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Building a Professional LinkedIn® Profile - 2020

teacher avatar Teddy Burriss, LinkedIn Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Speaker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Why have a Professional LinkedIn Profile

    • 3. Should you have a Professional LinkedIn Profile

    • 4. Getting Prepared

    • 5. Decide who are you building your Profile for

    • 6. Choose your Keywords wisely

    • 7. #7 Style of writing

    • 8. Top 10 Tips for a Professional LinkedIn Profile

    • 9. Key Areas of a Professional LinkedIn Profile

    • 10. Managing Your Intro Section

    • 11. Building an Impactful About Section

    • 12. Keep your Work Experience Section Relevant

    • 13. Education / License / Certs / Volunteering

    • 14. Skills / Accomplishments / Rich Media

    • 15. Let's look at Clicking through this

    • 16. Testing Keyword Richness & Closing Remarks

    • 17. Go build your Professional LinkedIn Profile

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About This Class

This class is designed to guide you through the best practices of building a highly focused Professional LinkedIn Profile. 

If you want to have an online business presence, LinkedIn is one of the first places you should start.

However, simply having a LinkedIn Profile is no longer good enough.

Additionally having a LinkedIn Profile that is primarily a copy & paste of your resume is a missed opportunity to truly tell your Most Important Viewer who you are and what you do, relevant to them.

To be better, to stand out, to be discovered as the professional you want to be known as requires a little more effort and purposeful creation of your LinkedIn Profile. I refer to this as Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile.

In this class, we will discuss lots of important aspects of building your LinkedIn Profile.

I provide lots of best practices, philosophy, and tactics for you to use when you build your Professional LinkedIn Profile.

This class is one of a series of classes I am developing around the Professional use of LinkedIn as a business tool.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Teddy Burriss

LinkedIn Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Speaker


I am a LinkedIn Strategist and Trainer.

I have been training on the best practices of LinkedIn as a business tool since 2010.

As an accomplished author, public speaker, social media engager and blogger, I have mastered and now share the best practices and principles of using Social Media for Life, Business and Career.

I love sharing the message and best practices of using LinkedIn as a Business tool through my LinkedIn Consulting, Professional Development Programs, Webinars, Workshops, Seminars, Coaching, and Speeches.

Helping individuals and businesses who want to expand their networks and grow their businesses is a pleasure for me.

