Building a Professional Brand on LinkedIn® in 2020 & Beyond | Teddy Burriss | Skillshare

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Building a Professional Brand on LinkedIn® in 2020 & Beyond

teacher avatar Teddy Burriss, LinkedIn Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Speaker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. What is LinkedIn?

    • 3. Philosophies of Professional Branding

    • 4. Why you should use LinkedIn for Professional Branding

    • 5. Your LinkedIn Profile & Branding

    • 6. LinkedIn Networking & Brand

    • 7. LinkedIn Posts & Branding

    • 8. LinkedIn Engagement & Branding

    • 9. LinkedIn Messaging & Branding

    • 10. LinkedIn Pages & Branding

    • 11. Using your LinkedIn Profile (Live)

    • 12. Using LinkedIn Posts (Live)

    • 13. Sharing LinkedIn Content (Live)

    • 14. Engaging on LinkedIn (Live)

    • 15. LinkedIn Messaging (Live)

    • 16. LinkedIn Groups (Live)

    • 17. LinkedIn Invites (Live)

    • 18. LinkedIn Company Pages (Live)

    • 19. Measuring Your Brand on LinkedIn

    • 20. Go Forth & work on your Brand

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About This Class

"Always do, say and engage on LinkedIn in ways you want to be seen, heard and perceived in life.” @TLBurriss

Having a well built LinkedIn Profile is an important first step when using LinkedIn as a business tool. Growing and continuing to grow a relevant LinkedIn Network is another important step. However, these are only two of the important steps you need to fully get value from LinkedIn.

The third step is to build a Professional Brand on LinkedIn.

As in any other area of our lives, including our careers and businesses, our brand or reputation is developed around our actions and words. When people see what we share, read our words and see what we engage on in LinkedIn, our personal and professional brand begins to develop, whether we like how it’s developing or not. Therefore, it becomes important to pay attention to what we are doing on LinkedIn.

In this course, I will show you ways to develop your professional brand on LinkedIn and how to measure how your brand is developing.

We will look at the many different areas of LinkedIn you can use to grow your professional brand. We will also explore the many unique activities you can use to achieve the goal of building a Professional Brand on LinkedIn.

Prerequisites and Advanced Preparation

  • Each student will need to have basic computer skills, an understanding of web browsers and basic website navigation skills to attend this course.
  • Each student will need to have a LinkedIn Profile (account) in order to participate in this course.
  • Each student will need to know of online sources of content they can use that are relevant to their professional brand.
  • It is recommended that each student first take the SkillShare courses Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile in 2020 & Beyond and Networking on LinkedIn in 2020 & Beyond.

Learning Objectives (3 – 5)

  • Explore areas of LinkedIn useful for Professional Branding activities.
  • Identify the best practices of sharing content on LinkedIn.
  • Discover the best ways to engage with your LinkedIn Network and the best tactics of doing so.
  • Identify unique ways to engage with your LinkedIn Network in ways most people don’t, in order to build a stronger professional brand.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Teddy Burriss

LinkedIn Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Speaker


I am a LinkedIn Strategist and Trainer.

I have been training on the best practices of LinkedIn as a business tool since 2010.

As an accomplished author, public speaker, social media engager and blogger, I have mastered and now share the best practices and principles of using Social Media for Life, Business and Career.

I love sharing the message and best practices of using LinkedIn as a Business tool through my LinkedIn Consulting, Professional Development Programs, Webinars, Workshops, Seminars, Coaching, and Speeches.

Helping individuals and businesses who want to expand their networks and grow their businesses is a pleasure for me.

