Building a Productive Creative Business: The How & Why of Scaling

Nick Sambrato, Founder & CEO of Mama's Sauce

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10 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Project

    • How I Left the Garage

    • Business Practices

    • Why Leave the Garage?

    • What Kind of Businesses are on the Other Side?

    • The Golden Triangle of Business (Development, Delivery & Operations)

    • The Basics of Business Planning (Part I)

    • The Basics of Business Planning (Part II)

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Do you have the hopes of growing your freelance operation from your garage or bedroom into a something more? Well, understanding the options and their implications are the first steps. Nick Sambrato, the founder of Mama’s Sauce, will cook you up a high-level overview of scaling your creative business. Whether you’re an individual freelancer, a mom-and-pop design shop or a small business owner, Nick will help guide you through the decisions and implications around healthy growth.

Diving into three crucial pillars — development, delivery and operations — this course is an exploration of how to grow from the “garage” on sound principles in a way that’s right for you.

By the end of this 35-minute class, you’ll have an understanding of the basic components of a business plan, how they apply to your vision, and most importantly be able to decide if what’s on the other side of leaving the garage is right for you.

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This class gives you a great overview of creating a business. Not long and to the point. Thank you for sharing the experience and some lessons you gained on your journey with your company, Nick.
This really is a good overview especially for someone who is a creative. It's only a small part of the course but I love the fact that Nick actually takes you through the spreadsheet and how to use it to project different scenarios. The easy logical way he takes you through the basics is really relatable and interesting. Thanks Nick.
Great inside info and tips on business development.





Nick Sambrato

Founder & CEO of Mama's Sauce

Founder and CEO of Mama's Sauce, a boutique letterpress and silkscreen print shop using solely eco-friendly inks and recycled papers. Also the VP of FICTION, a creative studio specializing in Direction, Post-Production, Graphic and Motion Design.

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