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Building a Search Server with Elasticsearch

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21 Videos (1h 53m)
    • Course Objectives

    • Getting Started

    • Installing and Configuring Elasticsearch

    • Ingesting the Initial Document

    • Assigning Field Types

    • Advanced Ingestion Topics

    • Basic Query Types

    • Specialized Query Types

    • Combining Queries

    • Application Structure

    • Displaying Results

    • Searching

    • Highlighting

    • Sorting

    • Aggregations

    • Term Suggestions

    • Phrase Suggestions

    • Autocomplete with Results

    • Relevancy Tuning

    • Deployment

    • Security


About This Class

Build a fully featured and scalable search UI with Elasticsearch

About This Video
Start building your own search engine with Elasticsearch, from setup to ingestion and querying
Set up an Elasticsearch cluster and a full search interface in AngularJS, all in one comprehensive project
Implement search features such as highlighting, filters, and autocomplete, and build a robust search engine

In Detail
As the amount of available data continues to grow worldwide, successful search experiences are increasingly becoming a major competitive advantage. The best content in the world is useless if it isn’t easy to find. Elasticsearch is a powerful and well-designed search engine used to build custom search applications that allow users to quickly find the relevant information from their application or website.
This course will give you the tools you need to create your own custom search application. Throughout this course, you’ll see how rewarding Elasticsearch can be to work with and how to use it to build a real search application complete with results, highlighting, filters, and autocomplete.
Starting with an introduction to Elasticsearch and client-side applications, we’ll then move on to learn how Elasticsearch automatically classifies field types, and what to do if they need to be overridden. We will also cover many of the query types that Elasticsearch provides to return results for our AngularJS application. Once we have some basic results, we will add filters (called aggregations in Elasticsearch) to make it easy for users to narrow down the results to a specific topic. Then we will cover how to implement autocomplete and highlighting, and ultimately wrap up with an overview of deployment and security.
This course will equip you with the tools that you need to craft rich search interfaces that deliver great results to your users.





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