Learn more about me on my LinkedIn Profile or from my YouTube Channel

My pur... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: Hi, I'm Terry Burst. Your linked in strategist and trainer in this class is all about building that professional linked in profile. I could have made it a class about building a lengthen profile, but anybody can build a linked in profile. It's when you build a profile that is focused on your purpose in your goal and very deliberate ways. It becomes a professional linked in profile, and that is what this class is all about. So here's what we're gonna talk about and what you will learn in this class. First and foremost, it's Why should you build a linked in profile? Not everybody thinks they should have a linked in profile, so we'll talk about why you should have one and put it in some context. It's hopefully relevant to you. Second thing we talk about is how to determine who you are, building your lengthen profile for who should be focused on who is it relative. It's absolutely critical for you to know who you're building it for. Otherwise, you don't know what's gonna fit. Will additionally give you some insights and help you understand the importance of building a keyword rich, linked in profile understanding how to determine one of the right keywords to use throughout your profile. I would give use a set of tips that you can use throughout your entire process of building your lengthen profile so that you get the best results in the best possible way. I'm gonna give you some instruction, some ideas about the most important areas of length, Dan that you should be considering using as you're building your profile. Gonna also give you some tips on how to add the content, how to get it into your linked in profile. The most efficient and effective way possible gonna show you some ways you will enjoy this or measuring keyword richness of your linked in profile so that you know that it is rich in the messaging that you want. Your target audience to see and read can also help you understand the importance of grammar and spell Jack, which is hugely important in Alton. Too many people make a mistake, and they don't pay attention to it at all. When I show you some best practices for managing your linked in profile long term as your business changes, your career changes etcetera, etcetera and then I'm gonna throw it out at some challenges. I'm gonna maybe get you evolved and engaging in some class assignments or give you some things to go Do and then come back to the class and continue on because it's a sum of understanding what I'm sharing with you and practicing what I share with you that will get you the best result as you work on building your professional lengthen profile. 2. Why have a Professional LinkedIn Profile: So let's talk about what is lengthen so that you understand what this business tools all about. First and foremost, hands down. No, if ands or buts. It is the number one professional networking site globally. There is no other application. There is no other social media site that comes close to providing the value that length and provides as a business or professional networking site. Second thing is that there are over 675 million Lincoln members today, and it is growing by two new members every second rapid adoption globally. The other thing is, is 30 million companies represented on lengthen in some meaningful way 30 million companies in all types of industries, all types of regions except instead of business to business business of consumer. Now we should have a new number. I keep asking for one. However, in 2016 there are only 467 million members. However, there were 45 billion linked in profile views in 19 1st 90 days up of that year. 90 days, 45 billion profile views with only 467 million members. That's a whole lot of people looking and a whole lot of profiles. It is the social media site, the primary de facto standard for presenting who you are connecting with your target audience and getting into the right conversations with the right people. Absolutely. Handout has now. There is no other professional site that allows that trifecta presence, network and reputation lengthen is one tool, not the only tool, but it is an important over you to consider using as your network as your prospecting as your branding yourself in your role in your company, in your regions, in your industry, it really is a tool that we should take seriously when we're looking at using social media to grow our business, grow our careers and or support and help and work in our communities. 3. Should you have a Professional LinkedIn Profile: now a little bit about why you should never laid a professional linked in profile. Why should you have a professional lengthen profile? So, first of all, again, I'll repeat these two statements 625 million members on it and the number one professional networking site globally. Those air to the two big ones that I've already said. There's some other ideas, your prospects. I want to know more about you before they do business with you. Think about that. I see this all the time. People want to do business with somebody. They will immediately go toe link Dennis, see who they are, what they're all about and who they know. So it's hugely important and link. It helps play a role there. Sailing is linked in profiles are highly index by Google and show up in relevant searches not only in lengthen but also in Google. Hugely important for branding out Stephen outside Arlington. Something else to consider you If you do it properly, your linked in profile is much more like a professional brochure than it is a resume. That's what I'll teach you here to thank brochure, not resume something else to think about it is your linked in profile was visible over all areas of lengthen. So everywhere you do something across lengthen company pages, groups, events, news feet, messages, etcetera. Your linked in profile will show up and then become easy for the viewer to go right straight to the whole pro policy who you are. Now I'm showing the top court of my LinkedIn profile right here is only a piece of my profile, but I am very proud of how I built it because it does represent me and my most important viewers clear when they look at it and they understand what I could do to help them. You can have the same benefit if you think the way I'm trying to guide you in this conversation, that it's a professional networking site. It's a place to build a professional brochure, not a resume. Something else to think about as you're into this modern, this mode of should I really invest time building a professional linked in profile, some a little bit about who could benefit from having a profile. So, first of all, global, absolutely global. The US has got a huge number, Indians number two, but many countries across the globe or using LinkedIn purposefully for their business, their career in their communities, all types of industries have got a scrolling list of industries on the screen here, all types of industries. Air represented a cross linked in in many different ways. All company types, business to business business, a consumer nonprofit NGO, government education, etcetera, etcetera. All kinds of company types are represented through either their company pages and or through professional linked in profiles in very meaningful ways. Any role in an organization that has a presence on once a presence to their clients in their industry and on their communities should be considering building a professional linked in profile period. I really do believe, and I see this all the time in all kinds of roles, from front line worker to Venture Capital's A CEO to border directors. All kinds of roles can get a get value from building professional linked in profile in all areas of business operations, finance, trucking, security, HR marketing, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera in lots of different ways. Not everybody is going to use it the same way, and not a rise will get the same results from it But everybody in organization who is public facing prospect facing customer facing can use LinkedIn for some specific purpose to create value for them and their organization. I say often this any employee who has any engagement with prospects clients, community, etcetera, center employees except center should have a LinkedIn profile. It creates another fabulous channel to present, to connect and to engage. Lastly, any individual who wants me failed by what I refer to is their most important viewer, whether it's in business or career should seriously consider building a professional linked in profile. 