Building Relationships Through Email Marketing | Jessica Nevins | Skillshare

Building Relationships Through Email Marketing

Jessica Nevins, Strategize, Magnetize & Profitize Online

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9 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Lesson 1 - Welcome to the Course

    • Lesson 2 - Leveraging You - the Power of Your Message

    • Lesson 3 - Why Building Relationships Leads to Conversions

    • Lesson 4 - Subject Lines - Getting Them to Open Your Email

    • Lesson 5 - The 4 Most Effective Types of Emails to Send

    • Lesson 6 - Creating a Compelling Automated Email Sequence

    • Lesson 7 - Setting Up Your Automated Sequence

    • Lesson 8 - Continuing Connection with Your Subscribers Through Regular Broadcasts

    • Lesson 9 - In Conclusion


About This Class


In this course you will learn:

- How to leverage the power of you and your brand with each email

- Understanding the psychology that leads to conversions

- Subject lines that increase your email open rates

- The 4 types of emails that create strong relationships with your subscribers and your list

- Effective email marketing automation tools and how to use them

- Keeping your subscribers coming back for more

Additional resources available:

20 High Converting Email Subject Lines FREE DOWNLOAD:

Get Response email marketing automation program:





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Jessica Nevins

Strategize, Magnetize & Profitize Online

Hello, I'm Jessica, a curator of copy, content and conversion, a marketing monetization maven, a purveyor of promotion… that’s me.  And it’s been in my blood since the beginning.  It fuels me and lights me up Every. Single. Day.

Spanning over two decades, my digital marketing, content, branding and campaign strategies have generated over 40 million dollars in online sales for my clients.

I'll show you how to mine the gold in...

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