation tools. You gotta build an initial inventory of videos he was to publish. Now, by the way, before you can actually monetize on YouTube, they're gonna be looking for you to create between seven and 10 monetize herbal videos before they'll allow you to build a partnership or agree to a partnership with them and become monetized as you're doing this. Be thinking about creating your desire brand, so Channel name, logo thumbnails, branded video intro segments. You're not that creative. Check out fiver dot com. If i ve RR dot com for very cheap money, they'll help you create some pretty fancy intros to your videos. Build your profile on key social media sites, and what this means is that you flesh out the information about yourself. What you're trying to do, what your background is, why people should be looking at your stuff. At a minimum, I recommend you going to Facebook. We'll want to build a business page there because you're really not allowed toe push money making ventures on the standard pages. So be looking to build a business page on Facebook Google Plus Link it to your YouTube account so that as you promote videos to YouTube that shows up on your Google plus, where you can then push it up to the communities that you're involved in and Google plus and share it with people. Ah, good idea for your email address with your YouTube account is to use a Gmail account because this comes fully integrated with Google. Plus, YouTube and other areas had Google hangouts, so it's very good to start off with a Gmail address of much, much easier to integrate. It comes prepackaged across the board, within effects. Single sign on to all the different products that you want to use that Google provides so mixed, like very easy. You're gonna be interested in setting up something on Pinterest on Twitter and on linked in . I recommend that before you get too far pushing on lots of videos, at least get 500 followers or more in each of these above social media channels because no sense putting a video up there that nobody's gonna watch. So get the followers out there and then promote your videos to those followers. If you're particularly interested in monetizing what you're doing, I'm now looking at an operational system flow diagram, which basically gives you an overview of the different parts of your new business world. First stuff. As I mentioned, we'll just go clockwise around on this chart at the top. You want to build your social relationships and promote content, so here's where your Facebook and Google, plus Twitter linked in that sector come into through those entities you're wanting to push or link them to your website. which your website should be displaying videos, but potentially articles and books offers contact forms bios for sale items. So those are the kinds of things you'll want to be putting on your website. And by the way, I recommend as you build your website that you create an AdSense friendly website, and what I mean by that is one that allows Google to place ads on your Web site so that as people click on those ads, you were in revenue. So keep that in mind that the design of your website should be AdSense friendly, also attached to your website and to YouTube. On most, your website is also attached here to your YouTube. You're gonna be ultimately publishing YouTube videos up to your website and as they play the videos on your website, they're linked directly back your YouTube account and you're getting credit for those plays on YouTube and also giving your viewers a chance to subscribe to your channel. And you also have the opportunity to under AdSense revenue, both off the website and off the YouTube channels well external site promotion right and distribute some articles. There are a number of article distribution websites that you can be become a member of as an author, and each of these will be publishing your articles throughout the Internet. And these are other good source points as well to get people back toe watching your videos or viewing your website. So do keep that in mind. Now, one of the key things that I like about this whole article creation is that ultimately it can lend itself to you, creating e books like books you can sell through Kindle and Amazon. And those can also lend themselves to becoming real books that ultimately you could publishing, earn some revenue from by putting in places like chapters indigo eso very worthwhile to start down the article path as well. Both the promote, your YouTube videos and your website and also toured earn additional revenue in their own right. YouTube itself. You're going to be as you get monetized and start making some money. It integrates directly to your bank account. That's how YouTube and Google like to pay you so you will receive your AdSense revenue right into your bank account and also from your bank account. You can pay for your AdWords advertising, so that's to keep in mind as your business really does start to pick up on takeoff content creation. I discuss that in the last slide that's tied into YouTube, but here's where you're gonna be publishing your videos from so you can have your on your laptop, your content creation environment and as you get a little bit more sophisticated, you may want to be interfacing to a message of management platform. So in effect, as people are on your website, you can create forms to capture their name. Email address. Those forms would be directly integrated with your message management system so that say they request some information or they just sign up to be a member or sign up to follow your your Web site and the content you create. They can automatically get emailed messages coming back. Notices of a new video coming out advertising other information. Anything you want to create. You can set up marketing programs and interactive programs for your subscribers that keep them engaged with you, so that also helps you with retention of customers and growing your customer base. This is the end of this presentation. I hope you've enjoyed it and that you will continue to watch future presentations that we put out bye for now. 3. Building a