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Building a List of Responsive Email Subscribers

teacher avatar Theo McArthur, Easy to Follow Marketing Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction to Building a List of Responsive Subscribers

    • 2. Key Points and Benefits of Building a List

    • 3. Set up an Autoresponder Part 1

    • 4. Set up an Autoresponder Part 2

    • 5. Lead Magnets Part 1

    • 6. Lead Magnets Part 2

    • 7. Lead Magnets Part 3

    • 8. Setting up an Automated Set and Forget Email Series

    • 9. Writing Spam Friendly Emails

    • 10. Sending News or Special Offer Emails

    • 11. Creating a Subscriber Thank You Page

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About This Class

This class teaches you how to build a valuable list of email subscribers.  Not just any list, but a responsive list.  A list of subscribers who want to open your emails, read them, and take action.  That action could be a purchase, a booking, or any other action, depending on the purpose of the email.

If you have any sort of online business, a website, a blog, or an online store, and you are not building an email list, you are almost certainly leaving revenue on the table! 

Or if you plan to have an online business in the near future, watch the lessons in this course to get an insight into what can be achieved if you include list building in your plans.

Even a small list of 1000 subscribers can be well worth having, providing it's built correctly, using the right strategies.  

You will learn how to create high converting opt in forms, how to create 'lead magnets', how to set up a series of automated emails, how to make a simple 'Thank You' page, and more.

Additionally, you will gain an understanding into why some lists are very productive, while others produce nothing at all.  By the time you've completed the course, you will know exactly how to make your list as productive as it can possibly be!

The course starts out with a brief introduction and then moves on to talk about the key points and benefits of list building.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Theo McArthur

Easy to Follow Marketing Classes


My name's Theo McArthur, and I've been working online since 1995. I left my job and went full-time online in 2001. Teaching is probably the most satisfying thing I do. Being able to help others to learn potentially life-changing techniques and business models.

I've been involved with blogging and affiliate marketing for over 20 years, and 8 years ago, I also delved into the world of Amazon selling and e-commerce.  The knowledge I've amassed over the years is passed on through my classes.

Around half of my time is devoted to my online businesses, while the other half is teaching. At this time, more than 140,000 people worldwide have taken my business courses.