Learn more about me on my LinkedIn Profile or from my YouTube Channel

My pur... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: Hi. I'm Teddy Burst length and Strategies and trainer. And this class is all about creating a professional brand on LinkedIn in 2020 and beyond. What I'm going to share with you our lots of ideas, tactics and philosophies that you can use today and in the future. So what I'm gonna share with you his class includes this, first of all, the philosophy of brand development because you've got to understand what that means and so ideas that can help you really build a very powerful brand. Usually, Lincoln talk about why you should use LinkedIn for professional brandy a little bit insights into what lengthen is and why it's important to use it. We're talking about your linked in profile and how that is. In fact, Step one building a positive professional brand about how you build a focus and meaningful , relevant lengthen network and how that can amplify and help you grow your professional brand. Tell about the power of lengthen status updates are linked in post and how that can help you with your brand. Don't about the secret sauce of engagement, and I use that phrase secret sauce a little bit humorously, but just a little bit because engagement is powerful. We'll talk about messaging. How that could be very useful as you build your brand. Talk about brandy through lengthen pages, company pages and showcase pages. Then we're talking about I'm a take you in for a live review where I'm not gonna show you some of the actions and tactics that we talked about in my like linked in profile until about measuring your professional brand don't like them because if you can't measure it, you can't impact. You can prove it, and you can't be certain that it's working for you. 2. What is LinkedIn?: a little bit about linked in before we get into the class. First of all, it is the number one professional networking site globally, hands down the number one professionals, like globally 675 million people as of March 20 March 2020 and growing by about two new members every second. How 30 million companies represent all linked in some meaningful way there. I wish I had a new number, but I don't I want to keep asking for this. But in 2016 with only 467 million members, there were 45 billion profile views in 1/4 90 days. And I know for a fact that Lincoln is growing. I know for a fact more people one link in more active, all linked in that number can't be doing anything but growing. Additionally, it is the primary social media site or platform for you to present who you are in a very meaningful way for you, connect with your target audience and to get into relevant conversations. Length is a major tool for networking, prospecting and branding, not the only tool, but it plays a huge role for those of us who are professional networkers in professional roles in lots of different organizations. So am I. I'm a lengthen strategist and trader. I've been using linked and pretty purposely since 2009 and I use it enough. I practiced Experiment enough that I can help you create value growing. You're a professional brand using, like dead. 3. Philosophies of Professional Branding: So let's talk about the philosophies of professional branding. This is really important because if you don't understand the philosophies teaching you conflict, they won't work. First of all, never do, say or engage in any way on lengthen that you don't want to be seen, heard or perceived of in life. That's important to really be that way. Secondly, I like the male clinics. 12 words. Social media policy. I don't I don't pry, don't cheat, can't delete, don't steal and don't reveal. That's pretty wide open there. But it does make us think about some of the things we do. We're using Lincoln. The Rotary has a pretty cool little thing toe to it's called the Rotary Test, and it goes like this is it. Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships and will be beneficial to all concerned? There was a really good words to think about two as you engaging in sharing a link, and then I want one a while back. That really made me think, and that was one small action or set of words. A Brandis rough can negate all the effort you put into your brain development to date. One small step, One small mistake. So just means be cautious. It doesn't mean don't engage. It only means to challenge yourself. Read the continent loud. Think of some of these philosophies before you hit the post button. So Dale Carnegie wrote a book called How to Win Friends and Influence People. And when you take a Dale Carnegie course, you get the little yellow golden book that I'm shown on this page. That's my little gold book, but carry it with me for nearly 10 years now a little tattered, but it's still important to me and hear somebody has principles that I think you'll get value from. First of all, don't criticize, condemn or complain. Never. Secondly, give honest, sincere appreciation when you are engaging a Rowell's in the other person and either one. So think about your cold action. Think about that post. Think about the question you're asking. Does it create a Neither one. Be generally interested. Excuse me, become generally interested at the person you may not be able to be interested. Begin with, but work towards that. Become interested. Number five. Smile. Yeah, I get it. It's social media. You're posting content, your ails, but smile on your post. It have a positive attitude when you're posting and that can shine through. On the contrary, you're posting something sneering or having a negative attitude that could show through as well. Number six. Remember to that person. Their name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language or funt. So tag people where you can. Number seven B. A good listener encouraged others to talk about themselves. That's how you build trust, respect and light number eight Talk in terms of the other person's interest. And if you're not sure what they're interested in, ask because when you know what they're interested in and it's relevant to you and you could talk about it, that is a powerful way of building a brand versus talking about something that is totally around into them that could diminish. Bring it number nine. Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely. These Dale Carnegie principles have been important to me in my lamp as I wore as I learned El Khoury and I apply these 1st 9 and many others to lots of the stuff that I do on social media, including, like dead, and it has helped me to grow. My brand can help you as well. 4. Why you should use LinkedIn for Professional Branding: So let's talk about why you should use Link Dan for your professional branding. Okay, so you talked about the statistics. It started 25 million people. But nearly all industries are represented. All kinds of industries, from standard to very nish industries, are represented, linked in some way or another. Furthermore, not just business to business, even though it's primarily who is all linked in. But business to consumer is becoming more and more represented all the time. I'm working with travel agents and insurance companies and real estate agents who are realizing that there is value in building a professional brand on LinkedIn. All levels employment from front line to the board of directors in lots of ways. They're all out there, and they, too, are looking for ways to find people who have the skills, expertise and talents that you have. Diverse content, diverse, linked in members, diverse groups, diverse conversation. Diversity is important in lots of other ways, so