YouTube Content Creation Business Part 2: So what is an average day look like for you? Well, start off the morning, subscribed to and read some daily news articles. They're useful for learning more yourself so that you can improve your business. And secondly, it's also a source of information that you can share with others. Social media is about contributing and helping each other. So one of the best ways to do that is if you find something that you found interesting to read or that you learn from share it with other people, share it with people on Pinterest shared on Twitter shared on Google plus shared on Facebook. All of that is something that are things that you can do that Thai people closer to more. You help them. The more they're likely to help you with your business is, well, look for content that others have created and like it and four plus one it follow those who create the content, your liking and comment on their work, where you wish to and share what you like with. I mean, after all, we're all doing similar things, and they're putting in an effort to create quality content as well, so they deserve have their effort recognized as well. So think about what content creation project you wish to work on that day after you've done some of these steps above and spend some time working on it. Ultimately produce and produce a new article. When a new content item is ready to produce uploaded to YouTube or to the article distribution platform, your choice or platforms of your choice on YouTube annotated share across your social media platforms again, these are all your followers are and promote it with a pushy about it. Just let people know it's there, and if they choose to go, look at it wonderful and thank them later. If the opportunity presents itself, communicate with others, answer questions, pulls by others. So interact actively with people in your blog's. Or however they communicate with you, whether female, uh, blob and towards the end of the day, see how you did. Check out your recent statistics on Google analytics and or AdSense and or both, and see where you can make improvements. Because these statistics are quite if you're setting them up properly, they're quite good at giving you additional information that will get to allow you to improve what you're doing. So what are the sources of revenue for this type of business? Well, as you proceed down the content creation path, the first revenue item that you're gonna see is AdSense revenue from Google related to monetize videos on YouTube, you're blogged and website other products and services you might sell from your website from contribute to the revenue stream in the early days, your videos may lead you to write articles and books that you may be able to sell. I think one of the standard offers they have on Kindle for the initial E books, you're usually selling for about 2 99 promoting them on Kindle, and that grows with time into riel revenue from Amazon. Over time, you may be able to obtain some sponsorship revenue. There might be people out there that like what you're doing enough that they're going to give you some money to help you continue to create. They may have a few strings on it, of course, like you might have to create some things for them as well that it's all part of the game, so you might be able to build a decent living just by having a few sponsors for what you're doing. Advertising revenue. Well, you've got the Google AdSense revenue, of course. And then you also attention companies that want to pay you to promote their products to your subscriber base or pay you to create and distribute actual videos for them. So there's a lot of revenue opportunities. They're dealing with third party companies as they get to know you. And as they see your subscriber bases grow, they're getting on deals with you to push their own products. So again, you have to make your own choices as to where you are on that on that scenario, because, you know, you might have some conflicts of interest there with what you're trying to do, as opposed to actually pushing a product. So something to think about. But there is revenue there, so you also may be able to earn revenues, testing and interviewing products for these companies that you either affiliate with or from the independent product testing and reviewing entities. Another, another potential starts to revenue in this new business, and you may be able to build websites and sites and social media followers and then sell these developed businesses and webs, and there actually are sites out there that you can do this through. So I peruse them on occasion. And I have seen all kinds of pricing going on, depending on what some people have created, how far down the actual operational path of gun And if they're making money so you can build something, sell it and then think again just depends what you're wanting to do. Closing comments, starting a YouTube business. You're not going to make significant revenues from this during the first several months, and it could take a year or more to develop a sustainable income stream. All depends how hard you work at it, what you choose to create it grows and how well you promote it. So it's kind entirely up to you as to how hard you work this, and how quickly this turns into something that's making real money. Just a thought in that regard low. Whatever you choose to do, start doing it consistently because as you build subscribers, they're looking for a steady content from you that they can use, and if you're not providing content to them on a regular basis, they will unsubscribe and go elsewhere and you will, you know, lose their following and lose their support. Your income from this business will grow over time. It has to longer. You do it more you where you will start earning. This is not something for you to make money tomorrow. This is something for you to make money. Ah, Year, two years, three years down the road, getting mutual point somewhere along the path that you can say I'm making more from this than I am from my steady job. And now I can make full time so it will grow and you will earn revenue