4. Getting Prepared: Let's talk a little bit about the pre requisites to building a professional lengthen. Propose these air not hard, but there are some points you really want to think about before you get started. First and foremost, get on linked in dot com. L i n k e d i n dot com Just start off be very purposeful about the email address that you used your password that you use, and I really strongly encouraged to level authentication. You set that up through settings and privacy. Seven days. You'll need a nice looking profile picture. You don't have to go out and pay for one, but you do want a nice looking proof. Our picture of you typically a square image 600 by six hearts and minimum. And it's an image of you, not of you and semis Armand. There, on your shoulder. You'll need to know why. And we're gonna talk about this a little bit. But you don't need to know why you were creating lengthy apropo. What's your purpose? What? Your goal. What are you trying to achieve? Because when you know why you're doing it, you're more likely to do it right. And they're more likely to get results from the efforts you put into it. You also need to know who are you building your lengthen profile for? We'll talk a little bit more about that as well. But who are you building it for? Who is what I refer to is your most important viewer. You're gonna need to really think through keywords. What are the key words? The phrases. What's the messaging you wanna put into your LinkedIn profile? To get the greatest results is when you know what keywords focused on your most important viewer. Focus on your purpose and goal. That's when you create value building a professional linked in profile. I recommend you do this from a desktop or laptop. It's far easier for most of it than it is using mobile. So really consider using a desktop or a laptop instead of a mobile device. And I'm my personal opinion. Is chrome or Firefox? I do. My personal opinion is, I do not recommend Internet Explorer or safari, even though I've been testing safari lately in its game way better on LinkedIn. But Crume works the best for me so far. Now here is a very interesting prerequisite for you. Seriously, think about. You're gonna need toe. Want to tell your story publicly? If you're not willing to share your story publicly, it's gonna become difficult for you to really dig into all the content. All the information that can create the best professional lengthen broke all. So really think this out. You don't want to tell your story publicly relevant to who? You're what you do. We'll talk a bit more about that. It becomes easier to adopt to this. Once you understand what you're trying to achieve. Now you'll need to be able to tell and to write your story. Now, this is something that I struck with the mire with A because I wasn't a very good writer. I've gotten better in the way. I got better Is I practiced? I experimented, and so you're gonna need to do the same thing. And if you want to get the best professional linked in profile quickly and you don't feel like you're a good writer, that maybe you need to solicit help from others, maybe find a good friend who loves to write it would help you. Maybe I'm not advocating for this. Maybe you need to hire somebody to write it, boy. But you're gonna need to be able to write clearly and concisely and write it in a way that your most important viewer will be interested to read it. And lastly, you're gonna need to invest time. This is not something you plow through overnight. You're gonna really need to be purposeful and invest time in the ideation and in the practice and in the development and writing of your profile. 5. Decide who are you building your Profile for: So this is an important conversation here. Really want you to grasp this, So listen to the conversation and think about this. In the context of you building your professional linked in profile, you need to know who you're building it for now I refer to this person's your most important viewer. So you need to figure out How do you focus your content in your profile on your most important viewer? Not generally encourage you just to think this way. First of all, it's the ideal client. It's the human in the role in the organization, in the industry, in the region that is a relevant. So your got your purpose in your goal. You really got to get closer and tighter to nail on that. And maybe it's not one person. Maybe it's two or three, and that's OK. As long as they're all relevant to each other in some way or another, but really need to work through this. It may be your best client today. It may not be not always. Your best client is not always your target audience, especially if you're doing a little pivot. One who you are or what you're doing. But you, but think through that as well. Here's another thing, too, Is that as you're thinking of your most important viewer, also think about who their influences are. Who are the people who can introduce you to your most important viewer and one of my future classes on building a link. Then network will talk about that even deeper, but you need to think through influencers and most important viewer and target audience. Now, this applies to all of us differently. You may have 20 people in your organization. You're doing exactly the same thing you're doing. However, their most important viewer could be a little different than yours. Maybe not, but it is possible. Don't just assume that everybody is most important. Viewers are saying that's not the case and work on this. You've really got a nail. This Dale, when I really encourage you to do, is really think through this, put some energy and some time into it, and then come back to the rest of this course. By the way, this may change over time as your roles change as your career changes as your organization , your target business changes, your most important viewer may change as well, so you gotta be willing to adjust you got, and that's time to adjust. So that linked in continues to give you the results you want, even though you're pivoting and making adjustments. And this applies to all of us, whether we're in business or in career transition, we have to know, no matter what our purpose and goals are, we have to know who are most important. Furious. So I recommend that you stop this class right now. Go off, get yourself a white board yourself piece of paper and a pencil, and start writing down and playing with ideas about who is your most important viewer. Who is your target audience? Who is your ideal client or ideal business partner. Whatever is it based on your purpose and goal and really start thinking this through. Think through also who your influencers and maybe you're building a set of list of two or 33 or four most important viewers and four or five or five or six in type types of influencers, the people in the role in the types of organizations in the types of industries in the regions that you want to work with, So go ahead and Paul's class. Now go off and do that, and when you're ready, come on back and we'll keep going. 6. Choose your Keywords wisely: all right, so I hope you really put some serious thought into who your most important viewer is, and you've got some really good ideas. Help work. You help you work on and move forward as you're building your professional linked in profile. Let's talk about the next big thing. And that's key words you need to figure out to find the key words that are focused on your most important viewer. When you get to the point where you're thinking of the right words that are important to them, then you're going to get the best results. Building linked in profile. I really want you think Value Solutions results Service benefits to your most important, beautiful get into their mind and use the words that they're thinking up, not the words that you think of yourself when we think of our key words from our own perspective. Roth, unbiased and rawlson thinking about words we want them to use when they think about it, not the words they do use. That's important differentiation. Get into their minds. Maybe ask your marketing department. What s CEO words they're using on their websites and their marketing material. Not all of us have a marketing department, it can help us. And sometimes the marketing department is not as focused on their most important viewers. They need to be really look through our these key words, words that on my most important viewer would use or not. The other thing you do to is Do not think about words like Expert guru in experienced. Take all those self congratulatory words out of your algae. Out, though your vocabulary. Think about value solutions, results, not stuff that makes you feel good. And if you're not really sore, go ask your most important viewer. Ask your best client asked them what words they use when they think about what the value you bring. The service you do. They asked them if they were looking for you again. What are the kinds of words that would do? A Google search for this takes time. May be the first plant isn't gonna give me the best possible answer, but maybe asking three or 45 might give you some really important words you could use on your profile. And furthermore, on your website, nothing think about do is go looking RFP looking a large R p or an R f Q that you responded to and see what phrases and keywords they put in that that sometimes can help you put with the right answer. If you're in career search, then