you could get involved in diverse conversations that are relevant to you relevant to what you do and relevant to your target audience. It creates a rich, rich format for brandy, about all conversations focus on all different areas of life business, career in community, and I get it. People are disappointed in some lengthen members and share cute puppy pictures over and over again. And I may not be a big fan of lots of lots of puppy pictures, but people are people humans engaging with humans, and sometimes that diversity of content across all areas of life is beneficial. How about highly indexed content? Terrible crossed. Many areas lengthen and beyond articles and post and content that you share on link. Did you do it the right way? You can share that outside, linked in a swell and create mawr. Reach with your content as you're developing your brand. Good content focused on your target audience can become highly engaging and highly engaging . Content focused on another can help to grow your brand. It's not a fad, and it's not just for job search. It's for far more than that. It is not going away with the growth that linked in his hat with the investment linked into Microsoft or putting into it. It's not a fat, it's a business tool, and when you use it the right way, it can create great that here's some statistics that I found that could help get some insights and why you should use lengthen his professional brand new tool. First of all, these numbers have changed significantly in probably a year or go several times a month was 25% range, not 14 now, a little over a year later, 23% of lengthen users or on linked in several times a week. That's a huge ship means mawr people or on linked in more often. But they look at these numbers. The I'm averaging these numbers out here between 26 older, 26 older. The average is about 30% is highest 37. Regard cross There's about 37%. That's a huge shipped. Mawr and Mawr, 26 year old and older are getting on link debt, and when they get on it, they're using it. Such really important to think about it creates a greater opportunity that mawr of your target audience is on linked in more often 5. Your LinkedIn Profile & Branding: all right, let's driving a little bit deeper. It all starts with a focused lengthen propose. This is important to remember. It's really important for, you know, that lengthen profiles are not only index by linked in but also by Google, and I could show you that linked in profiles the headline is by far the most important field. It's either heart, 20 or to our characters is the most important feel when your linked in profile because it goes wherever you go on linked in messaging, comments, post groups, company pays events etcetera, etcetera, show been linked and searched. Your headline shows up there. They're over 18 unique areas on your profile, where you can speak about who you are and what you do to your target audience is called Brandon. 18 Unique areas in your about section. You could have about 2500 characters, a profound content telling your target audience what I call your most important viewer, who you are and what you do relevant to them. And then in your experience section for each entry, you have 2000 characters of Texas well again telling your target audience who you are, what you do in your current role and or in prior roles relevant to what you do for them today. Keyword rich Have I said that yet speaking first person to your target, Aaliyah's from your headline all way through every section of your linked in profile. You need to use keywords focused on your target audience and write it in first person. You speaking to them skills section recommendations, publications, honors, awards, patents, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera all of these areas or powerful places for you to brand yourself telling your target audience what you do relevant to them. And I know the lengthen profiles or index not only by linked in but by Google, because globally, for the most part, in March of 2020 my lengthen profile shows up as the number one Google result. And that's not just because how I built my profile, but it's how I use my LinkedIn profile. Uriel 6. LinkedIn Networking & Brand: somebody have focused lengthen network and how that can help you of your professional brain as well. So first of all is an edict that I tried to live by, including on my use of lengthen, that it is networking ISS finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward through life that exchange my life and that eating is also helped my business to grow. Six. Nick significantly. You want to connect with people you could help as well as people who can help you. And what's really cool is often 1 may become the other, and somebody that you thought you were helping may turn out to be someone who could help you through a referral or an introduction or a new idea. You also want to connect with people relevant you in many different ways, not just people that could buy your widget. That's important. You want to connect with people you meet along the way in your business, in your career, in life, and look for weak ties. People you knew in your past that you haven't met in a while or talk to in a while, maybe reconnect. You wanna pay attention and connect with people who play in the sandbox you play in or you want to play in. That's just one of my ways of looking at that to make it enjoyable. Connect with people who are interesting and unique in many other ways. It's really important to think that way people can bring new ideas, people who can poke you and make you think people can engage with you and get you to look at things in a different way and help you in a positive way. But you don't need to connect with everybody. Only connect with purpose the highly relevant lengthen network that you're developing some level nurturing relationship with and developing some level trust, respect light can absolutely, in a powerful positive impact on your brand can help you reach more People could help you be discovered by more people. It's important as you're developing your brand 7. LinkedIn Posts & Branding: you're building your linked in profile, you're growing your lengthen network. Now let's talk about how do you get into conversations? First of all, it can start with the length and status update or lengthen post. It's a powerful way to do that. Remember, Rule Number one. Never do, say or engaged anyway. You don't be seen her toe perceived oven light. That's important. Don't forget that. And then Rule number two of sharing on length is Do what you can sustain long term. That means don't make a big splash, but do something that you can consistently do whatever that IHS. Also, it all must be true and true. Say as for transparent, relevant, useful, honest and engaging. And if what you're about ready shale does not fit true, then backspace and change it or delete it without posted. And you need to focus when you're sharing on your target audience. Not everyone be very purposeful about on sharing content that can help will be useful and engaging to my target audience, and it can't be all about you or your business. Follow what I refer to use the 90 10 rule. 90% of content is not about you not out. Your business is relevant to you and Roman what you do and very relevant to your target audience. But it's not about you. Specifically 10% of time you could talk about your products, your winded, your services, your events, etcetera, etcetera. That 90 10 rule really does help to grow your brand. Experiment with status updates. Experiment straight text your l's and images, videos, native videos and documents. And because people want diverse content, they don't want the same old white paper case study or whatever they want. Lots of different content different people will end a gauge on different types of content differently. You won't learn out of tag Lincoln members or companies appropriately in your post so you can pull people pull companies into the conversations. You want to learn how to pay attention to. Who pays attention to you. Who's touching my stuff, engaging on my stuff. Look at that. Get a feel for who's engaging and figure out ways. You could pull mawr of your target audience into that engagement and learn how to use hashtag, maybe own a hashtag. I seem to think I own hashtag P s a pay serious attention. Try to use that'll lots of my post but very purposeful about your use of tanks and pay attention to what content your network lights and adjust accordingly. Lengthen posts are very useful when you do it the right way, when it's focused on your most important viewer for your target audience. 