and you will learn a significant amount of revenue. If you do it long enough and professionally enough as you start building your content, you should also start building your followed base. Do it together. It takes a long time to build followers and it takes a long time to build content. So have the two come together? Don't just focus on the one and then start doing followers. Otherwise, you're gonna be waiting far downstream before you're actually developing revenue. Try to get your followers initially by working to publish other people's material. You know, the curating news, news articles and getting it out there and say, Hey, I just read this. This is good information and you can build a following based that way as well. So you know, start doing that. Even though you haven't got all your content built, build relationships and collaborations with people as you go. This is a social media, a social contact type of world. After all, people will get to know you. And I see it as a quid pro quo type of world. If you're helping them than there helping you and both of you succeed very similar to the carry outs of strategy the Japanese employed on have continued imply for many years of organizations helping other organizations exposed to trying to compete against them. Above all else. Enjoy it. This is creative. This is fine. It's it's meant for you to express yourself. Get yourself out there, build yourself a legacy for your family, your friends, your future. Let the little but you've got inside of you and you know, then you can take pride in what you've created. You've actually done the work, you've earned your stripes and you've built the business that will help you prepare for retirement, succeed and thrive in retirement. So it's definitely something I recommend. This is the end of this presentation and that you will continue to watch future presentations that we put out. 4. Advertising on YouTube: hello. Welcome to advertising on YouTube in comparison to advertising online across other mediums such as Facebook or using Google AdWords to reach people on a cost per click bid basis where cliques can become more expensive Due to the bidding process. Advertising on YouTube is a very economical way to get the word out about your products or services for only about 2 to 3 cents a click, you're in business with people viewing your ads. There are some challenges with advertising through this medium, however, the first of which is that you often will have to create a video advertisement as opposed to Justin Image. You post with a clickable component that allows the viewer to learn more about the product and purchase it. Video advertising means you have to get more creative, and that could be a barrier for some. But it really does not have to be Aziz difficult as you might think. For example, when people traditionally think of creating videos, they think of capturing movement and action just like you would see on a TV advertisement or in a movie. This is an expensive and time consuming way to create an ad, but you really don't have to be that elaborate if you don't want to. To explain, You can also create ads using tools like Microsoft Power Point or even just using J Peg images. What you do is find or create slides or images you want people to see. Put them in a sequence using a video editing tool. By the way, many of these air purchase a ble for less than $100 and there were even some shareware ones out there that you can obtain, including when you can use that's found on YouTube itself. Then you will create a voice recording using an audio editor to improve the quality of it. As required. The audio spans the time you allow people to view all the collective images that you have sequenced, and your audio, then coupled with these images, becomes your sales pitch. You get to say what you want about the product and the audio with the images popping up is you go through your narrative and this becomes your video ad. You then interspersed YouTube, annotations and cards that contain your links, and you can send people to your websites and sale sign ups, pages or to other YouTube playlist or videos that you would like them to view. Once uploaded to YouTube, you can go into editing mode and click on the promote button to get the word 2 to 3 cents a paid click. So now you don't have to spend a lot on an advertising video unless you want to. Which opens up. YouTube is an advertising platform for everyone, including those running small at home or online businesses. So now let's talk about the different ways that you can advertise using the YouTube platform. First, you create your own video and uploaded to YouTube to your own channel playlists and then promote it. As I've already discussed above. One trick to consider that is, if you do not monetize your ad video, you don't run the risk of someone else's ad being placed on or around yours. And that's having your potential customers becomes siphoned off to someone else's site. Second, you can use the YouTube system to advertise on and around your own add video. Just a Ziff you were an external advertiser advertising on your video. This is kind of a double whammy approached advertising, but some advertisers like to do this for the added advertising power. You can build around the video content, and this strategy does work to gain more clicks from more viewers. But it does cost you a little more toe. Have the second campaign running alongside the 1st 1 You could also advertise another creators videos through one of two methods. First, you can connect with the other creator and strike a deal toe. Have them. We've your ad into their creations. This is not the usual approach for this, but it does have the benefit of building collaborations with other creators, and it gets your at in effect, endorsed by the other content creators. Well, they make some money directly from U. V S Ideo and you gain an endorsement and, ah, higher quality level access to their entire subscriber base, which is, in effect, target marketing for you initials. You want to promote your product or products in The second method, of course, is to use the