Building a YouTube Content Creation Business and Advertising It

Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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7 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Starting Your New Business

    • 2. Building a Content Creation Business P1

    • 3. Building a Content CreationBusiness P2

    • 4. Building a Website and Going Live

    • 5. YouTube - Where Do You Make the Money

    • 6. Advertising on YouTube

    • 7. Creating Video Ad Promotions Within Google AdWords


About This Class


Building a YouTube Content Creation Business and Advertising It

This course provides information useful to people starting new businesses online. In here you will learn steps to:

  • Starting up a new business;
  • What components and applications comprise a successful integrated business entity wherein many daily steps can be automated;
  • You will get some good advice - given by an expert - on how you should go about building a website;
  • Some tips on advertising on platforms such as YouTube;
  • How to start a YouTube channel and start building out content;
  • How to build YouTube playlists to get your brand visible and be seen as an authority in your field; and,
  • How to begin promoting your YouTube videos to the world economically.

So sign up for this class - there is a lot of valuable content inside.

Best wishes, 

Dan Grijzenhout - Class Creator