8. LinkedIn Engagement & Branding: So I talked about engagement on Link Dan as sort of the secret sauce, and it's a little bit tongue in cheek, not trying toe over extend the power of engagement. But it's a huge potential. It's a missed opportunity for most linked in members because they build a profile. They build a network and barf out a few corporate brochures over now, then and they don't do anything else. And that's a missed opportunity. So what I recommend is jump into other lengthen members conversations now and then, where relevant, where appropriate, where you have something meaningful to say and bring a different perspective. Bring another idea. Bring your experience into the conversation and really, ah, like is nice. I mean, people are appreciative of a like, you know, emoticon light, but it does not help build your brand period does not you know, sharing content is also nice. It could help your existing lengthen network discover content that you found that you think could be useful. Them true that so do that ever. Now, then we're relevant, appropriate. But where the rial magic is an engagement is commenting. When you comment on content in a very meaningful way that is, what I refer to is the most powerful social engagement tactic. Don't hijacker conversation or turn into something different. Keep the conversation relevant to the initial nugget that started it and relevant to the people in involved in the conversation and disagree professionally. If you need to disagree and politely, and if you if you could bring supporting fax, it really does help you validate your different perspective. Even if it is disagreeing, tag relevant people appropriately in the conversations and be very purposeful. Do not waste time commenting with thanks or I agree. Be purposeful about your engagement there, or just go back and get the like button. Check your grammar and your spelling when you are commenting and engaging to make sure you're embarrassing yourself Teddy, and engage in a way that you can sustain. Do not come out once a month, engage on 50 pieces of content. Go. I'm done. No, do something. You spread it out, do a little bit here and there maybe once every other day, maybe twice a week. I don't know, but do something. You get sustained long term 9. LinkedIn Messaging & Branding: so messaging on lengthen can have a positive impact on your brand as well. So late in messages typically one on one. There are ways the message groups of people is a limit to it. I'll find out that limited to share that with you, but it really is not really a private conversation because you don't have any control over the content. But think of it more as a a personal conversation off design, not a public conversation. You also want to be very purposeful whenever saying in the owner in a Lincoln message, you wouldn't say publicly because again, you don't know how people are using those messages. You want to use positive statements over negative rantings really encourage people, not the message with negative rantings. You also want to keep the conversation relevant and focused on the other person until they give you permission toe pivot and talk about you and your business to really think about that, go out to the Dale Carnegie principle. You also you also want to try not to sell. Instead, invite that person to a real life conversation, maybe phone email, Skype zoom, kneecap to kneecap, and you want to use lots of different features and availability. I really like the features on messaging along the mobile devices because I gotta do attachments photos. I could do my life camera, which we have new video, audio message, location mentioned. Availability. Oh, yeah, I can send text, okay, And I didn't put gift in there desktop. A new images I could do attachments on new gifts. Emoticons. Oh, yeah, and text. So lots of different features built in related message that you can use differently and better as you build your brand. And don't write a novel instead of your write a novel on linked in Again, invite the other person to a conversation, maybe phone email. Skype whatever it ISS get out of lengthen for your deeper, richer, longer conversations. 10. LinkedIn Pages & Branding: so about lengthen pages for a few minutes, which are typically referred to his company pages or sh OK pages. Now I think of them as being positioned for me to help my target audience and to build followers who care about what I share. Those last few words important people care about wetting share. So how do you get people to care about what you share? How about give? How do you get people to care about what you share? Give to them? Give them knowledge, information, ideas, perspective? I often say this. Give away everything you could make a $1,000,000 a year given from a knowledge perspective , Give away nuggets. Keep giving them information that could be useful them. And don't make it a place where you talk about all about your business. Use the 90 10 rule. It's important because you want people to care about what you shale and it diverse contents important as well. Post images, videos, documents. Because people want to consume different types of content and create a program of sharing again that you could sustain. Don't go out on a link. Did company pages showcase pages to start sharing a bunch of contact back to back to bat and then dry up, come up with a program that you can sustain. And maybe it means you need to have other people in your company help you. If you're a small company, maybe you get a virtual system to help you. But come on itself. Then you could sustain pay attention to mentions your company. Pay attention to the analytics. Pay attention to the activity and engaged back were relevant, Appropriate and true applies here as well. Everything you shared through a company pager showcase page needs to be transparent, relevant, useful, honest and engaging. It's important. Make sure your pages were completely set up. Everybody is never late in coming baby of a business. You should have linked in company page, and then you should use it in a manner you could sustain. So make sure that the company logo out there a header image you about section is populated . Your links to your website is that is accurate and up to date, except make sure that that page represents you and supports your brand. And don't think that a business page showcase for company page is more important to the linked unproven. I actually don't think they are. I think that a personal profile for human to human engagement is far more important than company page content. However, there is value that company page content when used appropriately and focused on your target audience. 