Building a Photography Website with Zenfolio | Robert Campbell | Skillshare

Building a Photography Website with Zenfolio

Robert Campbell

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14 Videos (36m)
    • Introduction to Building a Photography Website with Zenfolio

    • How to use your Dashboard learn your way around the Zenfolio Dashboard

    • How to Customize your Website use our built in tools to design your website yourself

    • How to design your websites homepage customize your landing page with our easy to use tools

    • How to customize your websites menu use edit site menu to customize your websites navigation

    • Custom Domain Name How to point your custom domain

    • How to upload your photos learn how to create a new gallery and upload your photos

    • How to structure your photos use groups galleries and collections to organize your photos

    • Access Control How to customize the security settings for your online photos and galleries

    • How to create your own price list and sell your photos online

    • How to get your photos to your clients: 3 ways to get your clients to their online photo gallery

    • How to sell photos online use a preset price list to start selling your photos in minutes

    • Selling Digital Products and Digital Downloads. Learn how to sell your photos online

    • How to boost your ranking and improve your SEO


About This Class

Start or refresh your photography business with a new website, through Zenfolio. Whether you are a professional looking to amplify your business, a student looking to showcase your portfolio, or a hobbyist wanting a place to store and display your work online, this course will teach you the basics of creating a photography-optimized website. To complete this course, you should have access to the internet and to to practice setting up your account. Set up a free trial to get started for 14 days:

By the end of this course, you'll be able to build a photography website, sell photography in an online storefront, and leverage marketing tools integrated into the website platform.





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