I'm a great advocate of taking action because we learn the most by doing it. My classes are de... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Building a List of Responsive Subscribers: Hello, everybody. My name's Theo MacArthur and welcome to building a list off responsive email subscribers. Now I'm stressing the word responsive because many lists are not responsive at all on that is a complete waste of time. So what we focus on in this course is building a list off subscribers who are responsive to the emails that they receive from you. Okay, so what's covered? Well, we're going to cover the benefits of this building. We're going to cover what you will need setting things up. We're going to talk about reputation and value. That's your reputation with your list on the value that you provide to them because they're going to provide value back to you. We're going to talk about writing emails on we're going to be covering creating lead magnets now. Lead magnet is the incentive that a user has to sign up to your list, so we need to give an incentive. We can't expect people to sign up to an email list without a good reason. We're going to cover email subject lines. Obviously, this is really important because that determines whether or not the email gets opened. We're going to be setting up a set and forget email. Siri's that works for you. 24 7 Andi. We're also going to cover sending out one off emails to your list. We're going to cover. Opt informs again. This is really important because the opt in form, along with the lead magnet, is going to determine the conversion rate. In other words, the number of people who actually sign up to your list. We're going to cover thank you pages on avoiding spam traps on before we start just briefly about myself. I have over two decades of online marketing experience on my areas of expertise, website creation, blogging, affiliate marketing and e commerce. So quite a wide range of experience. But I have been doing this for over 20 years, and in fact it all ties in together in my business. I've been teaching others since 2015 and at this time I have just over 100,000 students from all around the world, okay, and one point to make here before we do get started, you cannot build on email waste without a website to build it from, So if you have a website or if you plan to have one in the future. This course is for you. But if you have no intentions of ever having your own website, this course is not for you. Okay, I'll see you in the next lesson. 2. Key Points and Benefits of Building a List: So let's look at the key points of building an email list. First of all, if you don't build a list, you are almost certainly a leaving money on the table. Visitors coming to your website, they either purchase something or they leave without purchasing anything. Most of them, of course, leave without buying anything at all. That's just the way of it. That's the way it is. But if we can capture the contact details off some of those visitors, we then have another chance to promote a market to them. So regardless of whether they make a purchase or no, we know that they visited our site, so they were interested in something. Therefore, once we have them on a lace, we have been a higher chance off selling something to them. Now, the average income from a list a list that is built properly, is around about $1 per month per subscriber. So that means that if you have a list of 1000 subscribers, your average income from that list should be around $1000 a month Now, of course, you can build a much, much bigger list than this, but I'm just trying to point out that it's worth having a laced, even if it's only a small one to begin with. And another thing I want to add here is that your list average income per subscriber, can be a lot higher than $1. I'm actually being quite conservative here, but some people have great incomes from quite small lists. Next key point. A list should benefit the subscriber Justus, much as it benefits the list owner. It's not all about selling selling selling, because if you do that, you are really shooting yourself in the foot because your list will start to ignore you. It has to be a two way thing, a win win situation. Now a list can be fully automated. It could be completely set and forget. It must be built using counts, bomb complained methods. So you must use an auto responder, which we will be covering the whole auto responder thing on what you need to do and how it works. A big list doesn't necessarily equate to a big income. There are people who have list off hundreds of thousands, even millions of subscribers, but they're not necessarily making much money from those lists. It really depends on how you build the list in the first place on then how you treat those subscribers on. Conversely, a small list town actually equate to a big income Ah, list of just a few 1000 again, depending on the niche, how the list was built and that sort of thing. Our list of just a few 1000 congenital rate a very significant income. Now, a list could be a list of buyers. So a list of people who have actually bought something on your website they could just be leads or your list could just be a mixture of both. All right, the two things that you will need. First of all, you're going to need an auto responder that I saw that you can collect a manage on email. Your subscribers? No, there are many, many auto responder services out there, but the majority off them are very poor. They have very poor deliver ability on delivery ability is vital. We need to know that the bulk off our emails, or nearly all of the emails we send out are going to be delivered to the recipients are not filtered out by some kind of spam filter? No, the three I've listed here. These are used extensively by digital marketers, a Weber Mail chimp and get response. Now a Weber is the one that I use myself. I've been using this one since 2000 and six, so a Weber is, in fact, the one that I used throughout the lessons in this section of the course. But you could also, if you wish to take a look at male chimp or get response as well. All three are good services, but I think a Weber probably is the most popular among digital marketers. Unless you're going right up the scale to auto responders, that costs really a lot of money. I'm talking about several $100 a month. These kind of auto responders are used by big companies, But for regular digital marketers like us, something like a Web mail chimp or get response is an ideal solution. The next thing you're going to need is you're going to need a lead magnet now. Elite mark note. This is simply a term that we use. It's something that gives your visitors on incentive to subscribe to your list, otherwise you won't get very many subscribers. We need to give people a reason to sign up to are laced, not just saying sign up for updates because very few people will do that. We need to give people a really incentive, something that's really irresistible on you're going to be learning how to do that in the following lessons. 3. Set up an Autoresponder Part 1: Okay, I am going to run through with you the basic list creation and set up in a Weber. Now, if you have decided to go with male chimp or get response, for example the principles of the same but the terminology used in the dashboard will be different on the process will also be different so you can watch the tutorials for those auto responders. Now, there are very good tutorials for all off these auto responders. A Weber has video tutorials for everything. But just to save your time to save you, figuring out how to get started, I'm just going to run through this list, set up with you and then you'll be able to get going straight away. Now, with a brand new account, you may have a screen that say something like Create your first list, but otherwise you would go to manage lists and click on create a list on. Basically, you're looking for a page like this? No, for the company name. I'm going to do this list for the money. Blawg don't co dot UK, so I'm just going to call it the money block UK, and you should get this little green tick year showing that your website has been verified . If you don't get that, if you get a message saying we couldn't verify your website, it probably means that you made a mistake here with your U. R L. You need to have a valid mailing address at the bottom of your emails for counts. Bomb. It's perfectly okay to use a mailing address, providing it is a property dress. You can't use a P o box or anything like that. And to add a new address, you just click on at an address. If you don't have one already, or to add another one click, use a different address. Enter the address. Now. When you add a new address, a Weber will look at it. They want to check that it is a really address on that contain 1 to 2 days Now. Here you want to enter the sender name. If you are branding your a website, that will be your website name. If you are branding yourself, that would be your own name, and once you've completed that on to the next step, I know you need to give your list