11. Using your LinkedIn Profile (Live): Now we'll take you in lengthen using my length and profile. Never talk about some of these areas and some tactics that you can use to create value as you build your professional brand because we're looking at mine linked in profile right now . And so it's talk about a some of the things that can help you to brand yourself appropriately on linked in. So I don't go too deep into this. But I really want to get you to think about this and you know how tactically how to do it. Okay, so you have noticed throughout your profile of pencils, these pencils get you into these sections and let you add these sections. So a couple of things to think about and if I had this pencil here. So here. This is what's called the intro card or used to call the top card. And here's the banner image. You hover of the pencil, tells you what size image to use. Something unique, something interesting. My pictures all about me. My name is my name. No, nothing else. Then here's the headline. I've got 84 characters Mawr than the Web browser interface will let me, because I went to closer 200 characters through the iPhone Elect, an APP, and my my headline is focused to my most important view. As is my current position. Title is focused on my most important viewer, so you can edit that and then you can save it. I can't save it here because it's managed from my iPhone. At there you look Dancel. There's my hand line right there again. It goes, wherever my picture goes. Then you come down here. You'll see. Here is the about section that talked about again, hit the pencil and then I could make this bigger. And you can see I probably only have 2000 some odd characters, but I have closer 2500 characters. The first few lines are really critical because I can't get my most important viewer target audience to read my those first few lines. They're not going to read the rest of it, but the rest of it is keyword rich, telling my target Tony, it's who I am and what I do and what I enjoy doing to help them and let's go further. Here's my experience section. Here's the my primary role for the company I work for and you can see my primary role. Title is not an HR side title, which keyword rich and you also see in here. It's closer to 2000 characters in my description, telling my target audience who I am and what I do for them relevant to them using keywords . And there are lots of other sections again. The pencil lets you edit. The plus lets you add license and certifications. Volunteer experiences, skills endorsements at a new skill. You have up to 50. Use the pencil toe and it or manage them. There's a whole nother class talking about this recommendations. Keyword rich accomplishments. Eight Subsections in here again. I only put in content that could help present my brand. Amplify my brand with the content I share relevant to who I am and what I do today. So Step One is built in a LinkedIn profile that is highly relevant, focused on your target audience. Keyword rich using all the available sections. It's a journey, not a race, so you don't need to do it overnight 12. Using LinkedIn Posts (Live): So let's talk about status updates. Or now it's referred to as opposed. Okay, status updates and posts are basically the same thing. Oh, this is where you do it. You start right here, start a post. Okay, You will write a link to an article which is a long form blawg post. You do that under write an article. So when you're doing, it's as update or now refer to as a post. You click right here. So now I can decide who my doing this post from. Is it for me, Teddy burst or for any of these business pages that I work for represent? So I could make a decision there and then go back, and then I could make a decision of who sees it. I can say anyone which I am absolutely an advocate for anyone or Twitter, which is good as well. If its twitter relevant content, you can do connections only. I'm not a proponent of that. That's too narrow a view. And you do that doesn't allow your content to be shared, and I want my content seen by more people. Furthermore, I could decide to drop it in a group that I'm a member off, and this allows me to turn off comments I want, which I'm not a fan of that either. But I make a decision who I want to see that and then go back the defaults or what you last chose. So if you choose wisely, those wise decisions will be there. So when you write your text, you will be very purposeful about it. Check your grammar. Check your spellcheck When you write in your text, you can also do your l's so I can put you around by a website and you'll see when I do that is could have resolved now if that page has a decent image than that image will come up there. If it does have a decent image, you're gonna get that. So which is another reason why I recommend your blow Your website make sure set up with good good images per on each page. But I could also I could do if I want to again, then right, my text I can use hashtags and again, I recommend you use very purposeful hashtags relevant to your content. Three. Hashtags proposes the recommended maximum from blinked, and I agree with that idea and I can write my text now. Furthermore, if I want to, I don't even need had that resolve. I can come down here to get a picture and find a share a picture on here. So let's go find a picture. I can put in image Any time you put an image used all texts and I recommend you use off text. My recommend recommendation is your name, your keywords, your primary keywords and then a description of the image description of the image is what I recommend for all text specifically on LinkedIn images and hit Save by the way, you'll never see that again. But it is from the ASIO perspective there. And then I hit. Next I get ADM. Or text here and then once I have the text written the way I want grammar spellcheck. The image shows up the way I want. I have my hashtags. I put my heart attacks. Then I hit post, and when you post it the first time, it's going to show up right here on the home page so you can review it so you're delayed it . You need to delete it or edit it if you need to edit it when I really recommend you do is experiment with some posts of status updates and then once you experiment with um, didn't delete him, Bill, I never know the difference, not calls any harm for you to experiment using late again. No thought to remind you is that when you do an article and the same thing when you do a post to anyone, they become public information. So it's example, I go look at my articles right here. Here's one of my last articles. If I click on these three dots and I copy that link, then I could go anywhere outside of linked in. This is an incognito window not loved and linked in. And you can see that I put that your l there and that post shows up post and articles are public as long as you shared them to anyone in Arlington. Article shared everyone sharing images really pretty easy to go back home. I showed it to your aware I could click right here. I go find interesting image that I want to share. I hit the open button and it puts the image in there again. All text a. Recommend your name. Dash your keywords dash a description of the image. That's my recommendation when we get canceled for the time any time you share on article a document of video on image, your L anything you need to tell your target audience why you're sharing it. What's the benefit to them? It's absolutely critical from a branding perspective, not only to share good content but to tell in your viewer why. What's the benefit? What can they get from it Really important to do that it doesn't