look at a couple of our job descriptions on the that you found that a relevant to you and the most focused to who you are or what you want to do. Maybe with some of three or four job descriptions might have some really impactful keywords that you could use in your own content. Not sure keep working on this. It's really important. This is as important is known who your most important bureaus. So towards that end, same out, same recommendation. Stop this class, go off, get a white board, get a piece of paper pencil and start playing with this work through some really important five or six or seven really important keywords or phrases and then come back to the class. Let's keep going 7. #7 Style of writing: Okay, So hope you went off and worked on your keywords. You got a list of five, maybe 10 keywords or phrases, but we've also got You're saying the list of most important viewers. Influencers that let's keep going. So let's talk about your style of writing your professional linked in profile. Every linked in member is unique. Therefore, your linked in profile must be unique as well, Whether you're on individual or a part of a team of 50 or 100 that do exactly the same thing you do. We're all individuals were all unique, and our profiles should be as well. So here's a tip about style, right? All of your content as if you were talking directly to your most important viewer. First person. It's you speaking to your viewer now. Additionally, use the appropriate words you would use. Don't do corporate speak. We don't use words you would find in a corporate about me page or about our company page. It's you talking to the other person, so use good words, appropriate words and speak clearly to your most important viewer yourself. Never put content on your linked in profile that you don't want a complete stranger to see . That's really important because your linked in profile is public. So when you're also in many cases, a complete stranger could become your most important viewer. Could become a client. So right your content in such a way that a stranger season they'll think positively, beauty. They'll look at you like Oh my God, this person is good. Ah, professional. This is the kind of person I need to meet and or have a conversation with and or do business with. So do not put any content on there that would diminish your brand in any shape or form. Remember what Dr Seuss said today? You were you that is truer than true. There is no one alive. Who is you, er than you. So really think that this is not your accompanied profile? This is not your marketing apartments profile here or your engineering department's profile . It's your personal profile, So make it about you in your role in the organization, in your role in that industry, making all about you as a person, and that's going to give you far better results than write a corporate brochure. And he did I say that already think this is important grammar and spell check. This is critical. You really do not want to influence your most important viewer in a negative way when they see that you didn't spend enough time thinking about spelling even the word manager. If you want to see what I'm talking about, goto lengthened, do a Google search. Do a lengthen search for my anger. M a N g e r. It's embarrassing, and you don't want to build a profile that embarrasses you in any way. You want to build a professional linked in profile. Speaking from yourself to your most important viewer, clearly telling them who you are and what you do. I often say this when you write your content, you should be a little bold, a little proud. You should be standing up straight going. Yes, that profile is me focused on my most important viewer 8. Top 10 Tips for a Professional LinkedIn Profile: Okay, let me share with you. 10 tips for building a professional linked in profile. You'll use this throughout all this content and by the way, you use these ideas and other places of linked as well. Number one relevance. It all must be relevant to who you are today. Focus to your most important viewer. Big word relevance Number two, grammar and spell check. I'm gonna harp on this throughout all of my courses. Grammar and spell. Checked everything twice. Then go back and do it again so that you know, your profile is written clearly effectively and with no no content that will distract your most important viewer from what you're trying to tell them. Number three keywords Now I keywords but relevant keywords key words and phrases that are focused on who you are and what you do focus to your most important bureau. This is critical. You just can't write. You gotta think I tell people this. Write a sentence. Look at it. Are there any keywords in there? No. OK, it's alright. Next sentence better have keywords. They're right on the sentence. No keywords. That's okay. The next sentence better have key words. It's really important to make sure you're building your profile. Keyword rich. His own well written sentences. Not only grammar and spell check, but don't don't have run on sentences. Don't go wanted on and on and and be very concise in your senses. You tell a story. You could use some words and help, you know, add value to the story, but well written. Okay, here's no one Exclude the irrelevant past. Those are important words. Exclude the irrelevant past anything that you did in a previous light, any role you had. You may put that role on your LinkedIn profile, but what you talk about of that role but clearly relevant, or showing professional growth to who you are. What you do today irrelevant past gets in the way and diminishes the value of a professional linked in profile. Don't use cell promoting after Butte words like guru and expert and team player and dependable. And don't use those words. Use business words. Think business, and furthermore, if you're writing a resume, I would tell you to think the same way. Those were just get in the way of being impactful to being focused, clearly telling people who you are what you did. So get rid of all that self promotion stuff. It's not helping you. It's distracting your most important viewer. And white space is important to when you're running your linked in profile. Don't write a huge hunk of taxed. Write a sentence or two relevant to something you're trying to say that black line and then next line right one or two more. Three or four more sentences and then, you know, have a white space makes it easier for the viewer to read it, and when you make it easier for them to read it, they're more likely to read it. Here's another one uses many relevant areas of linked in profiles. Possible. There's lots of areas the link Danny you could use. Maybe not all of them irrelevant. Maybe you don't have content role, but you really want to think through Where do I have content that can fit in these different areas of LinkedIn and then do so as long as what you're sharing is relevant? Focused on your most important viewer, this one's important. Minimize the industry slang except for where it is highly relevant to your most important year of talking to a guy today about quality assurance Q. A and, he told, gave me an acronym of your Pat P. I don't know what Pat is, but maybe his target audience does. Eso it. Pat P is a highly relevant of slang or acronym in the quality assurance space. Maybe you put that in your linked in profile somewhere, but you really be purposeful about making sure you're using slang that is highly relevant and adopted or accepted across all industries relevant to what it is that you want to dio. So don't use the unique internal HR aside tiles in this example like ap clerk three. So those kinds of titles get in the way and distract your most important viewer from what you're all about. Your A P professional, your accounts, professional accounts payable professional. So the Clark three apart to report one that may be relevant to your the company you work for back then. But that is not more likely not relevant anybody today, So get rid of those distracting HR titles. Here's to Mawr tips, but so I called my bonus tips right. All of your content outside linked it. Write it all out. You use word or Google docks or Evernote or one note or whatever you want to use, right All this content outside of Lake Dan in sections, OK, and then spell. Check it and grammar and spell check and grammar and look, read it reading out loud and once you've written it, read it and said it out loud, and then you think it really does speak well to who you are. Then copy and paste it into the right places that linked in. You'll get far greater value out of building a profile. You're right allowed, sign linked in and come back and put it in there when you're ready. Lastly, it's not a race. It's a journey. If you look at building your linked in profile and you want to get through, this fancies you can. I promise you you will get less value from it, so treat it like a journey, not a race. You want to work on it purposely and keep moving forward and don't dawdle, but don't bust through it. Don't try to do