YouTube marketing system to place ads on and around the videos of other creators who have monetized their content, less targeting ability this way and no creator endorsement opportunities. But it is certainly a cheap way to get the word out. You can also purchase space and run banner ads across the YouTube site. Their preferred size for these banner ads, by the way, is 300 by 250 pixels. These ads will appear on many viewing pages, and they're not specifically tied to your channel or playlist. If you are a bigger advertiser or willing to take on the additional costs, you are also able to create other, more targeted ads with YouTube. But you would then be working with the YouTube sales representative to negotiate these ads . One type of ad in this category that is gaining more and more traction these days is advertising directly against the YouTube mobile platform offering. YouTube is now working with advertisers to create offering, specifically targeting this face. This article presents Justin overview of the types of options available to you with respect advertising on YouTube. One of the options that I find particularly exciting is that of collaborating with YouTube content creators directly to have them promote my content, my ads in their video creation. It is more work to achieve ad placements of this nature, so not too many go after it But if you think about it, if you pick the right creators, sort of like betting on the right horse in a horse race and their videos tend to go viral, getting lots and lots of views. Over time, you will be taken along for the ride, and your ads will be seen over and over again as these videos are watched over the years. So don't lose sight of this idea. It could be fun to try to make this work with someone if you have the right type of product and you can build the right creator relationships. In any event, YouTube is out there waiting for you to promote your ads economically to its millions of viewers. You just have to pick the strategy you want to employ. Get your ads out in the public domain. That's all for now. Talk to you soon. Bye bye 5. The Art and Benefits of Vlogging: hello. Welcome to the art and benefits of logging. While the world has become familiar with the term blogging and many have somewhat of an understanding as to what blogging and owning a blawg site entails, the world is still relatively ignorant about the term blogging and what it is all about, not to mention how to make a viable financial component to, or even the anchor component of a content creation business. In fact, when I started to create this, I actually had entered the word vlogging blog I n g, into my online word dictionary. As otherwise it would appear with a red underlying every time I wrote the word. Flooding in concept is, in effect, just blogging through the use of videos as opposed to text. And yet it is so much more on implementation. In the conceptual definition implies, through the use of videos, consumers air not just reading the words that people put on their blawg sites to discuss their daily thoughts, passions and interests. Blogging is about generating full exposure of the person's life that is creating the blood . When you watch a vlog post, you often are completely pulled into the creator's life you see how the blogger looks, their expressions, their house, possibly their car or neighborhood and even their families. You learn so much more about the person than a 500,000 word or so block posts or article could ever show you. The other day I was surfing on Social Blade and I happened to go to the section of this site to view who the top current 500 YouTube content producers were. This page allows you to see the results in their latest videos, which you can watch viewing some of these. I was literally amazed to see how many of these you tube top producers were actually vloggers, that we're letting you into their lives to show you their kids playing in a snowbank, their pets, playing with each other or doing funny things. People in front of the camera providing their perspectives on books or films or on makeup applications on video games and more entertaining was goal number one. Sharing knowledge was goal number two. These people were sharing themselves justus Muchas. They were sharing knowledge and insights, discussing products, games to play. It's after some were funny somewhere silly somewhere. Authority figures who you felt you could trust. And yet they were all enormously successful online. Their creations were not just getting hundreds of views. They were getting 10 thousands of views and even millions of views. As my awareness of this medium of expression has increased over this past year, I have begun to notice it being expressed all over the Internet. Vlogs air being embedded in blawg site posts on Pinterest saw on Facebook on Twitter in online published articles. And in fact, although the term is not a familiar one, to most, vlogs are everywhere on the Internet. The term selfies is another new word that I had to add to my Microsoft Word dictionary recently. Yet the New World Mobile Smart Technologies and related applications for these devices has had everyone sharing self images and selfie videos with their friends and the public easily from wherever they happen to be. You can even post videos you create while walking around directly into your block site without even going home to upload it. Now, with respect to business application, this is still in the early adopter stage for many companies, but it is looking more and more of me is being the next big marketing wave for many corporations today, individuals can make some very comfortable livings just blogging about their lives online. Tomorrow I see corporations getting more and more into this medium, so their marketing arms need to start learning about how to build strategy centric to this type of medium. So what is my personal take on this? And what are my tips with regard to the vlogging medium? Learn how to do it and get comfortable with it. Has an individual or a blogger wanting to make extra revenue from your home based venture? Get on board with using