need to be huge, but it needs to be very focused and purposeful. Sharing a video is pretty easy, only a swell. I can click right there. I go find the video I want to share. Get a video. I'm just doing something real simple. And then, you know there's a video. If I ended, the video allows me add closed captioning SRT files that I hit next. And then again, tell your viewer, most importantly, your target audience. Why you're shared it, the bed, a bit of them, and you can use hashtags if you want to that are focused to the content that you're sharing . Okay and then you can hit post. I'll shows to you when I hit post. This is a quick little thing. I didn't do it all right way, but I'm just trying to show to you quickly hit post. And once the video uploads, the LinkedIn, which sometimes happens quickly, sometimes takes longer. But if you stay on the home page, you'll see that post here, and you can see whether or not you do or don't need to make. A change is, and he delayed it, hit the three dots, and you can edit this or you could delayed it. 13. Sharing LinkedIn Content (Live): If you find a piece of lengthen content you want to share, it's really pretty easy to do it. Just hit that share. The easiest way is it the share button. And when you hit the share button again you got you know, Teddy sharing it to anyone and then you can type in. Why? Why you share it And I can also tag the all third I went to this case, Jade, I could tag her. And if I know her well again, backspace out the last name. You know the tag j and say something meaningful. OK, in regards to the content that you read, viewed, reviewed before you share it My point there is never share anything that you haven't read through, reviewed or viewed completely. So you don't share something that you shouldn't ought to share. But once you, you know, tagged the person, tell him why use hashtags whatever is relevant. Then you can hit post. So when you're sharing, I talked her way about sharing my website. When you share content that is external, you know, here is my latest article. So I'm going to write something very meaningful. Use a hashtag, But when I share the euro. I got the U R. L. B that went to the article on viewed it and copied the your out to it. Now my pasted in here. Now you'll see that this article has an image associated with it, so it's got a better presentation. Now, Here's what I want to share with you, No matter how well you write it. No one. How are you scripted? No matter what meaningful hash tag you use, any time you share third party content in to lengthen that when people click on it, it's gonna drive them out of lengthen linked. It is less likely to show that we'll show that less frequently than they'll show content that keeps people in Lincoln. LinkedIn doesn't want Peter the members to go out of lake. They wanted to stay here. And so because of that, any time you share third party content, that's gonna kick someone out of linked into view it that it's not going to get the views that other content would get. I'm not saying don't do it. I understand. Be aware of the fact that that content may not get the engagement or the views that other content that is inside a link, then would get so just be aware of that. But the same philosophies apply keyword rich. Tell the viewer why your shared it meaningful words. Use up no more in three hashtags and then when you're ready, hit the post button. 14. Engaging on LinkedIn (Live): So let's talk about engaging on Lincoln. Engaging happens below. This engaging happens right here with the parochial like and the emotive, the positive positive a motor Caan's LinkedIn has. And then there's the comment button in the share button. Now, as I said earlier, like is nice. I could help my buddy get her content seen by more people when I engage on it, but I never engaged on content. I never share content. I never comment on content that I don't review at least quickly. Now I'm gonna review what just send to set here. I might click Seymour to make sure read it all. I might go to click on this content and open it up and review it further so that again I know what it is that I'm engaging on, All right, then I'll make a decision. So I like it if I want to comment a meaningful way or share it. But when I comment, you'll see right here the comment is allows me to say whatever I want to say. It is fine to say thanks at just Cinda, and there's a name J a click on it backspace out because I know her personally. Thanks. Just send up for this contest. This article. Then I'm going to say something meaningful about the article for what I learned from it, that's important to do. Just don't say thanks. It's OK. Say thanks. Say something meaningful. Add to add some value to the R to the content at Cem. Richness to it. Besides just saying thanks, a lot of people do that awesome and great article. I just know I'm not a fan of that. Here's why those phrases by themselves do not amplify my brand tight. What you want tight Use your spellcheck usual grammar. I'm using Graham early and once you like it hit the post button. And by the way, if I weren't a posted, I have three dots here to allow me to delete and or edit it. And I shooed you this post. They'll do it again that I could tag your Sindel of the at symbol. Now they add symbol by itself is going to grab the author of this piece of content, which happens to be descended and so again because I know her. I get back, spaced out her last name in her middle name and then I could keep typing, but I could also I could tag anybody. I can tag Jeff, don't a waiter. He's second level of me. He's not connecting me. Jeffrey Walker. I contact Aiken. Tag anybody that I want to. I can also tag any business. Okay, IBM. I can tag any business or any individual, but I'm gonna be very purposeful of only tagging or mentioning people who are relevant to that content. I see people do this on a regular basis. They will tag dozens of their connections, trying to drive views, their content. And I personally think that's a disrespectful way to get your content seen. Purposeful engagement, relevant engagement. That's where you create value. That's how you grow your brand. 15. LinkedIn Messaging (Live): Let's talk about messaging for men. Right here is messaging. So in my the way, you can also see over here there's the message box. I could bring up the messages over here, and you can control this How this works by doing message settings over here and I have turned also doesn't pop up. But I can come in here when we find my buddy Randy you're gonna engage with. So here's I met here. So engagement do Randy, and he helps me do a lot of my testing. So I just want to show you that down here, you can see my way. I don't delete messages. I leave all my messages and Rainy and I in there all goes all the way back to the beginning . But if you could see the out the bottom when I get ready, type a new message down here. I have I had the ability to add an image. I had the ability to do an attachment I had the ability to do a gift is gonna bring up gifts that Lincoln has built into the system, and I have the ability to e mod cons, okay. And I know a problem with these. But again, I want you to think I'm good with the image and the attachment. I'm also good with these other ones where relevant and appropriate. So when you type in a message, you want me very purposeful. You see my messages, Randhir. Very succinct. There's nothing long winded for the most part, my messages. If I want have a conversation with him, I'm going to use my message to say, Let's talk and I might drop in my calorie I use a tool court ality and so I might drop that in there so he