Building a Mobile App: What you ABSOLUTELY need to know!

Peter Januarius, Co-Founder - Nexgen Codecamp

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12 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction

    • The Value Proposition

    • The Convincer

    • The Competitive Analysis

    • The Prototype

    • Development 1

    • Development 2

    • Testing

    • Marketing

    • Support

    • Updates

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Everyone has app idea! I have rarely met anybody who hasn't. The real question is not "I have an app idea - where do I start" but rather "Should I even develop an app?". This course answers that question in no uncertain terms, tackling all that you need to consider.

This course will either save you time and money or it will help you to build a great app that enhances the lives of your many users.

Your class project will be to evaluate your app idea by creating:

- A Value Proposition

- A Convincer

- A Competitor Analysis

- A Prototype

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Simple and brilliant The tips!
Eduardo D'Avila

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Peter Januarius

Co-Founder - Nexgen Codecamp

I am a software developer of 25 years, having done backend development, front-end development, web and mobile application development. I have worked in many industries and for many companies (large and small) over the duration of my career.

Over the last few years I have become more of an educator - mentoring for and becoming a co-founder of Nexgen Codecamp - a tech startup delivering essential technology based education to young people - sadly missing from most national curricula.

When it comes to work, my passion is for great user experiences and value to customers.

Outside of work - I am married with 4 kids! Life is busy but great! In my 'spare' time I love to cook, play my bass guitar and learn new stuff!