this medium, you can make money with this tips I would share from what I have learned about this medium thus far, Gold one is to entertain gold to is to share knowledge and gold. Three is to share your life in some manner with those that are viewing your creations. Has he creates your blog's share them in post into various social media platforms. YouTube now makes us extremely easy, and you can distribute your creations everywhere in a quality manner, literally at the push of a button. Don't be afraid to share yourself. You don't have to be a rock star or a movie star to go on camera and share who you are. Viewers air happy toe watch everyone. In fact, I think every day ordinary people living normal lives, they're proving to be justice. Interesting on camera as any celebrity is, look at the success on TV with today's reality shows. Even people digging through garbage and addicts, basement storage units, etcetera are garnering major viewing successes. The world has a voracious appetite for entertainment. Thes days. Millions of people are looking for content to view on their phones as they go toe work. Take breaks in their day. But relax at home created videos, air now being watched on phones, tablets, computers and TV sets start creating, and people will start watching you as well. Get good at it and you can earn a living from it. Maybe even a great one. Bye for now. 6. An Average Day in the Life of a Content Creator: hello, Welcome to an average day in the life of a content creator. I was just thinking the other day that there are probably thousands of videos on YouTube that provide people with tips and tricks to running content creation businesses online. But after watching a number of them, I was left with a disjointed picture of just what I should be expected to do on any given day, as the choices seem endless. So to put it into some form of collective perspective, I've written this to try to give the confused traitor a better picture of what a day in the life of a content creator might actually look like, starting with the obvious of getting up, making coffee and trying to clear the mind for work. How I usually start my day is by looking at some RSS feeds while drinking, said coffee, of course, and perusing a number of articles and photos and categories, I'm interested in with a view to learning more about my chosen new profession and also selecting good ones to curate and pass on to other potentially interested people. On several social media platforms, I shared the good ones I find with people on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google. There are other good platforms like these, but these were the ones I started with, and they still get most of my focus, I plus one, and like good content, I find along the way and comment on the work of others where I feel the urge is, after all, others air putting an effort as well, and their contribution should be getting recognition from me, just as I hope to be getting recognition for my contributions. I've usually by this time earmarked in my mind a project that I feel like working on that day, and this is a pretty fluid thing. I may have planned the day before toe work on something today, but if I find my juices flowing in another direction, then that's usually where I go. It is much easier to create what you're feeling. Passion for it, the moment rather than pushing yourself to create something you aren't feeling alive about , but it planned to work on previously, and you usually turn out a better product this way as well. And this is the bulk of my day that of trying to create something worthy of being published When I've completed a new content items such as a YouTube video I uploaded to YouTube annotated and shared across my connected social media platforms to those who I hoped would be interested in viewing it. I try to promote it to generate interest without being pushy about it, which I've learned absolutely kills you out there respect people's rights to choose for themselves, and you'll fare much better. I then usually take time out near the end of the day to check to see how things were going . Google analytics viewing statistics, e mails and comments received etcetera. And I communicate back those where I can who have commented all on my creations or on any of my activities in social media that day. If I still have some energy and feel like working all cap off my day looking at ways to improve my visible social presence now, this could mean working on improving a profile, working on updating my website, re proofing and cleaning up an article or researching other places on the Internet that could be useful to participate in or linked to. Then I'm done for the day. I can shorten, lengthen or completely ignore any of the above tasks except the coffee on any given day, depending on my energy levels. And that's what I like the most about this lifestyle. I don't have to work when I'm not in the mood, and I can really work hard on other days when I feel the drive within me. It sure beats. And 8 to 5 working in an office existence. I'm loving this new life. 7. Congratulations: Hello and congratulations on completing this class. It's great to see and making it all the way through. And I hope I was able to give you some useful and lasting knowledge that will help you and whatever you're wishing to achieve. If you're liking the content that I'm creating, I'm very much looking forward to seeing you in more of my classes, which you confined in this site by going to my profile section. You can still reach me through this class. If you have questions by starting a discussion with me, I'll be more than happy to respond if I hear from you. A second thought that comes to mind is that if you have appreciated the content I have created, please give me a thumbs up where and when the site ask you to to rate my class. This helps me trend better in the system and helps me to reach more people who could benefit from the training I'm trying to create. And if you choose to share the class link with friends or anyone else, thank you for that additional support for my creations as well. Bye for now,