this overnight. It will absolutely fail, and you won't get the value you want and you'll be disappointed, and I don't want you to be disappointed 9. Key Areas of a Professional LinkedIn Profile: Okay, let's talk about the primary areas of lengthen profiles you're gonna want to use to build your professional lengthen profile. This is important to think through this. There's lots of areas on a profile. You don't need to use all of them, but you need understand which ones were the most important. So first of all, your again your profile picture is critical. You're gonna wanna have a decent profile picture. By the way, What a profile picture says. It shows that you are approachable. So have a profile Pictures of people realize and determined that you are approachable. Number two, you're gonna wanna build your headline. They say lies. Attacks will show that in a few minutes that line is a text below your link. Your profile picture. And it is what? Where you were telling your most important your who you are, what you do. Here's 1/3 area your contact information. I'm gonna advocate a making sure that you make yourself accessible And the best way to make yourself accessible is to give your most important viewer your connections, your phone number, your email address, your website, whatever is relevant and appropriate. Get put it out there so they can get a hold of you is the fourth area. This is the fourth, the first big area of your linked in profile called the about section used to call the summer resection. This is where you tell your most important viewer in short, little stories. Keyword rich with white space, who you are and what you do and how you help them, how you create value, so problems them critical to use the about section. The next section is your current experience section. You need to make sure your current experience section clearly tells your most important viewer the business that you that you work for or your name of your business. Your title, which is focused on them, not in HR assigned title and using the description box to tell them what you do to create value that you'll use your prior experience section on Lee where it's relevant and or showing professional growth. This is not a resume, so you can't put all that stuff you did back in the past when it's not relevant. But you can look at prior roles and find the things that you did that are either relevant to who you are today and or showing professional growth. So the volunteer section it may not be overly important to your most important viewer, except if you're doing things that shows them that you are are involved in your community, that you do provide value for others, and maybe you're doing something that's of interest to them. So I really encourage you. Use a volunteer section when you can your education section. There's lots of ideas. We'll talk about this a little. Maura's well, because lots of things you can do in your education section, but again relevant, showing professional growth. That's really most people miss this, but education could be very education section can be very helpful to you and your most important viewer. Your skill section. Get 50 skill works again. This is important to use because these skills about all of these sections so far are index my lengthen and or Google, including your skills section. So if you had the right skills presented your linked in profile, it helps index. You hire and helps you to be seen sooner than hiring the results report than others are the license and certifications area of Lake Dam again where relevant focused on who you are. What you do focus on your most important viewer. But this is an area where you can show your most important bureau that you had that license , that you have that certification and or that you're getting new certifications and continuing to grow in your role. Lots of people want to do business with people who continue to grow in their roles. Course is another way to show your most important viewer that you're taking on new education. You continue to learn you continue. Look at new ideas. Another great way to present yourself. A. LinkedIn is through the courses you take that are relevant to who you are, what you do and your most important viewer. And lastly, your the boat, a bonus areas, your profile banner image. And that's the images across the top of your lengthen profile. So choose an image that's enjoyable. That's, you know, maybe motivational. Many interesting may be relevant to your industry may be relevant to your company, maybe relative role, but put something up there, people who stopped and spend time to put an interesting, unique, relevant image up there and there that shows that you invested a little bit more time that others did. It shows people that you cared enough to stop and make your profile look good. 10. Managing Your Intro Section: So let's dig into Link Dan and talk about the different areas that you're gonna want to populate to get the greatest possible value. And the first thing is what I call the top card and linked in has now changed a term and call it the intro, which is the area includes your banner image in your profile picture and some other content . And what you want to think about here is, First of all, I'm an advocate of a nice looking banner image. I'm absolutely think that you should have a good looking clear. Crist linked in profile picture of you and only you know I'm a picture of you and your boyfriend, your girlfriend of your dog or some other celebrity. Should be a ban approached me a profile image just of you. Your name should be clearly your first name and last name, maybe one. You know, n b a or C P at the end of it. But I'm not really found that I'm really a fan of name only. And then your headline in your headline again should be keyword rich, telling your most important viewer who you are and what you do relevant to them. I should also you select the the closest region not a city, but a region in your area. There's also industry. You gonna add, Dad, even though it doesn't display on your linked in profile publicly, and then you should. Also, while you're in this top card area, you should edit your contact information and make sure its current up to date and accurate . And if you want to add the providing services box so that you can tell your most important , you're a little bit more about who you are and what you do now. If you decide, just show schools. You can choose the schools that you want to show the school you want to show in case you have multiple schools. And also, if you have multiple current businesses or rolls, then you can decide which role are which company you want to show over on the right hand side as well, so, and decide which one is the best for you to show for your most important viewer. And I do recommend. For the most part, most people should update this on a Web browser. On the desktop. There is a little hack if you want to manage this, whereas if you update your headline on an iPhone, you can go from 120 characters to almost 200 characters in your headline. But if you decide to use that hack, then you have to edit your intro card all the areas of your interest card from your iPhone . Little more tedious, but I can give you a team or characters in your headline. 11. Building an Impactful About Section: So let's talk about your about section. So this is, Ah, small print. But it really what I'm trying to do is drive home this point. If you look at the top box here, you'll see that there's only two lines in my about section that our public you, the viewer, by default will only see two or three lines of your about section. So if that's the case, and you need to be very purposeful about getting their attention by putting the right kinds of words the right message in those three lines it's really gonna be focused on what you do for your most important viewer. Otherwise, they're never gonna click on Seymour, and therefore they're never gonna see the rest of your about section. So when you're writing your about section when I really occurred, you do is tell little stories. Tell those stories about your keywords about the things that you do the create value for your most important viewer. Speak about the activities that you do and have done your accomplishments so that you can again little stories that show value successes focused on your most important Buber and furthermore, use white space used blank space. Use one or two lies, a blank line, 12 lines of tax and a blank line and make it easy to read. Make it easy for your most important viewer to scan through this and grab the information. If organ Elice keywords, as you can see that idea on the bottom of my about section, then list one keyword or one phrase per line again to make it easy for your most important viewer to read. You get 2000 characters in this segment and that soon it's going to go to 2600 where they used 2000 or 2600. It needs to be clearly written telling your most important viewer who you are and what you do relevant to them and I, By the way, I'm an