a name on a brief description. No, your list subscribers will be able to look at the list description, so make sure that you put something relevant in there. He doesn't need to be a long description, and you can put up to 400 characters in there. But as long as you write wanted to descriptive sentences. Next step, Choose your language here. Now this message here response required on the message down here. This is for if you decide to set double octane double opt in is where your subscribers need to receive a confirmation. Email. Andi, go on, open that confirmation email and click a link in that confirmation email before they are added to your list. Now I never use double octane. I always switch to single opting. But even with single opt in, we still need to set this message here because there are always going to be a small percentage of subscribers that will get this confirmation message regardless off the fact that we're going to set this list. Two single opted I like to leave at the default response required. Please confirm your requests for information, and then you can leave. Everything else is or you can edit it if you want click, approve, message and create list. And now the list has been created. You to see it up here, the top in current list. Go to list options. And here's where you can edit any off the basic information that you added. You can personalize your list. You can put an email signature in here if you wish to. Now, here is where we change the octane mode. We want to scroll down here on. We want to select off for double opt in for when people subscribe to our list from a form on our website. So we switched that off. Now that is my preference. It is entirely up to you. If you want to do double opt in, you do double opt in. I never do it, but it's your choice. You will get a lot less subscribers doing it that way. Obviously, those subscribers will be a bit more valuable because they've gone to the trouble off opening the confirmation email, but you will probably lose about 50% off your leads. If you do have double opt in on, know that your list is set up, you need to do two things. You need to at least put one messaging so that when your subscribers sign up to your list, when the end to their name and email address on a form on your website, a message goes out to them. Andi, you need to create a form, so let's move on and do that in the next lesson. 4. Set up an Autoresponder Part 2: Okay, let's continue with the basic set up. So while you're still on the same list and it will show up here, go to messages on Select Legacy Follow up Siri's. You then have three choices the Dragon Drop email builder, plain text message or HTML editor, Plain text message. I would ignore that. Warn you can use either Dragon drop email builder or HTML editor. Now I always on always have used HTML editor. I have tried out the Dragon drop email builder, but I didn't like it. You can try it out for yourself, though. I want to show you how I do it for now. So we want to enter a subject line on a body for the email. So what I've done here is I've personalized the subject line. Thank you. First name. This will be the name that the subscriber entered on the form on our website and then the body of the email. We're just going to put anything in here for now. This is just really too get you up to speed with how it works on. We want to personalize this Hi, John, or whatever their name is. Thank you for signing up to our email list kind regards Brooke, then the website on email address here. I like to change the font as well. I like to set it at Ariel under light to make sure it's going to be big enough. Said he taught 14 pixels. That'll do for now, save and exit. Now we need to add this to the follow up. Email Siri's. I had to follow up. Siri's follow up. Warne is the welcome message. Your subscribers will get this immediately after signing up. There's no links in this message. I'm not going to bother leaving that ticked now. What this is four is if you have emails going out that have links in them. You want to track how many people, or if you want to track how many people in which people have clicked on the link, you can have that ticked. In this case, there are no links. Anyway, out to follow up Siri's. No. Afterwards, you will be creating a whole follow up Siris of Emails Space Day, with scheduled to go out certain days. So, for example, email number one goes, oh, automatically email to might go out the next day or two days later on so one and so on. Your series could go on for months a year. Even although most people don't create that many emails upfront, that would be a lot of work. What you can do in the beginning is just have a Siri's off five or six emails set up, ready to go out, perhaps spanning over a space of two weeks or three weeks, and then you can add to them as you go along. I'm basically by having this automated Siri's going out. You've got this working for you 24 7 Okay, and the third thing you need to do to complete the basic set up is too great a sign up form for this list. No, we need to choose a template. I personally always choose the basic template, but there are many templates. We click on Show Mawr on click on Generic. You can scroll through the templates, have a look at them. I recommend that if you're going to use a pre made template, be very careful because some of these have been around for well since as long as I can remember literally since 2006 when I started using a Weber. They are pretty dated. I mean this here with the arrows. That really does look quite horrible. Anyway, I just used the basic and create my own template. So I'm going to do that. I like to remove the powered by a Weber Marketing. We don't need that now. The only two feels I like to have on my forms are at name and email. The more feels that you have on the form, the less subscribers you will get. Some people even like to get rid of the name and just have email. But the problem with doing that is you can't personalize anything because you don't have their names, so you can't personalize the messages. I always leave name and email, but that's all I have for a regular form on my website. No, there are many things we can do to customize this. Now. If we go over here to form tight, we can customize everything. If I want to customize the submit button, for example, edit. I want to change the text. I want to change the font of this as well. So I'm going to go for Ariel. I'm going to make it bigger. The background color. I think I'll change that the text and went to make that white. I'm going to change this text here. I'm going to put a border around this four. I'm going to put something in the header, Put some padding in. I want to have this a little bit further down, so let's go on. Move this. Remove the footer. Now, This is very basic on. We would never say this either subscribed to our list because that is really not going to get any subscribers, as I think I mentioned before. So we would make a much better form than this. I'm just doing this to demonstrate the process so that you know the process here so that you have the bare bones, Andi. Then the rest of the lessons in this section is going to be much much easier for you because you're going to understand the basic process of how this is done. All right, so let's say we were going to take this form like this. We need to save it. Go to step two. Now we give the former name. This is for your own information. I'm just calling it that in case I created more than 14 within this email list, I might create a form for the sidebar, maybe a form for one of the pages, that kind of thing. So we differentiate them by giving them names for the thank you page. For now, we're going to leave the basic version already subscribed page. We can leave this as the default custom version. This is if somebody is already on the lace and they try to sign up a game because sometimes people forget that they're already on a list. They will get a page saying, You've already subscribed on. They will get back out or saying Go back to the website so that's fine. We can always keep that page as it is for the thank you page, though we can create a custom page and will be doing that later on. Save again, Go to step three. This is where you get the code to install on your website. I will install my four raw HTML. You can take the Java script if you want. I always use Roy html because it gives you more flexibility, but if you want to use this just use this. We're going to take all this here. This could be placed almost anywhere on your website. So let's just go over and do it now. So you know the process. Andi, I'm going to go and put this in a widget. I just grab a text widget. Here, put it up the top. There is the cold save. Go look at the website. Very is. And you can see how it doesn't look very good at all in comparison to this one which has been created properly. Nevertheless, this form is functional. It just needs some work on the formatting. Okay, I'm going to delete this now. I could put that code anywhere else if I wanted to put that code on a page or in a post. Let's say I wanted to put the forum down here. Just go over to text, which is your html. And then I'm going to put the form just here somewhere. Save draft review on its there. It looks even worse here, but once again, this is just a formatting thing. We would just need to work on it. But now you know how to create a list in a Weber. How to add a message on how to create a form on add it to your website on Those are the things you need to know before you know anything else or do anything else with email, this building and auto responders, you need to know that basic stuff you need to have that basic foundation. 