Building a Complete Photography Kit: Cameras, Lenses, Storage and Tools | Tabitha Park | Skillshare

Building a Complete Photography Kit: Cameras, Lenses, Storage and Tools

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Tabitha Park, Really good at airline sudoku

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8 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. DSLR Camera Bodies

    • 3. Prime Lenses

    • 4. Other Lenses

    • 5. Accessories (Tripods, Flash, Bags)

    • 6. Tools (Storage, Programs, Client Galleries)

    • 7. Knolling

    • 8. Outro

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About This Class

In this class I’ll take you candidly through my photography journey starting with my very first camera and lens upgrade to the setup I use today! I’ll dive into: DSLRs, Lenses, Speedlight Flash, Tripods, Bags, Memory Cards, File Storage, Editing Programs, and Client Galleries.

This class is for beginner to intermediate photographers looking for resources or guidance toward making their next gear upgrade. I talk in-depth about various prime lenses and share current pricing on a handful of DSLRs in the market today and sites you can use to compare products. I mostly shoot NIKON DSLRs but I do touch quickly on current Canon bodies as well and how I recommend finding the right equipment for you. 

This class was published August 2018.

For the class project we’ll be exploring the art of Knolling Photography and I’ll show you how to take an aesthetic overhead photo of a series of organized items.


If you’ve got specific gear questions or want to share your own experiences, please leave your comments in the community section here in class so we can help each other out! Check out the Class Project tab for a list of resources and links to all the gear and tools I show in class.





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Tabitha Park

Really good at airline sudoku

Hi! I'm Tabitha and I teach photography classes. I'm a lifestyle portrait and product photographer living in Utah with my husband and Smallcat! I love plants and chocolate and I had my appendix removed in 2014 and sometimes I worry that I might need it later to talk to aliens. Other than that I'm pretty normal.

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