Building a Killer UX Portfolio: Stand Out From The Crowd | Carlye Cunniff | Skillshare

Building a Killer UX Portfolio: Stand Out From The Crowd

Carlye Cunniff, Experience Designer

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10 Videos (31m)
    • Create a Killer UX Portfolio

    • Who Are You?

    • Competitive Research

    • Build A Persona

    • Choosing A Medium

    • Creating Content

    • Information Architecture

    • Voice And Tone

    • Visual Design

    • Publish


About This Class


In this class we’ll work together to craft a killer UX portfolio - either starting from scratch or touching up a current portfolio. We’ll treat building your portfolio like an end-to-end design project, from discovery to design. If you are looking for a templatized solution to your portfolio, or a one-size-fits-all solution, this is not the class for you. This class is a step-by-step guide to creating the portfolio that works for you - it's a community for feedback, helpful tips, and some motivation to finally get your portfolio where you want it to be. 

We’ll work through:

  • Where to start
  • What to include
  • Writing case studies
  • Information architecture of your portfolio
  • Tips for implementation

This class is designed specifically for UX designers, but Visual Designers, UX Researchers and Graphic Designers might find this class useful as well. This class is for students who are ready to create (or redesign) a UX design portfolio. We’ll talk about different options for freelancers, folks who want to work at an agency, or designers looking for in-house work. This class doesn’t cover doing the work - though I have some tips on how to generate work for your portfolio, you’ll have to come with some projects under your belt.

You'll find a PDF of action items and helpful content in the project section of this class. 





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Carlye Cunniff

Experience Designer

Hi There! I'm a Senior Experience Designer, currently working with Amazon, in Edinburgh. 

I love creative problem solving - the messier the problem, the better. Helping my team get closer to their customer is (one of) my favorite things. I specialize in education and facilitation, user research, and design strategy.

A few years ago, I made a signifiant career switch - from professional dance performance and education into UX design. The switch has given me...

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