5. Lead Magnets Part 1: Welcome back, everybody. Let's start taking a very close look at lead magnets because before you set up your email Siris in your auto responder, you need to create a lead magnet lead magnets, I mentioned already. This is something that you offer your website visitors as an incentive to sign up to your email list. Now lead magnet should be of high perceived value unders irresistible as possible in order to get as a many subscribers as possible. Let's take a look at a few examples. These are all good examples. 50% off best selling courses for aspiring indie writers find under the radar competitions with this view as 20 entrance Got a novel in You Download your free beginners creative novel writing guides on these free seven day mini course. How to complete your first novel in 60 days. That's a good example, but here's a bad example. Download your free creative writing guide. It's very general. It just stays. Your free creative writing guide doesn't say anything about it. How it will benefit you, what you can do with it or anything like that on this one Here. Subscribe to our list to get money saving tips. Free stuff unloads Mawr. It's OK, but it's a bit too general a swell. We need to be more specific. We need to be offering a specific thing on. Here's a couple of examples for e commerce, 5% off. You're next online order. That's good. It's specific. They're getting 5% off if they subscribe to the newsletter. Better if it was a little more than 5% but even 5% can be a good enough incentive to get people signing up to your list. Sign up for the latest news. Now that's far too general. Far too generic, no exciting at all because nobody really cares about your latest news. But they do care about getting 5% off their order. Now this one here that we looked up and decided this is not a good one. It's far too. General doesn't really draw people in, But if we're much more specific, write 5000 words per day in your spare time. Download the e book. Now that's a lot different. That's very specific. Is telling people what they can do if they download the e book. Same with this one free seven day. Many course how to complete your first novel in 60 days. It's telling people the specific benefit they will get from the seven day many course. No, there are two parts to leave magnet on. Both are important now. The first part is the opt inform copy and in this case, find under the radar competitions with as few as 20 entrance. Did you know there are dozens of competitions that go virtually unnoticed? Get our step by step guide to discovering these competitions. The copy on your opt in form needs to be gored, even if it's only 45 words. It needs to be enticing enough on. This is going to be key. Do the amount of subscribers you gauge the form itself. So the aesthetics off the form, how good the form looks, it does help. But what's really going to make the difference is the actual copy on the form and the second part that the lead magnet itself Obviously no, we can't have, ah, great form with great copy on it. But the lead magnet itself the thing that we are giving away, whether it's report or guide or what it is, if that's a complete let down. What's going to happen is you pretty much wasted a subscriber there. If you're a subscriber, signs up to your list. They're looking forward to get in this report. This e book, this miniseries, whatever is on when they get it, it's just some old pl r e book or old pl. Our report on pl. R stands for private label rights. For those of you who don't know Andi, there are various websites that you can buy private label writes a books, reports, downloads all kinds of things for a couple of dollars on. Then you can do what you like with them, basically, but these are complete garbage. If they weren't garbage, they wouldn't be on these websites being sold for a couple of dollars a time and giving you the rights to resell or give those away as many times as you want. It doesn't make any sense. So all this pl our content. This is rubbish. I'm not saying you can't use it to get ideas from on to get some information from, but if you try and pass one of these things off as your lead magnet, your subscribers will be very disappointed. They're not going to take any notice of your e mails from their own, so we need to put effort into our lead. Magnotta. It's not just any old thing. We need to put as much effort into our lead Magna as if we were selling it as if it was something we were going to sail as opposed to give away. All right, let's move on to part two off lead magnets. 6. Lead Magnets Part 2: Okay, let's continue by looking at the types off lead magnet. The most obvious type is the report or the guide, or the e book, which is created in PdF format is normally between 1000 and 5000 plus words. So if it's below 5000 words, it would normally be a report or a guide. Anything over 5000 words on you can categorize that more as an e book should contain images to break it up, make it more interesting and, of course, to make it longer as well as extra pages to it. We also want to include a links in the report or the guide or the e book. It should be unique on not pl r, which we spoke about already in the last lesson should always be about something specific, as opposed to something very. General Andi must be consistent with the opt Inform copy. So whatever was on the opt inform. You need to deliver on that promise and not have something that is on Lee vaguely or partly connected or related to what was actually on the opt in for you can either create it yourself or you can outsource it There are many services that will write any books or reports or guides for you fiver or up work. Andi. Here are just three more popular services ghost but writers dot com express writers dot com Content development pros dot co dot UK But there are many others, too. Now the mini course is delivered normally over a space of 5 to 10 days. Anything longer than 10 days, Andi people will tend to lose interest. You should try and condense it into 5 to 10 days. In fact, seven days seems to work really well. You would deliver this by email day one day, two day three and so on, so it will go out one per day. You will put links in the emails should be unique again and no pl R on a specific topic and again consistent with the form copy Europe. Many course should be absolutely what you said. It waas on the opt in form. It's better if you create it yourself. You can outsource it. But since this is going out day by day by email, it is usually better if you do this yourself. If you can, you could include links in the emails going to videos or the whole many course could just be completely text based. Now, what are the different types? Off reports, guides, E books, many courses. We've got insider knowledge. For example, best selling Kindle author reveals exactly what it takes to become a best selling fiction writer or discover the five steps every best selling Kindle author takes to virtually guarantee a successful launch. That's insider knowledge. And then we've got how to guides, how to find under the radar competitions with as few as 20 entrance. How to build your own family home for under $15,000. And then we've got solving a problem. Credit Card Bills Gets New Down. Download the free guide to eliminating credit card debt fast. Or is insomnia destroying your quality of life? Thousands are now sleeping in 90% better with these highly effective techniques. So these are the three main things we've got insider knowledge, how to guides on solving a problem, and all three of these work really, really well. On the other type off lead Magna is a coupon discount offer, that kind of thing that could be percentage off money off time, limited quantity limited. It could be rewards points signing up to get rewards points on it could be customer exclusives. No, this is primarily geared towards those of you who are selling your own products. However, there are many affiliate programs where you can get coupon codes from the vendor. So from the program owner to use either to help build your list or to offer to your existing subscribers people who have shown an interest in the past or purchased in the past . So it is possible to do this sort of thing even as an affiliate, although not all affiliate programs, our affiliate products give you the option or the opportunity to offer discounts or to have coupon codes. All right, let's move on to Part three. 