could get on my calendar and be very purposeful about your messaging. Use the features of image and attachment gift, however relevant, appropriate. Also, you can mention other people here, but you can on Leigh, mention first level connections in your lengthen message is pretty interesting now. It's not gonna tag Jeff John center Jeff Younger Jeff Smith. But what it's gonna do is drop their u R L into the link to their linked in profile into the message so that Randy can go look at them so any way you can mention people in the message all it does but you're out of their profile. It does not alert that person that you put their your l in a message. If I want this message to go mawr to other people beyond Randy. Then I clicked the three dots and then I add participants. And here's why can type in Bill and I could bring Bill Porter or whoever into this conversation by clicking and then once of added over participants, I want to add up to 50. Then I click done on the mobile app you a few more options that you have. Besides attachment photo. You have camera and you have video, which allows you to a live video or take a picture live. You have a gift, but you also have location. What you need, a type in an address in any of availability and availability to springs of a calendar, you have to have your calendar connected, delinked in to do that. I don't have that turned on, so I don't I don't use that. But what I really like the most about the mobile app over the desktop is I can click on the little microphone, hold it and record a audio message through the Lincoln Apple Mobile 16. LinkedIn Groups (Live): another communications. Our engagement function you should be aware of is in the under group. So I'm gonna go to a group. So this is a group that I've created myself. You could see if I go to see all I had the ability to send a message, even if I am not first level connected. This person right here, we're not connected. But I can send him a message in Lake 10 groups across all of your groups. You can send up to 15 messages of month, and so you have the ability when you send a message from a group to use the same functionality Evelyn, the desktop and the same functionality, you have a mobile so second, leaving second level connections through the group, Click Message or the mobile. And I have the ability to said all of the same features from a mobile messaging that I could send in my first level connections. Pretty cool functionality. Another area of group engagement for branding is not only to share content. This is my groups, a lot of content, and here's mike content. And so it's a very niche group. But in this group, if if this is someone else's content. I had the ability to engage with like and comment. You don't have share because group content cannot be shared out of the group. So the same functionality and commenting that you have on the home page you haven't groups with the few restrictions one you can only mention. I could only mention members of the group to I can't mention companies that won't let me do that because companies air outside the group. But I could mention on dykan use Hashtags, etcetera, etcetera in here. And I can also add upload a picture if I went up the picture. 17. LinkedIn Invites (Live): Another area that you can use when you're branding yourself is the invitation process. And the invitation process is more than just sending and receiving invitations. We should. I mean, so first of all, we don't look at the invitations I've received right here. I have a bunch of my store 0 17 that I received. I manage all invitations from here. So you go here. This is why I imagine from here. First of all, I can right click on each of these profiles, right click open in a new tab and view each one these profiles. And then as I'm viewing them, I can make a decision. Do I connect or not? So if I don't know who these people are and they didn't give me a note and I don't see the relevance, then I will send them a message back. And my message is gonna be very purposeful, focused on that person and and usually my Dale Carnegie principles of trying to get them to engage. I'm gonna ask them some questions about them and how I can help it. And then when I send that message them, I wait for a response before I do the next step. Now when I get a response, then I figure out, Do I accept or not? And if I accept, here's another way. Where Ivory Purposeful about the branding. When I accept a lengthen invitation from someone who sent me the invite after I accepted that, I send them another message. I thank them for the car connection. I let them know what I'm all about, and then I offer to them if they ever have a question that I could help them with, never hesitate to ask. This is purposeful branding by offering to help. Furthermore, if I'm going to send someone an invitation to connect, I'm also very purposeful about that. Let me show you what I mean. Here's a guy. My name Mr NC Wiseman. If I want to connect with him, I'm gonna hit the connect button after I'm clear that I know who they are. Maybe that he knows who I am. This is a test account, but once I'm very purposeful about, I should send him in in by hit the connect button and then I'm always going to include a personal note. Now, my personal note is gonna be very purposeful is. Well, it might reference something that I know about the person, someone I know that I talked with the regards to this person, something I discovered on their website. They're linked in profile, their company paid or their content. And then I'm gonna end it when Within the 300 characters I have. I'm getting it with a very simple statement. Please join me. Only very purposeful messaging relevant to that individual. If they do accept my invite, then I'm gonna send another message back them again, thanking them for the connection and letting them know that I want to help them if I can, and inviting them to message me anytime they want invitations and the actions of starting the connecting and moving past. The connection is a very important way for you to build relationships and build your brand through the initial engagement. 18. LinkedIn Company Pages (Live): Let's look at linked in company page. So I go over here, you see, here's one of my company pages here. My pages. I clicked on my company page now by default because I'm an administrator. This page I'm in admin view right here. If I want to switch to be member of use, click right here now, viewing this company page as the member. And I could go back to be an admin right here and so that I can see what has the member, what's the content, and I can engage on this content as the member. I'm not a huge fan because it's a small company is my company. I'm not a huge fan of engaging as Teddy on Burst, resulting content. Maybe we're now meant, especially if somebody else engaged on it. Okay, but I'll go back to admin view and a few things to show you here. So, as an ad man now, I could do a status post or start a new post and the same functionality here. You know anyone or targeted audience. Target audiences need to be more than 300 people, but I go to anyone on the exact same philosophies apply here. Grammar spell Jack. Focus on your target audience. No more in three hashtags, you're going to use the euro or any content in sugar. Picture a video document except center. Tell your viewer why you're sharing it. Why they should read it and make sure this content is predominantly focused on your target audience. 