advocate of right all this outside of LinkedIn. Write it in a word processor, whether it's word or Google docks or ever notice something and cleanup spell. Check it spell. Check it grammar, check it, and then once it looks good, it is what you want. Then you can copy and paste it back into linked in 12. Keep your Work Experience Section Relevant: So let's talk about your experience section where you have your current experience in your prior experience. So first of all, think this way. Keyword rich. So in the title field and you see in mind says Lengthen trainer, common strategist. Come a speaker. Calm ambassador comma consulted key words I want I want to use keywords. I'm trying to use keywords that my most important, your uses when they think of me. So instead of my H R aside title, I put keywords in that field. Secondly, you wanted in the description box, where you type in what you do in this role or what you did in that previous role. Again keyword rich and speak about what you do, using keywords relevant to your most important viewer. Now tell your most important view or what you do and what you enjoy doing relevant to Upton . We miss out on the opportunity to really pull our most important you're in because we don't use words that show that we enjoy doing what they need. Done also as your iterating in your experience section, especially a current experience, be very careful. Look at the screen carefully and unchecked. Those boxes that you want to uncheck specifically uncheck that box It says update my industry and update my headline. Do not let this entry oven experience section destroy your headline. And when you're adding in the company, which is like the second thing on this entry box when you're added in the company, start typing in the company name and selected from the drop down list that shows up. Don't type it all in here. Enter often that doesn't connect you to the company, but type it enough so you can select the list and that will connect your entry to the Lengthen Company page of that company. If one exists and decided this is a new role or if you're adding your initially adding your current role, whether or not you want a broadcast or share this with your network, you don't always have to share everything you do when your linked in profile with your network. Now it's very timely and appropriate, then, like a brand new role, and you're really excited about it. Maybe you do want to share that your lengthen network, but not everything has to be, and furthermore, there are very few things left or linked in profile that Lincoln will allow you to broadcast editing or adding your prior experience section is very similar to manage managing or adding your current experience section. So, first of all, you want to minimize content that is not relevant to who you are and what you do today focused on your most important viewer. Example. If you had. If your current role today is that you're a project manager and you previously had a Bere East of role in a coffee shop, then you may want to put that barista row on your linked in profile as prior experience. But you want to be very purposeful about what you talk talk about and what you share in regards to that role. Example. If you're a project manager, then maybe you want to talk about a little bit where you can, where relevant appropriate, how you manage processes, how you managed or maybe improved processes or got out better at executing processes that you were using in that role. But you got to really think about talk about stuff that either relevant or showing professional growth. But don't talk about anything in that role that's irrelevant to your role today, and additionally, when you're typing this text in, you don't need to talk about the previous employer. You don't need talking about that company on that brand on Lee. Talk about you and what you did in that role again relevant or showing growth. You can use the title fields if you want in your prior experiences. To show keywords, you don't have to always use an H or assign title you could hanging over the end, but where you can if a previous role is relevant to your current role. And there are keywords related to that prior role again also relevant to who you are a day . Then consider using those keywords in your title for you as well as in the description box where you talk about what you did. Then, did I already tell you? Spell check. Grammar check. Make sure it's good. Make sure it's right. Don't embarrass yourself 13. Education / License / Certs / Volunteering: talk a little bit about adding or editing your experience section my way. I'll show this to you in a few minutes, but it really pretty simple. All of this is pretty easy. It the plus toe add a new in education or experience section and you get the pencil toe. Edit them so it's really quite easy to manage this. So when you're adding a education, please Onley higher in community college er above. Unless the role that you had doesn't require higher ed, then your high school was absolutely fine now. Additionally, no middle school, no elementary, no preschools, not relevant, not have been not really help you in any way again. When you're adding a of a business or a school, start typing in the name in school and selected from the list if it exists. And lastly, you don't need to include or use all of those other areas of your education section that linked and offers to you unless you had the ability to put content in there that is relevant or showing growth while you were in that school. Relevant who you are, what you do today. So let's talk about adding or editing your license and certification sections again. The plus is that a new one, the pencils that edit an existing. It's really pretty easy to do what you want to think. Remember this relevance licenses and certifications that are relevant to who you are, what you do today, any old certifications or licenses that you have, you should really think about removing them. I'm a certified reverse osmosis engineer. That is not on my linked in profile. It's not relevant to who I am and what I do today and show your most important viewer that you're staying up to date on new processes, new skills and new certifications again that are relevant when you're adding in a new license or a new certification in the company. Feel start typing in the company name and select from the list where possible. No, a little tip for you, and that is in there are there is a field on on some of these where you can put in the U. R L. The actual license of the U. R l of the actual certification or the certificate. So if you don't have that, an idea would be to take any image that license or an image that certification, Maybe put it on Dropbox or put it somewhere on some you know, maybe Google Doc somewhere where is publicly accessible and then take the shared public your L for that document and put that in the field. And therefore you can share your license or certification image to people who view it so violent to your section. Eggs, same functionality. So the plus that a new one to pencil the editor is really pretty easy to do. Share volunteer activities that you want your most important viewer to know about. Relevant to you relevant your community relevant to your industry. Don't share any volunteer activity you do that could be perceived differently than you want them to perceive it. Example. I am not an advocate of showing any religious or political volunteer activity really did profile. You don't know who is going to see it. You don't know how they're gonna perceive it. Wait until you get to know that person and then talk with them about it. Of course, unless you're a politician or are in the religious industry, then maybe you might want to show it 14. Skills / Accomplishments / Rich Media: so your skills section. This is pretty interesting. That is, a huge change, just recently had to that you can have 50 skills. So when you're adding skills again, you want to put skills in a relevant to who you are. What you do today relevant to your most important viewer. It's gotten easier to add skills you could add in groups of five or 10 or 15 at a time. But you also want to pin to the top of your Lincoln Skill section the top three skills that you want your most important viewer to see, and then you can also remove, and you should remove. Any skill is no longer relevant to who you are. What you didn't do today spent 35 years in the I T industry. I had a bunch of technology skills on there. They're all going why they're no longer relevant to who I am and what I do today. And you can adjust the position of your skills. Not only the top Penn three, but they're sections called functional areas, and within those functional areas, you can move skills around within them, move the ones that are most important to the top of each of these functional areas. So the accomplishments section if you don't have any accomplishments when your linked in profile, look in the top right hand corner of your of your profile and you'll see in a sect of boxes . Add profile