7. Lead Magnets Part 3: Okay, Welcome back. Let's take a look at creating a lead magnet for the report or the guide or the e book. If you're going to create it yourself, you need to do the research on the first place you tap into is your own knowledge. Of course, you can use blog's forums on Just Do a Google Search for any information you can find on the topic and then KAL eight all your research on all the information Before you start to write anything, just make sure you've got all the information you need on when it comes to writing it. As I mentioned already for an E book you would normally be looking at 5000 words. Plus for a guide or report could be as little as 1000 words. You should create a cover page, which you could do in convert graft a compelling introduction because you want people to read it, break it up into easy to read sections. Andi do the usual use headers, bold italics and underlying, but not too much use images, so use quite a few images. Andi include several calls to action, so throughout the able called the report make sure that you are giving people the opportunity to purchase the product that you want them to buy. For example, if I had written a report about how to write 5000 words per day in your spare time, I could be promoting the software dragon, naturally speaking, which is a speech to text software, used a lot by writers and people who do a lot of writing. Or I could be promoting a novel writing course, or I could be promoting some different software or even a book. So basically, throughout that report, I would want to have a few calls to action. A few places in the report where the reader can click on, Get taken to the offer page, Use the Graham early extension or similar to check your grammar and spelling as you're going along. No. The second option, of course, is to outsource it. Now this is usually charged by the page or by the number of words. On five of for example, a page typically means 300 words. So if you were going to have 3000 words written, that will be 10 pages. Andi, if they're charging $5 a page, that's $50. Normally, you can expect to pay anything from 100 to $200 plus for a 5000 word e book. Make sure you get samples of first as well from the person who is going to be a writing your book or your report. Andi, if you are having an e book written, so you're talking 5000 words or so at least check their work. Let them know in advance that you want to see their work after 700 to 1000 words. Now, in order to give the person the best chance of producing what you want, provide them with us much information as possible. So do do your research first and provide them with that information. Don't leave it too. Then, even if they say they will do the research, don't leave it too. Then you do the research because you know what it is. You want them to write about. Andi. Provide them with this much guidance as possible in the way that you want that able created , you will need to proof. Read it afterwards on correct errors and then proof reading again, even get somebody else to proof. Read it as well. There will be errors because even the good writers make errors on unless somebody else is proof reading it, which you would pay extra for if you wanted a proof reader as well. That's extra money, so they don't get someone to proof. Read it for them. No one's proofread that when you receive it, so even the best writers make mistakes. Other cover image. So create a cover image in camber because normally it won't include that Andi. Normally, there won't be any images in the e book all the report or the guide. It will just be the written content, so you need to insert the images. Andi put your own calls to action in. Don't ask them to do that. You do that yourself, all right, so how to deliver the able core? The guides. Normally, it will be a link in the email that goes out to them immediately. When they fill in the opt, inform on click submit so that email that goes out straight away will contain a link to a download page on your website. You don't need to go to the lengths off trying to protect that download page just give it a name like free report on, then a bunch of letters and numbers just saw that it's not something that's easily guessed . It doesn't really matter that much. If somebody comes across it, I'm downloads it because the bottom line is that in that report or that e book or that guide you have got your C. T. A's. I don't advise that you, including as an attachment to the email that goes out because that will cause more of your emails to get trapped in spam filters. So it's better to get them to a page on your website where they can download it on. Here's an example off the email that you could use. This will be like your first email in the altar, responded Siri's. And if you notice here, I haven't just said Here is your guide. I've put another sentence in there as well because I don't just want them on my list. I want them to look at this stuff as well. I want them to go and download the guide. Okay, now, what about the mini course? You be creating 5 to 10 emails and scheduling one per day. The subject line should be very clear, so they know what it is. They'll be looking out for it, so it should be Day one. How to xxx. So put Day one in the subject line on Day two in the subject line for the next day and so on include one call to action in each email on the bottom of the emails. It's also a good idea to have a link going to your website now what you can do and this is actually the best way. Instead of putting all the content for the many course in the body off the email, have a page on your website for each day, so create a page on your website for each day you be creating X amount of pages. So, for example, if you're many course was a seven day many course, you be creating seven pages on your website like day one day, two day three and so on. You wouldn't have these pages on the menu or anywhere at all. There wouldn't be linked to these pages anywhere on your website. The only way that people would know they were there really is by getting the emails and clicking on the length in the emails. So, basically, instead of the subscriber getting a big, long emails, they just get an email like this in day won't off. Whatever your many courses called, you're going to learn x x X click here now to access day one, and that takes them to the page on your website, where you've got the day one content by doing this. This allows you to be much more flexible with your content, because when it comes to writing emails, we need to be careful. The emails don't go into spam traps. We are going to cover that as well in this section of the course. Even with the best auto responder, there are still certain things that we do that can cause e mails that we create to go into spam drops. Therefore, by having the content on pages on your website, you can pretty much put what you like on there. You can use exclamation marks and all kinds of punctuation. You can use bolding on all this kind of thing that we need to try and avoid as much as possible in emails, because otherwise our email ends up end spam folders. And, of course, each day should lead on from the day before. All right, No. The coupon or discount or offer? How do we create these? There are various WordPress plug ings specifically for this. We've got coupon creator, coupon, papa ninja pop ups, arm or on. Some of them are specifically for we commerce, but some of them you can use, regardless of whether you have your own shop on your website. We can use coupon creator plug ins like thes, even if we are an affiliate. So that's what I'm trying to say. How do we deliver the coupons? So once somebody has opted in to get one of these coupons, how do we deliver them? Some of these plug ins are live with the coupon to be revealed on screen, which is the best way. So the person enters their name and email or just email. Whatever clicks submit your clicks, get my coupon on up, pops the coupon code on the screen. And, of course, at the same time, not person has gone on to your least on the other way. So if we're not using a plug in, that allows us to reveal the coupon on screen. The other way, of course, is by email. So once they obtain, the email goes out with the coupon code. All right, so that lead magnets on what I recommend you do know is think about which type of lead magnet is going to be most suitable for your website for your nation. For what you are doing on. Go ahead and create one or get one created. Because once you've done that, we're going to be able to create ah, proper opt Informa. Better opt in form Onda on email. Siri's an automated email Siris for your email waste as it starts to build. 