90 10 Rule. So not a lot of sales stuff, but but help and give to your audience. And once you've written it and you've checked it, use your hashtags. Then you can hit post, and I do have some showcase pages. You go here, reviews a member and you stroll down. Here's my affiliated pages. If I go view that, then you can see I my body thought I'm viewing. It is a madman, but I go viewed as a member. As an ad man, I'm come down here and share content again. Exactly the same philosophy supply target audience. He were rich. Three. No more three hashtags. Tell your viewer why your share it. You do picture video, upload a video and you do documents, uploaded pictures. Well, go back to my company page for a minute and go back to view is admission. And so here's what the pencils are where you can edit edit this image, which I'm going and it. Soon I could edit this content. My pay, Jimbo my buttons. Why overview of locations that my primary hash tags featured? Groups set center. You go here and you get update this content 2000 characters for your overview about section . So really think through putting some meaningful content in their information focused on your target audience that can help them and write all that outside linked and copy and paste in here. Make sure your l is right. Make sure your industries air right. You can make sure your especially do you have up to 20 specialties are right. Look at your key, your primary hashtags. Make sure they're off most relevant. You have three primary hashtags and again review this and make sure it's what you want. And then when you're done, save it. If you edit it, building your brand on LinkedIn is work, and there's a lot of things that I just shared with you lot different areas that are available to you. And I didn't even touch on all of my touched on the primary and said, I want you to be overwhelmed here. You don't need to do all of this. You don't need to know how to use every blade or use every blade on a Swiss Army knife. But you've gotta Mabandla JIA's laws. You know what they are, and then you use them when appropriate and when relevant. 19. Measuring Your Brand on LinkedIn: So now let's talk about how do you measure your professional brand as you're using? Lengthen purposefully. So first of all, don't get all wrapped up in the numbers. Too often, people get all wrapped up the numbers, and they're important to pay attention to. But there are other things to pay attention to asses. Well, it's not all about the lights. Not all of the comments. Not all, not shares. But it is all about that collectively. And most importantly, by whom? Your most important viewer, your target audience. It's also important to measure the eyeballs on your stuff, kind of using my gain on this post off my game linked in profile views who looked at this post who looked at this company post Because it's important to look at all of this. It's a so the whole picture is important, not any one piece. Most importantly, what you should be measuring is does the phone ring and my getting emails and getting introductions and I get referrals is a driving business. And if it's not driving business over or specific measured amount of time, they need to think about what am I doing? Am I building the right professional brand with the right people. Also want to do what's called a B testing. Try some tactics for a while. Measure what you get, maybe for a month, because remember, it's not a racist journey. Then try something different and then measure that and then just wear accordingly. And you want to use many different KP eyes, not just the easy ones. Use lots of different KP eyes. Yeah, the easy ones of the SS. I score profile views showing up in search, you know, and some of the individual post analytics. But so the other KP eyes might be. Have a conversation your target audience and ask them. Have they seen your content? Hasn't helped them. I want to do this when someone new contacts me, I will. I asked them how they discover me and when they say family lengthen content, they found some content shared on or engaged on or whatever. That's important to me. And they found me outside. Lengthen and came interlink did. That's important. Lost over KP eyes key performance indicators that you should be paying attention to and challenge yourself about how you measure success because often again, we measure the easy stuff and not the hard stuff we have. That's too much time measuring the wrong stuff for the wrong reasons. And we get the wrong goals or we don't achieve angles. So really be purposeful about challenging yourself. Now what my measuring Why and for what? John, What am I trying to achieve? And two more things to think about here. Stay focused to your business or career goals. You've got to stay focused to those goals when you're measuring as well as when you're doing the work, because if you're measuring for, feel good and you're measuring for happiness. But those measurements are not measuring towards your business. Goals that is worth is not worth measured and stay focused to your target audience. Measure towards them. Measure or they involve measure. Are they engaging? Measure. I might getting my target audience toe. Look at my content, and is that building my brand? It's not. You've gotta just you've got a pit and you try again 20. Go Forth & work on your Brand: some closing remarks that can really, really want to get you think this way your professional brand is your responsibility. No one else's, so you need to work on it consistently. Not relentlessly consistently means is a journey. Make it a job. You want to think about the trifecta of a well built, linked in profile, relevant and meaningful. Lengthen never and engagement this. The trifecta of those three to come together to create the greatest value. Using Lincoln's business toll and developing your brand. And you want experiment. I know it takes time, but you want to invest time every now and then to try something new. Go experiment with it, especially new features that can help you grow your brand. Help you create success using lengthen. Remember, don't make it all about you or your business. Focus on your target audience. Donald Miller wrote the book story brand story Brain. It's really a powerful philosophy. One of the things that he said in that book is that you're not the hero. I'm not the hero. Okay? You in the context of this class, you were the hero and I'm your guide. You're my most important viewer. My target onliest this class. So you're the hero and I am the guide trying to help you. You need to think that way in your engagement, linked in as you're developing your brand. You don't want to be the hero. Be the guide and measure what's important to you and what's important to your goals. Today you were you that's truer than truth. There's no one alive who is your than you. I loved Dr Seuss. I love the way he makes me think and what I'm trying to encourage. Use this when you're using. Lengthen purposely focus of your business goals. Focus on your target audience. You want to be building the brand called you, and when you're building that brand and showing people the value of that brand through your content and your engagement that takes you toe, hold on the level so get started on building your brand. Get started on being the guide that helps your target audience be the hero your professional brand can open doors create opportunities, referrals. We're not in a great your social branding activities into other areas of your business. Other areas your life in real life integrate the use of lengthen into other areas of your business and other areas. Your life where relevant, appropriate. And you get amplified the professional brand that you have to share through lengthen and beyond. I'm tatty like their strategise. Thank you for attending this class.