Building a Professional LinkedIn® Profile (2017)

Teddy Burriss, LinkedIn Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Speaker

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17 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction to Building a LinkedIn Profile

    • 2. Who is Teddy Burriss

    • 3. Why should you build a LinkedIn Profile

    • 4. Who should build a LinkedIn Profile

    • 5. Prerequisites to Building a LinkedIn Profile

    • 6. Know Your Most Important Viewer

    • 7. Know what Keywords to use in your LinkedIn Profile

    • 8. Best Practices of Writing your LinkedIn Profile text

    • 9. Best Practices of Building your LinkedIn Profile

    • 10. Top Areas of your LinkedIn Profile

    • 11. Building your LinkedIn Profile Intro Section

    • 12. Adding or Editing Experience Section

    • 13. Previous Experience and Volunteer Section

    • 14. Adding Skills to your LinkedIn Profile

    • 15. Accomplishments Sections of your LinkedIn Profile

    • 16. Wrapup Part A

    • 17. Wrapup Part B


About This Class

As of November 2016, there were more than 460 million people with LinkedIn profiles. However many were built without focus or purpose of goals in mind. Thus, they were built incorrectly. Few LinkedIn members created their LinkedIn Profiles with their most important keywords and their most important viewer in mind.

This course is designed to help you create a better LinkedIn profile and position yourself better than your peers and/or competitors on LinkedIn so that you can begin creating real value.

We discuss the key perspectives of building a LinkedIn profile in this course, as well as show you the most important areas of LinkedIn to apply these perspectives.

We discuss keyword best practices that focus on your "Most Important Viewer" as well as the areas of your LinkedIn profile you will need to fill out to get the greatest possible value. Knowing your most important keywords, the identity of your most important viewers, and how to build a profile that speaks to them, are the most important steps of using LinkedIn as a business tool.

During this course, we show you how a well-built LinkedIn profile is discoverable in many different ways.

Take a look at my LinkedIn Profile as you consider building your own. Mine works great for me, maybe some of my ideas will work for you