8. Setting up an Automated Set and Forget Email Series: Hello, everybody. Let's take a look at setting up an automated email. Siri's. This is pretty much set and forget Andi. It's a passive way off contacting your laced Andi, Also making sales off your own products or affiliate products. Let's take a look at the key points. First of all, you should have at least 5 to 7 e mails created on Ready to Go. Andi, you need your lead magnet ready to. So before you can start seriously building a laced, you need these two things you need a few emails on. You need your elite magnet now if you are creating a mini course or a Siri's, because it doesn't actually have to be a course, it could be, Ah, Siris of tips or something like that. Doesn't need to be a course are such but anywhere many course or miniseries that goes out one per day, like a five day or seven day or 10 day miniseries Or many course that's going to count as your initial email Siri's. So if you're creating something like that, you won't need ah Siri's off e mails to start kicking in until after that. Many course or miniseries has finished on the schedule for a mini core, So miniseries is one email per day. Now for anything else, I don't recommend that you haven't email going out every day. If it's a mini course or miniseries over a space of X amount of days, subscribers are going to expect one a day, but for everything else is going to be a little bit too much to send out one every single day. So here's my suggested schedule. Your first email obviously goes immediately. I would have the 2nd 1 going the following day, the 3rd 1 going two days after that. So two days after the last one, the next one going two days after that and then have a three day gap, another three day gap, then go into four days, another four day gap and then go onto Weekly on have it weekly thereafter. So, depending on how many emails you're going to create and how long you want this or to respond, a Siri's to go on for which can go on indefinitely. But to begin with you probably won't want to sit and create dozens and dozens and dozens off e mails to set this up, you'll probably only want to create a few, and then you can add the rest as you go on now in a Weber to add another email to the follow up. Siri's is the very same as we did when we added the initial email. So when we added a on email in the demonstration earlier on, but this time you set an interval. So for every email message that you aren't, you will set the interval to be sent X amount of days after the previous one. All right, back to the key points. Keep your emails relatively short, and that is because long emails they tend not to get red. People expect emails to be fairly short, so don't create great big long emails. Keep them fairly. Sure is better to link them back to something on your website rather than to have a big long spiel in an email. And this leads on from that. You can direct your subscribers back to your website to various articles on various pieces of content on your website. Most of your emails that go out these should be value based are not promotional. Try and do most of your promoting on your website, and what I mean by that is your emails can be directing your subscribers to your website, and it's much better to direct subscribers to your website to an article on your website that promotes something as opposed to promoting it in the email. Always include a call to action. But as I just said, most should go to your website and not on external offer page. No, this doesn't mean that you're not promoting You are, but you're trying to do most of it on your website. So you're trying to get them to your website, as opposed to having links going off to Ophelia offers and that kind of thing in your actual e mails. When you create an email before you added to your auto responder, Siri's think about how will this email benefit the subscriber? If it doesn't benefit the subscriber on it only benefits you take another look at it on rework it because every email that goes out should benefit the subscriber, and many of the products that you will promote and sell well, of course, benefit your subscriber, but they may not necessarily see it like that. If you dive straight in trying to sell them something. So we need to strike a balance here because ultimately we want to make money, and that's what we're doing it for. But at the same time, we need to make sure it's the win win situation I spoke about earlier. They benefit as much as you do crafts subject lines that get high open rates because your subject line is going to be the most important part of your email. Definitely. Don't click bait your subject lines by click baiting. I mean writing subject lines with the sole intention off getting people to open the email. But the email itself isn't really congruent with the subject line or a prime example of click baiting. Of the worst click baiting, in my opinion, is the emails that have subject lines final notice, deadline, things like that. Now most digital marketers have stopped doing this now years back. It did work now instead of working. It just really, really irritates people. But there are still a few people who are doing this. I've no idea why, but anyway, do not do that. Always personalized the emails. So in a Weber, I showed you how to personalize emails. So make sure that you do do that. You know, Don't be lazy or don't forget to do that. It makes all the difference. Occasionally, thank your subscribers sometimes just have a sentence at the top of the email before you really get into the content of the email saying something very simple, like thank you for being one of our values subscribers. These kind of things do make a difference because you are building a relationship with your list. That's the whole idea. On As your list subscribers get to know you, they don't know you really are such, but they'll start to feel like they know you through your emails and through the content on your website. On Daz, you build this relationship with your subscribers. Your income from your list will just go up and up and up. Always use a friendly tone. Andi again not goes back to what I just said. That you are building a relationship with the subscribers. Onda occasionally remind them how to unsubscribe. No, in theory, it should be obvious to anybody how to unsubscribe because all of the auto responders automatically uncertain unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, but you'd be surprised. Some people are just not all Internet savvy. They may never have Bean subscribed to a list before. They may be very, very un observant and just not see it on. Occasionally, you will get a subscriber replaying to one of the emails saying, Take me off your list as opposed to just clicking that unsubscribe link themselves. But if occasionally perhaps in every fifth email that goes out thank you for being one of our values subscribers. This is just to remind you that if you would like to unsubscribe from this less, please click the link at the bottom off this email. Okay, here is some really important things. Treat your subscribers as you would like to be treated. Think about the emails that you get. Nobody really likes to be sold to. We all like to think that we make our own decisions, and we decide if we want to purchase something or no on. We decided when to purchase something as marketers. Our job is to give people all the information and you sales copy to persuade as well. But we must do it in a way that doesn't appear that all we want to do is sell stuff to them as well as that. Nobody likes to be baited, So this is going back to the subject lines to click baiting the subject lines. But it also applies to your opt Informa's well, what is on your opt in form must be what you deliver on. Nobody likes to be bombarded. There's nothing more irritating, as when you sign up to somebody's list. You sign up to a list with a company or whatever, Andi. All of a sudden you're getting like two or three emails a day. It is very, very annoying. You will get a lot of fun, subscribes. If you do that on, you will get spam complaints as well. So I've already bean through a suggested schedule for you for your automated email, Siri's And when they said your list could be a gold mine on it can be a true goldmine. Some less will generate between five and $10 per subscriber per month. On average, most will not generate as much as that, but 1 to $2 per moment, $3 per month. Even per subscriber. This is no in any way unusual or unachievable. By the same token you released ca NBI. Worthless on this is going to be entirely down to you. It's entirely down to the way that you build your list. I e no baiting or misleading on then down to how you treat that list as well. All right, so you in a minute. 