Building a Bad Ass Online Presence with Consistency & Engagement | Jason Cercone | Skillshare

Building a Bad Ass Online Presence with Consistency & Engagement

Jason Cercone, Internet Media Professional

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7 Videos (50m)
    • 1: Introduction

    • 2: 5 Reasons to Build a Bad Ass Online Presence

    • 3: Tips & Strategies For Getting the Most From Facebook

    • 4: Tips For Effective Instagram Posting & Conversing

    • 5: How to Get the Most From Twitter

    • 6: 3 Easy Tips For Proofreading Your Content

    • 7: Conclusion


About This Class

In today's world, many people develop relationships and loyalty with brands before they set foot in your place of business or spend a dime on your product or service. To ensure you are building the best rapport you can with potential customers and brand advocates, it is important to present yourself in a consistent, professional manner. It is imperative to develop a strategy, execute that strategy, be consistent in your efforts, and always proofread your content to ensure what you put in front of customers runs parallel with your brand message and, you know, shows that you got passed 3rd grade.

This course is meant for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and social media professsionals who are looking to leverage the power of networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to effectively build their online presence. Upon completion of this course, you will have a basic understanding of how to develop your brand's voice, effective ways to utilize the most popular networks, how to schedule engaging posts for your audience that establish authority, and why it's critical to proofread your work before posting.





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Jason Cercone

Internet Media Professional

Greetings! My name is Jason Cercone. I am a Digital Media Specialist located in Pittsburgh, PA and focus on social media management, copywriting, content creation, PR, sales strategy, and customer experience. I love hockey, golfing, fantasy football, and supporting and advocating for the constantly evolving, always growing libations industry through I am also spearheading Pittsburgh Libations Week, a new initiative designed to comprehensively promote and celebrate Pittsburg...

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