section, and when you click on that, you'll be able to get to accomplishments. When you click on that, you'll be able to get to eight subsections under that the whole bunch of little sections courses, organizations, publications, projects, etcetera, etcetera. You want to use the subsections that are the most relevant to you, most relevant to what you do today, where you have content. And if you don't have any courses, don't worry about that. You're not a member of any organizations. Don't worry about that. Onley. Look for subsections where you have information, content or ideas again relevant to you or what you do today that you can populate. And when you get into a subsection that has the ability to type text, you want to think this way type and keywords relevant to who you are. What you do today focused on your most important viewer again, where you can and you want experiment with these in your you have played with them, they all work pretty much the same way. You know the pluses at a new one, with Anna functional within a subsection and the pencils ended an existing one. So just play with it. It's really pretty easy to do. The most important thing to do is to think about what content, what subsections can you use? So another area within your linked in profile is what's called rich media. You can add rich media, which is PdF's documents and images. You can add these to Europe, the bottom of your about section and and through the bottom of each experience section entry you may. Another aspect about rich media is that you should always use the lake option instead of the upload option. And the link option means that whatever rich media you want to link to your linked in profile needs to be on some public site somewhere. Words accessible. So consider put it in slide share, which is a lengthen product, or put it in Dropbox or Google docks and then linked to the publicly accessible your L to Bill put in your profile. It presents a whole lot matter for most documents. When you link versus upload again, I have to repeat. It has to be relevant. Everything you put l rich media should be relevant. To who? You're what you do focused on your most important viewer. 15. Let's look at Clicking through this: okay, I'm not going to spend a lot of time showing you. What I refer to is the click click clicks of doing this. But I do want to show you a few things that can help you be efficient, adding this texture linked in profile. Remember, I really recommend that you type it all out somewhere else and you copy and paste it into lengthen. So first of all this pencil right here, let's be at my top card or what linked in now calls the introduction. They still have the word top court appear. They call it interest here so I can hear. We can click this pencil right here, and I can add a new image there. Be very purposeful. Make sure that the images you use or ones that you were able to use check out copyright laws. Put a linked in profile picture. It's a picture of you. Nobody else is your name. Here's your headline and see the little handles right here. And I could get up here and drag that down and get playing room to read that. Here's why select, which really position I want to show. Here's where if I had multiple educations. I could choose that or turn off. Here's why I put in the region and the zip code, and then I choose a region, not a city. And then down here is where choose the industry as well. Now my hit save and go to contact information. Here's where you edit the contact information. Hit this pencil here and I can add it. All this information accordingly. Recommend using other. That way you can name this the website you have here business phone number, business email, address, business, instant message or Skype email. Ah, birthday. If you wish me it's safe now come down here. It was a pencil for the about section. Again. I could drag this down and make it bigger so I can read it. Can't get it all in the screen there. But again, copy and paste is the easiest way to do that. And down here is where I can add rich media. My wish Lake is better than update our. It's going to upload when we hit Save. That's grow down here. And here's where I get to my experience section. If I hit the plus, I can add a new one yet again. Put the title over command keyword rich. When you type in the company again, typing in slowly and if it shows up in the list, select from the lesson, connect to the company paid and then anything does not have an asterisk. You don't have to put in. I really encourage years where I said, You know, make sure you pay attention that that's checked. Then you wanna uncheck this. You do not want to trash your headline, and then you go ahead and use the dates of your you know, if you're no longer working there, you undo that and put it ending dates and then description. Keyword Rich. Tell a story about who you are, what you do and again linked to any rich media. If you want to add that, By the way, if you're in this position, it's a current position. Here's where you had the ability of the current position to share with your network. Broadcast it or not, and again, once you're done, it's safe, and then the same thing applies for editing the position. I want to end it a previous position. Hit the pencil and it works exactly the same way is adding it. I can drag this box down, making a little bit bigger, scroll down here, make my adjustments and what I've done. Hit safe education at a new one. Same functionality license and certifications by going to add a new one. Here's a credential. Your Elstone amount. You put a link to slide share or dropbox wherever you have. Put that document again. Anything with the asterisk yet to put something. The rest of you could leave Blake and when you're done, hit, save for its save and had no same thing volunteer experience. I don't need to go through all of this. Someone else to show. Use that. Let's go back. Appear toe current positions with current positions. If I have multiple positions, I can move myself around here. Have a position here. I'm doing some testing. I could move this up to the top by one, but what you want to make sure you do is you have the company that is the most relevant to why you're using LinkedIn on top. And if you have multiple positions there, as I do, then you have the position that is most relevant to why you're using lengthen on the top as well. Make the stuff that you want people to see. Put it up. Top volunteer here. Skills and endorsements and new skills here. Type of men select Um, stack him up here, get five or 10 and then hit ad. And once you've added him, use his pencil here. Here's where you can pin the top three and down, and you could take UNP in one of these and pin one of these up there and then, furthermore, you can move around within here. You can move around my grabbing this handle and move up and down the skills that are the most important to you in this functional area or in this functional area, moving around within their You can't move him out of here, but you can move him around within their when you're done, it's safe. And here's the Accomplishment section, which is the last big section. And as I said earlier at a profile section, go to accomplishments. There's your eight subsections right there and you get Adam from right there and or you get Adam What? You have them in here and you had a plus and you could add a new course. You gotta have a course Name the rest that you don't have to have it you might wanna have. And I have a new publication I can hit, though. I go up here a hit plus at a publication and again active. A title, maybe a publisher name made. The date is published at additional all those I want to you r l to the publication and then in description in any time you can put text in, try to do it keyword rich. And when you're done populating it, it's safe. And again, Once you have us all in there, then you're gonna want to stop and look at it. Really double check it. Look at your contact information. Read through it and make sure you didn't make any huge mistakes. 