9. Writing Spam Friendly Emails: All right, let's take a look at how to create spam friendly emails so that the vast majority or almost all of your emails end up in the in box off your recipients. Firstly, let's just take a quick look at what happens when an email is sent out, which the email goes. I onda. Generally one of three things can happen, So let's just assume that it's going to a valid email address on its not going to a full inbox or anything crazy like that. The email can either be blocked by the email client. It can go to the recipient's inbox, or it can go to the recipients junk folder or some other folder. That's not the inbox so blocked completely inbox or junk I'm There are a number of deciding factors. So, first of all, where the email was sent from e mails that go out from an auto responder, our treaty differently from emails that are saying just person to person. Companies like a Weber have spent years and years and years building up a reputation on getting white listed with the email clients so Gmail and that kind of thing. But most auto responder companies haven't built that kind of reputation up with the email clients. And that is why, with many auto responders services, the delivery ability is very low. So where the email was sent from, that's the first thing on. It's possibly the most important factor. Secondly, the content of the email will be a deciding factor in whether it's blocked. Go to the inbox or goes to the junk, the email client off the recipient. This is also a factor. So an email clients like Hotmail and MSN, for example, are notoriously bad for blocking e mails out on no even allowing them into the recipients junk or spam folder your own reputation. So your reputation with the auto responder service that you are using this doesn't make a huge difference, but it does make some difference. If you get a lot of spam complaints that is going to affect the delivery ability off. Your e mails were going to be covering all this in a minute. On lastly, the recipients historical behavior. If the recipient has a history of reporting spam from that email address because some email clients have a link with a button where you can click to report spam. People who do this persistently are more likely to have their emails blocked at source or going into the junk or spam folder. And if you think back to the lesson where we did the basic or to respond to set up on, we were talking about the double opt in Andi. I advise you to switch it off. But I also said that even though it's off, there will be some people who need to double opt in. Well, people who have a history off reporting spam, these people will often need to double opt in, so you can't control the recipient's email client or the recipients historical behavior. But you can control where the email was sent from. By choosing a good and reputable or to respond the service on, you can choose to control the content of the email, and you can choose to control your own reputation. All right, so here are the Don's don't capitalize the first letter of every word. Don't put words in uppercase, so don't put whole words in capitals. Don't use too many links to money. You RL's in your emails. I recommend no more than won't don't use punctuation other than punctuation that you absolutely need to use for your subject line or your content to make sense. So things like commerce full stop that kind of thing. Don't use special characters. Don't write great big along subject lines. Don't use the following words free cash money. INVEST Dollar MEDICAL on There's a bunch more on there on the pdf handout that goes along with this lesson. So these are the things not to do. These are the things to avoid. If you want your emails toe landing your subscribers in box. Now, we need to also keep spam complaints to a minimum, even though your subscribers have opted in to your list by entering their name and email address on a form on your website and clicking submit. Even though they have, there is always going to be a small percentage of people who either forget they signed up to the laced or they're just having a bad day. They've got a bee in their bonnet, whatever it happens on all of us, no matter how hard we try, we're all going to have a very small percentage off spam complaints, but you need to keep that down to a minimum on this is what I meant when I was talking about reputation, your reputation with the auto responder. So don't bombard subscribers with too many emails. Don't click bait your subject lines. Be respectful. Don't promote multiple things in the same email, but we don't want to have tons of links in an email anyway. Don't promote multiple things to the same list over a short time period because basically, that just looks like all you're trying to do is sell on. You. Lose your credibility as well. Remember to always provide value to your subscribers. Un occasionally thank them on occasionally remind them how to unsubscribe on when it comes to the often form. It is a really good idea that you actually tell them that they are subscribing to your laced or to your newsletter. You don't want to take their focus away from the lead magnet, but you can do it without taking their focus off the main thing. So here's two examples I prefer subscribe to our newsletter to subscribe to our laced. I don't know if it makes really very much difference, but you'll see what I've done here. I have put that text. It's smaller than the headline on It's a Different Color as well the readers. I is not going to be drawn away from the headline at all with that text below way, but they can still see it on if your lead magna is good on. If the copy on your opt in form is Gord, you will not lose subscribers. You won't get any less subscribers simply from letting them know that they are subscribing to your list as well as getting the thing that they want. I either lead magnet. 10. Sending News or Special Offer Emails: in this lecture, I'm going to explain the difference between a follow up Siri's like we just created Onda a broadcast on I'm going to show you how to create and send our broadcast. Now, before I do that, I wanted to show you one other thing. Now this on existing laced established list in my a Weber account on, I wanted to point out what happens with the open raids. As the Siri's Theo email sequence progresses, the open rate will almost always go down. Now this is virtually unavoidable because it's human nature. And, as you can see, 72% off subscribers opened the first message in this sequence. The second message went down to 64% on the third message has gone down to 50 just under 55% and it's 52% and 51%. This sequence only has these five email messages in eight. The longer the sequence goes on, the more of a decrease you will get in the open rate. Now, while you can't avoid the open rate decreasing somewhat, your job is to make sure it doesn't drastically decrease If there's a drastic drop between the first email opening open rate percentage on the second email, open rate percentage or a drastic drop between the second and the third, for example. And you know that people are just not liking your e mails, and in this case, your unsubscribe rate is also going to be higher as well. So if you see this happening, if you see this huge drop between, say, the first and the second email or the first and the second and the third if it's a huge drop, then you know you need to take a look at the emails that you've written on. Just see what it is that you need to improve, but you definitely need to improve something. Okay, we're back on the list. We created Andi. Now I'm going to show you how to create a broadcast. Go up to the menu Javier Ramos over messages on select broadcasts. And once again, we're going to choose HTML editor. Compiling your broadcast message is exactly the same as compiling a message for your follow up sequence. The same rules apply. So we've got the same rules regarding spam words regarding formatting on the same rules regarding personalizing the body on signing off with your name or your website name on adding an image off yourself or a logo off your website. So everything's exactly the same. So I just pause the video for a second toe. Enter the subject line on the body off the message. Now this subject line here wanted to share this with you. That's the subject line on That's a subject line that I would use because it's not selling anything in the subject line. But it's creating curiosity. I wanted to share this with You HAVEn't put I in there. It's not necessary. Just wanted to share this with you on. That does create some curiosity. So the subscribers there thinking, What is it that she wants to share? I need to see this so they're going to open it that's going to have a good open rage. Now the email body. This is going to be some text that you right here. It should contain a link either going back to a page or a post on your website or somewhere else. So you could easily be promoting a product here directly, or you could just have them going back to a page or a post on your website that promotes a product. So let's just go ahead and save and exit. No, currently everything still looking exactly the same as it would look if you had create AIDS . I follow up Siri's message so we'll go to send options again. But this time, instead of choosing at to follow up Siri's, we're going to select schedule our broadcast. Now. This is where things get different. First of all, who should receive this message? That means that we can send this message this broadcast message to either the current list that we're working on, which is mad about fiction, or we consent it to multiple lists at the same time. So once you have more than one list in your auto responder account, you can send a particular broadcast to multiple lists