16. Testing Keyword Richness & Closing Remarks: So a couple things to around out this course I'm gonna harp on this spell Jack and Grammar Checker critical. If you want to understand what I'm talking about, go to ah, linked in search firm anger. M A N g r. And you'll see what I'm talking about. It's important that you write well written said sentences. Check your grammar. Check your spellcheck s O that people, when they read your profile, they're not distracted by some simple or less than simple mistake of spell or grammar problems. All right, let's talk about keyword richness of your linked in profile. You want a chest? This is a few different ways of testing. None of it is exactly accurate, but it's a great representation. Here's the three ways I recommend do it. Number one is copies All the content in your linked in profile Renew copy linked in profile content started bottom and copy up. Don't start topping company now. It just It's just easier to start from the bottom and go up. Open up all the sections, click as much show Maura's you can before you do the copy. Otherwise you're gonna miss that content. Copy all that content find a word cloud toe. I'll put a link to a word cloud tool that I have used that I like. I put that in the class notes for you to experiment with. Drop all that count, copy and paste all that content in there and see what you get. And if your keywords, if what shows up is not what you want people to think about, then you've got to go back and spend a little bit more time thinking about using your keywords in appropriate areas of your linked in profile. Second way to try this is the duo linked insert So in Linked in, you could do a linked insert your key word. So this is going to be biased by the lengthen algorithm rhythms, but he can give you some example who shows up that is in your what I call in your sandbox play of your toys. It may show your profile, but at least it gives you some example where you show up and or who else shows up another way to do it. 1/3 way doing is do a Google search. Now there's two ways to do a Google search if you use an incognito chrome, incognito tab or window. That's the best way to do it, because there's not biased by your other, uh, content on your computer and cookies except center. So use an incognito window, do a Google search for your keywords and see what comes up. Now if you want to B'more Durant, do a Google site search and again, I'll put this in the class notes on how to do this Do a Google site search and look just in the linked in dot com slash i n where all the profiles are and look for your key words. There, in an incognito window, you're gonna get amore Unbiased response. And if you did a linked in search, so is different ways of doing testing your keyword richness. Does your profile show up in Google and linked in searches in my last piece of information ? This thing, this course is this. Keep it all up to date. This is important. You don't produce a brochure and use it for five or 10 years. Today's world you don't produce a brochure and use it for more than one year, so you want to as time goes on as your roles. Change your company's changes that, as the world changes, is your most important viewer changes. And in the context of what you do changes, you need to go back and keep your linked in profile up to date. So that's time at least quarterly. Once you get a really good linked in profile and best time to go back and look at it. And if there are things that you could add, Adam, if they're things that are on there that shouldn't be on there any more, removed them. If this content you can update and change around, changed around, rewrite it. It's really important again. I cannot overemphasize this perspective. We do not create a brochure and use it forever. We create and adjust our brochures As time goes on. This course is all about helping you to understand how to produce your professional linked in profile. A well written in a well managed profile, it is a huge, huge part of your professional. On your personal branding is your online billboard, so please make sure your linked in profile represent you appropriately focused on who you are and what you do today focused on your most important viewer, and I promise you you will get far greater value from your linked in profile. I'm Teddy Burress, your linked in strategies and trainer. I hope this is helpful for you. 17. Go build your Professional LinkedIn Profile: So let's bring this all together. So again, I'm going to stay on slide here and talk about spell check and grammar check. It's important, I say. Don't rush through building your linked in profile. You want to make sure appropriately represents you well, and towards that end, check your grammar. Make sure your sentences read well. One way to achieve that is to read them out loud and listen to how they sound to you out loud building to is spell check is vital. So if you have the ability to use a tool like Graham early, or if you have the ability to type this all that word or Google docks and spell check their than do that, it's going to get your greater results and be less likely to embarrass you. Courage Again. I encourage you to write all this outside. Lincoln, right? All of Google docks, it's or words far easier and get you a better result now. This is really enjoyable because once you've got all your content built, now you want to test for keyword richness, so you make sure that the keywords that are most relevant to who you are and what you do the most relevant to your most important viewer. Stand out. It's really important. One way to do that is look at your linked in profile. Open up all the sections you can open up. You'll see what I mean. You scroll down and click on Seymour Open Oppa's many as you can open up and then do a browser find it's either command. After control, laugh and do a search for your keyword or your key phrases and see how often they show up. You can also use a word cloud tool, and you do a Google search for work clown if I'm one that works well for you, but use a word cloud tool online and take all the content that you put in your linked in profile. Put it in the word cloud toll and see what it looks like. That's what mine looks like. See what years looks like and, by the way, creates a really cool image, and you can use other places. Maybe make a picture for your for somewhere of your website just for your office. You can also do a lengthen search for your keywords. Now you may not be ranking high enough to show up is number one. But see where you do show up and do this test. Periodically. Build your linked in profile. Start engaging and getting building that your network and then do that same search again. See if you show up higher in the ranking. Oh, and you'll also see who shows up in front of you. If you really want to do a search and keyword richness and do a Google search, so go into Google. May open up up on anonymous so or an incognito tab, and do a Google search for your keywords and see if you show up in a Google search. You could also do a site search. And if you don't know that he has do a Google search on Google site searches, do a site search and ask you would look just in length in and see where you show up when you look from Google into link Death. That's pretty cool to see that as well. And when you do these searches and you do this, Ah, work loud and browser fine, and you don't see your keywords showing up enough. Then what you want to do is go back and adjust your text, uploaded back and linked in and then do a test again. And remember, this is not a race. It's a journey, so it's not right adjusted and then retest and keep moving forward. Here's another one is really important to you than his life keeps changing. Alternate roles change. Alter their jobs change. We end up working for your company. So as your role changes as your company changes, you want to adjust your linked in profile accordingly. Update your position if you need to change the company. If you've got a new job. If you needed to update your contact information, make sure continue to be accurate so that people can get ahold of you. Maybe look, get a new headshot. I did the new headshot for myself today. Maybe. Look at your the way you talk about your role and update that text. Or, if your role changed completely rewriting around a new role, you might want to look at your skills as you grow and learn new skills that are relevant to who you are. What you do relevant to your target on its Maybe you want to go out and take out some other skills and update with some newer skills, you would look at your work experiences. Not only maybe it didn't change, but look at it again and see if you should update it. You never can tell. Remember, I had update mind a few times before. I finally got it right in the early days because I didn't really say it the way I should have said it. If you doom or volunteer at that, you get any area of your linked in profile that you should adjust based on life adjustments , career adjustments, business adjustments. Then you want to go do that to continuously make sure that your online billboard you're late, you're professional linked in profile continues to appropriately represent. You may be put in your counter to do it once 1/4. I'm Teddy Burress. I'm a linked in strategist and trader, and I know firsthand that a well written and managed linked in profile is a powerful business tool. So you want to make sure that your professional linked in profile properly represents you today focused on your most important viewer. I can promise you it will give you greater value than simply having a LinkedIn profile. I hope this class is used for you. Hope you got lots of great ideas and you're willing to go tackle your linked in profile. Start the journey of making it better. Start the journey and building your professional linked in broke off. Thank you very much for attending. Please. When you get done, do a review. Let me know what you think so that I can always be looking for ways to do this better.