Now, obviously, in order to do that, the list need to be very closely related. There's no point sending a broadcast to a list of subscribers who are subscribed on a totally different subject in a totally different niche. That would be pointless. But if you have lists that are in the same niche, so the subscribers on these lists are in the same niche or the same sub nish. You can send the same broadcast to multiple lists at the same time. Now it could be that you have some subscribers on more than one list. But that doesn't mean that these subscribers will receive the broadcast more than once because a Weber is very clever now. So even if a person is subscribed to six lists in your account on this broadcast goes toe all six of those lists. That person will still only received the broadcast message once so you comtech to include additional lists if you want to, you can also exclude lists or their A list that you want to completely exclude. You could do that as well, and then simply click on applied. And now, as you can see, this message is going to the current list on also 23 additional West's Now. The next thing that's different year is that you can decide when you want this broadcast message to be sent. If you don't edit it, it will be sent immediately. Now, this time zone by default seems to be set to Australian always in my account for some reason, even though I don't have it set like that in my account settings, but you can choose your time zone here. Or if most of the subscribers on your list are, for example, in the United States that you might want to choose something like Eastern Time. Click. Apply on. Now we've got this message going to the current list on three extra lists on. It's going to be going out today When. C January 4th at 7 p.m. GMT. Because I chose to PM Eastern, which is, in fact, seven PM GMT Message options again track clicks on message links in this website on If you want, you can have a Web email you when starts are available. I don't do that because I check my starts inside of a Weber and then you click on schedule message. No. Clearly, I don't want this message to go out. It's not a proper message, so I'm going to go ahead in Click council. But if you click schedule, then it will be scheduled to go out on. If you haven't chosen any time or date for it to go out, it will go immediately. Now, whenever you create a message, it's always going to go into your drafts folder here in a weapon. Andi. It's going to be connected to the list that you we're on when you created it. Until you actually select something here under send options is going to stay in your drafts . It's not going to disappear, so you can create messages and leave them in your drafts on. Then, at any time in the future, you can click send options on either schedule a broadcast or ab them to the follow up. Siri's All right. Now you can see from what we've done here that the big difference between a broadcast on a follow up message is that a follow up message is in a sequence of automatic emails that they're going out automatically. Whereas a broadcast is more of a manual thing on. When would you use a broadcast? When would you send a broadcast out to your list? Whatever you have some news to share with them, something that is not included in the follow up Siris on, There are always going to be things like that. There should be things like that going on. It's great to send broadcasts out every now and again Certainly you don't want to overdo it with broadcasts, but it's a good idea to send a broadcast whenever you have something interesting or valuable to share. Now this could be a new product released in your niche that you want to share with them. It could be an affiliate product so often affiliate product has been released and you think this is great. This is really good value. I think my list would really benefit from this. Then you can send a broadcast email, but it doesn't have to be selling. And every broadcast email should not be selling something. It could just be that you found out a really useful snippet of information. So you've bean working online and you've come across something and think, Wow, this is really, really valuable. I'm going to share this with the subscribers on my list because I know this is going to benefit them or it could be news so it could be something that's just happened on. Do you want to send a broadcast email about that? May be discussing it a bit, saying what? Your opinion off it is that kind of thing. So that's what a broadcast is four on broadcast can definitely be used for selling, but it shouldn't be used for selling every single time. Now I have covered everything that you need to know about a Weber. There are some things that later on, as you progress, you will want to know about, for example, list automation list. All information is something that I use a lot, but it doesn't come into play until you've got more than one list related to each other. So you need to have at least two related lists before list automation would even be relevant. So what I'm saying is that what you have learned about a Weber here in this course, you don't need to know anything else at this time. You don't need to slow yourself diamond by studying the help files, the tutorials or anything like that. I've tried to speed the process up for you, Andi, to prevent you from getting frustrated as you're going through the learning curve here in a Weber, you won't need to go through a learning curve because these videos, in this course of showing you what you need to know later on, you may want to go to the help files. Start doing some more studying on. Learn about the other features that are available to you when you're building relation as you progress and as you get more experience and ask, your lists start to grow. 11. Creating a Subscriber Thank You Page: Hi, everybody. I'm going to show you how to set up a very simple thank you page that you can direct your subscribers to once they have filled in the opt in form on your website. There are a couple of reasons why I advise you do those first way. It helps to begin the relationship building process between you and the subscriber or your company on the subscriber. Secondly, it gives you a non option straight away to present paid offers to that subscriber. Now, this is the same as adding any other page. Just go to pages on at New for the title of your page. I just recommend that you call it. Thank you. On this page will not be on your navigation menu. I'm for the content of the page A recommend you have something along the lines of days. So just a few sentences here. Thank you. You're free guide or whatever it is that you have used as a lead magnet is on its way to you. If he doesn't arrive in your inbox within five minutes, check your junk folder on. You could also put here if you need us to resend the guide. Drop us a line at Andi. Have an email. Adjust their where they can contact you if by any chance they don't get it or they can't find it or they accidentally hit. Deletes, which sometimes people do so you can give them the option to email you and have it re sent on below those few sentences you can then present them with a couple of related offers. You might also like our topic or topics, and then you would have a related offer here. Just a short description and image with a Seymour link or ah link that, say's. Watch the video here if it's going to perhaps a video sales page if you are an affiliate, but something along those lines and you could either be redirecting them, too. Another page on your website. If you perhaps had a full review off that product or if you are selling that product from your website or you could be redirecting them to an affiliate, offer sales page. For this to work, it must be an offer that is related to the lead magnet. Otherwise it just doesn't make any sense. So whatever your leave magnet waas, whatever the subscriber opted in to get these should be related or complementary offers on . Once you've published this page, you can take the Perma link on. Go over to your auto responder. I'll show you here how to do this in a weber on on the form that you created, Click on Edit, Go to Step two under Thank You page Select custom u R l and to the U R L here. If you want this to open in a new window, tick the box. Now. If this page is on your own website, there's no need to open it in a new window. It's pointless. However, if this is an external you are l. Then you might want to take this so that it opens in a new window and then save your form. Go to Step three. Same process. Get your code now. If you decided to use Java script instead of HTML. HTML is the one I'll was used. But if you decided to use javascript, you don't need to do anything because any changes you made to the form are automatically updated on your website That is the plus side of using JavaScript. But if you used the raw HTML. You need to take this code again on you need to take it on. Replace the code that you had in there already on your website. Okay, so that's how to set up a very simple thank you page on your website.